Cinema Technology Magazine - September 2018

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Cinema’s head is in the cloud Shifting our processing power to the internet is the next natural step in cinema’s technological revolution. Saul Mahoney from online production specialists Sundog Media Toolkit, explains the direction of travel. Words: Saul Mahoney


HE MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY has spent the best part of the past 20 years transitioning from an analogue to an almost entirely digital workflow. This digitisation could be defined as complete, given that there are now

many well-known examples where content travels ‘glass to glass’, that is camera lens to projector lens, in a purely digital environment. This area is still growing, predominantly in Europe and the US, and it is far from global given current levels of network delivery solutions deployed. The digital transformation has enabled innovation and has generated a healthy landscape where technology is flourishing — but it has also brought with it a version explosion; namely the ability for distributors and exhibitors to exploit content in any language in a growing number of formats. Typically a ‘blockbuster’ will require a minimum of 300 individual versions of the same film, all to be created, mastered and distributed in a short space of time. This

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