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NataĹĄa Prosenc Stearns Lives and works in Venice California

Project Hotel Diary exists as an experimental film, as a series of single-channel videos and as a video installation. Gender bending approach is frequent in my works, which reflect my personal experiences through a prism of imaginative, sometimes surreal or utopian prospect of non-anthropocentric world, where everything is connected and coexists with equal significance. The notion of connectedness, the awareness that everything is one, has been my most important drive into artistic experimentation. It has being reinforced in recent years, as we are becoming progressively more alienated from each other and from our physical selves. The works range from single and multi-channel videos, video installations, films, video objects and print media. The process of layering connects unrelated visual elements and leads to fragments of narrations. In the center is human body or figure, which merges with its surroundings and reappears, changed and regenerated, challenging the boundaries of both.

An interview by Francis L. Quettier

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