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ct an overweight e gym... But i would e having a double D.

pl say I consider myself ver I am regardless of d n. Thanx to u all :)

Prabhu Deva :: In Kolkata for #Ramaiyavastavaiya promotions.I was very happy to see a room full of photographers.

Thrisha Krishnan :: I wana adopt a cat...I feel like a cat lady And v mite just get each other

Prakash Raj :: Salute to the brave men who sacrificed their life on duty to save people in uttarakhand. Our deepest condolences to their families. Respect...

Jyoti Rana :: Your face tells the story of your life, every joy & every pain is etched across your face, for the world to see.

Brydon Coverdale :: Chris Martin has a sense of humour about his Test batting avg of 2.36: “In my defence I did turn down a lot of ones� WWW.CINESPRINT.COM | July 2013


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CineSprint Magazine Volume 2 Issue 3  

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