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Now begins a substantial positive stabilisation. Seeming contradictions will unite, as this is a time of profound fulfillment – spiritually as well as materially and in your relationships. Jupiter in Cancer invites you to look for what’s greater, higher, and broader in relating emotionally. Have a good time, indulge your senses, enjoy intimacy and togetherness and retain your independence. Rate 7.5

The first week will bring a few difficult processes to a close, but then Saturn turns and everything gets easier again. You, too, will benefit from the big trine of the second half of July. On the one hand, now starts a process that will expand your life step by step, while on the other hand, you will be given a true taste of all the expansive and dynamic possibilities still dormant in you. By the end of July. Rate 8

In the first half of July you tend to give in to complicated dependencies – or even installing them. Move with freedom instead of backtracking to old tight limitations: they promise security but come to nothing and only make you unhappy. The last third of the month is about details. Concepts must be x-rayed meticulously. Recognise phony solutions or wishful dreams and leave them behind. Only then – and by no means earlier – better possibilities open. Rate 9


On the whole, you will fare better by listening to the voice of your heart rather than figuring out how to achieve your aims most effectively. The focus is on relationships as your energy for some months now is turning more within. Changes are rather going to happen inwardly, as part of an inner reorientation that is only just beginning. Ultimately, you are learning to become more productive in a more active and energetic way so as to successfully. Rate 9

A tense situation is showing you that things can’t go on like they do. From now on, Saturn demands concrete steps, positions or incipient solutions. Plan everything long-term, but make use of the extremely positive energy of the second half of July when you are being supported by expansive, dynamic, and inspiring forces (Saturn’s influence notwithstanding). By the end of the month, be alert: let your actions be neither too narrow and anxious. Rate 8.5


For you, too, it is plain sailing on top of July’s energy wave. In your relationships, however, a few finer corrections are still needed, before the positivity can manifest exhaustively. In this respect it is mainly about more realism and less wishful thinking. In all other areas it is harvesting time and you are being showered with gifts. Allow yourself to be borne, trust your desires and, by taking definite steps, make sure they are being fulfilled. Rate 8



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