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Building cinemas at the crossroads of Europe & Asia To be held in Turkey this November, the inaugural #ECMIstanbul conference will examine opportunities in nascent cinema markets. Event organiser Rob Arthur, from The Big Picture, explores the potential



office by $2.5bn at a modest average ticket price. That

of Turkey, Central Asia, the Middle

level of growth will ineivtably take time, expertise and an

East, Balkans and North Africa are at

appreciation by all involved — exhibitors, distributors and

an early stage in their development,

trade supply chains — that there will be challenges.

but in combination offer a significant opportunity for investors, studios,

distributors, exhibitors and their specialist supply chains.

in the market area. Turkish, Kazak and Arabic filmmakers

inaugural Emerging Cinema Markets Conference, to be

amongst others are finding new audiences and their local

held this November in Istanbul. Some 650 million people

content adds to the impact of international studio and

live in the target markets, but there are just 170 million

Hollywood offers. Learning and development and the

cinema ticket sales officially recorded per annum. GDP in

ability to deliver great customer service in new markets is

the area is $5,200bn with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE,

required; as is the ability to utilise the technical equipment

Egypt and Israel being among the biggest markets.

purchased to the best of its ability — there’s little point in

per annum, there is scope to grow capacity by more than 10,000 screens; admissions by half a billion and gross box

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There are significant cultural and commercial challenges

A focus on these territories is the driver behind the

With cinema admits per capita averaging less than 0.3

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spending capital without also delivering the best picture and sound in the best seats each and every day. We are excited about the potential of this conference

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