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1-> Credits. 2-> Arguments. 3-> The taboo of inter-racial relationships. 4-> Culture and gender borders. 5-> Sports film. 6-> Best of the film. 7-> Worse of the film. 8-> Cover art of the film.

Credits • • • • • • • •

Title: Bend it like Beckham Director: Gurinder Chadha Country: United Kindom, EEUU and Germany Year: 2002 Release date: 20/09/2002 Runtime: 112 min. Genre: Drama, Romance, Deporte, Comedia Cast: Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Anupam Kher, Archie Panjabi, Shaznay Lewis, Frank Harper, Juliet Stevenson, Shaheen Khan, Ameet Chana • Companies: Road Movies Filmproduktion, British Screen Productions, Filmförderung Hamburg, Film Council, Scion Films, Helkon Media AG, Future Films, Redbus Pictures, Kintop Pictures, British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), Bend It Films, Roc Media, Works.

Arguments •

The film tells the story of Jesminder "Jess“,she loves to play football, but his parents don’t agree, they prefer that "Jess" goes to the university.Jess dreams to became a professional football a player and her inspiration is David Beckham.She enters in a football team hide from her parents, thanks to her friend "Jules", and she falls in love for his coach. An U.S. coach sees Jess and Jules in the game and gives them a place at university in the United States with a popular and successful football program.

The taboo of interracial relationships • In many countries, like India, is frowned upon for women to play sports in public. This film gives this account as the main idea: her parents see this idea as an "insult" to their culture and "Jess" disappointed they just follow her dream.

Culture and gender borders • Jess wants to make her dream of being a footballer come true, she wants to do it without harming their parents, so sometimes she fails to the training. She doesnt’s see a dishonor to their culture as being a player and try to make that her family agree liker her.

sports film • In the films relating to sport are technical aspects about the sport of the movie, this movie doesn’t mention anything referring to explanations about the game. • So, we can’t say that this movie is a sport film.

Best of the film • The best part of the movie for us, is when the Jess’s father accept that she goes to the end of the game because he knows that for her is very important. Jess has fun and her team win the game.

The worse of the film • The worse of the film for us, is the fight of the girls for the coach (Joe) because the girls felt in love for him. But Joe only love Jess.

This is the cover art of the film We can see the two main characters (Jess and Jules) they’re very happy and it seems that they’re having a great time. Behind their,we can see some womens of Jess’s family.

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It's an essay on the film Bend it like Beckham. The authors are Bachillerato students at Navarro Villoslada Secondary School.