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chile Screening thu/jeu 06 feb 16 hrs salle Conch贸n


la última escena The Final Scene

Mijael Bustos

documentary › 18 min › bluray Heine Mix (78), an important playwright that now lives as a hermit in a shack with his dogs, faces the uncertainty of staying or having to leave the land he lives in, because it doesn’t belong to him. Heine will be frustrated by the course his life has taken y the consequences of his past actions. Contact:


camila luna

feature › 14 min › bluray ASUNCIÓN is the lonely recepcionist of a catholic residence for college students. The only person she spends time with is Manuel, the young security guard of the residence. Asuncion has strong feelings for him even though she knows he masturbates looking at the girls of the residence. When Carmen, the nun in charge, ask Asuncion to keep an eye on Manuel, she covers him and tries to stop him, slowly losing control of her repressed desires. Contact:,

siempre tarde Always Late

Luis Alejandro Pérez

feature › 21 min › bluray Manuel is not the protagonist of his story; he simply has a secondary role in his own life. He is a screenwriter in the middle of an existential crisis, who is always late for everything: family, maturity, work, and love. Contact:

Un lindo viaje a nice travel

luis cifuentes / Shen Ko-Sha ng

feature › 16 min › bluray What is the hardest? To leave, or to come back? I-Ling is a young Taiwanese girl leaving Taipei to work and live in Chile. With a sexual trauma, it’s going to be hard for her to say goodbye to friends and family. Contact:,

los trapos al sol The Dirty Linen

Ramiro Zamorano

feature › 11 min › bluray Silvana arrives in the south of Chile searching for her father, time goes by and anxiety builds up as she waits for him to appear. She spends this time fantasizing about the encounter while she gets to discover the place and its people. Through them she will reveal details about this person she does not know. Contact:

la cámara ciega Blind Camera

Juan Pablo Arias

feature › 20 min › bluray Leonardo (35), un prometedor cineasta, decide grabar un documental sobre su moribundo abuelo Victor (80). Las auto exigencias artísticas de Leonardo lo llevarán a conocer los límites de su ética para conseguir el ansiado material. Contact:

chile Screening 2014

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