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Quad Theater: How to Market and Promote Independent Feature Films Indie Film Distribution 101 Fresh filmmakers need address many things to ensure the success of the movie. As a director, your first option is to find a movie distributor willing to work with you in the marketing and distribution of the movie. There are lots of film distributors in the industry willing to help you at this stage. However your task is to find a reputable distributor, one who is genuine in helping you become a successful director. Ask people in your circle if they know any trusted distributors in the industry. Ask them about their experiences working with these people so you will have an idea once you approach one of these distributors. Self Distribution You made sure that the movie is with quality by spending hours and hours crafting it. As such, you can always pour time and effort in ensuring that the movie is successfully distributed. What I meant by this is that you can always opt for self distribution. If you have not found a legitimate distributor, you can always choose to self distribute your feature film to the public. Today, there are websites in the internet which allows you to submit your project for free or for a small fee. The movies submitted here can be downloaded by members for a fee and filmmakers get to keep the earnings depending on the agreement. Independent Film Theatres You can also choose independent film theatres if you really want to put your movie on the big screen. Today, there are theatres that you can rent so you can showcase your film to moviegoers for a certain period. These theatres can be rented for a fee and earnings will be distributed depending on the agreement between you and the theatre owner. Some theatres will share the expenses of distribution but this means they get a share of the earnings as well while there are theatres that allow you to keep all your earnings. Choose the latter since it will be more beneficial especially if you think your movie is a big hit. In addition, find a theatre which offers additional distribution services such as advertising, packaging of the film into DVDs, and submission of the film to video on demand websites to maximize potential earnings. Indie Film Distribution A movie’s success can be attributed to various elements. Although the story, performance, and budget play a vital role, there are other things that can contribute to a movie’s success. It is not enough that you were able to come up with a good story because the movie has to be distributed to your audience eventually. After completing the film, you will have to spend time, effort, and money on marketing and distribution of your feature film. However film distribution is tough especially if you are new to the scene. You will have to compete with fellow indie filmmakers as well as big movie producers in the industry. With so many movies coming out each day, it can be challenging to market a movie especially if it is

an indie one. Fortunately, there are many ways to market a movie no matter how small it is; all you have to do is pick the right marketing and distribution choices. Get the Word Out People will tell you to find a film distributor to help market and distribute your movie. Although that is true, you can opt for self distribution anytime. All you have to do is make your movie available to the audience by coming up with marketing strategies in social networking sites. It is quite easy to use these venues to promote a film. You can create an account in Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube where your followers can get latest updates about your film. See to it that your audience get the latest updates to keep their interest alive. Participate in Film Festivals You can promote you feature movie by joining film festivals. In order to do this, you will have to join groups or circles that participate or come up with these events. Film festivals are not only a good opportunity for you to showcase your movie to audiences but you will probably catch the interest of film distributors participating in these events too. Find an Independent Theatre Apart from self promotion and film festivals, you can promote you movie by opting for independent movie theatres. These theaters are like regular theaters but they cater to independent movies. However, theaters like these require substantial amount of money.

Quad Theater: How to Market and Promote Independent Feature Films  

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