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Devi Sri Prasad :: Awesome video..That proves nothing is impossible.!! Hats off to the guts of these people!! LIFE is an Adventure.!!

Nikhil Siddhartha :: I would always respec person working in the comment on a Fat one cheese Burger at McD

Ram :: Finally met the one n only SALMAN KHAN last night.. “oh! You were really good in #Ready”.. was what he said to me.. )

Mugdha Godse :: Real World is different from ideal one.. and thts t time Cinema comes in...

Vivek Oberoi :: So cute and so positive, made me smile! Simple philosophy of life!

Suchitra :: So! Saw 4 movies talaash (brilliant), morning glory (cute), I give it one year (nice!), and atonement (depressing). What did you do today? 09


Taapsee Pannu :: I dnt care whatever pp very lucky to b wherev ups n downs I’ve seen

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