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Digital Cinema Media 10 years of change in the advertising world

Ten years ago, Digital Cinema Media (DCM) was formed. Its input has helped cement the strength of the exhibitor’s offer — CEO Karen Stacey reflects on the power of cinema as an advertising medium.


Words: Karen Stacey


3-4-week lead time. One of our biggest achievements has

Advertising was sold by ITV, with

been digitisation, which means we are now able to offer an

Cineworld and Odeon forming a joint

accountable and transparent process to our customers.

venture to run cinema advertising

Cinema’s digital revolution saw advertising move quickly

under a new company, Digital Cinema

from film, to hard drive, to USB and ultimately broadband

Media (DCM). Today, DCM makes up

delivery in a short space of time. Lead times have been

82% the UK’s cinema advertising marketplace, representing

shortened to under a week, with electronic distribution

Cineworld and Odeon, as well as working with Vue,

offering greater flexibility for advertisers, who are now able

Picturehouse, Everyman, Curzon and more than 160

to target by film, by showing, by cinema and by time across

independents. It has been an impressive journey.

our whole estate, meaning cinemas can compete on even

A digital revolution

terms with TV and other media, including online and radio. To put the scale of this project into context, during the

Despite the forward-looking name, DCM only converted to

first 12 months of going digital, 4m playlists were generated,

a fully digital operation in 2012. For cinema, there used to be

which works out as 72,000 playlists per week over 52 weeks.

a slow and tedious process of lengthy reel assembly and

Since September 2012, to date DCM has generated almost

distribution, often hand-delivered by couriers, with a

30m playlists (now on average 92,000 per week).

More than just a big screen, DCM’s research on the medium sells advertisers the strength of the cinema offering

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