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Summary Topic: overcoming Overcoming being a woman Overcoming in the religion: Islamic Overcoming in the football Overcoming complexes Moral Opinion

SUMMARY Jesminder "Jess" Bhamra is the 18-year-old daughter of immigrants living in London. Jess loves football, but as she is a woman, her parents do not allow her to play. Sometimes she plays in the park with the boys and one day she met Jules. Jules Paxton is the daughter of a typical British couple. She invites Jess to have a trial for her local football team, coached by attractive Irishman Joe. When he discovers her skills, he puts her on the team. To get her dream she must lie to Joe about her parents and to her parents about the football. Jess has to face up to the social rules, the Islamic culture‌ supported by her best friend Jules (who get angry because of love problems) and by the coach (who fell in love with her) Finally, her parents support her and she gets a scholarship to play in a professional football team with Jules. INDEX

TOPIC: OVERCOMING In the film we can appreciate some important topics like girls playing football, the taboo of inter-racial relationships…but in our opinion the most important is the overcoming that the main characters have (Jess, Jules and Joe). They overcome this situations in an amazing way.


OVERCOMING BEING A WOMAN Jess and Jules have to overcome the established rules for girls in Britain. Girls playing football is not considered appropriate in this society. This values are represented by their mothers because the fathers support them.

However, they don’t care about what people think. They only want to play football and be happy. INDEX

OVERCOMING IN THE RELIGION: ISLAMIC The Islamic religion is one of the most strict in the world. Also, it is sexist and it has strong rules for the women: get married, have their husband happy… Because of this Jess has a lot of problems to play football (because is a “boys thing”, she has to wear shorts…) but she fight to get her dream and her father support her.


OVERCOMING IN THE FOOTBALL All of the main characters have overcome in the football. Joe because his father asked too much for him and finally he injured his knee. However he continue in the football world, training girls. Jess and Jules train hard to be better and get a scholarship to play in a professional team. INDEX

OVERCOMING COMPLEXES We can see an important overcome in one scene of the film, when Jess has to wear shorts to train. She has an enormous scar in one of her thigh because when she was a child she was cocking with her sister when boiling water fell over her leg. Her sister took of the trousers with some of her thigh skin. INDEX

MORAL This movie teach us that the most important thing to be happy in our lives, such as is fight to get our dreams and overcome all the problems there could be, although it would be difficult because finally they would come true. INDEX

OPINION We really like the film because it shows a lot of positive values especially for the women. Also, it is funny and we enjoyed a lot. It’s hilarious in some cases, for example, when Jules’ mother goes to the final wearing weeding clothes. However, it has emotive scenes like when Jess’ father lets her go to play the final. It’s a good mix. INDEX

Bend it like Beckham 6  
Bend it like Beckham 6  

It's an essay on the film Bend it like Beckham. The authors are Bachillerato students at Navarro Villoslada Secondary School