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Cinemovel Campus a project by CINEMOVEL Foundation


THE PROJECT an educational project to train young people of disadvantaged environments in mastering audiovisual multimedia tools applied on a social context, aimed at sharing professional knowledge and creating work opportunities

CINEMOVEL CAMPUS A new format that adapts to different projects An innovative and flexible model for training


GOALS the aim of Cinemovel Campus is Training qualified professionals, for the improvement of career prospectives of young people and for the development of the community where they belong Guide the students in reaching autonomy in the provision of full performance of video-documenting and public screening, using low-cost digital technology Training Education New technologies



Career Development Social change


On-site CAMPUS projects



Cinemovel Campus was a

training lab tha took place in Mozambique in year 2001, during the itinerant film festival directed by CINEMOVEL.

In a collaboration with the Italian Cooperation, its aim was to involve the largest possible number of people reacheable on the itinerary of the caravan



The project was well received, both for the introduction of an alternative way of professional training, but also for having made possible a low-cost cultural practice in Mozambique at a high degree of territorial penetration, through the use of the audiovisual medium



In Morocco, Cinemovel Campus has developed in a two year project. In 2007, during the Karavan du Livre au Film, a CINEMOVEL event in Morocco, a team of ten people from the film school Kanzamans Studio of Ourzazate has developed a training activity (specifically about video documentation and technical aspects regarding screening) during the caravan, granting project sustainability and setting up professional activity in the forthcoming years.



the team of Cinemovel came back to Marocco, organizing two weeks of training at ESAV university of Marrakech, leading to a final public screening under the direction of the students

Phase1: travelling

Phase2: sedentary


SENEGAL In Senegal, CAMPUS has been conceived as a three years projects First phase (February 8-16th,2011) was based on two aspects

1_WORKSHOP: In collaboration with Association ProSenegal, Cinemovel Foundation organized a workshop open to 10 girls and 10 guys from the community of Mboro sur Mer and the disctrict.

Topics: Introduction to audiovisual, ideation, filming, editing and post-production



2_REPORTAGE: The 20 partecipants to the workshop have taken part to the different phases of the lab that culminated in the realization of a full lenght reportage. Female scolarisation was the selected topic

The reportage was screened at the closing of the Festival of Community 2011 of Mboro Sur Mer (organized by Cinemovel) and in the schools of Louga, Diourbel and Fatik.


IMPACT *stipulating new partnerships with local and international organizations

*diffusion of new technologies

*awareness on social issues

*social mobility *training

*evaluating internal resources

*fostering people potential *initiating intercultural dialogue



Institutional Partner

Training Partners: Senegal ProSenegal - Association

Morocco Kanzamans Studios, Ourzazate Esav University, Marrakech Club du Livre et de Lecture, Marrakech

Mozambique Institute for Social Communication, Maputo AMOCINE Ercole Production


There is a group of modern tumblers that is bringing cinema, the magic of cinema, to countries and villagges where it does not exist anymore or where it never existed.


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Cinemovel Campus is the project realized by Cinemovel Foundation concerning the professionals' audiovisual training. Cinemovel Campus has be...

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