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cinekid Film, tv and new media Festival For children 2012 Dear colleagues and guests, Most welcome to the Cinekid Film, TV and New Media Festival for Children 2012. We hope to surprise, inspire and incite you with this 26th edition.

addition, we have published catalogues for the ScreeningClub (professional screenings) and the Junior Co-production Market (JCM, projects in development). In the Industry manual, you will find the extensive meeting programme of Cinekid for Professionals and the Facebook.

At Cinekid, we do everything on a big scale. We expect around 55,000 visitors in 12 days at some 40 locations, 26 of which across the Netherlands. In 2.5 days, 112 school classes will come to Amsterdam, 26 from special education. Some 500 items have been programmed, including 148 film screenings in Amsterdam and over 200 in other Dutch cities. 77 masterclasses and workshops are held for children in Amsterdam and 40 in other cities. Productions have been scheduled from 18 European countries and several continents. The MediaLab covers 1200m2. For the ScreeningClub, for professional screenings only, we digitalized over 250 new productions. This year, around 75% of all theatrical film screenings will be pre-loaded, HD digital on DCPs. More than 200 volunteers help us, plus some 130 students as part of their studies. We express our gratitude to relations, partners, funds, authorities and companies for their contributions. In this catalogue, you will find the entire public programme 2012, with the respective production descriptions and elucidation of selections. In


All this demonstrates the importance of this media industry aiming at the young. It shows that so many people and organizations care. And that there is good practice. Media have an enormous influence on children. On their emotional, social and cognitive development, on their daily communication, on their well-being as such. Cinekid wants to empower children in relation to the media, give them access to diverse and interesting content, activate them to participate creatively and include them in this media-dominated world. We were granted a European Media subsidy to support the media industry for young audiences. So, this grant was actually given to support you. We are open to suggestions and questions. Feel free to use Cinekid for networking, for knowledge exchange, for business, to enjoy life and the beautiful city of Amsterdam and especially to enjoy the interesting media productions we so proudly present. If you value Cinekid, have a bright proposal for collaborations or projects of mutual interest, or if you want to make a donation, please contact us. By supporting Cinekid, you support quality

/cinekid 2012

productions for children. Cinekid supports the whole chain of the industry. So, if you are working within this industry by supporting Cinekid, you probably treat yourself and your colleagues on the way. We are extremely grateful to all those who made this festival possible. Best regards,

Sannette NaeyĂŠ Director Cinekid



cinekid lion awards

Jury cinekid lion awards

Fifteen international films are competing for the Cinekid Lions out of a pre-selection of ca 200 features of all genres that has been screened. A jury of international professionals in the field of film and culture for the young will reward the winner of the Cinekid Lion, Jury Award with a sculpture made by Mieke Blits, plus the sum of € 15,000. Visitors award the Bernard van Leer Foundation Cinekid Lion, Audience Award, which also consists of the sculpture and € 15,000.

hou keming (china)

In 1976, Hou Keming began his film career at the Beijing Film Studio and then did his advanced studies at the Beijing Film Academy. After graduating in 1979, he was the deputy director of the Beijing Film Studio until 1986, vice-president of the Beijing Film Academy (1996-2006) and head of the Youth Film Studio (1997-2002). In 2004, he was elected vice-chairman of the China Children’s Film Association (CCFA) and four years later he was elected chairman. Since 2009, he is the president of the China International Children’s Film Festival, one of only two international festivals in China. Until now, he has published about ten books on film theory, including three books on children’s films.

nicole van kilsdonk (the netherlands)

Nicole van Kilsdonk finished her education at the School of Journalism in 1987 and went to the Dutch Film and TV Academy, where she majored in 1991 with her movie Post Reykjavik, for which she did both the scenario and direction. Later, she decided to focus on fiction. She directed several TV movies, some written by herself, others partly based on other people’s scripts. In 2006, she made the children’s series De Taxi van Palemu, shot entirely in Suriname. The series was awarded the Beeld&Geluid Award for best youth production. She also made four movies, Johan, Hoe Overleef Ik Mezelf, Richting West and Patatje Oorlog (winner Cinekid Jury Award 2011, Best International Film).



ian mundell (uk)

Ian Mundell is an English film writer and journalist who divides his time between London and Brussels. Since 2007, he has been the Brussels correspondent for Variety, writing about European audio-visual policy and the film and TV industries in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. He also writes about cinema, art and culture for the English-language press in Belgium, and about EU politics for a range of international newspapers. His recent work has dealt with Joris Ivens and Malian cinema, Henri Storck’s newsreel films, and current trends in militant cinema. He is also doing research for a book on Chris Marker.

emanuela Pendiuc (romania)

Emanuela Pendiuc is vice-president of CIFEJ, an international nongovernmental organization of professionals dedicated to promoting excellence in the audio-visual media for young audiences. In 2006, Pendiuc graduated from the University of Bucharest in Human Resources Management. From 2001, she is the president of a non-governmental, non-profit organization for children and young people in Romania. She also works as a host and producer for public TV. She has produced eight short films, including six for children, three of which were selected by the 2010 and 2011 Cannes Film Festival. She is currently developing her first full-length film project for children, based on an educational subject, which was selected for the Cinekid co-production market.

uschi reich (germany)

Uschi Reich is a director, scriptwriter, editor and producer. Since 1996, she is the managing director of Bavaria Filmverleih und Produktion. Reich established herself as a successful film producer in 1999 when she produced the film Annaluise & Anton. She has delivered a series of hits, ranging from the 2003 boarding school drama The Flying Classroom to the 2006 detective adventure TKKG and the Mysterious Mind Machine. Reich is currently the most successful German producer within the ‘family entertainment’ genre. She also wrote the script for Die Wilden Hühner trilogy and in recent years produced A Year Ago in Winter and Hier Kommt Lola.


Best dutch Family Film

Jury Best dutch Family Film

For the third year there is a jury and an audience prize for Best Dutch Family Film, to be awarded to a Dutch feature film made in the preceding year and aimed at children younger than 14. Nine films are competing. The Netherlands is internationally recognised as a very important producer of family films. Over the last years the number, quality and diversity of the films has increased, in part due to the children’s film policy of the Media Fund and the Netherlands Film Fund. The winner of the UPC Best Dutch Family Film (jury award) will receive the sum of € 7,500. Both winners of the jury and audience awards receive a Cinekid Lion, each sculpture is an original made by the artist Mieke Blits.

remke de lange (the netherlands)

Remke de Lange graduated in Film and Television from the University of Amsterdam with a paper on The Silence of the Lambs and Thelma & Louise. She worked for film production company Spellbound, as a programmer of the Netherlands Film Festival and on various film and TV sets. For six years, she worked as a New York correspondent for different Dutch media. She writes about film and television for Trouw and the VPRO radio and TV guide, is a contributor of the Filmjaarboek and compiles teaching packages on film. In addition, she was the chairwoman of the Circle of Dutch Film Critics (KNF).

Johan niJenhuis (the netherlands)

Halfway through his secondary school period, Nijenhuis went to L.A. for a year as an exchange student. At the Birmingham High School, he was trained in journalism and film technique. From 1990, he directed several episodes of TV soap series. His feature film debut was Costa! After this hit movie and the ensuing TV series, he and Alain de Levita founded the production company Nijenhuis & de Levita Film and TV. In January 2010, he left this company and launched his own company Johan Nijenhuis & Co, producing the features Bennie Stout and Body Language. His Foeksia de miniheks won the 2010 Z@PP Cinekid Lion, Audience Award and the Audience Award for Best Dutch Children’s Film.



wallie Pollé (the netherlands)

Wallie Pollé has over thirty years of experience in film distribution. He worked for several distribution companies, for many years as a sales manager and later on as film scout and buyer. Since 2008, he is the managing director of Cinéart Netherlands, where he is responsible for acquisition. Cinéart is an independent distributor releasing films in theatres and on DVD. In addition, they make films available for Video on Demand, Pay and Free TV. Whether it involves small, big, European, Asian, American, African, cross-over, art house or mainstream films; Cinéart does everything to introduce them to a large audience.

Frank roumen (the netherlands)

Frank Roumen writes, directs and produces for film, TV and theatre. For the Film Museum, he produced TV programmes (Cinema Perdu) and films (Diva Dolorosa). Since 1992, he makes youth theatre programmes, combining film footage with drama and music. In 2002, Roumen made his debut as a filmmaker with Tabee. In 2006, in VPRO’s Achterwerk, his Zuidpoolexpeditie was broadcast in the En toen series. Roumen’s one-act play De Finale, written for theatre group Nanook Nono, won two theatre festivals. Under his direction, theatre group Venster won the ACA theatre festival twice, in 2007 with Post. With this play, Roumen created a new drama genre: the Dutch western.

greet stevens (Belgium)

Greet Stevens was trained as a journalist and for some years she worked for several Flemish newspapers and magazines. Since 1999, she is a staff member at Open Doek, which has been an ardent ambassador of films from all over the world for over 20 years. With Turnhout (Belgium) as its operating base, Open Doek has spread its activities across all of Flanders, aiming to bring world cinema to a wide audience, including children and youngsters. Within the organisation, Greet is responsible for the education programme. She is constantly on the lookout for possibilities to increase the range of world cinema for under 12-year-olds in Flanders.


cinekid kinderkast awards

Jury cinekid kinderkast awards

The television programming of the festival offers a taste of what the coming season has to offer. The Cinekid Kinderkast Awards, however, are awarded to the best Dutch language children’s television programmes from the Netherlands and Flanders that have been screened during the past year. 63 programmes have been sent in this year, from public and commercial networks. A professional jury and schoolchildren from 19 classes from all over the Netherlands nominated three programmes in two different categories: fiction and non-fiction. This selection is re-broadcasted by Dutch Public TV (NPO/ Zapp) and children of all ages are given a chance to choose their favourite fiction and non-fiction programmes via the website: Each of the winners receives a statue designed by Jan Wolkers. The professional jury also chooses a favourite fiction and non-fiction programme for the young and on top of that the professional jury also awards the UPC Golden Cinekid Kinderkast. The winner will receive the sum of € 7,500.

Jenny Booms (the netherlands)

Jenny Booms is a freelance project leader, researcher and adviser in the Dutch film and media sector. She is a coordinator of foundation Het Schrijfpaleis, jury secretary of the NL-Awards and chairwoman of the Netwerk Filmeducatie, and she works for clients like the Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers (scriptwriters’ network), the Dutch Media Fund, the Amsterdam Art Fund, Cinekid and EYE. She previously worked as a policy advisor at the Media Fund, organising and coordinating special projects often in collaborating with other organisations. In this capacity, she was also involved in the launch of workshops like Kids & Docs and Kind & Kleur (Child & Colour).

anneke lind van wiJngaarden (the netherlands)

Doña Anna is Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden’s one-woman company. She is a filmmaker for various broadcasters, making youth documentaries including Tietjes, Tongen, and Hoe Nikita een paard kreeg. Danny’s Parade (Golden Statue 2009), a documentary that premièred at Cinekid, had great impact in the Dutch landscape of very young homosexuals. She likes to shoot and edit her own films and she occasionally does so for other people, like camera and editing for Marieke Schellart’s documentary Ei voor later. In her foundation Polly - launched with Judit Grotenhuis and Aart Jan van der Linden-, she occupies herself with strange-looking multimedia devices. Polly makes, to name a few, flip books, airmail, computerised interviews and self-fabricated music videos.



christine van stralen (the netherlands)

Actress Christine van Stralen worked with several theatre companies (Hollandia, Mug met de Gouden Tand, NT Gent, De Bambies). She made her own plays for summer theatre festivals De Parade and Oerol. After graduating from drama school in Amsterdam, she received the encouragement award for a solo performance. The general public knows her mainly as Monique, Desie’s mother in the series Dunya and Desie, for which she got a Golden Statue as best TV actress in 2003. She also appeared in the police series Spoorloos verdwenen, Fort van Sjakoo, Seinpost, Zapp Delict, and Klokhuis. This year, she played in Golden Girls and the Dick van de Heuvel film At Your School.

Pieter verhoeFF (the netherlands)

In 1966, Verhoeff graduated from the Amsterdam Film Academy. From 1967 to 1969, he made film portraits of artists and ‘ordinary people’ for IKON television. Subsequently, he worked for VPRO television for ten years, mainly making documentaries. He directed a large number of drama programmes, like Jiskefet, De Vuurtoren and De langste reis, a TV film about the kidnapping of Gerrit-Jan Heijn. Verhoeff directed four features, including Het teken van het beest, which clinched a Golden Calf at the 1981 Dutch Film Festival. In 1988, his feature film Van geluk gesproken won several Golden Calves. He recently directed for young audiences the film De brief voor de Koning and TV series Sien van Sellingen.

lisa wade (the netherlands)

Lisa Wade became a Dutch children’s TV star as presenter of Het Klokhuis, a knowledge-based and satirical children’s programme that has been a standard for more than twenty years. She studied Theatre at the University of Amsterdam and received her Master of Arts degree with honours. She works on projects that give ‘adults and children experiences that help them become their higher self.’ She presented recently Slavery Junior, a children’s programme about slavery and child labour, and 13 in de oorlog, the first Dutch television series for children about World War II. The latter won the Beeld en Geluid Award and was nominated for a Prix de Jeunesse, Cinekid Kinderkast and an Emmy Award.


cinekid new media awards

Jury cinekid new media awards Over the past months, 82 productions have been submitted for this year’s Cinekid New Media Awards. The entries comprised a wide range of new media productions for children: from console games, mobile platforms, websites and online games to applications and interactive installations by both commercial and independent producers. A professional jury has chosen twelve of these that are localized for Dutch speaking children, to compete for the jury award. They enter the MediaLab, where they compete with the other selected (inter-) national productions and installations for the audience award, all children visitors test and value them. The jury judged the entries by their quality, technical and thematic innovation, gameplay and accessibility, but also on their aesthetic value and user-friendliness for children. The winners of both the jury and audience award will receive a Cinekid Lion made by Mieke Blits. The Cinekid New Media Award, Jury Prize will receive also the sum of € 7,500. For the Audience Award (also entailing a Cinekid Lion), the candidates also include the various elements of the exhibition in the MediaLab. Children will be able to cast their vote for each individual element.

Jury chairwoman: nathalie korsman erwin Blom (the netherlands)

Erwin Blom graduated from the Utrecht School of Journalism and published articles in various media. In 1994, he was intrigued by the opportunities of the Internet. He started collaborating with the Digitaal department of VPRO and gradually shifted towards new media. In 1999, Blom became head of VPRO’s Digitaal, which twice won the Prix Europa and five consecutive Silver Pritchett Awards. In 2008, Blom, Wessel de Valk en Idse de Pree launched media company The Crowds, specialising in social media. In 2009, he wrote a book on the success factors and pitfalls of social media. This year, he was nominated for TrendWatcher of the Year in the technology category.

menno deen (the netherlands)

Menno Deen has a background in arts and humanities. His design practice and theoretical knowledge of games echoes in his work at Ranj Serious Games, his teachings at Fontys School of ICT and Eindhoven University of Technology, and the PhD thesis on Games, Autonomy, Motivation and Engagement. Deen founded the game development studio Lapp with Mark van Kuijk (former Head of Studio at Zylom). Lapp develops games for toddlers that focus on parent-child interaction. Additionally, Menno is responsible for innovative projects such as www. (games in the swimming centre) and the annual Games [4Health] Jam (



alexander klöPPing (the netherlands)

Alexander Klöpping is a 25-year-old entrepreneur, student and former editor-in-chief of Jort Kelder’s At the age of 16, he and a friend founded their own business, The Gadget Company. After his 18th birthday, Klöpping went to the United States for a year to study at a Republican-oriented university and a Democratic-oriented university. Next, he studied New Media at the University of Amsterdam. and wrote his thesis on the role of new media and fan culture in the Obama campaign. Alexander Klöpping is a news junkie, blogger and journalist, focussing on online media.

nathalie korsman (the netherlands)

Nathalie Korsman studied the history of print, information and publishing at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). After a few years of working in printed press, she was part of the founding team of youngster’s community and worked there as the editor-in-chief for five years. She is currently a freelance professional in web and game content for children and teens in the 6 to 16 age group and helps companies and organisations develop relevant and fun websites and social games for teens and children. Since 2010, she has been a member of the Cinekid New Media Jury. 

wouter sluis-thiescheFFer (the netherlands)

Wouter Sluis-Thiescheffer obtained a Master’s Degree in 2002 on Clinical Linguistics, with a focus on Developmental Language Disorders. Since three years he works as a Senior UX consultant for User Intelligence. User Intelligence focuses on the user perspective in innovation and optimization of products and services for digital content. His personal interest is in working with and for children and New Media. Children are increasingly important users of digital content, requiring digital interfaces that empower their skills and support their development. Wouter’s latest publication is Tablets and Kids (available on slideshare). He is also in the process of writing a PhD on design research with children at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

mirJam vosmeer (the netherlands)

Vosmeer is a pioneering video gamer, who after her Culture Psychology and Film studies worked as a journalist, writing articles on video games and virtual life on the other side of the computer screen. As a scriptwriter for Endemol, she wrote many soap series episodes. She pursued her career with a PhD position at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and obtained her doctorate with a thesis called Videogames and Gender, dealing with the ways women and girls play videogames. Vosmeer still works at the UvA, focusing on videogames, social media and digital culture. She is also active as a freelance speaker and consultant for companies within the creative (game) industry.




Film Programme cinekid 2012

The children’s film is a success. European films made for children and families sell three times as many tickets as their adult counterparts today. This is the case even if box-office hit Harry Potter is kept out of the statistics. Furthermore, children’s film genres increasingly cross audiences. At the past Netherlands Film Festival, the predominantly adult audience chose only children’s films in their top 5. For Cinekid, this means that our work is really at the forefront of what is happening in cinema more broadly.

dutch comPetition

Cinekid is happy to present to you nine very interesting new films in the Dutch Competition and one co-production in the International Competition, covering a broad thematic and cinematographic spectrum. In the context of our larger prioritization of quality international films, our Dutch Competition always proudly showcases our national productions. However, this year it must be emphasized that Dutch family features are exceptionally strong. This is especially considering the Netherlands is a small country, with a small language, and hence a small market. Competition films include award-winners like Kauwboy, the Dutch entry for the Oscar, and Milo, alongside popular films and one rarity: a real art-house film for children, My Adventures by V. Swchwrm. Children’s experience of social exclusion is the theme running through many of these productions this year.


international comPetition

French animation is another phenomenon represented in the 2012 programme. Often co-produced with Belgium, we now see the years of French investment in animation pay out. France is involved in all four animated films in the International Competition this year, as well as the Panorama section’s latest Michel Ocelot feature in 3D (Kirikou and the Men and the Women). These are all exemplary works and display great formal variety. They not only incorporate stunning, high-quality artwork, for which European films are renowned, but also elaborate and rewarding structures. Moving combinations of animation with documentary footage in Approved for Adoption, appear alongside the gorgeous simplicity of Ernest & Celestine for the youngest age group. The latter, seemingly painted in watercolours, is in fact entirely computer-animated. Zarafa and The Day of the Crows have also been beautifully drawn, each in ways that cater uniquely to their plot. Which tells a story about the precarious difference between being disobedient and taking your fate in your own hands as a child. The conference this year addresses the successes of the French animation wave (How do they pull it off and what can we learn from it?), as does the Masterclass given by pioneer Michel Ocelot. Also speaking will be the Dutch-born Robert Stevenhagen, Head of Story of Tim Burton’s latest film Frankenweenie 3D,


which screens in the International Competition. The Cinekid 2012 programme as a whole features original stories from across the globe, buoyed by some fantastic young characters. South African film Lucky impresses by telling a strong story mostly visually, with very little dialogue. The Israeli co-production Igor & the Cranes’ Journey, but also the light-hearted Russian My Dad Is Baryshnikov and the Irish/Dutch co-production Milo feature young male characters that the screenwriters and directors have managed to make very true to life. Conflicts are not so much fleshed out in dialogue, but instead elaborated in leading actors’ actions. Some classic youth film scripts have again been adapted this year, with adventures circling around an intimate, personal story. A recurrent theme is finding one’s way among greater forces. Two films present Child Protection as a threat (the Danish The Secret and the Scandinavian/German co-production Ice Dragon) and several films address war themes: War of the Buttons (France), the European/South Korean co-production Approved for Adoption and Wunderkinder (Germany), made for younger and older children respectively. For the very young, live-action films are hard to come by, which makes the third Twigson film (Norway) a delight to present. Norway remains an interesting production country, partly because of their focus on tiny tots. Finally, from Poland we have a science-fiction-like thriller with great production

and special effects given its modest budget (Felix, Net and Nika and the Theoretically Possible Catastrophe). This is a highly variegated selection of films in the ScreeningClub this year, all of which are available for acquisition.


A story about a nomad boy and the power of tribe elders plays out in Panorama this year (Growing in the Wind; Iran) along with a soccer comedy, Ivan’s Dream, co-produced by Spain, Mexico and Colombia, and a tough theme from India in a film about the selective abortion of girls (Jalpari: The Desert Mermaid). A sequel this year is Michel Ocelot’s already mentioned new film in 3D (Kirikou and the Men and the Women). There is also a classic fairy-tale (Cinderella, Germany), an animal docudrama (Chimpanzee, USA), an adaptation of the classic novel Huckleberry Finn in Tom and Huck (Germany), and an Irish work, Eliot & Me, exploring the dangers of social media. This latter collection each tells a very different story of (animal) children finding their own way against the odds.

shorts, new euroPean line-uP

New this year is a pilot programme for very short films (4 to 8 minutes). While we hoped to find and showcase at least one in every European country, as we feared, we aimed too high. We have nevertheless yielded 16 films from different European countries, mostly animated



and produced with a surprising variety of techniques, from puppet animation to potato stamp. While talent and well-trained animators abound in this genre, decent scripts and films especially for children are still scarce. Cinekid considers this is a lost chance for two reasons. Shorts are good learning projects for filmmakers and provide a leg up to bigger projects like the successful European, long, animated youth films, mostly co-productions. But also, there is a solid market already for short animation itself: they are popular among TV buyers that purchase for children’s networks and other content suppliers (VOD, etc.). It is Cinekid’s intent to develop a strong chain of contacts and support systems for this genre in Europe. As usual, we also present new Dutch shorts, which are mainly student projects.


We have two Guests of Honour at Cinekid 2012, both multi-award winners whose work is vital to the image of youth culture and influential for film culture more broadly. Guus Kuijer, a famous Dutch children’s book writer this year received the Astrid Lindgren Award (over €550,000). The film and TV adaptations of his work, Madelief and the feature Polleke, directed by Ineke Houtman, are important markers in the development and success of film productions for the young in the Netherlands. We wonder if Kuijer has tips for cultivating more book adaptations.


Michel Ocelot is seen as a, if not the, founding father of French animation for young audiences. His strength lies in the authentic visualisation and reworking of narrative and visual traditions from other cultures. He has found inspiration in African motives but also, for example, in early Dutch paintings of the 15th century. Ocelot’s approach draws on principles of oral history and the framed-story tradition of narrative, which in many cultures features the listener as traditionally incorporated within the telling of the story itself. Ocelot’s work analyses, assembles and incorporates - almost in a post-modern way - diverse visual imagery, myths and sagas into strong and signature visual languages of his own, tailored uniquely to each of his subjects. His exemplary touch shines through in one of the best opening scenes in recent children’s cinema: the birth of Kirikou, the small African protagonist from his series by the same name. We screen all three Kirikou films, as well as Ocelot’s Arabian Azur and Asmar.

harry Potter retrosPective

Now that the Harry Potter series has officially been completed, Cinekid have been given exceptional permission to screen them all in a one-off Harry Potter retrospective. We know children and adults are excited to have another chance to catch it on the big screen. For additional information see page 73.


wild world

Each year we make it a tradition to screen Cinekidklappers (Cinekid Clappers), a selection of around 100 great films from childhoods past and present. This year, we were inspired by the profound treatment of nature and animals in some of the key works of youth cinema, including the unforgettable scene from Myazaki’s film where Ponyo is pursued by a giant wave. We also screen the already classic The Fox & the Child (France) and the latest Cinekid Clapper On the Sly (Belgium/France), winner of the 2012 ECFA Award and other prizes. Like Eliot & Me (Ireland), the latter film is a genuinely independent film. Despite their different production models, almost all films stand on the shoulders of past creative successes, and the industry achievements and support of children’s cinema. We encourage you to bring your friends and family to build on this support during and beyond the festival. But above all, we wish young and old great pleasure watching these many beautiful films.

Sannette Naeyé Festival Director / Head of Film Selection Erik Tijman, Erik Mund Project Manager Films Bianca Taal Programmer European Shorts Ninelotte Dijk Assistant/Programmer Dutch shorts Ronny Theeuwes Producer Workshops Nadja Cohen Print Traffic Coordinator


international comPetition

aPProved For adoPtion


LAURENT BoiLEAU, JUNG, FRANCE, BELGiUM, SoUTh KoREA, SWiTzERLAND, 2012, 75’, 10+ Producer: Thomas Schmitt Editor: Ewin Ryckaert Leading actors: William Coryn, Christelle Cornil, Jean-Luc Couchard, Arthur Dubois, David Macaluso Production company: Mosaïque Films, 9 rue du Château d’Eau, 75010 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 4271 1790, Fax: +33 1 4239 2381 World sales: Wide Management, 40 rue Sainte Anne, 75002 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 53 95 04 64, Fax: +33 1 95 04 65, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Cinéart Netherlands

Cartoonist Jung returns to the South Korean capital of Seoul. In the aftermath of the Korean War, countless Korean children are adopted. Jung is one of them. At the age of 5, he is found in the street and in 1971 ends up with a Belgian family where he has to find his own place among four brothers and sisters. In this story, based on true events and largely animated, he looks back on his tough childhood. As a teenager, he fills his parents with despair. Meanwhile, he wonders who or what he really is. He avoids other adopted Korean children and in protest even fantasises he is Japanese. It takes a long time before he reconciles himself with the facts and realises his new mother is a real mother, too. His drawing talent is a great help to him.


FiLmograPhy LaurENT BoiLEau: 2012 Couleur de peau: Miel (Approved for Adoption) 2009 Marzi, la fin du communisme (shorts) 2009 La Pologne de Marzi (short) 2007 Sokal, l’art du beau (short) 2006 Les chevaux de papier (short) 2005 Franquin, Gaston et cie (short) 2004 Spirou, une renaissance (short) 2004 Les artisans de l’imaginaire (short) 2002 Un collège pas comme les autres (short) 2001 L’éducation en questions (shorts) FiLmograPhy JuNg: 2012 Couleur de peau: Miel (Approved for Adoption)

Approved for Adoption is based on Jung’s autobiographical comic strip Couleur de peau: Miel. The unusual combination of animation and documentary material is in keeping with this. The animation has been executed in a simple yet realistic style, paying great attention to feeling and detail. The documentary images (home movies, newscasts, photographs) enhance the personal nature. The scenes in which the adult Jung returns to South Korea are genuine, too. From different angles, without any pedantic explanations or pointed sentiment, the film shows how tough it can be for adopted children to accept their double identity.


the day oF the crows


Producer: William Picot Production company: Finalement, 19 avenue Gabriel Péri, 93100 Montreuil, France, Phone: +33 1 48 51 02 99, Email: finalement@ World sales: Le Pacte, 5 rue Darcet, 75017 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 44 69 59 59, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: A-Film Distribution

FiLmograPhy JEaN-ChrisToPhE DEssaiNT: 2012 Le jour des corneilles (The Day of the Crows)

Fable about a savage hermit who has retreated to a mysterious forest with his son. He wants nothing to do with people anymore. The boy admires and fears his father, but when the latter gets seriously injured during a storm, the boy defies his prohibitions. Assisted by spirits only he can see, including that of his deceased mother, the boy leaves the forest to look for help. In the forbidden World Beyond, everything is strange and confusing. Soldiers go to war and the villagers treat the strange kid and his father with great suspicion. Only an unprejudiced doctor and his curious daughter stand up for them. Still, the father, brimming with fury and hatred, wants to return to the woods. Bit by bit, the film reveals the preceding, tragic history. Desperate, the son starts looking for the love his father has lost.

This animated film, executed in traditional 2D technique, can be ominous and tempestuous or subdued and poetic. The characters of the restless boy and the bellowing father have been strikingly rendered. The tension the boy feels between his thirst for freedom and loyalty towards his father is an important theme, just like the vicious circle of hatred and bigotry that is eventually breached here. Free adaptation of the novel Le jour des corneilles by Canadian writer Jean-François Beauchemin.


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ernest & celestine

ERNEST ET CéLESTINE STéPhANE AUBiER, ViNCENT PATAR, BENJAMiN RENNER, FRANCE, 2012, 80’, 6+ Dutch title: Ernest & Célestine Producer: Didier Brunner, henri Magalon, Vincent Tavier screenwriter: Daniel Pennac Composer: Goran Bregovic Voice cast: Anne-Marie Loop, Dominique Maurin, Lambert Wilson Production company: Les Armateurs, 33, rue de Linne, 75005 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 49 29 09 77, Fax: +33 1 49 29 05 37, Email: World sales: Studio Canal, 1 Place du Spectacle, 92863 issy-Les-Moulineaux Cedex 9, France, Phone: +33 1 7135 3535, Fax: +33 1 7135 1198 Distribution in The Netherlands: Cinéart Netherlands

This charming cartoon tells the story of the musical bear Ernest and the artistic mouse Celestine. When big fat Ernest awakes from hibernation hungry, he rummages through some trashcans, where Celestine is coincidentally sleeping. Just as the bear wants to gobble her up, she calls out: ‘Don’t. I know something much better’, and shows him the way to the storage room of the candy store. This sparks off an unusual friendship that, due to general prejudice, meets with incomprehension both in the mouse and bear community. While Ernest and Celestine are hunted as criminals, they get to know each other by trial and error and become inseparable. Predestined to become a notary and a dentist, they now follow their artistic disposition. This way, they escape not only their pursuers, but also the role society had in mind for them.


FiLmograPhy sTéPhaNE auBiEr & ViNCENT PaTar: 2012 Ernest & Célestine 2009 Panique au village 2001 Pic Pic André et leurs amis 2000 Rupture (short) 2000 L’ours, la femme et le chasseur (short) 2000 Panique à la cuisine (short) 1999 Pic Pic André shoow - 4-1 (short) 1999 Ufo’s boven Geel (short)

1998 Pic Pic André shoow - Le deuxième (short) 1995 Pic Pic André shoow - The first (short) 1993 Le voleur de cirque (short) 1988 Pic Pic André shoow FiLmograPhy BENJamiN rENNEr: 2012 Ernest & Célestine 2007 La queue de la souris 2006 Le plus gros président du monde 2006 Le corbeau voulant imiter l’aigle

The subtle sketchbook style with its water colour tones is diametrically opposed to the computer characters and profusion of effects that children nowadays are treated to. Ernest & Celestine depicts a world that is alternately miraculous, astounding and realistic. The way in which the mouse and bear interact is both exceptional and very recognisable. An adventure full of subtle poetry and unforeseen spectacle, with humour, suspense, satire and endearment. Celestine’s drawing talent playfully refers to the source, the picture books by Belgian illustrator Gabrielle Vincent, who died in 2000. In Cannes, Ernest & Celestine was awarded a Special Mention, and now it is one of the opening films at Cinekid. Two of the directors (Aubier and Patar) previously made A Town Called Panic.


Felix, net and nika and the theoretically PossiBle catastroPhe

FELIX, NET I NIKA ORAZ TEORETYCZNIE MOZLIWA KATASTROFA WiKToR SKRzyNECKi, PoLAND, 2012, 104’, 11+ screenwriter: Rafal Kosik, Wiktor Skrzynecki adapted from: Felix, Net and Nika and the Theoretically Possible Catastrophe, Rafal Kosik Director of photography: Grzegorz Kedzierski P.S.C. Editor: Bartosz Karczynski sound: Nikodem Wolk-Laniewski Composer: Cezary Skubiszewski Leading actors: Klaudia Lepkowska, Maciej Stolarczyk, Kamil Klier, Adam Woronowicz, Jakub Bohosiewicz Production company: WFDiF-Documentary and Feature Film Studios, Chelmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw, Poland, Phone: +48 22 841 26 83, Fax: +48 22 841 58 91, Email: World sales: WFDiF-Documentary and Feature Film Studios, Chelmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw, Poland, Phone: +48 22 841 26 83, Fax: +48 22 841 58 91, Email:

FiLmograPhy WikTor skrzyNECki: 2012 Felix, Net i Nika oraz Teoretycznie Mozliwa Katastrofa (Felix, Net and Nika and the Theoretically Possible Catastrophe) 1999 Three Crazy zeros 1995 Alarm. Antoni Slonimski 1895-1976 (TV short) 1995 Chmury nad nami rozpal w lune. Julian Tuwin 1894-1953 (TV short) 1994 Szalency, wzrosniem kiedys klosami madrosci. Jan Lechon (TV short) 1993 Three Days to Win 1987 Bez grzechu 1984 i’ll Tell Everything to Lilka! 1980 Mysz (TV short)

The enterprising Felix, the smart computer freak Net and the brave, red-haired Nika are three inseparable Polish teenagers having exciting adventures. A week by the sea quickly takes an unanticipated turn. Felix’ father collaborates on a secret project involving an uncompleted German super weapon from World War II. The threesome is allowed into the bunker and when Net accidentally touches the buttons, the infernal machine unexpectedly comes alive. A mysterious force field opens new dimensions, where time travel is an option. Helped by the self-willed computer programme Manfred and Nika’s telekinetic gifts, they have to prevent a group of Nazis from landing Hitler with the victory after all.

The fact that this science fiction film, based on a Polish children’s book series, has some peculiar stuff to offer is already clear in the opening scene with its giant carnivorous plant. The unusual approach to the genre makes Felix, Net and Nika an original youth adventure, from a country where children’s films are rare to boot. It has James Bond-like traits with historical references, while the SF adventures in the fourth dimension border on magic. A superbly executed eye-catcher is the swarm of micro-robots that start leading their own lives thanks to Manfred’s inspiration. The question whether Nika and the two boys might cherish more than friendly feelings for each other is briefly touched on, but does not stand in the way of camaraderie.


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Frankenweenie 3d

TiM BURToN, USA, 2012, 87’, 9+

Producer: Allison Abbate, Tim Burton screenwriter: John August Editor: Chris Lebenzon, Mark Solomon Composer: Danny Elfman Production company: Walt Disney Pictures, 500 S Buena Vista St, 91521 Burbank, CA, USA, Phone: +1 818 560 1000 World sales: Walt Disney Pictures, 500 S Buena Vista St, 91521 Burbank, CA, USA, Phone: +1 818 560 1000 Distribution in The Netherlands: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Netherlands)

When Victor’s beloved dog Sparky dies, his mother tries to console the boy. ‘He’ll always be in your heart.’ But that is not enough for the sad kid. ‘I don’t want him in my heart; I want him here with me.’ A strange experiment in science class gives Victor an idea. Like a real young Frankenstein, he reassembles his dead friend and resuscitates him with lightning power. He tries to keep his invention a secret, but when Sparky escapes, it has unexpected and, even literally, monstrous consequences. When others decide to imitate Victor’s experiment, the entire town is thrown into commotion.


FiLmograPhy Tim BurToN: 2012 Frankenweenie 2012 Dark Shadows 2010 Alice in Wonderland 2007 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2005 Corpse Bride 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2003 Big Fish 2001 Planet of the Apes 1999 Sleepy hollow

1996 Mars Attacks! 1994 Ed Wood 1992 Batman Returns 1990 Edward Scissorhands 1989 Batman 1988 Beetle Juice 1985 Pee-wee’s Big Adventure 1984 Frankenweenie (short) 1982 Vincent (short)

Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands) creates another unique universe. A child’s dream, imaginative and humorous effects and a tribute to old classics. All amalgamated into a fairy tale that depicts, sometimes hilariously, sometimes sensitively, the greater values of small children. Beautiful stop-motion animation in classic black-and-white and modern 3D. The outsider theme is a recurring element in Burton’s films, including two previous stop-motion animations: Corpse Bride (2005) and, produced by Burton, The Nightmare before Christmas (1993). Frankenweenie is based on a short film of the same name that Burton made at the start of his career.


ice dragon



Producer: Peter hiltunen screenwriter: Petra Revenue adapted from: isdraken, Mikael Engström Editor: Fredrik Morheden Leading actors: Philip olsson, Malin Morgan, Feline Andersson, Vincent Grahl Production company: illusion Film & TV AB, Tredje Långgatan 13, 41303 Göteborg, Sweden, Phone: +4631 775 2850, Fax: +4631 7752880, Email: World sales: Attraction Distribution (Delphis Films), 5455 De Gaspe Ave., Suite 803, h2T 3B3 Quebec, Canada, Phone: +1 514 843 3355, Fax: +1 514 843 9574, Email: distribution@ Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

FiLmograPhy marTiN högDahL: 2012 isdraken (ice Dragon) 2005 Uttagningen (short) 2003 Tillträde förbjudet (short)

The small but brave Mik (11) lives in Stockholm without his mother but with his alcoholic father and kind but criminal brother. Mik often thinks of whales, animals that utter a sad call when lost. The domestic worries weigh on Mik’s mind, but he does protest fiercely when the child welfare office takes him to his aunt in the barren north. Fortunately, he becomes friends there with three other wilful children, including a girl who is adept at martial arts. In their hiding place, they build their own motor sled, the Ice Dragon. This sturdy vehicle comes in useful when Mik is again moved, this time to a horrible foster family. In their Ice Dragon, the children head for a gripping d’nouement. Will Mik finally find a home?

The slightly desperately looking young actor Philip Olson (Mik) is the engaging centre of this tragicomic story about freedom and security. Away from confining Stockholm, Mik arrives in a new, somewhat eccentric world that he enthusiastically explores. The splendidly photographed landscapes and colourful Ice Dragon symbolise a sense of freedom. The whales throw in some wistful poetic accents. In this tale, coloured by imagination (selected for Berlinale Generations), warm-hearted humanity overcomes the cold meddlesomeness of the Swedish welfare state. Adapted from a book by Mikael Engström.


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igor & the cranes’ Journey

EVGENy RUMAN, iSRAEL, GERMANy, PoLAND, 2012, 90’, 10+

Dutch title: igor en de kraanvogels Producer: Julia Schifter screenwriter: Dita Guery, Eitan Londner Editor: Ernest Aranov Leading actors: itai Shcherback, ola Schur Selektar Production company: United Channels Movies, 76 yigaal Alon St, 67067 Tel Aviv, israel, Phone: +972 3 627 6200, Fax: +972 3 627 6202, Email: World sales: Sola Media Gmbh, Filderhauptstrasse 49, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany, Phone: +49 711 479 3666, Fax: +49 711 479 2658, Email:

FiLmograPhy EVgENy rumaN: 2012 igor & the Cranes’ Journey 2010 Lenin in october (TV movie) 2006 A Piece of News (short) 2006 Miracle 2006 Nes (short) 2004 Veronica (short) 2002 Brother and Sister (short)

Once a year, Igor (11) visits his divorced father who works as a biologist in Northwest Russia. With bated breath, they watch a crane chick hatch. Igor would love to join his father who will follow the birds’ migration, but he can’t. His father sends him back to his mother and the boy feels rejected. To make matters worse, his mother announces they will move to Israel. Igor finds it hard to settle down in this new country. He even pretends the cranes don’t interest him anymore, but the drawings he makes betray his true feelings. When he sees on a website the young crane on his way to Israel is in danger, he and a new friend come up with a special rescue plan that will also close the gap between him and his father a bit.

Igor recognises something of himself in the young crane’s perilous trek. The film conveys this by making Igor’s drawings come alive as animations. The dialogue does not psychologise much, reflecting most father-son relationships, but the narrative structure and animations do justice to the ambivalent feelings of a child who feels disowned and yet longs for his parents. Migration and getting used to a divorce are closely related. Featuring gorgeous nature images in subdued hues, like those of a large crane population. The picturesque romanticising of many wildlife documentaries is absent here.




AViE LUThRA, SoUTh AFRiCA, 2011, 100’, 10+

Producer: Lance Samuels, Christopher Wilmot screenwriter: Avie Luthra Editor: Josh Levinsky Leading actors: Sihle Dlamini, Jayashree Basavaraj, James Ngcobo, Vusi Kunene Production company: out of Africa Entertainment, 30 Judith Road, 2195 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Phone: +27 11 486 3355, Fax: +27 11 486 2531, Email: World sales: Double Dutch international, 117 Millcliff Circle, L4G 7P1 Aurora, oN, Canada, Phone: +1 519 942 3212, Fax: +1 519 942 0549

FiLmograPhy aViE LuThra: 2011 Lucky 2009 Mad Sad & Bad 2005 Lucky (short) 2003 Cross My heart (short) 2002 Baby (short) 1998 Shopkeeping (short)

Life in South Africa is tough. When 10-year-old Lucky’s mother has passed away, he is on his own. Determined to make something of his life, the reticent African boy moves from his Zulu village to the city of Durban, looking for a new home, a school and someone to belong to. He vainly appeals to an uncle who received money from his mother to take care of him. Lucky’s only hope is a surly old Indian woman whom he meets by chance. Although they don’t speak each other’s language and she is afraid of Africans, she still helps him, because she may benefit from it, too. Lucky learns the hard lessons of the street, but also gets to know more about his mother’s sad fate and her love for him.

In this alternately grim and touching odyssey, the filmmaker incorporated impressions he gained around 2003, seeing the problems in Natal Provincie and the tensions between Africans and Indians in post-apartheid Durban. In Lucky, we recognise this in the unadorned depiction of the South African reality. The protagonist is not a romanticised young hero. Sihle Dlamini plays him convincingly as a bright, sensitive and stubborn boy whose determination makes people open up their hearts to him.


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Producer: David Collins, San Fu Maltha, Martina Niland screenwriter: Berend Boorsma, Roel Boorsma, heather imani Director of photography: Frank van den Eeden Editor: Marc Bechtold sound: Srdjan Kurpjel Composer: Guy van Nueten Leading actors: Lorcan Bonner, Stuart Graham, Laura Visiliu, Charlotte Bradley, Jer o’Leary Production company: Fu Works, Meeuwenlaan 98-100, 1021 JL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 344 5160, Fax: +31 20 635 3060, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Benelux Film Distributors

FiLmograPhy BErEND & roEL Boorsma: 2012 Milo 2008 Brat (short) 2003 Psalm 69 (short)

Every morning, Milo (10) stands in front of the mirror rubbing his skin with a special cream. He suffers from a rare skin problem, but what it is exactly is kept from him by his parents, and specially his authoritarian father. Until he escapes parental control and runs away from home. When an elderly criminal couple takes pity on the lost Milo, he has his first taste of freedom and discovers what it is like to be accepted the way he is. Even when the true nature of his disorder comes to light and his looks change drastically. Still, he can’t forget his real home. Both Milo and his parents are faced with far-reaching decisions.

This opening film of Cinekid fits within the festival’s tradition not to shun difficult subjects. With this English-spoken co-production, set in Ireland, the debuting Dutch directing duo Berend and Roel Boorsma aim at a broad and international audience. Themes like being different, rebelliousness, loyalty and unconditional love play a key role in this moving coming-of-age story, which fits in with Western society’s preoccupation with looks. This beautifully photographed and superbly acted film does not mince matters when it comes to the often confrontational character of mutual relationships. Milo grows up in a family where nobody really feels accepted. So, a radical solution has to bring relief.



my dad is Baryshnikov


Dutch title: Mijn vader is Baryshnikov screenwriter: Dmitry Povolotsky Director of photography: Sergey Mokritsky Editor: olga Grinshpun Leading actors: Dmitry Vyskubenko, Anna Mikhakova, Anatoly Kot Production company: New People Film Company, zoologicheskaya street 1, suite 210, 123242 Moscow, Russia, Phone: +7 495 254 05 16, Email: World sales: LevelK ApS, Gqammel Kongevej 137B, 3.sal, 1850 Copenhagen, Denmark, Phone: +45 4844 3218, Email:

FiLmograPhy DmiTry PoVoLoTsky: 2011 Moy papa Baryshnikov (My Dad is Baryshnikov) 2008 Pal/Secam (short) 2003 Friends My Ass

In 1986, Russia is faced with great changes. Communism is about to fall and youngsters listen to Western music. But at the famous Bolshoi Ballet Academy, a strict regime still prevails that pupil Borya, a lanky young teenager, is often at odds with. At home, he is sometimes not welcome when his mother has a new boyfriend again. He does not know where his father is, until he coincidentally gets hold of a videotape of the film White Nights, featuring exiled dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, who, as it turns out, was once acquainted with his mother. Borya is convinced: Baryshnikov is his father. He imitates his energetic dance steps and is confident he will impress people now. Still, he has to face new drama before he can make choices for the future.

To adult viewers, Dmitry Povolotski presents a beautiful portrait of an era using lots of ironic details, like the brisk black market, where tourists swap jeans against Stalinist paraphernalia. To youngsters, it is an original coming-of-age story that doesn’t accentuate amorous vicissitudes for a change although they are not lacking. In this melancholy and eventually rather unexpectedly liberating comedy, Borya’s dreamy and slightly anarchistic streak clashes constantly with the Soviet reality. Very recognisable for adolescents.


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the secret


MoRTEN KØhLERT, DENMARK, 2012, 96’, 11+

Producer: Morten Kaufmann screenwriter: Thomas howalt Editor: Anne østerud Leading actors: igor Svideniouk Egholm, Nanna Finding Koppel, Martan holm, Bjarne henriksen, Claus Riis Østergaard Production company: Toolbox Film, Slagtehusgade 30, 1.sal, 1715 Copenhagen, Denmark World sales: LevelK ApS, Gl. Kongevej 137B, 3.sal, 1850 Copenhagen, Denmark, Phone: +45 4844 3218, Email:

FiLmograPhy morTEN køhLErT: 2012 hemmeligheden (The Secret) 2003 Skyldig? (Guilty?) 2002 Ulvepigen Tinke (Little Big Girl) 1999 Under overfladen (Fast Lane) 1995 Fastelavnsfesten (Masquerade)

One stormy morning, the 11-year-old Plet and his elder half-sisters Rianne (14) and Donna (17) discover their mother lying dead on the kitchen floor. The tight-knit threesome decides to keep it a secret. Plet does not want to move to his aggressive father, while his sisters (they think their father has died) are afraid to be put in a home. This is the beginning of a tough period, with thrilling and gripping moments. The three teenagers are not only faced with an obtrusive neighbour and Plet’s father, but also with their own emotions and the different ways in which they try to keep the memory of their dead mother in the shed alive.

A poignant story with a moving and hopeful ending that leaves room for some light strokes. The threesome discover there are still people you can take into confidence, and when they find out more about their mother (a former pop star), surprising matters are revealed. With this new youth film, the director of Little Big Girl (Ulvepigen Tinke, 2002) aims at a slightly older target group. He observes he sees no difference between filming for children or adults. The Secret is a credible and convincingly acted visualisation of the way these kids cope with a tragedy and are faced with some unexpected and serious decisions.



twigson in trouBle


ARiLD ØSTiN oMMUNDSEN, NoRWAy, 2011, 72’, 4+

Dutch title: Waar is Knoester Producer: Finn Gjerdrum, Stein Kvae Leading actors: Adrian Grønnevik Smith, Asleik Engmark, Pernille Sørensen, Jan Gunnar Roise, Petrus Andreas Christensen Production company: Paradox AS, Grønlandsleiret 25, N-0190 oslo, Norway, Phone: +47 2322 7150, Email: finn@ World sales: Sola Media Gmbh, Filderhauptstrasse 49, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany, Phone: +49 711 479 3666, Fax: +49 711 479 2658, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

FiLmograPhy ariLD øsTiN ommuNDsEN: 2011 Knerten i knipe (Twigson in Trouble) 2009 Rottenetter 2004 Monstertorsdag 2003 hjemsokt (short) 2001 Mongoland

Last episode of the Twigson trilogy, based on Anne-Catharina Vestly’s series of books, about the vicissitudes of little Junior and his best friend Twigson, a pert twig that comes alive in Junior’s imagination. In the first part, Junior and his parents moved to the country and in part two Twigson found a twig girlfriend, Karoline. Now, the family moves back to the city and Karoline gives birth (with a little help from Junior’s mother) to a twig baby. Junior, meanwhile, wonders why his father pushes him to play outside with the other children while he already has Twigson. The children in the street are often very unkind and to make matters worse he loses Twigson. Junior looks everywhere and is amazed to find something completely different: a real human baby. This causes great changes at Junior’s place. And who knows, in the process he may find a boy he does want to play with.

Laconic humour, a touch of absurdism and a snug 1960s atmosphere again set the tone. For parents, this means nostalgia; for the little ones, an eccentric but safe world befitting an imaginative boy. Tension never mounts too high and even that gruff policeman is not a bad chap, after all. What is also nice is a cheerful mother who never sees or causes problems. Live-action films for the very young remain rare. Norway increasingly catches the eye with film stories told from a child’s perspective


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war oF the Buttons


Dutch title: De knopenoorlog Producer: Thomas Langmann screenwriter: Thomas Langmann Editor: Anne-Sophie Bion, yves Deschamps Leading actors: Jean Texier, Clément Godefroy, Théophile Baquet, Laetitia Casta, Guillaume Canet Production company: La Petite Reine, 20, rue de Saint-Petersbourg, 75008 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 44 90 73 90, Fax: +33 1 44 90 73 99 World sales: Wild Bunch, 99 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 53 01 50 20, Fax: +33 1 53 01 50 49, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Belga Films

FiLmograPhy ChrisToPhE BarraTiEr: 2011 La nouvelle guerre des boutons (War of the Buttons) 2008 Faubourg 36 2004 Les choristes 2002 Les tombales (short)

While World War II draws to a close, the children from two French villages wage their own war. Brandishing sticks and wooden swords, they organise complete battles in the picturesque hills. What it comes down to is that they have to cut off as many buttons as possible from the jackets and trousers of their defeated opponents. Slowly, the real war enters the children’s world. Lebrac, the oldest boy and captain of one of the kid gangs, spots Violette, a new girl in the village. When they strike up a friendship, he learns she is Jewish and is kept hidden there as a refugee from the Nazis. When the collaborators who are active in the village discover her, the moment has come for the child’s play to make way for some serious decisions.

The boys’ adventure, initially larded with a lot of comedy, now becomes a coming-of-age story against the backdrop of collaboration and resistance. Lebrac, a cross-grained kid who is at loggerheads with his father and at school mainly stands in the corner, discovers that true heroism is something else than charging at your opponent with a scream. Based on Louis Pergaud’s book La guerre des boutons, which has four previous adaptations and was published in 1912.




MARCUS o. RoSENMüLLER, GERMANy, 2011, 100’, 12+

Producer: Alice Brauner, Artur Brauner screenwriter: Stephen Glantz, Kris Karathomas, Marcus o. Rosenmüller, Rolf Schübel Director of photography: Roman Nowocien Editor: Raimund Vienken sound: Dirk homann Composer: Martin Stock, Michael zechbauer Leading actors: Elin Kolev, imogen Burrell, Mathilda Adamik, Gudrun Landgrebe, Kai Wiesinger, Catherine Flemming, Konstantin Wecker, Gedeon Burkhard, Natalia Avelon, Mark zak Production company: Degeto Film Frankfurt, Am Steinernen Stock 1, 60320 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Phone: +49 69 1509349, Email: World sales: Global Screen, Sonnenstraße 21, 80331 München, Germany, Phone: +49 89 2441295-569, Email:

FiLmograPhy marCus o. rosENmüLLEr: 2011 Wunderkinder 2010 Die Flut 2010 Die Minensucherin (TV movie) 2009 Gottes mächtige Dienerin (TV movie) 2008 heiße Spur (TV movie) 2008 Bis an die Genze (TV movie) 2004 Die Mandantin (TV movie) 1999 Der tote Taucher im Wald

Ukraine, 1941. Love of music seals the friendship between the promising young violinist Hanna, daughter of the local German brewer, and the virtuoso piano and violin playing Jewish children Larissa and Abrascha. Then, the looming war enters their lives. When Hanna’s father is threatened by the populace as an alleged German spy, Abrascha finds him and his family a hiding place. But as soon as the first German bomb is dropped and Hitler’s troops invade the country and start persecuting Jews, Larissa and Abrascha are the ones in danger. Hanna’s father makes a desperate attempt to take both families to safety, but he can only arrange for both Jewish prodigies to literally play for dear life at Himmler’s birthday party. Years later, the old Hanna will meet Abrascha again.

Ambitious Holocaust drama links the fortunes of three families and reveals the complex effects of fear, mortal danger and solidarity in wartime. First-time director Markus Rosenmüller tells this story from the perspective of the children, who don’t understand the insanity of the war at all. A striking element is that the German family, too, personally experiences what it feels like to be persecuted. The script was inspired by the assassination of 200 Jewish children, ordered by Himmler, in the Ukrainian city of Poltawa.


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RéMi BEzANçoN, JEAN-ChRiSToPhE LiE, BELGiUM, FRANCE, 2011, 78’, 7+

Producer: Christophe Jankovic, Valérie Schermann screenwriter: Alexandra Abela, Remi Bezançon Editor: Sophie Reine Composer: Laurent Perez Production company: Prima Linea Productions, 52, Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75015 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 53 63 23 03, Fax: +33 1 53 63 23 01, Email: World sales: Pathé Pictures international, 2, rue Lemennais, 75008 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 71 72 22 05, Fax: +44 207 436 7891, Email:

When in 1827 the first giraffe arrived in France from Sudan, this gift from the Egyptian pasha to the French king caused a big stir. Never before had people seen such an exotic animal. This historical fact returns in a freely adapted form in this animated film about Maki (10), an African boy who escapes from a cruel slave trader. On the run, he strikes up a friendship with the young giraffe Zarafa, after he promised its dying mother to take care of her child. When the pasha orders the proud Bedouin Hassan to get the young giraffe to send him all the way to Paris as a present, Maki tries to prevent it. He doggedly keeps following Zarafa, even when the long and perilous journey is continued by balloon. Maki’s eyes nearly pop out of his head when he looks around in strange countries. Here, he will also find the girl Soula again, who had also fallen in the slave trafficker’s hands.


FiLmograPhy rémi BEzaNçoN: 2011 zarafa 2011 Un heureux événement 2008 Le premier jour du reste de ta vie 2005 Ma vie en l’air 2003 Paraboles (short) 2001 Vikings (short) 1997 Little italie (short) FiLmograPhy JEaN-ChrisToPhE LiE: 2011 zarafa 2009 L’homme à la Gordini (short)

This story about courage, friendship and loyalty, told calmly and executed in traditional 2D animation, brings together colourful people from different cultures. One striking heroine is the female pirate captain. Particularly the French episode leaves room for humorous asides and a wink at the giraffe rage of the day. The scene in which an old man tells Maki’s adventures to a group of children gathered beneath a baobab tree, the descendants of Maki and Soula, acts as a frame tale.

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alFie, the little werewolF



Producer: Burny Bos, Ruud van der heyde adapted from: Dolfje Weerwolfje, Paul van Loon Editor: Peter Alderliesten sound: Peter Warnier Composer: Fons Merkies Leading actors: Remko Vrijdag, Kim van Kooten, ole Kroes, Maas Bronkhuyzen, Joop Keesmaat, Trudy Labij Production company: BosBros Film-TV Productions, Frederiksplein 43, 1017 XL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 524 4030, Fax: +31 20 524 4040, Email: World sales: Attraction Distribution (Delphis Films), 5455 De Gaspe Ave., Suite 803, h2T 3B3 Quebec, Canada, Phone: +1 514 843 3355, Fax: +1 514 843 9574, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Benelux Film Distributors

FiLmograPhy Joram LürsEN: 2011 Dolfje Weerwolfje 2010 het geheim 2009 Coach 2007 Alles is liefde 2004 in oranje 1998 Stroop 1996 Mijn Franse tante Gazeuse

As part of a national campaign for children’s books in 2011, children chose Alfie, the Little Werewolf from Paul van Loon’s series as their favourite hero. Alfie is an adopted, bespectacled child who grows a fluffy white fur at full moon. In the film, you really see how cute he is, even though he is abhorred when feeling the irresistible urge to sink his teeth in the neighbour’s chickens. Afterwards, Alfie is sorry again. It may be nice that he feels tough now and then and has the courage to bite a pest in his leg, but he seriously struggles with the fact he is different than other kids. His foster brother Tim is the only one he wants to tell, really. But how can you keep it a secret when you grow a tail and dart through the streets like a puppy.

This tragicomic adventure with slightly absurdist humour and a happy end is an invitation to imagine what you would do or dare if you were a werewolf. Tension and horror on a child’s level are modestly balanced. Behind the light-hearted fantasies lie more serious themes, like pestering, adoption, being different and handling problem children. Tamara Bos (Winky’s Horse) also wrote the screenplay for competition film Fidgety Bram.


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cool kids don’t cry


Producer: Reinier Selen screenwriter: Karen van holst-Pellekaan adapted from: Achtste Groepers huilen Niet, Jacques Vriens Director of photography: Gerd Schelfhout Editor: Philippe Ravoet sound: herman Pieëte Composer: Johan hoogewijs Leading actors: hanna obbeek, Nils Verkooijen, Eva van der Gucht, Johanna ter Steege, Loek Peters, Reinout Bussemaker Production company: Rinkel Film & TV Productions BV, Rapenburgerstraat 109, 1011 VL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 616 3231, Fax: +31 20 489 3980,

‘We’re nowhere without Akkie.’ This is spontaneously uttered by Joep, the most annoying boy in the sixth grade, who once fought with Akkie, because he claimed girls can’t play soccer. Whereas tough Akkie (Hanna Obbeek) is a great soccer player. But now Akkie has come down with leukaemia. Even nice Dr. Moustache can only promise he will do his utmost to cure her. The whole class empathises with her. This new struggle Akkie faces is more important than the placement exam or soccer tournament, which she wants to participate in despite her condition.


Email: World sales: high Point Media Group, suite 16, Deanhouse studios, Greenwood place, NW 5 1 LB London, United Kingdom, Phone: +44 20 7424 6970, Fax: +44 20 7485 3281, Email: info@ Distribution in The Netherlands: Dutch Film Works FiLmograPhy DENNis BoTs: 2012 Achtste Groepers huilen Niet 2010 het huis Anubis en de terugkeer van Sibuna (TV movie) 2009 Anubis en de wraak van Arghus 2009 het sinterklaasjournaal: De meezing moevie 2008 Anubis en het Pad der zeven zonden

2007 Plop en de pinguïn 2005 zoop in Afrika 2004 het meisje met de zwavelstokjes (short) 2001 Emergency Exit 1999 Sneeuwwitje (video short) 1997 Reflecment

This touching film not only tells a realistic story about a girl suffering from leukaemia, but also lively and often humorously depicts the dynamics in the final year of primary school. Quarrels, standing up for each other, giggling about possible infatuations; it is part of life, just as much as the worries and fears surrounding Akkie’s disease. The experienced youth film director manages to carefully dose the intense emotions. Hanna Obbeek, Johanna ter Steege’s daughter in real life too, is a talent to be reckoned with. This film, adapted from Jacques Vriens’ book, based on true events, won the audience award at TIFF Kids (Toronto).


Fidgety Bram


ANNA VAN DER hEiDE, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 83’, 6+

Producer: Burny Bos screenwriter: Tamara Bos Director of photography: Jan Moeskops Editor: Michiel Reichwein Composer: Fons Merkies Leading actors: Coen van overdam, Katja herbers, Tjebbo Gerritsma, René Groothof, Egbert- Jan Weeber, isabelle Smit, Ria Eimers, Meral Polat, Roosmarijn van der hoek Production company: BosBros, Frederiksplein 43, 1017 XL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 524 40 30, Fax: +31 20 524 40 40, Email: info@ World sales: Attraction Distribution (Delphis Films), 5455 De Gaspe Ave., Suite 803, h2T 3B3 Quebec, Canada, Phone: +1 514 843 3355 Fax: +1 514 843 9574, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Benelux Film Distributors

FiLmograPhy aNNa VaN DEr hEiDE: 2012 Brammetje Baas 2009 zara (TV movie) 2007 MissiePoo16 (short)

The new school year is about to begin and hyperactive and highly intelligent Brammetje is in the third form. He can’t wait. He can already read and write and hopes he will be taught tough subjects, like Chinese. But he is disappointed. His strict teacher Mr. Vis means well, but is unable to deal with boisterous and quickly distracted boys. To Brammetje, the world is a never-ending source of amazement and when he indulges in fantasies, he regularly sparks a contagious chaos. This makes not only Mr. Vis desperate; Brammetje’s loving parents struggle too. When Brammetje gets mad and calls Mr. Vis a ‘lousy teacher’, things threaten to get out of hand. Fortunately, everybody grows closer in the process.

In this film based on a book by Tamara Bos (also screenplay), the subject of attentional problems in young children is addressed in an uncomplicated and humorous way. Indeed, Fidgety Bram propagates it’s good that we’re all different, and that it’s sometimes OK to say sorry. In addition, it urges all children to give their imagination free rein. Funny animations show Brammetje’s fantasies. Bos is a prolific screenwriter of youth films, including Winky’s Horse and the competition film Alfie, the Little Werewolf.


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BoUDEWiJN KooLE, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 81’, 9+

Producer: Wilant Boekelman, Jan van der zanden screenwriter: Boudewijn Koole, Jolein Laarman Director of photography: Daniel Bouquet Editor: Gys zevenbergen Composer: helge Slikker Leading actors: Rick Lens, Loek Peters, Susan Radder, Cahit olmez, Ricky Koole Production company: Waterland Film, De Kempenaerstraat 11a, 1051 CJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 682 2164, Fax: +31 20 682 3061, Email: World sales: Attraction Distribution (Delphis Films), 5455 De Gaspe Ave., Suite 803, h2T 3B3 Quebec, Canada, Phone: +1 514 843 3355, Fax: +1 514 843 9574, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Benelux Film Distributors

Jojo, a sweet and defiant 10-year-old kid, misses his mother and seeks solace with a young jackdaw (Dutch: kauw) He saved the bird and took it back home. Surreptitiously, as his father won’t allow it. He is a surly man struggling with the same grief, who can be quite aggressive. When Jojo wants to keep his mother’s memory alive with a birthday cake, it infuriates his dad. A new and shocking incident is required to bring them back together.


FiLmograPhy BouDEWiJN kooLE: 2012 Kauwboy 2009 Maite was hier (TV movie) 2007 Trage liefde 2005 ik ben de Beste (documentary) 2004 zooey (documentary) 2004 Uit holland (documentary) 2002 Waan (documentary) 2001 in Belfast staat een muur (documentary) 2000 Tommie (documentary) 2000 het jonge oog (documentary) 1999 Warriors of the heart (documentary) 1998 Pierlala (documentary) (TV series) 1998 De schreeuw van een dochter (documentary) 1997 Caravan 2 (documentary) 1997 De dichter en de bokser (documentary) 1996 Brieven uit Belfast (documentary) (TV series)

Boudewijn Koole partly based this gripping story on a childhood experience with a tame crow. Using a broad emotional palette and a rich visual language, he depicts Jojo’s world, where love, grief and aggression make for a confusing tangle. A world, by the way, in which not everything revolves around the tense relationship between Jojo and his father, but also around Jojo’s exploration of the world, his friendship with the slightly older girl Yente, blue chewing gum and lighting campfires at the city’s edge. With his youth documentaries, Koole already proved he does not shun thorny subjects. In an interview, he stated that he would not have made Kauwboy differently for adults. Awarded in Berlin as best youth film and best debut. Dutch entry for the Oscar.


my adventures By v. swchwrm


Producer: Sabine Veenendaal screenwriter: helena van der Meulen adapted from: Mijn avonturen door V. Swchwrm, Toon Tellegen Director of photography: harm Bredero Editor: Albert Markus Composer: Corrie Brokken Leading actors: Dennis Reinsma, hans Dagelet, Georgina Verbaan Production company: Flinck Film, Postbus 76256, 1070 EG Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 570 3130, Fax: +31 20 570 3139, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: A-Film Distribution

FiLmograPhy FroukJE TaN: 2012 Mijn avonturen door V. Swchwrm 2009 Vaderdag (short) 2008 Links (Left) 2004 zondag (TV movie) 2002 het jongetje dat niemand verstond (short) 2001 Schuiven & schoffelen (tv documentary)

In this imaginative family film based on a book by Toon Tellegen, poetry beats reality. The young hero is only nine, but already dreams of becoming a writer of amazing books. Ambitious books that say something about the world, move people and make them stop waging war. He has already got a pen name: Swchwrm. A name you can pronounce like a breeze or a starting motorbike, depending on your imagination. Now he only has to find an opening sentence, but that is the hardest bit. Almost as hard as winning your dream girl.

Clearly walking beyond the beaten track, My Adventures by V. Swchwrm is an ode to amazement. From Tellegen’s words and Froukje Tan’s images, a world blossoms with magical- realist traits full of children’s logic. So it can happen that the schoolteacher calls the eight-times table in question or a camel suddenly appears in a small Dutch street. Real and invented are sometimes side by side. A queen that Swchwrm created himself gives him assignments. The still uninhibited boy confides his secrets to his grandfather, a man who has seen everything and knows his end is near. And it turns out that a first sentence is very simple, really.


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my dad’s a detective: the Battle


WiLL WiSSiNK, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 83’, 8+

Producer: zebi Damen screenwriter: zebi Damen, zebi Damen Director of photography: Joost Dankelman Editor: Will Wissink sound: Gideon Bijlsma Composer: Will Wissink Leading actors: Tjeerd Melchers, Rick Mackenbach, Jasmin Pasteuning, Tara hetharia, Jeronimo van Ballegoijen, Cees Geel, Beau van Erven Dorens, Ellen ten Damme Production company: Amsterdam Films, Surinameplein 24-2, 1058GP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20489 9022, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: A-Film Distribution

FiLmograPhy WiLL WissiNk: 2012 The Battle 2011 Mijn vader is een detective: De wet van 3 2009 Mijn vader is een detective: het geheimzinnige forteiland 1999 Dropouts 1985 Burp! (short) 1983 The Dark Planet

In the previous part of the exciting and entertaining series My Dad’s a Detective, the teenagers Sam, Sterre and Ortwin were joined by the mysterious Mara. In this new, again separate, adventure, the kids have become self-confident youngsters. With their band, they compete in the pop talent TV show Topstars. They practice secretly, because Ortwin’s rich father won’t let him waste time on the band. Meanwhile, Sam’s father, a private detective, gets on the wrong side of the fugitive and vengeful criminal Hadewij. When she attempts to kill Max, he temporarily ends up in a wheelchair. A nice thing is that his ex-wife Femke takes care of him now, but this does not make him safe. Besides, he has to come to the rescue when all sorts of things are amiss with the unfair talent show and Ortwin disappears without a trace after a fight.

This series, based on an original idea, gives a traditional youth film concept (smart children and occasionally bungling adults) a sharp and modern look. The actors grow older and the characters and tone of the film are attuned to this, although younger viewers will still lap it up. Incorporating a talent show on TV, The Battle closely fits in with the current media experiences of youngsters. And of course the film is not only about fame, but also about love and friendship.



nono, the ZigZag kid



Producer: Burny Bos, Els Vandevorst screenwriter: Vincent Bal Editor: Peter Alderliesten Leading actors: Thomas Simon, Fedja van huêt, Jessica zeylmaker, Camille De Pazzis, Burghart Klaussner, isabella Rossellini Production company: BosBros Film-TV Productions, Frederiksplein 43, 1017 XL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 524 4030, Fax: +31 20 524 4040, Email: info@ Distribution in The Netherlands: Benelux Film Distributors

FiLmograPhy ViNCENT BaL: 2012 Nono, het zigzag Kind 2008 Kika & Bob (TV series) 2006 The Bloody olive 2001 Minoes 1999 Man van staal

Everyone has family, but when it comes to his own family, 13-year-old Nono is deeply puzzled. His mother, for example, passed away when he was one. He only possesses a vague photograph of her and his father, the best police inspector in the world, remains silent on the subject. And why does his father’s faithful secretary Gaby visit them so often? Then, right before his bar mitzvah, Nono unexpectedly ends up in an unbelievable adventure that will learn him a great deal about his extraordinary mother and about life. Along with master burglar Felix Glick, an old acquaintance of his dad’s, he travels to the French Riviera and enters a world of disguises, pursuits, French chansons and the mysterious woman Zohara. Nono’s vivid imagination, which often got him into trouble, now enables him to witness enthralling, painful and moving scenes from the past.

Vincent Bal, director of the acclaimed film Minoes (2001), based this exuberant new family film on the international bestseller by Israeli writer David Grossman. Colourful and comic events, references to French adventure films and serious emotional moments merge. With an international cast and a surprising role by Isabella Rossellini.


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Producer: Paul Voorthuysen screenwriter: Tijs van Marle adapted from: Mees Kees een pittig klasje, Mirjam oldenhave Director of photography: Guido van Gennep Editor: Elsbeth Kasteel Composer: Tjeerd oosterhuis, herman Witkam Leading actors: Willem Voogd, Cas Jansen, Peter heerschop, Sanne Wallis de Vries, Viviënne van den Assem Production company: PV Pictures, Sumatralaan 45, 1217 GP hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 4776, Fax: +31 35 677 4562, Email: World sales: PV Pictures, Sumatralaan 45, 1217 GP hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 4776, Fax: +31 35 677 4562, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Entertainment one

FiLmograPhy BarBara BrEDEro: 2012 Mees Kees 2010-2011 Vrijland (TV series) 2009 Floor Faber (TV series) 2009 Verborgen gebreken (TV series) 2008 Morrison krijgt een zusje 2007 Spoorloos verdwenen (TV series) 2005 Liefs uit de Linnaeusstraat (short) 2001-2002 Westenwind (TV series) 2002 Meiden van De Wit (TV series)

Light-hearted family film with serious undercurrents about Tobias, a clever kid who seizes school as a way to forget his domestic troubles, and about new teacher Kees who still has to learn the profession. Tobias and his classmates are used to making a racket, but Mr. Kees is so young and diffident that they are amazed into silence. From pure inexperience, Mees Kees does all things differently. Soon, his classes become a real treat. Moreover, he clearly recognises that Tobias is troubled. Tobias’ father has died and his depressed mother is in bed all day. Mees Kees is the best thing that could happen to Tobias. However, the strict principal does not like Kees’ approach at all and the question is whether he can stay.

Mees Kees is not only cheerful and funny. This film, based on Mirjam Oldenhave’s successful books, paints an emotionally credible picture of the friendship between a young teacher with a big heart and a boy who feels lonely at times. The latter is not accentuated more than is necessary. The scenes at Tobias’ home are woven through the film like short, moving intermezzi.



tony 10


Producer: yannick van der Kroft, Leontine Petit, Marleen Slot, Joost de Vries screenwriter: Mieke de Jong Director of photography: Bert Pot Editor: Sander Vos sound: Marco Vermaas Composer: Steve Willaert Leading actors: Faas Wijn, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Rifka Lodeizen Production company: Lemming Film, Valschermkade 36F, 1059 CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 661 04 24, Fax: +31 20 661 0979, Email: World sales: Attraction Distribution (Delphis Films), 5455 De Gaspe Ave., Suite 803, h2T 3B3 Quebec, Canada, Phone: +1 514 843 3355, Fax: +1 514 843 9574, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: independent Films

FiLmograPhy misCha kamP: 2012 Van God Los (episode) 2012 Tony 10 2010 Lellebelle (TV movie) 2008 Vanwege de Vis (short) 2008 De Fuik (TV movie) 2007 Waar is het Paard van Sinterklaas? 2005 het Paard van Sinterklaas 2004 zwijnen (TV movie) 2002 De Sluikrups (short) 1996 Mijn moeder heeft ook een pistool (short)

Tony is almost ten and proud as a peacock of his father, the best crane operator in the world. Tony tries hard to emulate him. But when his father has risen from crane driver to minister in this modern fairy tale and is away from home all the time, things suddenly change. Tony’s parents have arguments and threaten to split up. What on earth is going on? Tony suspects his father has fallen in love with the queen and puts out all the stops to reunite his father and mother. He is not only helped by his level-headed girlfriend, but even by the Royal Family.

Director Kamp (Winky’s Horse) and screenwriter De Jong (Winter in Wartime) have managed to model the film on the world view of a 10-year-old, where everything is still possible. Playing ping-pong with the queen, for example. At the same time, even a child of that age distinctly senses the friction at home. Belying the film’s playful and smooth form, the emotional line is strikingly realistic and unsentimental, including the sober yet festive dénouement. Tony 10 is humorous, imaginative and serious, which makes it suitable for young and old.


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Producer: Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield, Alix Tidmarsh Editor: Andy Netley Production company: Great Ape Productions World sales: Walt Disney Pictures, 500 S Buena Vista St, 91521 Burbank, CA, USA, Phone: +1 818 560 1000 Distribution in The Netherlands: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Netherlands)

Oscar is a young chimpanzee growing up in the remote rainforest of Ivory Coast. He plays with other young chimps and his mother Isha teaches him everything he needs to know about the contact with other monkeys and survival in the wild. But before his training is completed, his carefree life suddenly comes to an end. When Oscar’s family is threatened by a rival group of chimpanzees, he is left to fend for himself. Oscar is on his own now and it is far from certain he has learned enough to find his own food. Fortunately, he is helped by an unexpected ally.


Chimpanzee is the fourth nature documentary on the Disneynature label that Disney launched in 2008. The first three releases were Earth (also by Fothergill and Linfield), Oceans and African Cats. Especially the first two were very successful. Chimpanzee, too, excels in gorgeous and unique nature photography. Under the motto ‘They live like us’, this film follows the laws of the feature film, as the images of a chimpanzee family have been edited into a story emphasising the similarities between man and chimpanzee. This approach also makes it very accessible to children. The more violent moments are left from the screen. The film fits in with previous notable examples that Cinekid selected (White Lion), in which young animals were the protagonists nature films in docu-drama style for children that seem to become a new genre.




UWE JANSoN, GERMANy, 2011, 60’, 5+

Dutch title: Assepoester Producer: Martin hofmann, Julia Sturm, Wolfgang Wegmann screenwriter: David Ungureit adapted from: Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale Director of photography: Marcus Stotz Editor: Melania Singer sound: Raoul Grass Composer: Michael Klaukien, Andreas Lonardoni Leading actors: Aylin Tezel, Florian Bartholomäi, Barbara Auer, Pheline Roggan, harald Krassnitzer Production company: Askania Media Filmproduktion Gmbh, Kantstraße 13 (Ecke Fasanenstraße), D-10623 Berlin, Germany, Phone: +49 30 3199 060, Fax: +49 3031 9906 345, Email: World sales: Telepool Gmbh, Sonnenstrasse 21, 80331 München, Germany, Phone: +49 8955 8760, Fax: +49 8955 87619 100, Email:

In this free adaptation of Grimm’s fairy tale, Cinderella’s mean stepmother has only one conceited stepdaughter and that is bad enough. When Cinderella is mistreated again, she thinks of her deceased mother, who told her she should never lose courage. One day, the king organises a large ball, to find a bride for his son. Cinderella wants to go too for she loves to dance, but her stepmother does her utmost to stop her. Fortunately, miracles still exist and with the help of a little magic, she manages to attend the party. And what a surprise when the prince proves to be the same person as the hunter that Cinderella previously had a lot of fun with.

Although the picturesque little houses and the appearance of Cinderella’s mother as a white dove suggest a traditional fairy-tale film, it is soon clear there is also room for playful and hilarious whims. Cinderella’s meeting with the hunterprince, for example, turns into a merry mud bath that young children will find thoroughly enjoyable. It is also nice that Cinderella rides to the party on a white horse. What a tough and radiant girl she is! Like The Star Talers, screened in competition in 2011, this is part of a series of fairy-tale adaptations for the German TV station ARD.


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eliot & me

FiNTAN CoNNoLLy, iRELAND, 2011, 60’, 9+

Dutch title: Eliot & ik Producer: Fiona Bergin Screenwriter: Fiona Bergin, Fintan Connolly Director of photography: owen McPolin Editor: Mairead Mcivor, Guy Montgomery sound: Robert Flanagan Composer: Stephen Rennicks Leading actors: Ella Connolly, RenÈe Weldon, David Wilmot, Joshua Brown, Des FitzGerald, Lauren Stone, Gerard Mannix Flynn, Vincent McCabe Production company: Fubar, 746 South Circular Road, 8 Dublin, ireland, Phone: +35 38 72 67 92 18, Email: World sales: Fubar, 746 South Circular Road, 8 Dublin, ireland, Phone: +35 38 72 67 92 18, Email:

Since her parents’ divorce, 10-year-old Lucy misses her father. But when her sweet Yorkshire terrier Eliot, that her mother gave her after persistent nagging, suddenly goes missing, it hurts perhaps even worse, although there are enough other things in her life. She practices taekwondo, dances in a theatre workshop and makes friend with a new boy from London. Still, she can’t get Eliot out of her head. She pins up posters and roams around her hometown of Kilmainham and neighbouring Dublin until late at night. Then, something unexpected happens that revives Lucy’s hopes. Now she only has to be very brave.


In this Irish TV film, Lucy is played spontaneously and with great empathy by the director’s 12-year-old daughter. She appears in nearly every scene, often in close-up, like when she spies on her mother and her new boyfriend with a mix of curiosity and concern. Rather than the plot, Eliot & Me rests on apt impressions of Lucy and the things that occupy her. The now loose and lively, then attentive photography follows the rhythm of Lucy’s feelings, as it were. Her face betrays seriousness, grief and joy, in a film that optimistically heads for an exciting and joyful d’nouement.


growing in the wind


Dutch title: Tegen de wind in Producer: hassan Amjadi Moghaddam screenwriter: Rahbar Ghanbari Editor: Reza Baharangiz Leading actors: Gohar Kheirandish, zabih Afshar, omid zendegani, hossein Abedini, Ghassem Seyyed Sayyah Production company: Farabi Cinema Foundation, 1st floor, No.19, Delbar Alley, Tous St., Vali-Asr Ave., 1961744611 Tehran, iran, Phone: +98 21 22 73 49 39, Fax: +98 21 22 73 49 53, Email: World sales: Farabi Cinema Foundation, 1st floor, No.19, Delbar Alley, Tous St., Vali-Asr Ave., 1961744611 Tehran, iran, Phone: +98 21 2273 4939, Fax: +98 21 2273 4953, Email:

For the children of the 8 million nomads in Iran, it’s not easy to attend school. Teenage Aslan is the best pupil in his class, but when he is about to do his exams, his father takes him from school. Aslan has to help him with the summer migration. If you can count sheep, you know enough, Aslan’s father thinks. But the boy doesn’t accept this lying down. On the way, he keeps sneaking away and runs to school. A new shepherd, who fancies Aslan’s big sister, helps him, while Aslan in turn teaches his protector how he can reach his forbidden love. During their trek, Aslan also learns some important life lessons. When an old woman, the only who dares to oppose the tribe’s leader, gets into trouble, Aslan has an even stronger reason to run very fast.

Growing in the Wind fits in with the Iranian tradition of engaging children’s films with serious social themes. The running boy is an almost iconic image. Using imposing landscapes as a backdrop, Rahbar Ghanbari offers us a glimpse of the unsettled nomads’ life. The problem with education is aptly visualised in the scene where teacher, children and sheep gather on a hilltop. The conflict with the tribal chief and a trader from town could be seen as a modest political metaphor.


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ivan’s dream


RoBERTo SANTiAGo, SPAiN, MEXiCo, CoLoMBiA, 2011, 90’, 9+

Dutch title: ivans Droom screenwriter: Pablo Fern·ndez, Roberto Santiago adapted from: iván en los mundiales, Roberto Santiago Director of photography: Joan Benet Editor: Ángel Armada sound: Eduardo Esquide Composer: Alejandro Giacoman Leading actors: Óscar Casas, Demian Bichir, Ana Claudia Talancón, Antonio Resines, Fernando Tejero Production company: Tornasol, C/ Veneras, 28013 Madrid, Spain, Phone: +34 911 023 024, Email: World sales: Latido Films, C/ Veneras 9, 6∫, 28013 Madrid, Spain, Phone: +34 91 548 88 77, Fax: +34 91 548 88 78, Email:

The 11-year-old Ivan dreams of soccer and of Paula, the tough girl next door he would like to kiss, if he only had the guts. And if he could only settle scores with ‘super jerk’ Morenilla, his rival on the pitch and in love. Suddenly, everything is accelerated by an earthquake in Africa. To collect money for the victims, a unique benefit is organised - the best soccer players in the world against a team of children. And Ivan is one of them! This is the kick-off of this coming-of-age story in which Ivan becomes friends with his self-willed coach who is also struggling with amorous vicissitudes. In this story, an old pair of soccer shoes, an eccentric grandfather and an unanticipated wedding party play a major role. And then it is time for the improbable match, branded ‘Bambi vs Godzilla’ by the frenzied media. How will it end?


Regarding the latter, Roberto Santiago, who already has a few movie hits to his name in Spain and made this comedy after his own book, has some unexpected twists in store. Besides, this spectacle, dished up at high speed and with a lot of humour, obviously does not only deal with soccer, but also with friendship, romance, team spirit and the courage to act magnanimously. All provided with exuberant comments by the quick-witted commentators of a TV station.


JalPari - the desert mermaid

NiLA MADhAB PANDA, iNDiA, 2012, 98’, 11+

screenwriter: Deepak Venkateshan Director of photography: Savita Singh Editor: Supriya Supriya Composer: Midival Punditz Leading actors: harsh Mayar, Lehar Khan, Krishang Trivedi, Parvin Dabas, Tannishtha Chatterjee Production company: Ultra Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2-C, Thakkar indl. Estate, N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower, 400011 Mumbai, india, Phone: +91 22 4019 0400, Fax: +91 22 4019 0444, Email: World sales: Ultra Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2-C, Thakkar indl. Estate, N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower, 400011 Mumbai, india, Phone: +91 22 4019 0400, Fax: +91 22 4019 0444, Email:

City and countryside are totally different worlds in India, as Shreya establishes when her father takes her to his native village for the first time. Time has stood still here and girls and women are treated quite differently than boys and men. Shreya’s father is a doctor and intends to build a hospital there, a plan that is viewed with suspicion by some superstitious villagers. A bereavement nourishes the distrust of the newcomers from the city. Meanwhile, the enterprising and curious tomboy Shreya, who prefers to play with boys, starts investigating things. She hears some creepy stories about a witch that allegedly eats girls. When one night she defies the warnings, she discovers the terrible secret near the forbidden lake over the hill that the village wants to keep hidden at any price.

Like Nila Madhab Panda’s I Am Kalam (competition Cinekid 2010), Jalpara is a smooth and in this case eventually even thrilling family film that addresses an important issue rather blithely. The director not only exposes the discrimination against women, but also tackles the practice, quite common in some regions, of aborting unborn girls. The expressive Lehar Khan (Shreya) is the vivacious centre in a film that in some scenes with music and dance even evokes the charm of a Bollywood movie.


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kirikou and the men and the women 3d


Dutch title: Kirikou en de mannen en de vrouwen Producer: Alexandra Giuliano, Nadine Mombo screenwriter: Michel ocelot Composer: Thibault Agyeman Production company: Les Armateurs, 33, rue de Linne, Paris 75005, France, Phone: Phn: +33 1 49 29 09 77, Fax: Fax: +33 1 49 29 05 37 World sales: Studio Canal, 1 Place du Spectacle, 92863 issy-Les-Moulineaux Cedex 9, France, Phone: +33 1 71 35 35 35 Distribution in The Netherlands: Cinéart Netherlands

Grandfather welcomes us in his blue cave, to tell us new stories about Kirikou, who as a child may have been small, but who was already bright and brave. Beautiful stories about the way he helped the men and women of his African village. For example, when the sorceress Karaba destroyed the roof of the strong woman’s hut. We learn how cleverly the small hero tracked down an old grouser who was lost in the savannah, and how a griotte, threatened by the sorceress, finally managed to pass down her knowledge to the villagers. Moreover, the secret of the mysterious blue monster is revealed, and owing to a flute from Kirikou’s family we discover the magical power of music.


Kirikou first saw the light in Kirikou and the Sorceress (Cinekid Award 1999), the animated film based on West-African folk tales with which Michel Ocelot reaped world fame. Although he uses computer-generated animations in this third Kirikou film, as in Azur and Asmar, the style still fits in with the charm of the first part, which was hand-drawn and inspired by African motives. A striking element is the use of colour. This is the first Kirikou in stereoscopic 3D. Michel Ocelot, Cinekid’s guest of honour, strongly influenced the booming French animation film, which is a theme at this year’s festival.


tom and huck


NoRBERT LEChNER, GERMANy, AUSTRiA, 2012, 90’, 9+

Dutch title: Tom en huck Producer: Norbert Lechner, Peter Rommel, Markus Schwabenitzky screenwriter: Rudolf herfurtner Editor: Manuela Kempf Leading actors: Benedikt Weber, Xaver-Maria Brenner, Franziska Weisz Production company: Kevin Lee Filmgesellschaft, Kirchenstr. 32, 81675 München, Germany, Email: info@ World sales: zorro Film Gmbh, Astallerstr. 23, 80339 München, Germany, Phone: +49 89 4523 5290, Fax: +49 89 4523 5211, Email:

Shortly after World War II, poverty scourges Germany. While the adults are worried, enterprising children have all sorts of adventures. Tom is a mischievous orphan living with his aunt Polli. Along with his best friend Huck, he commits all sorts of tomfoolery, and incidentally breaks the sewing machine his aunt earns her money with. At the same moment, Tom and Huck discover a gang of smugglers and are witnesses to a murder. The boys, reinforced by Birgit, the new girl in the neighbourhood, devise a daring plan. Perhaps they can unmask the killer and at the same time help out Tom’s aunt.

Mark Twain’s classic story The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has been filmed or otherwise adapted countless times. Tom and Huck (Tom und Hacke) proves that these adventures, situated in the mid-1800s in the south of the United States, can easily be transposed to Bavaria in the year 1948. These roguish young characters who, when it comes to the crunch, are made of the right stuff, are timeless. Directed by Norbert Lechner, this film is an exciting children’s adventure, following classic patterns, in which the young heroes are not over- idealised. Admitting guilt is even hard for Tom.


dutch shorts

the cluB oF ugly children

Film Zwart



Producer: Niek Teunissen adapted from: De Club van Lelijke Kinderen, Koos Meinderts Leading actors: Sam Peetz, Rosaline Lantink, Joep Sertons, Katja Römer-Schuurman, Roeland Fernhout, Tooske Ragas, Cas Jansen, Annelieke Bouwers, Maarten Wansink, Art Rooijakkers Production company: Umami Media, Grote Bickesstraat 61A, 1013 KP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 6 23 10 5532, Email:

Producer: Alicia Breton Ferrer screenwriter: Alicia Breton Ferrer Director of photography: Theun hens Editor: Jeroen Bernard sound: Thomas de Rijk Composer: Alicia Breton Ferrer, Thomas de Rijk, Bart Kalkman Leading actors: Aya Guammaz, Tim de Jonge, Merlijn Remmig, Kyra Giraldi, Chloe van der Voort Production company: Alicia Breton Ferrer, Dokstraat 19, 3082 RK Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 6 36393258, Email:

11-year-old Paul de Wit has protruding ears and is in love with Sara, the most beautiful girl in his class. At school, they are drilled in the notions of the country’s president, who considers beauty of the utmost importance. He orders a large-scale cleaning operation in the country and all ugly children are carried away (by Katja RömerSchuurman as a super-mean bitch). But Paul manages to escape by the skin of his teeth and together with Sara devises a plan to liberate the children. They found the club of ugly children and organise a big demonstration. Strict forms, cool grey tones and contrasty black-and-white emphasize the unscrupulousness of the regime. Adapted from Koos Meinderts’ children’s book. Graduation film from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy Amsterdam.

Something has disappeared in the city, but what is it? The tension immediately mounts, with images of mug shots of suspects in a drab police station. Like the classic Bugsy Malone, this film features only child actors. While Bugsy Malone was a pastiche of the 1930s gangster movies from Hollywood, this film plays with the film noir genre conventions. A hard-boiled detective leads the investigation, assisted by a sidekick, there are a few big-time crooks, and there is a sultry femme fatale behaving suspiciously. The sets and locations are shot in black-andwhite. Graduation film from the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, with contagious performances by children who clearly enjoy themselves. And with charming ideas like hands that act like guns, as is common in children’s games.



gers Pardoel - i’ll granny lane take you with me DANiEL DUGoUR, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 3’, 8+


Composer: Gers Pardoel Production company: Job, Joris & Marieke, hooghiemstraplein 15, 3514 AX Utrecht, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 30 785 4990, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Netherlands institute for Animation Film

Producer: Chris Mouw screenwriter: Daniel Dugour sound: Avanash Changa, Jeroen Nadorp Composer: Brain Power Production company: il Luster Films, Schoutenstraat 4 bis, 3512 GB Utrecht, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 30 240 0768, Fax: +31 84 7292826, Email: World sales: SND Films, Po Box 15703, 1001 NE Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 404 0707, Fax: +31 20 404 0708, Email:

Contagious, animated music video for hip-hop artist Gers Pardoel. He sings the praises of his great love, whom he met when they were eight. He thinks the world of her and wants to build a future together, with two kids and a house with a garden on the waterfront. The couple travel across the world, from Pisa to the pyramids, a desert island and the North Pole. The song was a smash hit in The Netherlands. The makers, Job, Joris & Marieke, run a studio together creating illustrations, animation, character design and music. Their work is populated by inept characters who usually run into awkward situations. Their The Tumblies is also programmed at the festival, a Happy- golucky stop-motion animation series and installation for the youngest.

An elderly lady in an adapted wheelchair car at the traffic lights nettles a couple of lanky youths in a decked out racing car when she tries to stay inches ahead of them to see the lights. They decide to follow her and start tormenting her. When they are thrown out of a nightclub, she really gets it in the neck. Rapper Brainpower especially composed the song Hing, hing, hing for this film. The short animation was made within the framework of the Ultrakort project of the Netherlands Film Fund and Pathé, who screen the films as shorts before summer features. The project has its third season and already drew in more than one million visitors.


dutch shorts

into sPring


UDo PRiNSEN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 4’, 4+


Producer: Udo Prinsen screenwriter: Udo Prinsen sound: Frank van der Weij Composer: han Bennink, Mary oliver, Frank van der Weij Production company: Carambolas Films, Schoutenstraat 4bis, 3512 GB Utrecht, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 30 233 3382, Fax: +31 30 233 3382, Email: World sales: Carambolas Films, Schoutenstraat 4bis, 3512 GB Utrecht, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 30 233 3382, Fax: +31 30 233 3382, Email: info@

Producer: Daan Velsink screenwriter: Daan Velsink Composer/music: Alexander Reumers art director: Patrick Schoenmaker sound recordist: Jeroen Nadorp Production company: Breinmonster Animatie Producties, Email: info@

In a vast wintry landscape with a bare tree, a few woodpeckers kick-start spring with their rhythmic drumming. Other animals follow, rabbits cheerfully dance in the fields and caterpillars crawl all over the tree. The magnificent display of flowers almost explodes.

Comic, short animated film with a classic cartoonesque style and timing about a slightly older couple who takes a walk out in the country. They are fully prepared. The clearing in the woods is ideal for taking pictures. But where are all the animals? This short was made within the framework of the Ultrakort project of the Netherlands Film Fund and Pathé, who screen the films as shorts before summer features. The project has its third season and already drew in more than one million visitors.

The poetical, almost abstract animated film accurately combines different animation styles and exuberant music and already makes one long for next spring. Filmmaker Udo Prinsen was inspired by artist Han Bennink’s work and also made the film to demand attention for nature management.



the liFe oF death

sheePed away



Producer: Marsha onderstijn, Email: screenwriter: Marsha onderstijn Composer: Ramon de Wilde

Producer: Junaid Chundrigar Composer/music: Joris hermy Worls sales: KLoMP! Animation, Junaid Chundrigar, Donauweg 10, 1043 AJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Email:

In a beautiful forest, Death resides. He flies among the trees and tries to make contact with the animals. But everything he touches perishes, so the animals avoid him. He is lonely and sad. The seasons pass. After a while, a brave roe takes pity on him. Poignant animated film about the elementary need for love and contact, told effectively and simply in a dreamy atmosphere and superbly elaborated animation. Graduation film from AKV | St. Joost.

Short comic animation about a jolly farmer with a nasty wife. Even in his dreams, she is angry with him. Fortunately, he enjoys being and playing with his sheep. One night, a flying saucer suddenly appears that tries to suck up the sheep with a beam of light. He tries everything to save them, but then his wife wakes up. Graduation film for the Utrecht School of the Arts.


euroPean shorts

Blood, sweat & gingerBread

Buenos aires recyclers

REGiNA REiSiNGER, AUSTRiA, 2011, 5’, 8+


Dutch title: Bloed, zweet en gemberkoek Producer: Sophie Müller screenwriter: Michael Fuchs Composer: Florian Jindra Production company: University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Urstein Süd 1, A-5412 Salzburg, Austria, Phone: +43 50 22 110, Email:

Producer: Nikki Schuster Production company: Fiesfilm, Franz-Mehring Platz 1 / 746, D-10243 Berlin, Germany, Phone: +49 177 430 4855, Email:

Little Adam has no luck at Halloween. Devotedly, he made his own costume, but he doesn’t get much candy and the children in the neighbourhood deride him. Fortunately, the magical Costume Kettle appears, in which he can pick a new costume. Superman and Spider-Man may be aiming a little too high, but Gingerbread Man fits him like a glove. He can even work magic: everything he points his magic wand at turns into candy. When the local kids scoff at him again, he takes action. Revenge is sweet.

Only if you look carefully, you will find a remarkable life form in the nooks and crannies of bustling Buenos Aires: the ‘recyclers’. Peculiar figures composed of all sorts of litter. Nikki Schuster created these characteristic objects by means of animation and a green screen, using waste material she found in the streets of Buenos Aires. Precisely where she eventually makes the figures appear. They move to the sounds they produce themselves, with squeaking hinges and rustling old paper interacting with the soundscapes of Argentina. This short, experimental animated film is part of a ‘recyclers’ series: Paris and Berlin, with garbage and all, were also tackled by Schuster, taking a playful perspective on life in different metropolises.

3D computer animation, made by fifteen students from the Master course in Multimedia Art at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. The film is both stirring and amusing.



dodu, the cardBoard Boy


guard the house!


PoLiNA NiKoLoVA SToyANoVA, BULGARiA, 2012, 5’, 10+

JoSé MiGUEL RiBEiRo, PoRTUGAL, 2010, 5’, 10+

Dutch title: Dodu, de kartonnen jongen screenwriter: Virgilio Almeida, Alexandre honrado Composer: Fernando Mota Production company: Sardinha em Lata, Rua Cidade Da horta no18 R/C Esq, 1675-110 Pontinha, Portugal, Phone: +351 214 780 432, Email: World sales: Agencia - Portuguese Short Film Agency, Auditorio Municipal, Pr da Republica, 4480-715 Vila do Conde, Portugal, Phone: +351 252 646 683, Fax: +351 252 638 027, Email:

Dutch title: Bewaak het huis! screenwriter: Polina Nikolova Stoyanova Editor: Polina Nikolova Stoyanova Composer: Ambient Anarchist

Dodu is a sensitive boy with a tireless imagination. Because it is not safe in the city, he often stays inside and plays in a cardboard box. Here, he creates his own universe, populated by unique characters. In each episode, he has an adventure that teaches him al sorts of things. For example, he ends up in a forest, in a hot air balloon, in a boat on the high seas, but also at a pedestrian crossing. Part of a playful animation series in 78 episodes for children over four years old about growing up. The series in progress applies various animation techniques to depict the adventures of a boy made of cardboard. Filmmaker José Miguel Ribeiro has already made several children’s series, effortlessly combining them with independent short films and his work as an illustrator

A cute dog is home alone and a bit bored. But at night it has got to get cracking. Because in a heavy thunderstorm, a monster appears! Like a real superhero, the dog fights it. This is quite a surprise for his masters, who come home the next day. The confrontation with the monster is in black-and-white, accompanied by suspenseful music. Effective use of shadows. Polina Stoyanova made the film as part of her studies at NATFA (National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts). She is active as an illustrator, graphic designer and animator, for example of title sequences of feature films.


euroPean shorts

i am round

the itch

MARio ADAMSoN, SWEDEN, 2011, 14’, 6+


Dutch title: ik ben rond Producer: Mario Adamson screenwriter: Mario Adamson adapted from: Eleni, Daniel Lindkvist Editor: Adam Georgiou Composer: Mario Adamson Production company: Medusa Production, Vikstensvägen 55, 121 56 Johanneshov, Phone: +46 70 620 2443, Email: World sales: Swedish Film institute, Box 271 26, 10252 Stockholm, Sweden, Phone: +46 8 665 1208, Fax: +46 8 661 1820, Email:

Dutch title: De jeuk Producer: Daan Velsink screenwriter: Patrick Schoenmaker, Daan Velsink Editor: Daan Velsink Production company: Breinmonster Animatie Producties, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Netherlands institute for Animation Film (NiAF)

A couple of square figures has a baby. Mathilde is round and it seems undoable to make her square. This provokes disapproval from her environment. The girl does manage to seem square at a certain point, but it makes her lonely and sad. Until she meets Alex at her tedious job one day, who is also round. With simple means and a clear-cut story, this clay animation film makes a sympathetic plea for tolerance. Animation debut of Mario Adamson, who also makes short TV documentaries with his production company Mudusa Productions and is active as a composer and sound designer.

Animated cartoon in pastel shades with comforting music depicts the course of the relationship of a young couple with a little dog. Initially, they go through life cheerful and frolicking, but one day the wife decides they have to behave respectably. Dear doggie gets a little bow on its head and is regularly sprayed against vermin. He is bored to death. And hubby is not very happy in this straitjacket either. An insect livens things up. Skilful debut by Patrick Schoenmakers started as a graduation film at the Utrecht School of the Arts, but developed into a larger project.



koyaa - the extraordinary

the little Bird and the leaF



KoLJA SAKSiDA, SLoVENiA, 2011, 3’, 5+

LENA VoN DohREN, SWiTzERLAND, 2012, 4’, 7+

Dutch title: Koyaa - de uitzonderlijke Producer: Kolja Saksida Editor: Boris Dolenc, Gorazd Krnel Production company: zVViKS, institute for Film and Audiovisual Production, Ribniska 27, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Phone: +38 631 632 162, Email: World sales: zVViKS, institute for Film and Audiovisual Production, Ribniska 27, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Phone: +38 631 632 162, Email:

Dutch title: De kleine vogel en het blad Producer: Ruedi Schick Editor: Fee Liechti Production company: Swiss Effects, Thurgauerstr. 40, Ch-8050 zürich, Switzerland, Phone: +41 44 307 1010, Fax: +41 44 307 1019, Email: ruedi.

Koyaa has his way of solving everyday problems. Good-tempered, he wants to go to work one day when his laces suddenly crawl out of his shoes. It’s up to him to bring them back into line. Luckily, his neighbour is a wise raven. This short puppet animation has its origins in an animated TV series from 2005, but has a completely new design and the introduction of the sage raven. The young director Kolja Saksida began in this profession when he was fifteen. Via acting and live-action films (for example as assistant director of Oscar winner No Man’s Land) he found his calling in animation.

A little bird takes care of the last leaf in the forest when winter has arrived. When the leaf falls from the tree, the bird follows it and they cheerfully romp in circles, in the snow and on the ice. A bright red fox has designs on the bird, but the leaf can save him. But then the leaf takes off with other leaves blowing past. What now? The little bird can’t fly yet. Lena von Dohren made this animated film as part of her training at the Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst. The design is clear-cut, using planes and a limited number of colours, and depicts the adventures of young and old, bird and leaf, and the fox, really well. Selected for the Berlinale 2012.


euroPean shorts

miriam’s green sPots

the missing meatBalls



PRiiT TENDER, ESToNiA, 2012, 5’, 5+

JohAN hAGELBäCK, SWEDEN, 2012, 5’, 7+

Dutch title: Miriams groene vlekken Producer: Maret Reismann Editor: Priit Tender Production company: Nukufilm oü, Niine 11, 10414 Tallinn, Estonia, Phone: +372 6414 307, Fax: +372 6414 307, Email:

Dutch title: Gehaktbal vermist Producer: Johan hagelbäck screenwriter: Johan hagelbäck Editor: Johan hagelbäck Production company: hagelbäck Tecknad Film AB, Gävlegatan 6, 113 30 Stockholm, Sweden, Phone: +46 8 739 2010, Fax: +46 8 739 2010, Email: World sales: hagelbäck Tecknad Film AB, Gävlegatan 6, 113 30 Stockholm, Sweden; Swedish Film institute, Box 271 26, 10252 Stockholm, Sweden, Phone: +46 8 739 2010, +46 8 665 1208, Fax: +46 8 739 2010, +46 8 661 1820, Email: johan.,

Miriam loves to draw and paint. Her friend puts the idea into her head to paint spots on everything. When her brother gets the measles, he gets all the attention and care of the rest of the family. Even the chicken thinks it falls ill. Little brother is afraid of the doctor, but when the latter paints his measles green, everybody cheers up again. The more so when Miriam proceeds to cover everyone in green dots. Colourful puppet film about the discomforts of children’s diseases. Part of a series around striking everyday occurrences in the life of young Miriam and her family. Produced by the famous Estonian studio Nukufilm, pioneer in miscellaneous forms of spatial animation.

The Meatball family - dad, mom, son and daughter - attend a large pop concert in the park. In the enthusiastic crowd, the son tries to get closer to the stage. And sure enough he soon loses his family out of sight. A friendly girl takes pity on him. She boldly looks for a way to find his folks.


Swedish meatballs are famous. They also play a leading role in an extraordinary series of animated films by Johan Hagelbäck. Quite regularly, an animated film appears by this animator and children’s book writer that deals with meatballs. Thus, he creates a rich variety in his already extensive body of works.


mouse For sale

WoUTER BoNGAERTS, BELGiUM, 2010, 4’, 5+

orange o desPair


Dutch title: Muis te koop Producer: Wouter Bongaerts screenwriter: Wouter Bongaerts, Roland Javornik Editor: Wouter Bongaerts Composer: olivier Wery Production company: KhLim, Campus Diepenbeek, Agoralaan gebouw B bus 1, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium, Phone: +32 11 23 07 70, Fax: +32 11 23 07 89, Email:

Dutch title: Sinaasappel, o wanhoop Producer: John Banana screenwriter: John Banana Composer: Anthon Welsjö Production company: Digital Banana Studio, 13 Passage Saint Sébastien, 75011 Paris, France, Phone: +33 9 5451 1696, Email:

Snickers is a lonely mouse in a pet shop, craving to be bought by someone. But he’s got one big problem: his huge ears. The kids entering the store keep laughing at him. Will Snickers find the buddy he so desires, someone who will take him for who he is? He is the last mouse that hasn’t been sold yet, along with his cage mate Steve, an obnoxious wood louse. The 3D computer-animated film tells a straightforward story about being different and the elementary longing for friendship. With Mouse for Sale, director Wouter Bongaerts graduated from the Media, Arts & Design Academy in Genk, Belgium. He is currently working on a new short and freelances for animation studios and commercials.

In the wooden bins outside a greengrocer’s, a bunch of pineapples are being cheerful. A bin full of peevish oranges looks on grumbling. Except for one little orange, who would love to party with his exotic neighbours. For an instant, life seems makeable, when he mingles with them, disguised as a pineapple. But when he is the only one that customers do not select, he doesn’t understand: he is just as good, isn’t he? Joyful, organic computer-animated film by the Paris-based John Banana. This graphic artist, animator, director and producer has been active in digital animation for fifteen years and, with his animation studio Digital Banana Studio, creates commercials, TV pilots and various short films.


euroPean shorts

PaPa’s Boy


run out


Dutch title: Papa’s jongen Producer: Tamsin Lyons, hugh Welchman screenwriter: Leevi Lemmety Editor: Miika Leskinen Composer: Fryderyk Chopin Production company: ink and Light, 9-11 Upper Baggot Street, 4 Dublin, ireland, Phone: +35 3 1668 9551, Email:

Dutch title: Kortsluiting sound: Stefan J. Wuhr Composer: Simon Scharf Production company: Georg-Simon-ohm Fachhochschule Nurnberg, Wassertorstrasse 10, 90489 Nuremberg, Germany, Phone: +49 911 5880 2691, Email:

In the Music & Toys store, the young mouse Tiny and his family live in one leg of the piano. His father, once a famous boxer, would like Tiny to take up boxing, too. But Tiny prefers ballet. He practices continuously in his pink tutu. When a fat black cat seizes his father, Tiny’s dance steps come in quite useful. This short animated film was made on the occasion of the 200th birthday of Chopin for a compilation of music films, performed by classical superstar pianist Lang Lang. The film pays a cheerful and moving tribute to the power of future dreams. Also released as a children’s book in Finland and as an app for the iPhone, iPad en iPod Touch in English and Finnish, to read and to read to someone.

Kevin, a bald light bulb, always sees the world upside down. But he has great fun with his friend Frank, a moth. When Kevin watches his boss come home with a box full of new bulbs, they decide to run away. Outside, a huge Ferris wheel with hundreds of coloured lamps allures them. The journey is dangerous, riddled with all sorts of obstacles and a horde of mean LED lights. They barely manage to escape, urgently needing each other’s help. Michael Haas and Thomas Schienagel made the film for their training at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule Nurnberg. Simon Scharf’s music adds to this epic animated film about escape and friendship.




ViNCENT GALLAGhER, iRELAND, 2010, 3’, 9+



JANiS CiMERMANiS, LATViA, 2010, 8’, 4+

Dutch title: Borden Producer: Vincent Gallagher Editor: Vincent Gallagher sound: George Brennan

Dutch title: Tijger Producer: Maris Putnins Production company: Film Studio Animacijas Brigade (AB), Smerla 3, LV1006 Riga, Latvia, Phone: +37 1752 0770, Fax: +37 17 54 2939, Email: World sales: Film Studio Animacijas Brigade (AB), Smerla 3, LV1006 Riga, Latvia, Phone: +37 1752 0770, Fax: +37 17 54 2939, Email:

Stop signs, signs indicating school children are crossing the street, the ‘work zone’ sign; everyday road signs that start leading their own lives in this film. But when the well-known figures from the various pictures abscond with each other, they instantly make our methodical lives a lot less orderly. An exciting pursuit ensues.

In the dead of night, Circus Valentino arrives in town. In the morning, playing children find a large crate in the street. This causes the necessary excitement in the cosy little town and the Rescue Squad is brought in. It turns out the crate contains a cute little tiger and an amiable large tiger. The Rescue Squad puts up the tigers, but soon Valentino comes to collect them as they have to perform in the circus. There, the whole town sees that the tiger tamer mistreats the animals and the Rescue Squad again comes into operation. The award-winning puppet film is part of a well-known Latvian series around the Rescue Squad. Director Janis Cimermanis started out as a director in a puppet theatre, but later switched to puppet film.

Signs marks the short animation debut of the Irish Vincent Gallagher, who collaborated on this production with animators who worked with live action for the first time: the characteristic black figures run through real-life traffic. The result is a special mix of film and animation styles, full of elements we encounter every day.



guus kuiJer

sPecials There are two Guests of Honour at Cinekid 2012, both multi-award winners whose work is vital to the image of youth culture and influential for film culture more broadly. Guus Kuijer, a famous Dutch children’s book writer this year received the Astrid Lindgren Award (over €550,000). The film and TV adaptations of his work, Madelief and the feature Polleke, directed by Ineke Houtman, are important markers in the development and success of film productions for the young in the Netherlands. The second Guest of Honour Cinekid 2012 is Michel Ocelot from France. He is graphic designer, scriptwriter and director of animated films. In a first part of his life he animated and directed author shorts and short serials. In 1998 he released the feature Kirikou and the Sorceress which was a marking success, changing the animation landscape in France. He went on making successful features, as Azur and Asmar, Tales of the Night and two more Kirikou films, the last one being shown in 3D in the Panorama programme, Kirikou and the men and the women (see page 52). His work strongly influenced the booming French animation film, which is a theme at this year’s festival. His films were awarded Césars and British Academy Film Awards and he was knighted Chevalier of the Légion d’Jonneur of France. Cinekid Specials also include the first two episodes of the Twigson trilogy on the occasion of the release of Twigson in Trouble (see page 33), a programme inspired by the profound treatment of nature and animals in some of the key works of youth cinema, and a Harry Potter retrospective, now that the Harry Potter series has officially been completed.



iNEKE hoUTMAN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2003, 97’, 9+

Producer: hans de Weers Director of photography: Sander Snoep Composer: Vincent van Warmerdam Leading actors: Liv Stig, Mamoun Elyounoussi, halina Reijn, Daan Schuurmans, Frank Lammers, helmert Woudenberg, Marja Kok, Rosa Boesten, Vanessa Coco Morales, odin Delver, Chaib Massaoudi, Nuzha Salah, Susan Visser, Veerle Dobbelaere Production company: Eyeworks Group, Anthony Fokkerweg 61, 1059 CP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 346 3737, Fax: +31 20 346 3738, Email:

A modern version of Romeo and Juliet, this film is about unattainable love, the multicultural society, religion and broken homes. The story is set in a multicultural neighbourhood in a big city. Polleke, a self-willed 11-year-old girl who is raised by her eccentric single mother, is in love with Mimoen, the Moroccan boy living across the street. But he is predestined to marry a girl from Morocco, and one day he is no longer allowed to ‘go with’ Polleke. The string is cut. This is not Polleke’s only worry. Her junkie father causes problems and to make matters even worse, Polleke’s mother falls in love with her teacher. Polleke tries to sort out the chaos surrounding her. Based on a book by Guus Kuijer.

michel ocelot, French animation /Film

scratches in the aZur and asmar AZUR ET ASMAR taBle


MiChEL oCELoT, FRANCE, 2006, 99’, 7+

iNEKE hoUTMAN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 1998, 85’, 8+

Producer: hans de Weers screenwriter: Rob Arends, Maarten Lebens Director of photography: Sander Snoep Editor: Leo de Boer sound: Wib Nelissen, Jac Vleeshouwers Composer: henny Vrienten Leading actors: Madelief Verelst, Rijk de Gooyer, Margo Dames,Thomas Acda, Kitty Courbois, Freek Brom, Peter Blok, Veerle Dobbelaere Production company: Eyeworks Group, Anthony Fokkerweg 61, 1059 CP Amsterdam,The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 346 3737, Fax: +31 20 346 3738, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

Madelief is now about ten. When her grandmother dies, she wants to know everything about her, but her mother does not want to talk about it and her grandfather does not reveal much either. All they know is that grandma cleaned a lot, had her good side, but was not very nice. When Madelief stays with her granddad for the first time, she finds she can have a good laugh with him, and also discovers a mysterious shed in the neglected garden that belonged to grandma. With a friend from the village, the inquisitive Madelief sets off to unravel grandma’s secret. Based on a book by Guus Kuijer.

Dutch title: Azur en Asmar Producer: Christophe Rossignon Composer: Gabriel yared Production company: Nord-ouest Production, 41, rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, 75009 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 53 20 47 20, Fax: +33 1 53 20 47 21, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

The Caucasian Azur and Arab Asmar grow up together like brothers. Asmar’s mother Jenane is in the employ of Azur’s father. She tells them beautiful stories about the magical fairy of the Djinns. She lives in a heavily guarded palace and can only be liberated by a real prince. One day, Azur’s father sends away Jenane and her little son. When they have grown up, Azur and Asnar meet again. They both want to free the fairy to marry her. The colourful animated film with gorgeous vistas and a striking use of silhouettes is a timeless fairy-tale with an ever-topical moral about prejudice and equality.


sPecials: michel ocelot, French animation

kirikou and the sorceress

kirikou and the wild Beasts



MiChEL oCELoT, FRANCE, 1998, 74’, 6+

BéNéDiCTE GALUP, MiChEL oCELoT, FRANCE, 2005, 75’, 6+

Dutch title: Kirikou en de heks Producer: Didier Brunner Editor: Dominique Leféver Composer: youssou N’Dour Production company: Les Armateurs, 33, rue de Linne, 75005 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 49 29 09 77, Fax: +33 1 49 29 05 37, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

Dutch title: Kirikou en de wilde beesten Producer: Didier Brunner Composer: Manu Dibango Production company: Les Armateurs, 33, rue de Linne, 75005 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 49 29 09 77, Fax: +33 1 49 29 05 37, Email: info@ Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

For his first long animation film, Michel Ocelot was inspired by his youth in the West African country of Guinea and by the region’s stories and culture. The little hero Kirikou could already talk in the womb, and he is born in a village that is under the curse of a cruel witch. The villagers tell Kirikou that she causes drought and eats the men, but Kirikou is not easily fooled. After all kinds of adventures he discovers the truth and frees the village from the curse. Ocelot opts for a positive solution rather than the simple destruction of evil. For the soundtrack, the Senegalese composer Youssou N’Dour used native African instruments. Cinekid Award 1999.

Seven years after Kirikou and the Scorceress, the tiny naked boy was back. As his grandfather declares from the depths of his blue cave in the opening scene, the former film was too short: ‘There was no time to tell all that Kirikou has accomplished. For he has accomplished many fine things, which it would be wrong to forget. Listen, then, as I tell you more tales of Kirikou.’ Four more, in fact, and each tale is introduced by the grandfather. The film shows how the clever little boy learnt to become a gardener, detective, maker of pottery, merchant, traveller and doctor, whilst remaining, as ever, the smallest and bravest of heroes.





ASLEiK ENGMARK, NoRWAy, 2009, 75’, 5+


twigson ties the knot


Dutch title: Knoester Producer: Finn Gjerdrum, Stein Kvae screenwriter: Brigitte Bratseth Editor: Vidar Flataukan sound: hugo Ekornes, Gunn Tove Grønsberg Composer: Jon Rørmark Production company: Paradox AS, Grønlandsleiret 25, N-0190 oslo, Noorwegen, Phone: +47 2322 7150, Email: World sales: Sola Media Gmbh, Filderhauptstrasse 49, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany, Phone: +49 711 479 3666, Fax: +49 711 479 2658, Email: post@ Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

Dutch title: Knoester & Berkelientje Producer: Finn Gjerdrum, Stein B Kvae screenwriter: Birgitte Bratseth Editor: Steinar Stalsberg Leading actors: Adrian Grønnevik Smith, Pernille Sørensen, Jan Gunnar Roise Production company: Paradox AS, Grønlandsleiret 25, N-0190 oslo, Norway, Phone: +47 2322 7150, Email: World sales: Sola Media Gmbh, osum Strasse 17, DE-70599 Stuttgart, Germany, Phone: +49 711 479 3666, Fax: +49 711 479 2658, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

Junior, a mischievous, quick-witted and brave boy, has just moved out of town and not made any new friends yet. One day he discovers a twig Twigson - in a pile of firewood, and this becomes his imaginary friend. When Junior’s mother gets a job in a general store and his father is out travelling as an underwear salesman, Junior has to manage on his own most of the day. With Twigson in hand, he encounters a new everyday rural life filled with colourful characters and challenges. But can a pine twig be a real friend - and can the family afford to stay in the rundown house? Selected for Berlin 2010 and many other festivals.

Get ready for action and romance in this second episode of the Twigson trilogy. Quite a few things get out of control when Junior’s Mom has a road accident. Twigson falls in love with Karoline - a very special birch wood twig. Junior and his girlfriend Tiny get into business and sell cookies in an attempt to solve a crime. Junior’s older brother Philip gets thrown into new and big responsibilities at home, Twigson learns to fly and Junior runs away from home. Twigson Ties the Knot is a warm and fun film with great animation in a playful, charming and rich universe. Children will be thrilled and adults will feel nostalgic.


sPecials: wild world

the eagle hunter’s son

the Fox & the child



RENé Bo hANSEN, SWEDEN, GERMANy, 2008, 97’, 8+

LUC JAQUET, FRANCE, 2007, 92’, 8+

Producer: Per Forsgren, Staffan Julén, hannes Stromberg screenwriter: René Bo hansen, Staffan Julén, Stefan Karlsson Director of photography: Dixie Birgit Schmiedle Editor: Andre Bendocchi-Alves sound: Rene Goeckel, Rene Goeckel, Peter Knutas Composer: Steffen Kaltschmid, Sebastian Pille Leading actors: Asilbek Badelkhan, Serikbai Khulan, Bazarbai Matei, Mardan Matei Production company: Eden Film AB, Erstagatan 3F, SE-116 28 Stockholm, Sweden, Phone: +46 8 641 7578, Fax: +46 8 641 7578, Email: World sales: Bavaria Film international, Bavariafilmplatz 8, D-82031 Geiselgasteig, Germany, Phone: +49 89 6499 3506, Fax: +49 89 6499 3720, Email: international@ bavaria- Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

Dutch title: De vos en het meisje Producer: yves Darondeau, Christophe Lioud, Emmanuel Priou screenwriter: Luc Jaquet, Eric Rognard Director of photography: Eric Dumage, Gérard Simon Editor: Sabine Emiliani sound: Germain Boulay, Laurent Quaglio Composer: Evgueni Galperine, Alice Lewis, David Reyes Leading actors: Bertille Noël-Bruneau Production company: Bonne Pioche, 188 Rue De La Roquette, 75011 Paris, France, Phone: +33 1 4929 46 00, Email: World sales: Wild Bunch, 99 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France, Phone: +33 15 301 5020, Fax: +33 15 301 5049 Distribution in The Netherlands: Paradiso Films

Dreaming of a life in the city, 12-year-old nomade boy Bazarbai is very disappointed when his father lets his brother leave the Mongolian pastures but not him. Bazarbai is supposed to follow his father’s footsteps as famed eagle hunter. When their best eagle flies away during an Eagle Festival, Bazarbai decides to follow the animal. Embarking on an adventurous journey through rough landscapes and along wild rivers he finally reaches the city he longed for. But by then the value of tradition and a deep respect for nature and loyalty have changed the boys mind. Pure and intimate coming-of-age film, shot in a spectacular and mesmerizing arena.

Fable-like fairy tale about a 10-year-old, mostly silent girl who, mesmerized by her first brief encounter with a fox, decides to track down the animal into the wild. Filmed both in the mountains of the Ain and Italy’s Abruzzo National Park, The Fox & the Child successfully blends documentary footage and fiction into a moving effort by human and animal to tame each other. A tribute to courage and a celebration of nature’s overwhelming beauty, the film is funny, sad, cruel, joyful and full of suspense. Made by Luc Jacquet, who won an Oscar with his March of the Penguins in 2005.



Frogs and toads



the little Polar Bear


ThiLo GRAF RoThKiRCh, PiET DE RyCKER, GERMANy, 2001, 78’, 4+

Producer: ivonne Verbeek, Leontine Petit, Joost de Vries screenwriter: Simone van Dusseldorp Director of photography: Daniel Bouquet Editor: Wouter Jansen sound: Kees de Groot, Ferry de Pater Composer: Arend Niks, Kees van der Vooren Leading actors: Nino den Brave, Whitney Franker Production company: Lemming Film, Tolstraat 137 A, 1074 VJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 661 0424, Fax: +31 20 661 0979, Email: World sales: Attraction Distribution (Delphis Films), 225 Roy Street East, 200, h2W 1M5 Montreal, Canada, Phone: +1 514 843 3355, Fax: +1 514 843 9574, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: A-Film Distribution

Dutch title: De kleine ijsbeer Producer: Willi Geike, Thilo Graf Rothkirch screenwriter: Piet de Rycker, Bert Schrickel, Thomas Wittenburg Composer: Nigel Clarke, Michael Csányi-Wills Production company: Rothkirch Cartoon Film, hasenheide 54, D-10967 Berlin, Germany, Phone: +49 30 6980 840, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Warner Bros Pictures international holland

Exclusively shot from a child’s perspective, Frogs and Toads depicts the adventurous journey of 6-year-old Max, who is looking for frogspawn. Convinced only frogspawn will give his brother, who just had his tonsils removed, his voice back, Max ventures into the typical Dutch landscape. Together with his girlfriend Jesse, he roams the fields, along ditches and into the woods, discovering nature’s wondrous beauty. Captured in warm colours and enlivened with joyful songs and a playful grandmother, Frogs and Toads breathes a rather uncomplicated world almost absent from youth films these days. The film is a tactile and subtle reminder of the smaller, yet no less important things in life. It collected many awards at international film festivals.

Pure, exciting animation feature about Lars, a small polar bear who becomes best friends with a young seal. Based on the picture books by Hans de Beer, this first film, its sequel, the TV series and original publications have become children’s classics. Joining paws with the singing penguin Caruso, Lars and Robbie undertake many adventures and discover the polar landscape. Though their parents disapprove of the idea at first, Lars and Robbie prove how friendship can overcome seemingly insurmountable differences. The film is a loving tribute to tolerance. Sweet in tone and colour, the film at the same time challenges children’s zest for adventure and suspense. As soon as a dark mysterious ship appears on the horizon, the two friends are immersed into an even bigger adventure.


sPecials: wild world

on the sly


oLiViER RiNGER, BELGiUM, FRANCE, 2011, 77’, 7+

Ponyo on the cliFF By the sea

GAKE NO UE NO PONYO hAyAo MiyAzAKi, JAPAN, 2008, 101’, 6+

Dutch title: Een weekje weg Producer: yves Ringer, Antoine Simkine screenwriter: olivier Ringer, yves Ringer Director of photography: olivier Ringer Editor: olivier Ringer sound: Vincent Mauduit Composer: Bruno Alexiu Leading actors: Wynona Ringer Production company: Ring Prod, 16 place de l’Université, B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, Phone: +32 2 344 07 85, Email: Distribution in The Netherlands: Twin Film

Dutch title: Ponyo Producer: Toshio Suzuki screenwriter: hayao Miyazaki Director of photography: Atsushi okui Editor: Takeshi Seyama Composer: Joe hisaishi Production company: Studio Ghibli, 1-4-25 Kajino-cho, 184-0002 Koganei-shi, Tokio, Japan, Phone: +81 42 260 4003, Fax: +81 42 250 2489, Email: World sales: Wild Bunch, 99 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France, Phone: +33 15 301 5020, Fax: +33 15 301 5049, Email: edevos@ Distribution in The Netherlands: Wild Bunch Benelux

Modern fairy tale in which courageous 6-year-old Cathy, feeling totally neglected by her busy parents, decides to hide in their cabin in the woods. Filmed in a realistic style, taking every one of Cathy’s steps totally serious, the film opens up to her self-made, creative universe with rich detail and a great eye for nature’s beauty. Trying to eke out an existence on her own, Cathy, fearless yet solitary, is determined to not give up until her parents come to their senses. Daring and effective is the director’s choice to barely show the parents, almost entirely refrain from dialogue and take Cathy’s interior monologue as a compass in this imaginative wake-up call.

Made by Oscar nominee and winner Hayao Miyazaki, who previously signed for Spirited Away (2001) and Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (2008) quickly grew into one of the most popular Japanese films ever. It tells the story of the friendship between 5-year-old boy Sosuke and a small goldfish called Ponyo, which has only one dream: to become a human being.


Beautifully drawn by hand, it shows a recurringin Miyazaki’s work: the relationship between human beings and nature and technology. When Ponyo uses her father’s magic power to turn herself into a girl, the world loses its fragile balance. Sosuke and Ponyo embark on an adventure to save the planet.

sPecials: harry Potter


harry Potter retrosPective Exceptionally, distributor Warner has allowed Cinekid to screen the Harry Potter series as a whole, now that the final instalment has been released. Never before, all films were jointly screened before bedtime. An accolade worthy of this series.

With last year’s release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - part 2, the curtain fell for the adventures of the British sorcerer’s apprentice. For the film adventures, that is, because the popularity of J.K. Rowling’s books is undiminished - over 450 million copies sold in 60 languages. In addition, the Harry universe keeps expanding with the interactive Potterverse platform, computer games and attraction parks. This is quite something, if you think that before 1997 nobody had even heard of Muggles, quidditch or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Thanks to Harry, reading (and even wearing spectacles) became cool again among countless children. But it turned out adults were not immune to the enchantment, either. In 2001, Hollywood responded quickly by adapting the literary phenomenon for the screen, although author Rowling kept a creative finger in the pie. For example, one of Rowling’s specific demands was that the films Warner Bros produced preserved the British character. This is why the cast is not populated by Hollywood stars, but by the cream of the English film and drama scene. The books and films combine commercial success with an equally exciting and imaginative story brimming with creative ideas. The eight films (the last book was split in two parts for the silver screen) were blockbusters bar none; bigger collectively than the Star Wars saga and the James

Bond series. Apart from the impressing commercial success, the greatest feat is the fact that the films constitute a coherent and highquality universe. The entire series is characterised by taking its young audiences very serious and by its exceptional quality of production. Small wonder the complete series was officially pronounced Cinekidklapper (Cinekid Clapper), a selection of films you must have seen during your career as a kid. Harry Potter’s world is invariably alive with thrills, spectacle and special effects, but it is also a world full of familiar situations and emotions, where friendship may be the most magical element. To grown-up and young readers alike, the films were a trip down memory lane, and sometimes a brief refresher on their way to the next book. But the movies also exerted an almost magical attraction on Potter illiterates. As it was, an entire generation grew up with Harry Potter, and alongside Harry Potter. In the seven (school) years the series covers, Harry, Hermione and Ron grow up from young children to self-assured young adults. This evolution is also reflected by the change in tone and themes. While the first episodes mainly offer entertainment for the entire family, with here and there a creepy moment, in the later episodes a gloomy, serious atmosphere prevails and the events are almost too intense for very young or sensitive spectators.


sPecials: harry Potter

harry Potter harry Potter and the and the chamBer sorcerer’s stone oF secrets

ChRiS CoLUMBUS, UNiTED KiNGDoM, USA, 2001, 152’, 6+

ChRiS CoLUMBUS, UNiTED KiNGDoM, USA, GERMANy, 2002, 161’, 6+

Dutch title: harry Potter en de steen der wijzen Producer: David heyman screenwriter: Steve Kloves Editor: Richard Francis-Bruce Leading actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Richard harris Production company: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 World sales: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 Distribution in The Netherlands: Warner Bros Pictures international holland

Dutch title: harry Potter en de geheime kamer Producer: David heyman screenwriter: Steve Kloves Editor: Peter honess Leading actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint Production company: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 World sales: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 Distribution in The Netherlands: Warner Bros Pictures international holland

On the face of it, Harry Potter is a perfectly normal boy. But on his eleventh birthday, his life is turned upside down by the revelation that magical blood flows through his veins. Harry leaves for the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn the tricks of the magician’s trade. Here, he makes friends (Ron and Hermione) and enemies (Draco) and discovers that the feared Lord Voldemort, who killed his parents, is still a threat.

The momentum was kept going: three days after the world premiere of The Sorcerer’s Stone, the cast and crew were back in the film studio for the first day of shooting this sequel. Director/producer Chris Columbus does embroider on the franchise formula he devised, but the elaboration is a bit livelier and occasionally heralds the darkness of later episodes – for example in the gruesome climax. At 161 minutes, the duration is rather mature, too. The new professor in Harry’s second year is vain Gilderoy Lockhart (Kenneth Branagh), while Dobby the house elf also makes his (digital) debut in the series. Meanwhile, Harry has to find out who is responsible for the mysterious petrifactions at Hogwarts.

Director Chris Columbus sticks close to the book, but lays the foundations here that the sequels built on. Particularly the casting of the three unknown child actors for the parts of Harry, Ron and Hermione proved to be a very lucky shot.



harry Potter harry Potter and the Prisoner and the goBlet oF aZkaBan oF Fire

ALFoNSo CUARÛN, UNiTED KiNGDoM, USA, 2004, 141’, 9+


Producer: Chris Columbus, David heyman, Mark Radcliffe screenwriter: Steve Kloves Editor: Steven Weisberg Leading actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint Production company: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 World sales: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 Distribution in The Netherlands: Warner Bros Pictures international holland

Producer: David heyman screenwriter: Steve Kloves Editor: Mick Audsley Leading actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint Production company: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 World sales: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 Distribution in The Netherlands: Warner Bros Pictures international holland

After two successive films, Chris Columbus handed the director’s chair to the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón. Considering his previous work, like the sultry art-house hit Y tu mamá también, it was a daring choice, but one that turned out well. Cuarón introduces dynamics and flair that the previous episodes lacked; no wonder that particularly this Potter garnered critical acclaim. It also marks the definitive switch to a darker tone. For this reason, the film got a once-only viewer rating of 9 in the Netherlands (only intended for 9 years and older). By far the creepiest elements are the glum Dementors, demonic prison guards draining all happiness from the air around them.

Lord Voldemort casts a long, raven-black shadow over the fourth Harry Potter part. Harry’s archenemy is preparing a full resurrection and his influence is visibly growing. For example, his sympathisers, the Death Eaters, openly disturb the Quidditch World Cup Final. And an even more dangerous sports event awaits Harry: the Triwizard Tournament, in which a Bulgarian and a French delegate also have to perform impossible assignments. Director Mike Newell (Four Weddings and a Funeral) warrants the all-British character of the series and has to proceed through the story with great strides to condense the substantial book into 157 movie minutes.


sPecials: harry Potter

harry Potter harry Potter and the order oF and the halFthe Phoenix Blood Prince

DAViD yATES, UNiTED KiNGDoM, USA, 2007, 138’, 10+ ACCoMPANiED

DAViD yATES, UNiTED KiNGDoM, USA, 2009, 153’, 10+ ACCoMPANiED

Producer: David Barron, David heyman screenwriter: Michael Goldenberg Editor: Mark Day Leading actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint Production company: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 World sales: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 Distribution in The Netherlands: Warner Bros Pictures international holland

Producer: David Barron, David heyman screenwriter: Steve Kloves Editor: Mark Day Leading actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint Production company: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 World sales: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 Distribution in The Netherlands: Warner Bros Pictures international holland

The fifth Harry Potter introduces some important newcomers. Most striking examples are the perfectly cast Imelda Staunton (as the frumpy yet sneaky teacher Dolores Umbridge, who side-lines headmaster Dumbledore) and Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange-Black, the evil sister of Harry’s godfather Sirius. But the key new ingredient of the Potter formula is David Yates. This Briton won his directing spurs with praised TV series and The Order of the Phoenix was his directing debut. He puts the main emphasis on action here. Things become extra spectacular in the final twenty minutes, because the closing battle in the Ministry of Magic got a 3D treatment.

Only four years separated the publication of the sixth Harry Potter book and the release of the film. David Yates returned to the director’s chair, and would stay there for the following parts. Gloom has entered Harry Potter’s world. Literally as well, because the images, inspired on Rembrandt, are not the most colourful ones in the series. Although action and spectacle remain key components, there is also room for the emotional development of the characters. And for amorous vicissitudes, because the friendship between Ron and Hermione is truly put to the test when the former gets a girlfriend. At the same time, Harry seems to fancy Ron’s sister Ginny.



harry Potter harry Potter and the deathly and the deathly hallows: Part 1 hallows: Part 2

DAViD yATES, UNiTED KiNGDoM, USA, 2010, 146’, 10+ ACCoMPANiED

DAViD yATES, UNiTED KiNGDoM, USA, 2011, 130’, 10+ ACCoMPANiED

Producer: David Barron, David heyman, J.K. Rowling screenwriter: Steve Kloves Editor: Mark Day Leading actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes Production company: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 World sales: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 Distribution in The Netherlands: Warner Bros Pictures international holland

Producer: David Barron, David heyman, J.K. Rowling screenwriter: Steve Kloves Editor: Mark Day Leading actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes Production company: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 World sales: Warner Bros. Pictures, 4000 Warner Blvd., CA 91522 Burbank, USA, Phone: +1 818 954 6000, Fax: +1 818 954 7305 Distribution in The Netherlands: Warner Bros Pictures international holland

After the unexpected and tragic death of Hogwarts headmaster Dumbledore, the battle between Good and Evil breaks out with great fierceness. The death toll quickly rises in both camps. Meanwhile, Harry, Ron and Hermione have to keep a step ahead of Voldemort’s followers and search all over the country for the means to cancel his immortality. The decision to split the seventh and final Harry Potter book into two films seems to be motivated by financial motives, but also allows for more breathers in the story. Author J.K. Rowling makes her debut in the end credits as a producer. The film was originally announced as a 3D release, but the plan was reversed when the conversion quality of the test results proved to be inadequate.

In the eighth and final episode of the film series, the story reaches its epic climax. With its sweeping battles full of monsters and magical creatures, this Harry Potter can bear comparison with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Harry & co have to put out all the stops in their quest for and destruction of the Horcruxes that contain Voldemort’s essence. But the last Horcrux turns out to be Harry himself. The spectacular fights and impressive special effects are very compelling, but another striking aspect is how well the actors have blossomed in the roles they were allotted ten years earlier as children.




tv Programme cinekid 2012

With 24 new TV productions premiering, more than 46 productions showing and over 75 episodes screening, the TV programme of the festival has grown even bigger for this 26th edition of Cinekid. We offer the unique opportunity for children to go beyond watching a TV programme on the home screen.

watch episodes, act in one of them while this is recorded and watch themselves as one of their favourite characters immediately afterwards on the big screen. This workshop for the very little ones (4+) is moving, especially for the parents, as many are secretly in tears if they see their child for the first time on film in a creative context.

One of the main missions of Cinekid is to stimulate an active and creative attitude towards media and to stimulate them to reflect on the media surrounding them, including the development of an artistic interpretation. This is exactly what we offer through our TV programmes. There is practically no programme shown without the stars of the children or the cast and crew present. And this cast and crew are often the heroes in the day to day lives of children, like the host, the actors, the directors or producers, etc. They will have the opportunity to ask their favourite actors how they perceived the series. Or let the director explain why he made certain choices and what it takes to create a TV series, host a show or act in one of them. These professionals also reach out to their young audiences by offering daily workshops and masterclasses in the big MediaLab. Children are actively involved in the making of TV productions, such as how to present a news show or how to make a stop-motion film like the one they watch on the telly. Each day, there will be a miffy workshop (nijntje, with original Dick Bruna artwork) and a Tumblies workshop where children

We have an amazing line-up of beautiful, honest, exciting, thrilling and skilled series programmed. This year, we have selected no fewer than 16 youth documentaries, all premiering and screened for the first time here at Cinekid. In The Netherlands, we are really becoming the international experts in the area of youth documentaries. Each year, we deliver an extensive list of documentaries that are selected for many festivals, win prizes and are picked up by various broadcasters in Europe and abroad. Especially the Kids & Docs workshop and NCRV’s Dokument Junior are two sources where these, very often beautiful documentaries spring from and we’re very proud to be the festival where they premiere and find their first audience.


One of the sources is the Kids & Docs workshop we co-organise with IDFA and the Dutch Cultural Media Fund. The Kids & Docs workshop is something Cinekid values highly. It’s a yearround workshop where a select group of around eight participants follow a workshop to practically start and finalise their development plan to realise a youth documentary of 15


minutes. The participants often have little experience in creating a youth documentary and are guided by two experienced workshop leaders, well-known documentary or filmmakers including many guest lecturers. Practically all Dutch broadcasters and Dutch children’s channel Zapp support the workshop and ‘adopt’ a participant and their plan from the start of the workshop. It’s a unique collaboration between many parties to stimulate a genre and give makers the opportunity to gain more experience in this field. The workshop results have been impressive and have really proven to be a stimulator for many directors to continue to work in the field of youth (documentary) productions. The format is taken over in Germany and this year also for the first time in Indonesia. This year we also have the premiere of various series for very young children. Often, TV programmes for this group originate in the USA. Many of them are stimulated by the KRO, the expert in young children’s television in Holland. The Tumblies, Picknick with Cake and Sien van Sellingen 2 will premiere at Cinekid. Two of the three series are animated, The Tumblies and Picknick with Cake. They will air shortly on television and we are proud to give them a podium as it’s always a difficult (financial and creative) road to realise animation and we are keen to stimulate this whenever possible. We keep a close eye out for the latest trends and

developments around the world when it comes to children’s television and one of the things we’ve learned is that factual television for children is often perceived as difficult or probably less interesting for children by adults, while it’s actually very much enjoyed by children. In the new series Welcome to the Dutch Golden Age (NTR), history will be repeated in the form of humorous sketches. It’s a playful and well-written series that give children access to interesting facts from this era. Also, the history series Voor God en Vaderland (EO) will be highlighted during our school days and the factual series Checkpoint (EO) is again selected as one of the nominees for the Kinderkast Audience Award, chosen by the children. So is Het Klokhuis maakt geschiedenis (NTR), offering children one of the 50 must-know history lessons in each episode. The Kinderkast prizes are the most important prizes for youth television in The Netherlands. We have two juries voting, a professional jury and the children themselves – a public jury. Five awards are handed out in the categories fiction and non-fiction. Both juries hand out two awards, one in each category. We have a well thoughtthrough system set up for the children to select their favourite programme to make sure all the children have the opportunity to vote on their favourite programme of the year. No fewer than 63 new productions were submitted this year! We first send a long-list, pre-selected by the jury, to 19 schools all over the country. The children at



the schools nominate the three best programmes in the fiction category and three best non-fiction. From there on, all children in The Netherlands can vote on their favourite show out of these six via our specially created website. Also, the Dutch public children’s channel Zapp supports us and again shows all the nominees on TV in a special pre-Cinekid weekend and actively stimulates children to go to our website and vote. This year it has proven that the professionals and the children are not that far apart as two out of the six nominations are the same. Are the children becoming professionals or the other way around? It will be an exciting award ceremony on the 26th!

Kind & Kleur shorts. Kind & Kleur is a support system by the Dutch Media Fund, various Dutch broadcasters and Zapp, which already resulted in 35 short children’s films. It’s an educational workshop for talented writers who have the ambition to write for youth television. With this workshop, the Dutch Media Fund wanted to stimulate the development of culturally diverse writers’ talent and have stories that reflect our multicultural society be told and shown on television. The films have travelled around the world and garnered numerous prizes and rightly so as they are well written, styled and produced and offer children a glance into unknown cultures in The Netherlands.

And then there are many more interesting things to visit during the TV programme this year. What about the forest ranger from the EO series Koek & Ei op safari, who will bring his wild animals to the cinema with a parrot inside and outside a camel? We’re also celebrating many birthdays this edition, like the kick-off of 25 jaar Klokhuis, an institute of Dutch Television. Also, KRO’s Kindertijd celebrates its 12.5 years of TV for young children and Cartoon Network is ready to celebrate its 20th birthday in The Netherlands with an all-time favourite programme, a second series premiere of Gumball and a big cake for all in the MediaLab.

I sincerely hope that the high level of children’s television produced in The Netherlands will continue to be financially stimulated. We are a world-leader country when it comes to innovative and quality-driven children’s programmes and many broadcasters, producers, writers and directors, including Cinekid, are focussed to maintain this position. We all realize the importance of a broad and good offer of television programmes for the next generation. I’m extremely proud of this year’s selection, as it reflects the broad landscape of Dutch television and gives children the opportunity to actively participate and step away from the screen at home, encounter little gems and meet all-time heroes in real life! I would also like to take the opportunity to thank

Last, but not least, we will be showing a retrospective of the beautiful produced



my dedicated team members Michiel Brongers and Danielle Hameter. They have done an incredible job! Best Regards,

Fleur Winters Head of TV Programming Michiel Brongers Senior Producer DaniĂŤlle Hameter Assistant TV Programming


cinekid kinderkast awards nominations

ProFessional Jury

doctor cheeZy

MARGiEN RoGAAR, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 8X25’, 4+

category Fiction

screenwriter: Tijs van Marle Leading actors: ynoella Elumbat, Tim hildering, Anne Jongsma, Sheraino Misiedjan, Dyon Wilkens Production company: Pupkin Film Weesperzijde 4 1091 EA Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Email: info@pupkin. com involved TV station: VPRo, Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +3135 6712 202, Email:

In this thrilling and comic series, we follow Benjy, Faris, Liewe and Talisha, who run away from a diet camp in order to buy a hamburger from their favourite fast food chain, Doctor Cheezy. They were fed up with exercising and eating health food and flee by boat to the mainland, with Fee, the camp leaders’ skinny daughter, as a stowaway. Here, they search for the ultimate hamburger from fast food chain Doctor Cheezy. Their holiday soon turns into one big adventure and together with their dog Tommie, Benjy, Faris, Liewe and Talisha have to escape all sorts of thrilling situations in each new episode.



how to survive...


mina moes

MiRJAM DE WiTh, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 15’, 4+


screenwriter: Maarten Lebens, Carly Schuit Leading actors: Tjebbo Gerritsma, Lies Visschedijk, Roos Wiltink Production company: Lemming Film Valschermkade 36-F 1059 CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Email: info@, Phone: +31 20 6610979 involved TV station: AVRo, ‘s-Gravelandseweg 80, 1200 JA hilversum, The Netherlands, Email:

Playfully stylized youth series based on Francine van Oomen’s immensely popular book series in which a troubled fresh teenager, Rosa, develops into a more stable 17-year-old pupil. Rosa’s parents are divorced. Her mother gets a new boyfriend, the shaggy Alexander, and Rosa is forced to move with them to the other end of the country. Soon, a new baby is on its way. Rosa discovers the pitfalls of love and the boundaries of social behaviour. She faces the small and bigger problems in her new life with acuity and imagination, using social media to express her reflections and let off steam. Growing up is hard, but in the end is worth it.

screenwriter: hakima Elouarti Leading actors: Kiki Wartena, Meral Polat, Cagla Kuk, Asena Kuk, Manon Nieuweboer, Sien Diels, huug van Tienhoven Camera: Gerko Jonker sound: Sander den Broeder Editor: Sander Kuipers Production company: Family Affair Films, Entrepotdok 77a, 1018 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 707 1713, Fax: +31 20 4190505, Email: info@ involved TV station: VPRo, Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 336, Fax: +31 35 671 2100, Email:

Even though her mother and teachers want her to wear the official school uniform like her classmates, 7-year-old Mina is determined to wear what she wants to wear: the mouse ears of her idol Minnie Mouse. Immensely stubborn, she does not succumb to school protocol or pleas by negotiating parents. A delightfully ironic and meticulously stylized modern fable, in which individual freedom triumphs over society’s dogma ‘why be happy if you can be normal’.


cinekid kinderkast awards nominations

ProFessional Jury

category non-Fiction

het klokhuis maakt geschiedenis

NiEK BARENDSEN, ViNCENT SChUURMAN, yVoNNE SMiTS, RoEL BURGGRAAFF, MARCEL DE VRE, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 15’, 8+ Screenwriter: Niek Barendsen, yvonne Smits, Roel Burggraaff, Jurrian van Dongen. involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Email:

Klokhuis, the children’s programme known for its inventive and straight ways of addressing interesting, difficult or special subjects for a young audience, now delves into Dutch history. Who was Rembrandt? Or Aletta Jacobs? And where do all these different people living in the Netherlands come from? Using wit, poignancy and a keen eye to meaningful detail, different presenters guide children along key elements of the Dutch past. Apart from using archive footage and original material, short dramatised, lighthearted scenes offer comments or add an extra layer to the story told. The title of the series, a pun in itself, already implies how different angles make for different histories.



stoP my sPorts Fanatic Parents


this is my dad




Production company: No Pictures Please, Melkpad 18, 1217 KC hilversum, The Netherlands, Email:, Phone: +31 35 7508240 involved TV station: KRo, ’s-Gravelandseweg 80, 1217 EW hilversum, The Netherlands, Email:, Phone: +31 35 7508240

involved TV station: VPRo Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 202, Email:

Disarmingly frank TV series, based on an extremely simple yet effective concept. Children who are embarrassed by their fanatically yelling parents during sports matches have their screaming mother or father recorded with a candid camera. After the game, they make their parents watch their unacceptable behaviour. Now it is the parents who are embarrassed, with themselves that is. Will this help make sports fun again and make it easier to concentrate during the game? The children certainly hope so.

‘It’s about the person, not the façade’, Roy says about his transsexual father. Being the only man left in the house, he shares the ‘manly’ view on what it means to have two mothers. This is just one example. In this free-style, sometimes light-hearted and always frank series, children film and interview their fathers or other family members, focussing on their peculiar profession, exceptional appearance or other special characteristics. Heart-warmingly direct and always expressing a personal tone and approach, the series addresses serious issues from the intimate perspective of an open-minded child.


cinekid kinderkast awards nominations

audience Jury

category Fiction

the adventures oF Pim & Pom


screenwriter: Tingue Dongelmans, Fiona van heemstra Production company: Pim & Pom bv, Johannes Vermeerplein 5 1071 DV Amsterdam,, Phone: +31 20 4714637 involved TV station: Nickelodeon, Stralauer Allee 6, 10245 Berlin, Germany, Email:, Phone: +49 30 700100-0

Pim and Pom are friends through thick and thin. Pim, the grey-striped puss, is cocksure and enterprising, while the black-haired Pom is composed and pedantic. Pim and Pom live with a woman who adores her cats, even though they get into a lot of mischief and turn the house into a mess. The adventures of Pim & Pom have their origin in a newspaper cartoon on the children’s page of Het Parool (1957-1968). The more than 1000 illustrations that Fiep Westendorp made for Mies Bouhuys’ stories about the two cats were the starting point for the animation series, for which new episodes were written, with resounding titles like Kamperen, Olympische Spelen, Oppas, Annabel and Poezenvakantie.



mina moes

MiRJAM DE WiTh, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 15’, 4+

my craZy granny


SiMoNE VAN DUSSELDoRP, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 15’, 4+ screenwriter: hakima Elouarti Leading actors: Kiki Wartena, Meral Polat, Cagla Kuk, Asena Kuk, Manon Nieuweboer, Sien Diels, huug van Tienhoven Camera: Gerko Jonker sound: Sander den Broeder Editor: Sander Kuipers Production company: Family Affair Films, Entrepotdok 77a, 1018 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 707 1713, Fax: +31 20 4190505, Email: info@ involved TV station: VPRo, Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 336, Fax: +31 35 671 2100, Email:

Even though her mother and teachers want her to wear the official school uniform like her classmates, 7-year-old Mina is determined to wear what she wants to wear: the mouse ears of her idol Minnie Mouse. Immensely stubborn, she does not succumb to school protocol or pleas by negotiating parents. A delightfully ironic and meticulously stylized modern fable, in which individual freedom triumphs over society’s dogma ‘why be happy if you can be normal’.

Leading actors: Dianyrha Goedhard, Jetty Mathurin screenwriter: Glynis Terborg Production company: Talent United, Van hallstraat 52, 1051 hh Amsterdam, The Netherlands, involved TV station: Eo, oude Amersfoorsteweg 79, 1213 AC hilversum, Email:, Phone: +31 35 6474747

What are you going to do when you are just getting acquainted with the most wonderful grandma in the world and you immediately lose her again, although she is still around? Eightyear-old Saäda is over the moon about her grandma finally actually coming to the Netherlands from Suriname. She can finally come to her birthday now. But due to dementia, her grandmother is not always quite herself. Saäda thinks her grandma is a little strange and slowly starts feeling ashamed for her.


cinekid kinderkast awards nominations

audience Jury

category non-Fiction


JAN PooL, WoUTER PETERS, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 13X25’, 8+

Presentator: Klaas van Kruistum, involved TV station: Eo, oude Amersfoorsteweg 79, 1213 AC hilversum, The Netherlands, Email:, Phone: +31 35 6474747

Series of youth programmes in which products are tested in sensible and nonsensical ways by the Checkpoint test team. Moreover, in each episode, the differences between the boys and girls in the team are tested. Host: Klaas van Kruistum. In this episode, the test team competes with grandfathers and grandmothers. Grandpas and grandmas are known to have brains that do not function so well anymore. They have short serving memories, for example. But old people claim youngsters use their brains too little, because there is no need to remember anything nowadays with all the smartphones and computers. Which brains work best: the younger or older ones?



the Junior het klokhuis national science maakt QuiZ geschiedenis


Presentator: Milouska Meulens involved TV station: VPRo Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 202, Email:

During the dark days of Christmas, the National Science Quiz, jointly organised by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and VPRO TV, has been a very popular TV night for years. In the adult version, a team of colleagues competes against scientists. In the National Science Quiz Junior, primary school pupils vie for the title ‘Brightest Class of the Netherlands’. In December 2011, the fourteenth edition took place. Four primary school classes selected an egghead who had to clinch the title, plus accompanying exploratory expedition, for them. Once more, the quiz teems with smelly, scary and slimy questions that take turns with some tough deep ones.

NiEK BARENDSEN, ViNCENT SChUURMAN, yVoNNE SMiTS, RoEL BURGGRAAFF, MARCEL DE VRE, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 15’, 8+ screenwriter: Niek Barendsen, yvonne Smits, Roel Burggraaff, Jurrian van Dongen. involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Email:

Klokhuis, the children’s programme known for its inventive and straight ways of addressing interesting, difficult or special subjects for a young audience, now delves into Dutch history. Who was Rembrandt? Or Aletta Jacobs? And where do all these different people living in the Netherlands come from? Using wit, poignancy and a keen eye to meaningful detail, different presenters guide children along key elements of the Dutch past. Apart from using archive footage and original material, short dramatised, lighthearted scenes offer comments or add an extra layer to the story told. The title of the series, a pun in itself, already implies how different angles make for different histories.



the amaZing anne’s Journey ANNE’S REIS world oF gumBall

MiC GRAVES, UNiTED KiNGDoM, 2012, 60’, 6+

hiLT LoChTEN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+

Dutch title: De Wonderlijke Wereld van Gumball sound: Ben Locket Editor: Anthony hull, Richard overall involved TV station: Cartoon Network, 16 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7RS London, United Kingdom, Phone: +442076931221, Email:

Camera: Ton Peters sound: Nils de Sitter, Erik Thomassen Editor: Manu van hove involved TV station: RKK, ’s-Gravelandseweg 80, 1217 EW hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 6 46507144, Email:

Paying tribute to the 20th anniversary of Cartoon Network, Cinekid shows the second edition of its successful animated series The Amazing World of Gumball. An expressive combination of 2D and 3D animation, it has found a large audience on television and online. Its friendly hero is the foolish and mischievous 12-year-old cat Gumball, who happily plunges into any adventure with his family and friends in the little town of Elmore. The series is an ode to silliness and creates heartwarming stories out of apparent chaos. Being quite unstructured himself, Gumball manages to get into one mess after the other, hardly improving the situation along the way. But he is a born optimist. Cinekid also runs a Cartoon Network retrospective.

8-year-old Anne was diagnosed with having a brain tumor at the age of two. She suffers from a lot of pain. Anne by now knows that she will not get better and has to reconcile herself with approaching death. Flemisch documentary film maker and Prix de Jeunesse winner Hilt Lochten, known for her subtle portraits of children in difficult circumstances, follows Anne in the last period of her life. Despite her young age Anne is facing her fate courageously, using her fantasy life as a means to enjoy every moment that is left and to create thoughts bigger than life, imagining a painless heaven, close to the rainbow.



kro children’s time


laura & anne 4ever&ever SUSAN KoENEN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+

ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 60’, 4+ involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 3375, Fax: +31 35 671 3119, Email:

Camera: Reinout Steenhuizen sound: Bouwe Mulder Editor: Denise Janzée involved TV station: RKK, ’s-Gravelandseweg 80, 1217 EW hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 6 46507144, Email:

Dutch Broadcaster KRO is known for its unique and prolific programming for the youngest age group. This year, its programme KRO Children’s Time celebrates its 12.5 year anniversary. Sufficient reason for Cinekid to show part of KRO Children’s Time past harvest, along with new exciting episodes around its most successful characters. Enjoy Groeien, UIT-ME-KAAR, Buck & Tommy and Verhalen maken to see some of the most interesting toddler and pre-school television programmes ever made.

In 2009, Laura & Anne 4ever, an intimate portrayal of the friendship between two 13-yearold girlfriends one of whom was terminally ill, won the Cinekid Kinderkast Award. Using footage from this film, the director four years later made a follow-up with the now 17-year-old Laura and Anne’s younger brother who has just turned 16. Following the path that she and Anne had mapped out for the two of them, Laura plans to study medicine. Growing up among sisters, she considers Daan her younger brother. Daan seems to be having a hard time finding his way in life after his sister’s death and their parents’ divorce.



let it shine

PAUL hoEN, USA, 2011, 115’, 8+

Picknick with Pie



Leading actors: Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones, Trevor Jackson, Brandon Mychal Smith, Nicole Sullivan, Dawnn Lewis, Courtney B. Vance involved TV station: Disney, Taurusavenue 9, 2132 LS, hoofddorp, Po Box 406, 2130 AK, hoofddorp, The Netherlands, Phone +31 23 7993458

sound: Sonicville Production company: Submarine, Rapenburgerstraat 109, 1011 VL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 330 1226, Fax: +31 20 330 1227, Email: involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 3375, Fax: +31 35 671 3119, Email:

A modern and youthful version of Cyrano de Bergerac, this new Disney TV musical, currently the most watched Disney Channel Original Movie of 2012. Shy, talented rapper and youth choir director Cyrus, has his less timid friend Kris perform the song he wrote for Roxie, the girl of his dreams. This teenage singing talent, whose music label finances the song-writing contest where Cyrus’ song eventually wins, mistakes Kris for the author of the heartfelt lyrics and falls for him. Cyrus, struggling with his pastor father who disapproves of hip-hop altogether and his now betraying friend, gets into even more trouble when Roxie finds out both boys lied to her. Yet, all ends well.

Preschool animation series-cum-game, based upon the internationally successful picture book Picknick with Pie by Thé Tjong-Khing. The animals in the village are going on a picnic because Mr. and Mrs. Dog have baked two delicious pies. But before they can enjoy them, the pies get stolen. Universal themes come to life through a repetitive story that nevertheless changes continuously. Humorous, colourful and spiced with sweet suspense, the story teems with plots and subplots. Without dialogue, each episode spotlights one animal character, thus gradually presenting many different possible angles on the theft and those responsible for it.



sien van sellingen 2

PiETER VERhoEFF, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 60’, 4+

thunder & lighting


Roy FERWERDA, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+ Leading actors: isabelle Smit, Emma-Sophie Smit, Floris van der Staay, Pjotr van Antwerpen, Lies Visschedijk, Diederik Ebbinge, Joke Tjalsma, René van ‘t hof, har Smeets Camera: Jaap Veldhoen sound: Reinout Weebers Editor: Bart van den Broek Production company: interakt, bakkersstraat 10, 1017 CW Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Email: involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 3375, Fax: +31 35 671 3119, Email:

After the success of the first series of Sien van Sellingen, the new adventures of this 6-year-old autonomous farmer’s daughter are likely to enthral both young and old viewers again. Sweet, enterprising and a tad naughty, Sien discovers the world around her on her parents’ farm. Small mysteries are unravelled, relationships are briefly put to the test and slowly Sien becomes familiar with the thin line between fantasy and reality. As always, her elder sister, a writer in the making, introduces each adventure from an intelligent distance. Fresh and light in tone, youthful independence is celebrated with a touch of suspense and a seductive stubbornness.

Camera: Guido Breedveld, Joep Venmans sound: Rick Lambregts, Jack Niewold Editor: Dennis van Koutrik involved TV station: AVRo, Po Box 2, 1200 JA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 7 315, Fax: +31 35 671 7054, Email:

The documentary Thunder & Lightning follows 12-year-old Pien from Blaricum, the Netherlands. She leads a happy, carefree life, but only until the weather turns bad. Pien is scared to death of thunder and lightning. She refuses to go outside and doesn’t even dare to stand in front of a window. But she’s fed up of being petrified and decides she wants to learn everything there is to know about the phenomenon. She finds out how thunder works and what people used to do against it. She even finds a company that made a machine that can produce lightning. Will this machine help her face her fears?





welcome to the dutch golden age

WELKOM IN DE GOUDEN EEUW NiEK BARENDSEN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 60’, 8+ sound: Bob Kommer Studios, Jeroen Nadorp Production company: il Luster Films, Schoutenstraat 4 bis, 3512 GB Utrecht, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 30 2400 768 involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 3375, Fax: +31 35 671 3119, Email:

Leading actors: Alex Klaassen, Plien van Bennekom, Martine Sandifort, hans Kesting, Rogier in ’t hout, Laus Steenbeeke, Marcel Musters, Gijs de Lange, Paul Kooij, Ellen Pieters Camera: Robbertjan van der Does, Dennis Wielaert sound: Eric de Roode Editor: Pim Verhoef involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Fax: +31 35 677 4959, Email:

Happy-go-lucky stop-motion animation series for the youngest, in which four colourful legless characters, constructed from three or four stacked discs, get involved in simple and comical physical adventures and have to resolve basic challenges. The simple, short and dynamic stories draw from toddlers’ first encounters with their surrounding world. Using fantasy and physicality as means to both discover and learn about sports, games, form and interaction, the characters display clear emotion and offer a fresh view on life as it starts out.

Welcome to the Golden Age is an eight-part comical children’s series on the Golden Age. Conceived and played by the makers of the renowned and innovative Dutch children’s programme Klokhuis, the series presents the most important events and personalities from the Golden Age in short and even shorter sketches. Using humour and sharp wit, historical data are transformed into exciting and ironically exaggerated tableaus. History turns out to be a living thing and learning has never been this much fun.



young talent: in music


Presentation: Sipke-Jan Bousema involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Fax: +31 35 677 4959, Email:

How do you know you have a special talent? By doing what you are good at, of course. But are you prepared to set the alarm clock at six o’clock in the morning to practice before leaving for school? In Young Talent: in Music, five different Dutch children who play an instrument, rap or write their own songs are followed during the masterclasses they have the chance to follow. On top of that, they rehearse with the Metropole Orchestra for a concert to be broadcast at Christmas. In five different episodes, they are followed step-by-step in their great efforts to learn, excel and grow even better.


kids & docs

caP or kiPPah





screenwriter: Susanne Engels Camera: Susanne Engels sound: Fokke van Saane Editor: Kristian Claas Production company: zuidenwind Filmproducties, Po Box 4673, 4803 ER Breda, The Netherlands, Phone +31 76 514 08 71, info@ involved TV station: Joodse omroep, Po Box 450, 1200 AL hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 1777, Fax: +31 35 677 1780, Email:

Camera: Ezra Reverda sound: Michael Sauvage, Willem de Wijs Editor: Arthur ivens Production company: Bananaz, oosteinde 11, 1017 WT Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 7727671, Email: involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Fax: +31 35 677 4959, Email:

Cap or Kippah is a portrait of Dutch pupil Bram who lives with a big secret. He is the only Jew in the village. Having been misunderstood and abused in grammar school, he hides his identity from his classmates in high school. Bram lives in two separate worlds. A world in which he feels he has to defend being Jewish, and the Jewish community to which he belongs and where he feels at home. But when you are 14, you want to share the things you are proud of. This documentary is in fact Bram’s ‘coming out’.

Jurre is a boy like any other. And he isn’t. While he is gradually maturing, his father becomes like a child again. Jurre’s father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. While his memory deteriorates, he partly lives in a home for the demented. A men’s day out for the two of them has become virtually impossible. But strongminded Jurre still wants to try and spend a weekend at a Dutch holiday island with his dad. Delete is about a boy’s struggle to accept the inevitable, while trying to keep the relationship with his father as strong as possible.



the hideout

little mo



ASTRiD BUSSiNK, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+

SJoERD ooSTRiK, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+

Camera: Rogier Timmermans sound: Sander den Broeder, Bas Lookman Editor: Riekje ziengs involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 3375, Fax: +31 35 671 3119, Email:

Camera: Tim Kerbosch sound: Lennert hunnefeld Editor: Patrick Schonewille Production company: Baldr Film, Nieuwevaart 10, 1018 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 3032670, Email: involved TV station: VPRo, Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 336, Fax: +31 35 671 2100, Email:

They have been best friends as long as they can remember. Willem, Jurriaan, Ivan and Bas are growing up by the Dutch seaside, in a religious and conservative village. They play together, frequent the local shooting club together, laugh at tourists together and get bored together. But now, two of them are about to enter high school, an hour’s bike ride from their hometown. Leaving the village means leaving a protected and clear world for an unknown future. It also means a major change in a previously nuclear friendship.

Intimate and vibrant portrait of the short Moroccan-Dutch Mohammed, the youngest child in a household with five much older siblings, shot from his personal perspective. Mo detests authority. He wants to make up his own mind and define his own rules. He knows no boundaries and is every teacher’s nightmare. Practically being raised by his two elder and educated sisters, Mo is facing their stern expectations of his performance in school, which is lacking. Slowly, Mo shows his true colours. With high school drawing near, he has doubts about his future chances in society.


kids & docs

nadia’s tics


LAETiTiA SChooFS, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 18’, 8+

one-way ticket to Bussum


RENéE WiLNA SPAN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 16’, 8+ screenwriter: Laetitia Schoofs Camera: Jorrit Garretsen sound: Bert van den Dungen, Anneloes Pabruwee Editor: Daan Wierda Producer: Coen Soepboer Production company: KeyDocs, Van Diemenstraat 332, 1013 CR Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 4222607, Email: involved TV station: BoS, Po Box 61, 1200 AB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 1611, Fax: +31 35 677 1612, Email:

Camera: Martijn Cousijn sound: Jasnai Jansen, Dennis Kersten, Nick Pursehouse Editor: Marcel Vendrig Production company: Blackframe, Kraijenhoffstraat 34-7, 1018 RL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 3318635, Email: involved TV station: ohM, Koninginneweg 8, 1217 KX hilversum, The Netherlands, Email:

Following the divorce of her parents, 12-year-old Nadia starts suffering from anxieties and obsessive-compulsive neurosis. They increasingly influence her personal life in all sorts of ways. This short documentary follows Nadia on the threshold of entering high school and portrays her in her daily life at home. Nadia is frank and has a helpful mother and caring grandmother. Yet it remains difficult to put a finger on what precisely triggers her tics and fears and which approach may help her outgrow them. Will she succeed in overcoming her neuroses?

Rajeez (12) was adopted by his Dutch parents at the age of two. He barely remembers his country of birth, India. Although he feels rather well in his all-Caucasian home village, he increasingly feels the urge to visit India. He is afraid of forgetting or knowing too little about his roots. He is already trying to learn Hindi. But how do you broach a subject like this with your adoptive parents? A documentary about the fear of hurting those who want to give you a better life and coming to terms with your individuality and personal needs.



Play For keePs

sarah’s night




ANNE KLEiSEN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 16’, 6+

Camera: Peter Brugman, Rogier Timmermans sound: Gideon Bijlsma, Willem de Wijs Editor: Eefje Blankevoort, Sarah Domogala Production company: Prospektor, Witte de Withstraat 32-hs, 1057 Xz Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 7762173, Fax: +31 614656351, Email: involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Fax: +31 35 677 4959, Email:

Camera: Adri Schrover sound: Carla van der Meijs Editor: Denise Janzée Production company: Blackframe, Kraijenhoffstraat 34-7, 1018 RL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 3318635, Email: involved TV station: BoS, Po Box 61, 1200 AB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 1611, Fax: +31 35 677 1612, Email:

Every year round about the same time, as soon as it gets warmer, marble shooting starts again. In every schoolyard, contests bring winners and losers. In this straightforward yet ‘heated’ documentary, Sieme and Bence, two Dutch boys with very different temperaments, have to decide whether they will play for fun or for real. Who dares to take the risk of losing a beautiful marble? Because of their prettiness, marbles are precious and of personal importance. A microcosm evolves in which decisions may have serious consequences.

Being looked after by your parents or living under the care of strangers: they are as different as night and day. 11-year-old Sarah cannot sleep at night. Though apparently cheerful during the day, her waking hours cause her much despair. Because Sarah’s mother is seriously ill, the young girl grows up in a foster home. Although her foster parents are very caring, Sarah has a hard time settling in. Can she gradually come to terms with the fact that her mother simply can’t take care of her, nor she of her mother? And will she then stop worrying and start falling asleep?


kids & docs

sounds For maZin

GELUIDEN VOOR MAZIN iNGRiD KAMERLiNG, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 19’, 6+ Camera: Jefrim Rothuizen sound: Rik Meier Editor: Albert Markus Production company: hollandse helden, overleek 29, 1141 PT Monnickendam, The Netherlands, Phone: + 31 20 3317417, Email: involved TV station: Eo, Po Box 21000, 1202 BA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 647 4701, Fax: +31 35 647 4702, Email:

Smart, strong-headed and lively Sudanese-Dutch Mazin (11) is deaf. It is difficult for him to communicate with his family in sign language. Finally, after resisting pressure from his surroundings for many years, he has decided to have surgery. He wants to hear himself crack jokes on stage and the noises animals make. However, when his surgery draws near, he feels nervous. What if the operation does not have the desired result, which happened to a friend? And how will his ability to hear change life as he knows it? Will he really enjoy sound or will it make him go crazy?



dokument Junior

all oF me

Bullied: Justin



SUSAN KoENEN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+

FRANS BRoMET, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+

Camera: Reinout Steenhuizen sound: Bouwe Mulder Editor: Denise Janzée, Susan Koenen Production company: hollandse helden, overleek 29, 1141 PT Monnickendam, The Netherlands, Phone: + 31 20 3317417, Email: albert@ involved TV station: NCRV, Po Box 25000, 1202 hB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 9911, Fax: +31 35 671 9285, Email:

Camera: Frans Bromet Editor: Silvia Bromet, Jeannine Kooistra Production company: Bromet & dochters, De Noord 3, 1452 PS ilpendam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 436 3594, Fax: +31 20 436 13 65, Email: involved TV station: NCRV, Po Box 25000, 1202 hB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 9911, Fax: +31 35 671 9285, Email:

Diede has a gift. She has been clairvoyant since childhood. When she was small, this led to social isolation. Therefore, Diede decided to keep to herself what makes her special. Now that she is 16 years old, the question whether she should dare to be herself in public, regardless of what others think or understand, arises again. Without questioning or defending the existence of clairvoyance as such, director Susan Koenen addresses the universal theme of individuality versus social adjustment through Diede’s specific dilemma. At what cost can a teenager stand up for herself, and what does it take to do so?

Justin is the victim of some serious bullying at school. At his previous school, he came home with bruises every day. Once, they even tied a rope around his neck and spat at him. After changing schools, the situation did not really improve. At soccer training, he is a target as well. Justin cannot stop wondering why it is they always pick on him. Will his parents be able to help him? Dutch TV filmmaker Frans Bromet, known for his vintage dry and effectively prying way of interviewing, analyses the situation with Justin and inserts insightful fragments, shot by Justin himself.


dokument Junior

Bullied: lwiZa

dancing in style



FRANS BRoMET, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+

XANDER DE BoER, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+

Camera: Frans Bromet Editor: Silvia Bromet, Jeannine Kooistra Production company: Bromet & dochters, De Noord 3, 1452 PS ilpendam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 436 3594, Fax: +31 20 436 13 65, Email: involved TV station: NCRV, Po Box 25000, 1202 hB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 9911, Fax: +31 35 671 9285, Email:

Camera: Reinout Steenhuizen sound: ivar Trentelman Editor: Xander de Boer, Denise Janzée Producer: Albert Klein haneveld Production company: hollandse helden, overleek 29, 1141 PT Monnickendam, The Netherlands, Phone: + 31 20 3317417, Email: involved TV station: NCRV, Po Box 25000, 1202 hB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 9911, Fax: +31 35 671 9285, Email:

Lwiza is 12 years old and about to enter high school. She got bullied throughout grammar school, first because she supposedly was too fat, and then because she had pimples. She found it hard to understand why they specifically picked on her. After observing her aggressors, she came up with a theory on how you can protect yourself from becoming a target. Will this theory prove helpful in high school? Dutch TV filmmaker Frans Bromet, known for his vintage dry and effectively prying way of interviewing, analyses things with Lwiza and inserts fragments of Lwiza in action, shot by the girl herself.

Dancing in Style is a film about a boy who turns his weakness into his strength. A boy who wants to shed the past in order to face the future with a free mind. Since the age of 6, Eugène spends his spare time ballroom dancing. He lives in two worlds. The grey world of school and the heavenly universe of the ballroom. He just loves dancing and is really good at it. His age group, however, does not understand it, not when he was in grammar school, not now, in high school. Eugène decides it is time to put an end to all their bullying by giving a performance at the school party. A daring choice.



Father wanted... Jan’s mum with a Piggy nose DE MOEDER VAN JAN



ANNELiES KRUK, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 8+ Production company: hollandse helden, overleek 29, 1141 PT Monnickendam, The Netherlands, Phone: + 31 20 3317417, Email: involved TV station: NCRV, Po Box 25000, 1202 hB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 9911, Fax: +31 35 671 9285, Email:

When Jaël was small, her mother told her that if you plant a seed and nurture it, it will grow into a flower. And that Jaël is one such beautiful flower. Once she got older, her mother told her that she loves women and that two women together cannot conceive a child. Thus, in Jaël’s case, the seed was bought. Jaël has now become 13 and the period of tales about seeds and flowers has passed. She’s ready and feels the need to find out who her donor father is.

Camera: Aage hollander sound: Susanne helmer Editor: Anneloor van heemstra, Susanne helmer Production company: hollandse helden, overleek 29, 1141 PT Monnickendam, The Netherlands, Phone: + 31 20 3317417, Email: involved TV station: NCRV, Po Box 25000, 1202 hB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 9911, Fax: +31 35 671 9285, Email:

Jan lives with his father. His mother was sent to prison a year back and is serving a sentence of at least another two years. Jan dearly misses her. His grandmother is very understanding and it helps to walk Milo, his mother’s dog, but still her absence is unbearable. He visits her as often as he can. When visiting her, it is not easy to talk as openly as he would like. What if the answers to his questions would make things even more painful? Encouraged by his grandma and friends, Jan is now preparing for a candid conversation. He simply has to know how his mother is really doing.


dokument Junior

taking the Plunge

when i look in the mirror



MiChiEL BRoNGERS, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 16’, 8+


Camera: Diderik Evers sound: Gideon Bijlsma Editor: Axel Skovdal Roelofs Production company: Selfmade Films, Nieuwpoortkade 2A, 1055 RX Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 6060789, Fax: +31 20 305 8550, Email: involved TV station: NCRV, Po Box 25000, 1202 hB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 9911, Fax: +31 35 671 9285, Email:

Camera: Maasja ooms, Reinout Steenhuizen sound: hugo Dijkstal, Susanne helmer, Bouwe Mulder Editor: Maasja ooms Production company: hollandse helden, overleek 29, 1141 PT Monnickendam, The Netherlands, Phone: + 31 20 3317417, Email: involved TV station: NCRV, Po Box 25000, 1202 hB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 9911, Fax: +31 35 671 9285, Email:

Kaleigh can’t swim. And that she finds annoying. Especially because she is 10 years old and she still has to wear these terrible, childish orange life belts around her arms. She hates them! Sometimes when a friend invites her for a birthday party in the swimming pool, she would rather pretend to have a bellyache than admit she is not able to swim. How can it be that she never learned to swim? But now she is determined to take the plunge. She will swim through this big hole in the deep water and get her swimming certificate!

In 2011, a fire changed the life of rebellious 15-year-old Dilan for good. She survived two weeks in intensive care. Yet, three seconds of disaster mutilated her face to such an extent that she will never regain her old laugh. When I look in the mirror is the story of Dilan’s struggle to come to terms with the difficult notions of fate and chance, and the many difficult choices ahead: will she undergo the numerous painful operations that may slightly restore her face? Will she be able to accept that her life will never be the way it used to be and look ahead?


kids and colour retrosPective


aBsolutely aFro doBli


JohAN TiMMERS, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2005, 11’, 4+

DoRoThéE VAN DEN BERGhE, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2006, 10’, 7+

Production company: Pupkin Film, Weesperzijde 4, 1091 EA Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 489 5088, Fax: +31 20 489 5087, Email: info@ involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Fax: +31 35 677 4959, Email:

Production company: iJswater Films, Valschermkade 36-f, 1059 CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 4421760, Fax: +31 204421725, Email: films@ involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Email:

The 12-year-old adopted Hanneke is ashamed of her black afro. On the threshold of highschool, she realises she will stand out next to all the girls who look alike with their long blond ponytails. Hanneke decides to get rid of her frizzy hairdo. But everything she tries fails. Fortunately. She realizes just in time that her afro belongs to her and is something to be proud of. A fresh and light-hearted story about the longing to be part of a group and the decision to remain who you really are.

‘Aren’t you forgetting something?’ says Dobli to the maternity assistant who is about to leave the house, and offers her his newborn brother. In this charming coming-of-age short, the young boy Dobli suffers from the arrival of a new baby. His parents have no time for him anymore. If only the baby would go away again or at least be quiet for once. Dobli is not happy at all. But when he imagines his little brother has been taken away, Dobli enters a fairy tale universe in which he learns that little Sem needs him as his big brother and that fulfilling this task is rather fun to boot.


kids and colour retrosPective

donkey girl


TiES SChENK, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2006, 13’, 7+


Production company: Lemming Film, Valschermkade 36-f, 1059 CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 661 0424, Fax: +31 20 661 0979, Email: info@ involved TV station: VPRo, Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 336, Fax: +31 35 671 2100, Email:

screenwriter: hasan Coskun, Danyael Sugawara Leading actors: omar hamelynck, Leyla Cimen, Cahit olmez sound: Alex Booij Editor: Dorith Vinken Production company: The Filmers, Stadhouderskade 53-2, 1072 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 846 68 27, Email: involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Fax: +31 35 677 4959, Email:

Dreamy, pleasantly ethereal and colourful cinematic account of the tender-hearted meeting between two girls and the innocent search for happiness and harmony. Farouzi (12) is a Dutch-Arabic girl working in a fishery. She’s a dreamer. The boys she works with do not interest her. She only has feelings for her donkey Soufiane. Until one day a girl passes by on a scooter. Farouzi follows her to the beach. Set in an imaginary world, the story is a small epic about the most basic of human feelings. Winner of the Golden Cinekid Kinderkast Award 2007.

Fatih (10) lives with his gentle mother and two kind sisters, all of Turkish origin. His father died when Fatih was six. Growing up among women has never been an issue, until his uncle Ahmet urges him to become a man. Taking his uncle and his buddies as a role model, Fatih’s behaviour changes. But does it change for the better? Growing up to be a proper man is not just a matter of copying an older Turkish generation, it turns out. Fatih addresses the complex emotions and pitfalls of a young boy growing up in a fatherless home.



Free as a Bird


mina moes

MiRJAM DE WiTh, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 16’, 4+


Editor in Chief: Jan Willem Bult Production company: Rinkel Film & TV Productions BV, Rapenburgerstraat 109, 1011 VL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 616 3231, Fax: +31 20 489 3980, Email: involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 3375, Fax: +31 35 671 3119, Email:

7-year-old Roy is rather shy and doesn’t fit in with the children in the neighbourhood. When his Surinamese grandfather comes to stay with Roy and his mother, he brings along his prize-winning singing bird. Trying to be helpful Roy, by mistake, lets the bird escape. In order to find the bird before his napping jetlagged grandfather wakes up, Roy simply has to become bold and brave and have the other children collaborate in his plan. This not only brings the bird back but also wins him a rightful place in the group. On top of that, the bird can sing at the earliest contest.

Leading actors: Kiki Wartena, Meral Polat, Cagla Kuk, Asena Kuk, Manon Nieuweboer, Sien Diels, huug van Tienhoven Camera: Gerko Jonker sound: Sander den Broeder Editor: Sander Kuipers Production company: Family Affair Films, Entrepotdok 77a, 1018 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 707 1713, Fax: +31 20 4190505, Email: involved TV station: VPRo, Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 336, Fax: +31 35 671 2100, Email:

Even though her mother and teachers want her to wear the official school uniform like her classmates, 7-year-old Mina is determined to wear what she wants to wear: the mouse ears of her idol Minnie Mouse. Immensely stubborn, she does not succumb to school protocol or pleas by negotiating parents. A delightfully ironic and meticulously stylized modern fable, in which individual freedom triumphs over society’s dogma ‘why be happy if you can be normal’. Nominated for the Cinekid Kinderkast Awards, for the professional as well as the audience jury.


kids and colour retrosPective

mister Braker

monkey king



BoRiS PAVAL CoNEN ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 15’, 7+

FLoRiS-JAN VAN LUyN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2009, 17’, 4+

Production company: iJswater Films, Valschermkade 36-f, 1059 CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 4421760, Fax: +31 20 4421725, Email: films@ involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 3375, Fax: +31 35 671 3119, Email:

screenwriter: Tjyying Liu Leading actors: Lola Tee, Kamtat Liu, Tjyying Liu, Trudi Klever, Giam Kwee, Jeroen op de Beeck Editor in Chief: Babeth van Loo Production company: Family Affair Films, Entrepotdok 77a, 1018 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 707 1713, Fax: +31 20 6272589, Email: info@ involved TV station: BoS, Po Box 61, 1200 AB hilversum, The Netherlands

Short horror film - a genre rarely chosen for this age group - about 11-year-old Ramon, who has a strong fascination with mythical animals. When he and his elder brother Shariff go on a holiday camp, he starts suspecting the mysterious camp head to be a werewolf. Shariff is more interested in the beautiful Shyra than in his little brother’s fantasy world. This leaves Ramon on his own. Overcoming his fears and staying truthful to himself in more than one way, he eventually brings out the truth. In the meantime, a breathtakingly dark and suspenseful night in the forest has passed.

Fairytale-like short about young Anna and her Chinese grandfather who is reaching the end of his life. Though they understand his strength is diminishing they are not ready to part. Together with King Monkey they embark on a imaginary journey trying to find a solution for their problem. On their way they meet strange imaginary figures, rooted in Chinese culture. Introducing Chinese paper cutting as a leitmotiv, this gentle film addresses the painful issue of death through the consoling power of imagination.



monsterous toilet


Palemu’s taxi



SiMoNE VAN DUSSELDoRP ThE NEThERLANDS, 2007, 13’, 6+ Production company: iJswater Films, Kromme Mijdrechtstraat 110-4, 1079 LD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 4421760, Fax: +31 20 4421725, Email: involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Email:

Production company: Lemming Film, Valschermkade 36F, 1059 CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 661 04 24, Fax: +31 20 661 0979, Email: info@ involved TV station: VPRo, Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 336, Fax: +31 35 671 2100, Email:

A 9-year-old girl overcomes her fears in a new neighbourhood in this colourful short full of gradually building suspense. When Ester moves to a new house with her father she gets a new babysitter: eccentric Mrs. Richmond. The children in the neighbourhood warn her that the toilet of Mrs. Richmond has already eaten numerous children. And she should certainly eat nothing in her house. Mrs. Richmond turns out to have a rather and irresistible sweet tooth. Together they munch away a table of goodies and have a good time. Then the mystery of the rumbling toilet is solved as well. When Ester leaves the house alive, not only her courage but also her social position is strengthened.

Initiated as a short single play, Palemu’s Taxi grew into a lively and colourful seven- part series about the Surinamese boy Palemu, his family and friends. This is the first part. Just after Palemu’s father has bought a taxi, he breaks a leg. Together with his best friend, the 12-year-old boy decides to take over his father’s job during the summer vacation. This way, the car can be paid for and they earn the money needed to go to college after the holidays. Of course, things do not go smoothly and they end up in all kinds of unforeseen situations.


kids and colour retrosPective

PaPa’s tango


the PaPer eater


SiMoNE VAN DUSSELDoRP, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2004, 9’, 6+ screenwriter: Amarins Maantje Romkema Leading actors: Lucia Almeida-Carrion, Fidel Garcia Cortez, Saskia Temmink, hylke v van Sprundel, Ferdi Stofmeel, Julie van Jaarsveld Camera: Martijn van Broekhuizen sound: Bouk Bouwmeester Editor: herman P. Koerts Production company: iJswater Films, Valschermkade 36-f, 1059 CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 4421760, Fax: +31 20 4421725, Email: involved TV station: BoS, Po Box 61, 1200 AB hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 1611, Fax: +31 35 677 1612, Email:

Poetic short about 9-year-old Hannah, who loves to dance and adores her tango-dancing father. After the divorce from his wife, he decides to return to his motherland Argentina. Hannah is upset and angry with him. She misses him dearly. By listening to tango music, she finds a way to bridge the gap between Holland and Argentina and secure a place where she and her father are still together, and where they can dance. When a stranger turns out to be an unexpected soul mate, Hannah learns to accept the inevitable and realises physical absence does not have to mean the end of a relationship.


Production company: Pupkin Film, Weesperzijde 4, 1091 EA Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 489 5088, Fax: +31 20 489 5087, Email: info@ involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Fax: +31 35 677 4959, Email:

Light and refined surrealist story about recently adopted Fow, a boy who doesn’t speak Dutch yet and therefore cannot communicate with the children in the neighbourhood. When Fow coincidentally finds out that after eating sheets of text he can speak the words that are on them, he finds new hope. But the literal sentences from advertising folders and cookbooks do not fit into the actual situations he encounters. It is not a success, to say the least. Only when Fow brings in part of his own culture, the children start to understand him through the universal language of imagination and play.


saPney, the dream




REMy VAN hEUGTEN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2009, 10’, 7+

hANSJE QUARTEL, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2004, 17’, 6+ involved TV station: VPRo, Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 336, Fax: +31 35 671 2100, Email:

Raju, an 11-year-old Indian boy, is an avid fan of Bollywood movies. All too often, his thoughts wander off to its rich, fictional world. Although most classmates find Raju a strange boy and a dreamer, beautiful Lisa and he get along fine. When Raju learns she is planning to move to another city, he doesn’t know what to do. He searches for an answer in Indian cinema, but not until Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan comes to his rescue he has the courage to listen to his heart. Style, tone and plot development of this short love story are in line with the Bollywood genre: romance, vivid colours, song and dance and a sugary ending.

screenwriter: Gert Altena Leading actors: Sergio Phielix, Samir el Cadi, Bram zoontjes, Maurice Lakerveld, hossein Mardini, Marielle van Sauers Editor in Chief: Anna van der Staak Production company: Pupkin Film, Weesperzijde 4, 1091 EA Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 489 5088, Fax: +31 20 489 5087, Email: involved TV station: VPRo, Po Box 11, 1200 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6712 336, Fax: +31 35 671 2100, Email:

Marvin goes on school camp. He is terrified, because he still wets his bed. When his mother drops him off, he quickly hides the plastic pants she gave him and decides to keep the explanatory note to the teacher in his pocket as well, when he sees that other children with notes are ruthlessly jeered. Will he keep things dry? A story about shame, but especially about the humour and guts with which Marvin conquers his peeing problem. This sympathetic film about an awkward problem boasts a gorgeous photography and beautiful Dutch horizons.


meet & greet

25 Jaar klokhuis cartoon network 20 Jaar ThE NEThERLANDS, 0, 60’, 8+

60’, 6+

involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Fax: +31 35 677 4959, Email:

involved TV station: Cartoon Network, 16 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7RS London, United Kingdom, Phone: +442076931221, Email: lola.gamester@turner. com

Klokhuis, one of the most innovative and independent children’s programmes on Dutch television, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Known for its unique combination of education, humour and entertainment, its sketches and reportages have set a high standard from the day they started broadcasting. Presenters Bart Meijer and Nienke de la Rive Box will review the finest of Klokhuis’ history with the audience. Children can ask questions and discuss their favourite moments.

Cartoon Network is an American cable network operating worldwide and focussing on animation. It has national departments in numerous countries, including the Netherlands. Many series were created by Cartoon Network itself, such as the successful The Amazing World of Gumball, which is also showing during Cinekid. This year, Cartoon Network celebrates its 20th anniversary. Time for Cinekid to rerun some of its best shows for children and grownups alike in a special retrospective: Time for Adventure, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Test.



otto the Forester


sien van sellingen 2

PiETER VERhoEFF, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 60’, 4+

BEN KETTiNG, MyRNA VAN WiJNGAARDEN, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 60’, 4+ Leading actors: Guido Verhoef Camera: Diederick van der Eems, Stephan hagemeijer sound: ivo Voragen Editor: paul maas involved TV station: Eo, Po Box 21000, 1202 BA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 647 4701, Fax: +31 35 647 4702, Email:

Camera: Jaap Veldhoen sound: Reinout Weebers Editor: Bart van den Broek Production company: interakt, Bakkersstraat 10, 1017 CW Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Email: involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 3375, Fax: +31 35 671 3119, Email:

Special episode of the Dutch children’ s series Otto the Forester featuring ranger Otto, who knows everything about nature. In each part, Otto travels the forest and fields with a group of children in search of new things to learn about animal life. Short animation films enliven and illustrate the newly learnt material. In Otto the Forester on Safari, children help Otto with his research on animals that live far away on other continents, such as the elephant, the hyena and the flamingo. Who steals the elephants’ droppings? And what use are a hyena’s droppings? After the screening of the programme, Otto will appear on stage and give a live show with his parrot.

Meet & Greet with the actors of Sien van Sellingen II, the follow-up of the awarded first series about 6-year old autonomous farmer’s daughter Sien. Sweet, enterprising and a little naughty, Sien discovers the world surrounding her at her parents’ farm. Small mysteries are unravelled, relationships are briefly put to trial, while Sien gradually comes to recognise the thin line between fantasy and reality. As always, her elder sister, a writer in the making, introduces each adventure from an intelligent distance. Fresh and light in tone, youthful independence is celebrated with a touch of suspense and a seductive stubbornness.


meet & greet

ultimate sPiderman

BENELUX, 2012, 60’, 6+

welcome to the dutch golden age


involved TV station: Disney, Taurusavenue 9, 2132 LS, hoofddorp, Po Box 406, 2130 AK, hoofddorp, The Netherlands, Phone +31 23 7993458

Camera: Robbertjan van der Does, Dennis Wielaert sound: Eric de Roode Editor: Pim Verhoef involved TV station: NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Fax: +31 35 677 4959, Email:

First episode of a 26-part new American animated television series based on the superhero Spider-Man comics, published by Marvel Comics. Having already shown his talent for chasing villains, Peter Parker is now put on a thorough training programme in order to improve his skills and become the ultimate Spider-Man. In the process, he is challenged by other super-heroes, his mentors on the programme and a newly emerging notion of his parents’ legacy. Gradually, his personal destiny becomes clear.

Meet&Greet with the characters of Welcome to the Golden Age, the eight-part comical childrens’ series on the Golden Age. Conceived and played by the makers of the renowned and innovative Dutch children’s programme Klokhuis, the series presents the most important events and personalities from the Golden Age in short and even shorter sketches. Using humour and sharp wit, historical data are transformed into exciting and ironically exaggerated tableaus. History turns out to be a living thing and learning has never been this much fun.



the westwiJk Four



Leading actors: Floor Blommenstijn, Stefan Perrier, Fleur van der zon, Ferry Doedens, Tygo Gernandt Camera: Geert Lautenschutz sound: Just Posthumus Editor: Michiel Boesveldt, Elsbeth Kasteel Production company: Waterland Film, De Kempenaerstraat 11a, 1051 CJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 682 2164, Fax: +31 20 682 3061, Email: involved TV station: AVRo, Po Box 2, 1200 JA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 7 315, Fax: +31 35 671 7054, Email:

Brand new adventure series for children, produced by Waterland Film for broadcaster AVRO, situated at the Dutch seaside. When Chris, Jack and Tessa learn that the popular singer Bo Monti has not appeared for his sold-out concert, they smell something fishy. Together with their dog Koesja, they start searching for him. It soon becomes clear that the world backstage is dangerous and nasty. With guts and humour, they persevere and bring their adventure to a safe end. Starring young Dutch acting talents Floor Blommenstijn, Fleur van der Zon and Stefan Perrier, as well as Ferry Doedens as Bo Monti and Tygo Gernandt as Charlie.


Pre-schooler’s workshoPs




ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 60’, 4+

0, 105’, 4+

Production company: Telescreen BV, Po Box 588, 1200 AN hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 7350, Fax: +31 35 677 7360, Email: sjoerd@

Production company: il Luster Films, Schoutenstraat 4 bis, 3512 GB Utrecht, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 30 2400 768 involved TV station: KRo, Po Box 23000, 1202 EA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 3375, Fax: +31 35 671 3119, Email:

Every Cinekid day, there will be a miff y workshop (nijntje, with original artwork by Dick Bruna) where children and their parents watch episodes together of the series miffy on tour, in which miffy has adventures across the globe. Afterwards, the children can get cracking themselves. In a large TV puppet theatre, they shoot their own movie with miffy and her friends. The film is screened in a cinema immediately afterwards, so the parents can watch it too.

Workshop for the youngest visitors to Cinekid in which they can create short stop-motion films with the funny characters from the animation series The Tumblies. In this happy-go- lucky series, four colourful legless characters, composed of three or four discs, get involved in simple and comical physical adventures in which they have to resolve basic challenges. Using their fantasy and skills, children can create their own stories, which are instantly projected on the big screen. This way, the workshop provides a stage for many debutants and premières.






the medialaB 2012: (urBan) Jungle

The 1200 m2 MediaLab enhances media literacy through the creation of a unique opportunity for kids, alongside their parents, professionals and decision makers, to discover the array of new possibilities in image culture, art and media convergence in a hands-on and playful manner. This digital playground and experimental garden invites the visitor to discover, experiment, observe and be amazed.

According to people like media theorist Kevin Kelly, technology is an extension of the human body. To be more precise - it extends not our genes, but our minds. Everything that humans have thought of and produced over time - which Kelly dubs ‘the technium’ - has followed, shaped and become integrated into human evolution. This is so much so, in fact, that technology is now a part of evolution itself. From the invention of the wheel to the airplane and the computer, technological developments always have influenced the way we live. However, the speed with which these technological developments take place today is exponentially increasing, both in the public and personal environment. New tools and new applications influence us in an accelerated way at an emotional, cognitive and social level. With this year’s theme, (Urban) Jungle, the MediaLab wants to playfully refer to the accumulation of technological possibilities and subsequently give rise to the more amorphous understanding of the distinction between different media, and even between man and the machine itself. This year, more than forty workshops, games and installations from Finland,


the Netherlands, United States, France, Canada, Spain, Japan, Serbia and Germany will be exhibited through our interactive lab, creating manifold opportunities for the audience to experience, experiment, play and wonder. The Cinekid MediaLab, one of the biggest media labs for kids in the world and it is a place where the worlds of film, television and new media meet. But this is not just for kids. Grown-ups, too, will be able to smell and feel what is hot & new on the media horizon and witness how kids move and play around freely within this experimental garden.

interFace Jungle

Even for our youngest generations - the digital natives of this epoch who are raised with these new media technologies - the cascade of developments, possibilities and their implications can seem overwhelming. The MediaLab wants to offer an opportunity to young people, but also to their parents, educators, decision makers and other (media) professionals to experience how these latest technologies influence the world we

/new media

live in. It aims to function as fertile soil for imagination and creativity in three ways. Firstly, (Urban) Jungle refers to the bizarre collection of monkeys, seals, insects, giants, hybrids, and singing birds that populate the programme this year. Moreover, it is the way the audience is able to interact with these species that is most striking: the works and program offer up new relations to the natural world, in approach and conception, as suggested by new technological interfaces. The traditional keyboard is bypassed and the visitors of the MediaLab will find their own bodies becoming the new interface. For example, in Monkey Business, a project by Jan Sieber and Ralph Kistler, the audience can dance with a toy monkey just by waving their arms. With Ryota Kawakubo’s project SiliFulin, consisting of a tail made of servo motors attached to a balance sensor, they can experience what it is like to have a tail that truly responds to their hip movements. Have you ever tried becoming friends with a mechanical seal? Paro loves to cuddle and responds to light, sounds and touch, and is almost a real animal.


In addition to these enhanced forms of animalhuman interaction, the second contribution of (Urban) Jungle is the immersive experience it can provide as media jungle. In the contemporary landscape, where the borders between different media are starting to fade, transmedia or

crossmedia forms of storytelling mean that content travels from platform to platform and often the viewer/user plays an active role. A fine example of this kind of experience design is Thijs van Vuure’s Birdifyer installation. In this installation, kids are taught how to sing like a bird! A bird tutorial, audio recording tools and a huge tree sculpture with mapping video together embed the viewer in a participative, surreal and highly visual environment where they find themselves singing like a nightingale. Another example is the physical and spectacular installation Bubblescape360 by Marnix de Nijs, in which the viewer is seated in a racing chair on a motorized structure equipped with a joystick. A screen is positioned in front of the user. While he or she is controlling the speed and direction of the chair, rotating panoramic images are projected on the screen in front of him or her. Turning to the left, the user flows down into the landscape; by turning right, the user rises. When standing still, she falls down! While spinning around, the user has to try to discover and focus on a second layer of images, on top of the 360 degree landscapes, consisting of bubbles floating through space, filled with... the other users.


The third aspect of this year’s MediaLab program is the way that it strengthens the position of kids in relation to this jungle of modern possibilities, instilling them with a positive and active attitude



towards this. In the different installations described above, it is often hard to see where exactly the agency of the user stops and the technology takes over. This is because the user actively converges with interactions, media, algorithms and visualizations, which morph into one overwhelming and ubiquitous experience. Artistic experiments and their programming in the CineKid media lab can give us a better understanding of how such experiences are constructed and how they work - and therefore give us all a better grip on contemporary developments. At the same time, directly on the consumer market are a range of relatively easy-to-handle tools that are fun and useful learning tools. With the workshops in the MediaLab, we try to plug into the hands-on possibilities to show kids ways to find out how the world is being configured today. A good example of this is the MaKey MaKey workshop, hosted by Eric Rosenbaum from the MIT Media Lab in Boston. As a guest of the Cinekid MediaLab, Eric will be a speaker at the professionals’ conference and show his newly developed tool, the MaKey MaKey, with which kids can create their own personal ‘keyboard’ for strange and funny interactions with the computer. For example, they can hook up the MaKey MaKey to a bunch of bananas and turn them into piano keys, or they can draw a joystick with a pencil and connect this to their favourite game through the MaKey


MaKey. Another example of a workshop is the VibRobot workshop, in which kids can design their own moving insect robot. Here they work with different materials such as paperclips, toothbrushes, led lights, little motors etc. in order to create their own personal insect design. They can even name their creation and photograph it in the mini-studio! In this and other workshops in the MediaLab, the visitor cannot just experience ‘how the world works’ but also ‘how they can change how the world works!’

urBan Jungle

Altogether, this (Urban) Jungle, populated by numerous dancing giants, insects, breath-taking panoramas, hybrids, star fields and robots, gives a taste of the latest developments in our shared technium, through interactive play, serious gaming and cross-media production experiences. All works show an innovative and experimental approach to the different (new) media technologies of our times. The projects in the MediaLab are developed by an international crew of artists, educators and art students. Wellknown names like Kyle McDonald, Pleix, Ryota Kawakubo, Arturo Castro and Marnix de Nijs - to name a few - are showing their latest developments, as new work or adapted versions of existing pieces.

/new media

The mutual influence between man and his environment, natural as well as urban and technological, is something which is constantly under construction, today more than ever. Perhaps what is most exciting about Cinekid’s (Urban) Jungle MediaLab in 2012 is the extent to which the ‘urban’ and the ‘jungle’ converge. Urban elements include the dance battle of Giants of the Hoods, the installation StopTrain, which animates the ever-evolving city landscape, and Leap in the Deep, where kids jump from building to building, while projects referring to the natural world of insects, tails, monkeys and sandboxes, become entangled with the former in a meaningful interaction. The level of awareness surrounding this process of interaction between man and his inventions is sometimes rather virtual, sometimes playful and sometimes even disturbing, but the experiments and its effects are fascinating and tell us something about the world to come. Media technologies change the way we perceive ourselves and how we relate to the things and the people around us, and maybe these boundaries between us and the world surrounding us are not always that clear anymore. The mediated world we live in today is immersive and ubiquitous, oh so exciting, pervasive and constantly changing. It is alive! Come, play, enjoy, find out!

Paulien Dresscher Head New Media and Festival Programmer Siuli Ko Senior Producer MediaLab Kees Buning Producer Workshops Marissa Memelink Intern New Media






Kinect Star Wars




Monster Physics


Rocket Riot for iOS



Camille’s Diorama



The Explorer and the Mystery of



the Diamond Scarab 8


Leap in the Deep






Kinect Star Wars




12Physics Monster


Rocket NMA 13Riot for iOSHooroor



NMA 10

9 Birdifyer Animation Zone & Brikki de Leeuw





Papiria NMA

Camille’s Diorama





The Explorer and the Mystery of


Leap in athe DeepBLA

15 Scarab Loungehoek the Diamond NMA BLA






Animation Zone & Brikki de Leeuw





13 Studio Frankenweenie







You Were

Hooroor Studio Frankenweenie 20









The Tumblies crossmedia IP23



Who Is Afraid of Bugs?


15d DanseDance


Paro Seal




Monkey B


The Tumblies crossmedia IP


Who Is Afraid of Bugs?


15d DanseDance







teren en kun kun je je leren leren



16 17 18

ass class

StopTrain Remask



Traces Traces 24

Traces Bubblescape360 Bubblescape360


VibRobots VibRobots 26



Bubblescape360 VibRobots

2727 You Were in My Dream

Dive! Dive!





28 Giants of the Hoods Giants Giants of of the the Hoods Hoods





SoundCubes SoundCubes MaKey MaKey MaKey MaKey 31

19 ere in in MyMy Dream Dream


Presenteren kun je 25 leren 25






MaKey MaKey




hoek ek


Paro Seal


32 Pentatonick Augmented Augmented Reality Reality Puzzle Puzzle





Monkey Business


Pentatonick Pentatonick


Augmented Reality Puzzle


NMA Kinect Kinect Disneyland Disneyland Adventures AdventuresNMA 33

Kinect Disneyland Adventures NMA Just Just Dance Dance 3 3 NMA



Just Dance 3 NMA NMA Bloody Bloody Cheap CheapNMA 35 Bloody Cheap NMA

colAR colARcolAR 36 NMA New Media Award NMA NMANew New Media Media Award Award Coins

Coins Coins Buy a Ticket

Buy Buy a Ticket a Ticket

Business y Business



augmented reality PuZZle


Dutch title: Toverblokken artists: Marko Todorovic, Email:; Jana Rodic, Email: Production company: LiveViewStudio, Website:

New games emerge with new technologies. In this installation, a classic game is combined with new media technology to generate new forms of collaboration, surprise and physical exercise, transforming an old recognizable game into a new experience. At first, this puzzle with nine large blocks seems like a classic exercise in building and pattern-recognition. That is, until the children figure out how to solved it by completing one of six possible outcomes or pictures, to discover that via augmented reality, the final figure created also comes alive virtually in 3D. As one example, a real dinosaur might emerge in three dimensions, standing on the puzzle waving its tail. Other players working differently might suddenly see a robot, Lego castle or a magical tree. They can even help this tree to grow. In each instance, every newly solved game produces its


own special virtual and interactive surprise. Artistic jack-of-all-trades Marko Todorovic, founder of the LiveViewStudio collective, developed this exciting puzzle with his team. Working from Belgrade, LiveViewStudio makes different creative cross-media projects designed to promote discussion and reflection, but also playfulness. For example, their Augmented Reality Robot gave iPads to children walking through a museum. Whenever the user scanned an artwork, an element came alive on the iPad that invited the child to look at the work in a different way. The connection between analogue and digital experience is LiveViewStudio’s leitmotif. Such projects evoke new experiences that give real-world interactions virtual consequences.

/new media

Bla Bla


Director: Vincent Morisset, 3710 St-Laurent #1, Montréal, Québec, Canada h2X2V4, Phone: +1 514 497.9786, Email:,Website: www.aatoaa. com Producer: hugues Sweeney, National Film Board of Canada, Email:, Phone: +1 514.283.0733

BLA BLA is a charming interactive tale that explores the fundamental principles of human communication. The viewer makes the story possible: without him or her, the characters remain inert, waiting for the next interaction. The spectator clicks, plays and searches through the game’s simple, uncluttered scenes, driving the experience for themselves. Each of the six chapters in the story depicts a different aspect of communication: learning a language, making small talk, expressing emotions, etc. Rich in opportunities for discovery, BLA BLA illustrates these concepts through endearing yet perplexing characters. The work stands apart in its emphasis on achieving an emotional response in the viewer/user. BLA BLA offers a new vision of communication in the wider sense, exploring how our natural

behaviours and interactions with others play out in the world. ‘The relation between the user and the film is part of the message,’ The artist Vincent Morriset explains. ‘We wrote and created it based on universal stuff: the social nature of humans, our fear of the unknown, the desire for appropriation and freedom, and paradoxically the love of being taken by the hand.’ Living and working in Canada, Morisset has been exploring the narrative potential of interactive art for over twelve years. For the group Arcade Fire, he made beonlineb, widely considered to be the first interactive music video. He also directed the documentary Miroir Noir.





Postproduction & software: Brecht Debackere Contact: Marnix de Nijs, Email:, Website:,

Bubblescape360 is an impressive audio-visual installation in which the user sits on a revolving chair with an attached projection screen and is immersed in a visual landscape. The landscape is composed of a 360 degrees panoramic image the conjures the experience of falling downwards through skies, waterfalls and earth layers. This panorama is layered over by additional blue-screen filmed recordings, in which children find themselves captured in large water bubbles, floating through the air. Depending on how you operate the chair with your joystick, you can go up or down in these rotating landscapes. The trick is this: once you have found the right speed, you will proceed to a next level. This spawns a physical audio-visual experience that is visually augmented by children’s own images, generating a breath-taking journey


through a miraculous landscape. Marnix de Nijs (1970), originally a sculptor, has been a pioneer of media art since the 1990s. With installations like Spatial Sounds (200-2001) and Run Motherfucker Run (2001-2004), he defied the traditional concept of static art objects with experimental technologies and media. The starting point of Bubblescape360 is De Nijs’ previous experiential installation Beijing Accelerator (2006), a work that explicitly focussed on physical interactions between the user and image of an installation. In creating Bubblescape360, de Nijs has further developed this work especially for Cinekid. The introduction of 360 degrees video in combination with game elements enables a user experience in which cinematography and the complexity of new media images and objects meet.

/new media



Production company: The human interface Technology Laboratory New zealand, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch 8140, New zealand, Phone: +64 3 364 2349, Fax: +64 3 364 2095, Email:, Website:

The classic colouring book gets a modern update with colAR, an application developed by the Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand. This research institute of the University of Canterbury, Christchurch is dedicated to developing and refining emerging technologies such as immersive visualization, human-torobot interactions and the latest video conferencing tools, and to finding commercial applications for them. The aim of HIT Lab NZ is to expand user experiences through technological applications.

filled colouring pictures into three-dimensional pictures with characters that suddenly emerge from the paper. Their installation at Cinekid shows a normal colouring page as a pop-up image through a web camera. It captures the colours that are drawn, so that each coloured page will have a unique augmented reality scene. Using marker-less tracking, the virtual content is projected seamlessly onto the book’s pages.

As the name suggests, colAR uses the principle of augmented reality. The application translates





Director: Julien Vallée Concept: Julien Vallée, Nicolas Burrows Director of photography: Simon Duhamel interactive programmation: Jérémi Dallaire sound designer: Nicolas Burrows, René-Pierre T.-Guérin motion designer: Julien Vallée additional rotoscopy: Marie-Michele Bergeron, Pierre-olivier Nantel Contact: Julien Vallée, 6338 de Lanaudière Montréal, QC. h2G3A7, Phone: +1 819 598 2654

If you had to actually work at this infernal desk, you would have a hard time negotiating the splashing coffee, the office supplies that run amuck, the frenetic alarm clock that is useless and the clumsily moving lamp. This would make your work very hard indeed. At the same time, it is funny and strangely meaningful to watch those loopy tape rollers, the nutty pieces of chalk and the hysterical papers ‘at work’. Usually we don’t give a moment’s thought to all these ingenious office supplies that we use on a daily basis, and don’t think about our dependence upon them, or our bond with them. Instead, we just ignore them, until we suddenly need them again. Yet, by then, we have usually mislaid them.


What would it be like if all these objects spontaneously made claims on our attention? By making every separate object drop or otherwise move, filming this and making a loop, they created an interactive film that allows players to switch ‘on’ each element. The viewer can do this until the hysterical desk, screaming for attention, is completely filled. With each push of the button, you can decide which articles come alive. The result is an interactive, swinging ode to our anonymous, but ever so handy office supplies.

/new media



Concept, interaction, game design: Stephan herlaar, Phone: +31 6 11125444, Email:, Website: Programming, 3D visuals: Edwin Groothoff, Email:, Website: With support of: havenwerk Festival special thanks to: Edwin Groothoff, Rolinka van zuiden, Xuelin zhang, Eddy Vogel, Ramon Verberne, Danny van der Spek, Marcel Dolman, havenwerk Festival

As the MediaLab makes very clear, you do not have to restrict yourself to a keyboard, mouse and ten fingers today to control a computer, game or installation. New media can be controlled with the whole body, and no more so than in this work, Dive! Lie yourself out on Dive!’s huge joystick with your entire body as you fly across a vast digital landscape, like a bird. Look at how the world seems to shrink below you! Just like our winged friends, you can now experience how wonderful it is to be able to fly yourself. Dive! was developed as Stephan Herlaar’s graduation project in Design for Virtual Theatre and Games studies at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Herlaar prioritized the creative play of the

design, over and above any focus on winning. Players take place on a so-called motion base, which is another word for an oversized joystick. With this motion base, not only the hand, but also the whole body can control this virtual flight. Players see themselves glide through the sky on a large screen, hovering above a virtual 3D landscape. But, it is not all easy fun being a bird either - the joystick is equipped with a NintendoWii, enabling players to individually navigate through the air and make sure you don’t crash.



giants oF the hoods


Dutch title: Reuze Reuzen artist, producer: Markku Nousiainen, Savilankatu 3 b 31b, 00250 helsinki, Finland, Email:, Phone: +358 40 5005276 artist: Sini haapalinna, Relanderinaukio 4 d 42, 00570 helsinki, Finland, Phone: +358 400 785 031, Email: artist: Aku Meriläinen, Pekankatu 3 b 2, 96200 Rovaniemi, Phone: +358 45 650086, Email:

Is there still something like couleur locale, now that our culture is globalized and homogenized by digital media? Can people still leave their mark on an ever more privatised media and urban environment? With these questions in mind, a group of Finnish artists designed this mobile, interactive media set-up. The installation toured along cities and suburbs, enabling local populations to experiment with their individual and common identity. The resulting mobile street event, partly inspired by guerrilla art, celebrated people’s participate in a sparkling alternative dance battle across locations that otherwise didn’t offer much in the way of cultural entertainment. Giants of the Hood allows participants to design their


own virtual cut-out characters and to subsequently follow their virtual dancer’s movements on a projection screen. The idea behind this swinging installation is not only artistic, but also educational and even therapeutic. It creates playful local connections between residents from different cultures and age groups through collaboration and reflection on individual and shared identities. Adapted specially for Cinekid, Giants of the Hoods caters perfectly to our audience and local festival atmosphere. Visitors can fit out their own virtual giant avatar, select various props, add speech bubbles and a background and then start the dance battle with friends or parents. Dancing together is another option, of course.

/new media



Director, producer: PLEiX, Website: Co-production: La Gaité Lyrique

A cow with huge human ears? A rodent with extraterrestrial eyes? A cat hiding behind a mask that seems to belong to a spaceman? These are only some examples of the bizarre animals the user is confronted with in this installation. The inspiration behind this virtual mix of fantastic fauna in the installation, Hybrid, is the fact that animals often suffer severely as a result of human’s presence. Whether through direct threats to their life or indirect threats to their habitat, they are powerless and can barely defend themselves against their worst enemy. But what if all these weak, exploited and murdered animals one day would take revenge? The closer you get to this weird group of hybrids, the faster they change appearance.

Pleix is the umbrella name for a French collective of artists, graphic designers, 3D artists and musicians based in Paris. Since 2001, they have made installations, artistic films and commercials. The group never releases work in the name of an individual; instead, the philosophy behind Pleix is that all members complement each other - both technically and creatively. They draw inspiration from contemporary society, which to them consists of a world of contradictions. Although their work often contains a message, it’s also fine if children are just surprised by Hybrid; they can determine for themselves what they see in it - or think they see.





Concept, realisation: Monobanda, Website: Neude 5, 3512AD Utrecht, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 6 43833085, Email: info [@] software: Cannibal Game Studios With support of: Gamefonds

The sandbox game is a relatively new game genre. It distinguishes itself by its open world, which gives players great freedom of movement, but also figuratively, because narration is not imperative to the experience. In a sandbox game, the rules are not fixed: it is up to the player(s) to create them. The Dutch independent game studio Monobanda, run by five young artists, gives the genre a surprising twist by crossbreeding it with a physical sandbox. Mimicry initiates playful connections between people in both virtual and physical worlds. One world is controlled by buttons on a gamepad, the other by making mountains of sand. Players build the game world with real sand and explore it with a virtual character. The


brightly coloured, virtual landscape is in turn projected onto the sand in the sandbox. Mimicry is a game, but it is also a social experiment; the title refers to the copycat behaviour children display when playing together. Mimicry the project is also a nice meeting of minds: that of artists and that of gamers. A writer for American technology blog Wired praised the game for having ‘some quite interesting “Alicewonderland” and “matter-control” things going on. Projection mapping with a haptic element. I’ve seen the sandbox thing done before, but not with the handheld screen view of interactive elements in that “world”.’

/new media

monkey Business


Production company: Sieber | Kistler | hempel, zöllnerstraße 4, 99423 Weimar, Germany, Phone: +49 3643251330, Email, Website:,,

This game is not just a jumping jack in the form of a cuddly monkey. The monkey can also independently mimic your moves, by means of ingeniously hidden mechanics and a sensor camera that registers, identifies and duplicates your movements. After the player has activated the monkey with a greeting, this extraordinary cuddly toy raises its arms when it sees the other do so. Try dancing! Notice that all the monkey’s limbs and its head can move in imitation. But it can do more: as soon as you put it to work, it subtly suggests its own moves in return. These are positions and movements that are quite common to monkeys, but for humans some taxing acrobatic feats are required. The feedback process evokes the question of who is giving dance instructions to whom. Indeed, who is really pulling the ropes here?

The German artists created this installation using simple hardware that everyone can buy in a store, combined with freely available software and a monkey they picked up on eBay for only one Euro. But the thought underlying their project is worth mentioning, too: the monkey conducts its human counterpart, but the human dance partner only realizes this fact after a while. The process is a bit like everyday life, where people are unconsciously being influenced by timetables, machines and computers. In a playful way, the monkey points to some of the subtle problems and possibilities, necessities and absurdities involved in our now naturalized interactions between humans and machines. Monkey Business received the New Face Award at the Japan Media Festival 2011.



Paro seal


Dutch title: Paro de zeehond Production company: National institute for Advanced industrial Science and Technology, Website:,,

Children often consider a special cuddly toy animal as their best, truly ‘living’ friend. An unfeasible fantasy? Not anymore. This children’s fantasy is a reality since Japanese AIST (Advanced Industrial Design and Technology) developed a cuddly white baby seal called Paro. Paro is both a ‘living’ friend and an ingenious piece of technology. The snuggly baby seal is so advanced that it can react to users via its sensors and receive information through touch, light, sound and temperature. Paro can feel when it is touched, it can learn what its name is and respond to a welcoming friend. In other words, it can learn things. When Paro’s behaviour is rewarded with a stroke, it will repeat that type of behaviour. Alternatively Paro won’t repeat behaviours if you hit it. In addition to this capacity to learn, Paro can move and


make sounds that resemble those of a real baby seal. Since its launch, Paro is such a hit that it is now used as a therapeutic tool to conquer loneliness. Many patients in nursing homes already fondly cherish Paro as their ‘pet.’ In addition to reducing stress and loneliness, according to AIST, Paro also strengthens interactions between patients and attendants. Aside from all this of course, the cuddly robot is a lot of fun for children. Kids not only find a new mate in Paro but can now experience how a digital animal like themselves - can learn or unlearn things.

/new media



Contact: Avans hogeschool, Communication & Multimedia Design Breda (CMD Breda), Lovensdijkstraat 63, 4818 AJ Breda, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 76 525 05 00, Website:; Tim Wortman, Email:, Phone: +31 6 50 62 74 10

Couches are for sitting on, right? But what would it be like if this plain piece of furniture created music in response to you sitting down on them? Would this change how you relate to the idea of ‘sitting’, ‘lying down’ or ‘slouching’ as well? With this interactive installation, children are playfully invited to conjure up tones, sounds and melodies from what looks like an everyday couch. Here though, sitting still or being a couch potato is really out of the question. This special piece of furniture has been developed by students from the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda’s department of Communication and Multimedia Design. Inside this couch, there are sensors - behind

cushions and in the backs of the chair and the armrests, which measure the pressure that is applied to them when touched. This pressure triggers a musical note. Every spot on the couch and every contact gesture, elicits a new note or sound. If you press as many spots as possible at the same time, you can create an absolute cacophony of sounds. The question is: is this a couch or is it now a musical instrument? Which instrument does this musical couch resemble most? Would you ever be able to sit still at home if you had this extraordinary piece of furniture in your living room? Try it out!





artists: Arturo Castro, Email:, Website:; Kyle Mcdonald, Email:, Website:

What would it be like if someone’s face turned into a mask that others could just play with? What if you could merge one person’s facial form - the position of their eyes, mouth and teeth, - with the expressions of a whole other user? What is left of somebody then? In this special mirror, one doesn’t see the world simply backwards, but exchanged. The user gets their counterpart’s face merged in to their own, and vice versa, or they could even get the face of the next passer-by. Every mask elicits different facial expressions in this strange and hilarious interactive experience. Remask is by the developers Arturo Castro and Kyle McDonald, who previously realised the game Faces. Both are part of their larger artistic research project exploring the exchanging and changing of faces. In Faces, people mainly experimented with


the faces of celebrities and historical figures: they assumed the celebrity’s features, but retained their own expressions and movements. They could laugh inside the face of Paris Hilton, or sing with the features of Michael Jackson. Since that first project, Kyle McDonald collaborated together with Daito Manabe and Zach Lieberman to realize Face++, an installation based on similar face tracking technology which enabled the user to trigger small animations like ribbons coming out of one’s mouth or little coloured balls rolling over the forehead. Remask is the next project in this ongoing research. Utilizing advanced face tracking software and other techniques, this latest interactive installation in the series produces an astonishing experience that virtually shakes up identities. And by the way, how does one deal with someone else’s identity?

/new media


RyoTA KAWAKUBo, JAPAN, 2012, 4+, RoBoT TAiL

artist: Ryota Kuwakubo Textile work: Takayo ootsu Contact:

A long time ago, our human ancestors had tails. Through the course of the evolution, we developed a way of life in which we had no use for it anymore. For all sorts of animals, however, their tails are still essential. They use their tails to keep their balance, keep themselves warm or communicate. But what did our ancestors do with their tails? What must it have felt like to have this extra appendage? The SiliFulin (Sili’ means hip in Japanese and ‘fulin’ swing) by the Japanese artist Ryoto Kuwakubo allows us to imagine the possibilities. By attaching the tail, consisting of connected servo motors, to the lower back of a human user with a belt, the balance sensor in the root of the tail enables it to move to the wearer’s rhythm. The more someone grows used to the tail, the

better they can ‘cooperate’ with it. With a little practice, the wearer can make their tail wag, wave and even stand up in a fury. Whereas robot developers are typically inspired by the way people behave and move now, this invention takes a very different approach by looking into the deep and distant past. Would people communicate or move differently if they (still) had a tail? SiliFulin also corresponds with recent online trends in virtual worlds, in which role players are providing their avatars with animal characteristics like tails, ears or fur covers. Last year, the MediaLab showed Necomimi, interactive cat’s ears designed by Japanese artist Ryota Kuwakubo which responded to brain wave activity. SiliFulin is another example of a similar mechanism, by which an online trend is translated to the real world.






Contact: Avans hogeschool, Communication & Multimedia Design Breda (CMD Breda), Lovensdijkstraat 63, 4818 AJ Breda, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 76 525 05 00, Website: Contact students: Roel van Vugt, Phone: +31 6 24941755, Email:

Most synthesizers are easy to play; with one push of the button, for example, an automatic drum kit releases a pre-programmed noise. But this version of this popular instrument made by students at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda’s department of Communication and Multimedia Design, is a lot more physical and open. By placing cubes on a revolving disc, players can generate different sounds. This synthesizer includes five cubes, each one uniquely programmed with different melodies, rhythms and pitch options. A green cube, for instance, will have a different tone type compared to its yellow colleague. In total, SoundCubes consists of fifteen cubes, so the


combinations are infinite. The ‘musicians’ are you - the user. While the cubes are read at a fixed point, anyone at anytime can place cubes at different places on the turntable. Therefore a diverse range of sounds can be produced in all variety of combinations. New compositions are made with every new ‘game’. Furthermore, collaboration is a must if you want to achieve the most interesting compositions. As you will discover, you might want to puzzle over the possibilities for a while, together, to see how to keep things on the same beat, otherwise an infernal din breaks out. Which has its charm, too!

/new media



Production company: Collective Lab212 – Creative Collective, 12 rue Francisco Ferrer 94200, ivry sur Seine, France, Email:

Swings don’t usually send you this far in to space – but literally, this one does! With this interactive installation, users can experience their own moving solar system of stars, simply by swinging on a Kinect-driven swing. Depending on the swinger’s movements, different stars appear and fall, shoot into or disappear from their field of vision. Using special software, 3D glasses and video projection, users float through this self-created universe, which feels very much like space, owing to the three-dimensional experience.

experimental projects. Their work has previously been exhibited in Japan, Mexico, Russia, Colombia and China.

Starfield was developed by Lab212, a tight-knit collective of Parisian artists who constantly incorporate new ideas into innovative and





Production company: Nexus interactive Arts artist: James Alliban, Email, Website: sound design: David Kamp, Email: Commissioner: The Public, Phone: +44 1215337161 Email: Contact: Nexus interactive Arts, Beccy McCray, 113-114 Shoreditch high Street E1 6JN London, United Kingdom, Website:

The interactive installation Traces encourages users to compose and perform visual fireworks simply by moving. In the process, Alliban explores alternative ways for our body to communicate. Two Kinect cameras and customized software capture the movements and forms of players in a dimmed room, who subsequently see themselves imaged in explosive light, colour and motion in an abstract mirror: the projection screen. Using infrared light, the data detected by the cameras can accurately register users’ movements, gestures and forms in 3D. Whenever the user moves, the software analyses the speed and direction of each body part. The result in the ‘mirror’ looks like flashing fireworks


of photons and ribbons of light around the user’s silhouette. Additionally, a special soundscape was developed as part of the work that also reacts to users’ movements and positions. The wilder you jump and wave, the more intense the sound will be. Traces is not only a technical tour de force, but also a playful, abstract experience of interactive self-portraiture.

/new media

the tumBlies crossmedia iP


Production company: il Luster Productions Co-production KRo youth supported by: Dutch Cultural Media Fund Design: Job, Joris & Marieke, Ramon Verberne Format, script: Arnoud Rijken, Michiel Snijders, Ramon Verberne Director: Patrick Raats animation: NMTrix Animation Studios sound: Bob Kommer Studios music: happy Camper app games and online: iJsfontein interactive Media Prototype Tumblie game: Control Magazine Gamejam Team Contact: il Luster Productions, Website:, Phone: +31 0 30 240 0768, Email: Worldwide sales: Living Colour Entertainment, Website:, Phone: +31 20 303 1110, Email:

Premiering at Cinekid, the Tumblies are creatures that star in a new Dutch public television series for pre-schoolers. Each creature is made up of several parts that can break apart and be put together again - not necessarily in their original order. Although computer-animated, the series has a distinctive stop-motion feel and provides amusing playful scenes with mini-adventures. The concept of The Tumblies was cross-media from its inception and is accordingly being presented across several locations at the festival. It is one of the presentations during the professionals conference; it premieres at the television department; it can be found as a case study during the expert meeting; and is also part of the MediaLab as a standalone interactive game. The Tumblies game is a co-production of il Luster

and independent game studio Monobanda (both located in Utrecht), who also developed Mimicry, which appears elsewhere in the MediaLab. The game was first developed as part of a game jam at this year’s Holland Animation Film Festival, in which a team of whiz kids took just two days to translate The Tumblies into a game that reflected The Tumblies’ values. The kids benefited from the direct input by other makers and devisers and were able to make use of the 3D computer models already created for the television series. The game captures the essence of The Tumblies: the focus is on discovery and playing for playing’s sake, not for high scores or preset goals. The assembly and (spontaneous) de-assembly of the figures constitutes the core of the game experience.



who is aFraid oF Bugs?


Dutch title: Wie is er bang voor beestjes? Producer, contact: helen Papagianis, Email:, Website:

The rise of the electronic book is a topic currently attracting a lot of attention. New media tools create new kinds of medium-specific possibilities for reading and learning, and invite users to become even more interactive. Who is Afraid of Bugs? is an example of such an eBook taking advantage of a very specific functionality: augmented reality (AR). In this digital pop-up book, spiders and other crawling arthropods come virtually to life in animations that crawl all over the reader’s skin! Users only need to capture static images from the pop-up book with an iPad or iPhone 4 and watch them turn into living animations in the real world. Now you can now safely test what it would


be like to have a bird spider crawl over your hands! This is just one application of this entertaining, educational installation safely connecting children and creatures’ worlds. You can also delve differently into the book by clicking on the educational texts, facts and pictures to find out more about individual insects, spiders and bugs. With this project, Helen Papagiannis, a Canadian designer and scientific researcher specialised in augmented reality, has developed a new way of reading ‘books.’ Creating layers of experience and bug creations that literally react to the user, this book is a bridge between digital and physical play. It may even help people to overcome their fears.

/new media

you were in my dream


artists: isobel Knowles & Van Sowerwine Programmer: Tarwin Stroh-Spijer Carpentry: Duncan Jack sound design: James Cecil Commissioner: An Experimenta Commission Contact:, Level 8, Room 15, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Email:

In dreams, you often discover the strangest places and experience the most bizarre adventures. This installation offers users the ultimate chance to consciously experience this sensation from the perspective of another’s body, and in an imaginative, surprising and adventurous setting. Users engage with the work by recording and projecting live-feed images of their faces into that a stop-motion character. This creates an adventurous sort of out-of-body experience. They discover themselves in a heavenly jungle that, in look and feel, strongly resembles an old-fashioned fairy tale. Using a mouse, they navigate the forest, and take some - but not all - control over the course of the story; this tension is just like in a real dream. The forest and characters of the installation have been

gorgeously designed with pieces of cardboard and move as if in animated films. Here however, the user has the leading role and their facial expressions give away at least part of the experience of the dream. The Australian artists Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine have been collaborating since 1999, making films and installations in stop motion. They are inspired by children’s book illustrations, vintage toys and remarkable animals. The playful duo are noted for the sophistication of their work. You Were in my Dream has screened at the Cannes and Sundance film festivals. Their most recent work, It’s a Jungle in Here, based on the same technology as You Were in My Dream, just won the Prix Ars Electronica, 2012.



new media award

For the sixth year running, the Cinekid Festival hosts its own New Media Award. The entries include independent games and interactive (art) installations, experimental games and commercial successes. The New Media Award jury this year will make their selections from 82 titles, all submitted by the makers themselves. We especially encouraged entries that invite interaction and exploration, that stimulate creativity or have a playful approach to a theme. Twelve nominees from these 82 were selected for the shortlist of the New Media Award, entailing a €7,500 cash prize. These twelve entries can also be played during the festival in the MediaLab.

New media is far from new anymore and games are increasingly interwoven with the world around us. While gaming, we learn how to touch-type, calculate or spell in Dutch, or we experience social themes like exploitation in the clothing industry and environmental pollution. Increasingly, games are being coupled with other media to strengthen the success of a larger experience. Think for example of a game at an attraction park like De Efteling or Disney World, a community or web game parallel to a TV series like Hola Lola or SpangaS, or of how, in this year’s festival, you can use your box of chocolate confetti as racing handlebars to play a computer game via the augmented reality code. But does this mean that new media bring innovation? Year after year, the jury finds that new platforms like the Kinect do not necessarily lead to innovative games. A few things struck the eye while judging this year’s games: firstly, the recurring ‘save-the-world’ theme of many games,


and secondly, the fact that games still restrict player’s freedom in configuring his or her experience. The idea of a world doomed to vanish without our intervention appeals to many game makers. Whether it was by cleaning up waste, touchtyping letters, making music or defeating a very mean boss, the jury preserved many a universe from ruin. This is an easy way to connect with players, but it can also make gameplay feel stale and obligatory in many instances. The limited freedom of play that many games have was also an issue. Often it is only by very precisely clicking through the exact script the game maker devised, that you can finish a game. This problem is common and has already broached by Will Wright, the designer of Simcity and The Sims. He calls the player’s degree of active involvement ‘possibility space:’ ‘the scope of actions or reactions a player can undertake. Most videogames give players a narrow possibility space: do you want to kill the bad guys with

/new media

bullets or grenades’ (Wired, August 2012, pp. 67-68). This seriously distinguishes ‘gaming’ from the freer ‘playing’. This happens even while gaming can now be pursued at many more places and moments of the day, using a wide range of devices. A game on a smartphone is still limited, with a few exceptions, to shooting/turning/ clicking/diving at the right time. And when it comes to freedom, it is sometimes tough if you have got nothing in your hands, like with the Kinect, because it curbs the experience of, for example, Star Wars Jedi training with your light sabre, instead of enriching it.

With the twelve nominations, we think we have managed to do this.

But there is hope, too. The jury was surprised this year to discover a game in which you can design your own toys on a website and have them produced with the help of 3D printers. Another submission involved an impressive experiment with incorporating the player’s brain activity into the game; by measuring concentration with a headset, certain sections of the playing field could be influenced. These are exciting developments recognised by the jury, but which were not quite in a phase to put them on the shortlist of twelve.

Nathalie Korsman Jury chairwoman New Media Award 2012

The jury annually looks for those entries that amplify the current range of media available to children in such a way that they stand out from the rest. We are not only searching for quality, but also for innovation and for with breaks with convention that happen in an original way.


new media award Jury selection



NEThERLANDS, 2012, 12-18 yEARS, PLAySTATioN 3 / XBoX 360 Production company: Ronimo Games, Neude 5, 3512 AD Utrecht,The Netherlands, Email:, Phone/Fax: +31 30 231 4888 audio development: Sonic Picnic, Robin Schaefer, hooghiemstraplein 119, 3514 Az Utrecht, The Netherlands, Email:, Publisher: DTP Entertainment AG, Sören Laß, Goldbekplatz 3-5, 22303 hamburg, Germany, Email:, Phone/Fax: +49 40 669910 0

Awesomenauts is an inventive cross between a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and an old-fashioned 2D game. It successfully tackles one of the weaknesses of the online multi-player genre. Specifically, if there aren’t any friends or other human buddies online, the computer seamlessly takes control of their characters – even if other players leave unannounced in the middle of a fight. From the opposite view, another advantage of its design is that you can jump in to the game in mid-action. In the game levels, two teams of three characters try to conquer each other’s base. This offers some frantic action, but users also have freedom to capture the goal by means of different strategies. The design, inspired by Saturday morning cartoons from the 1990s, is precisely what the title says: awesome.





Concept, realisation: Thijs van Vuure Development, technical support: Rnul interactive, Rob Donkers Design mediaLab: Kjell van Norel

Philosopher-biologist Thijs van Vuure has been fascinated by birds since childhood and intrigued by the question of what it is like to be a bird. The entirely original and humorous installation that he has created in the form of a colossal bird tree should provide some answers. However it also raises further questions in the way that it defies classification. In the installation, children and adults can mimic a series of bird calls played to them in slow-motion. These processed sounds correspond with the different perception of time that birds have. The mimicked slow-motion soundtrack is eventually translated back into a bird’s tempo, and broadcast into the treetops. The result is slightly absurd, and nicely bridges the gap between the worlds of humans and animals - participants both whistle and smile.

/new media

Bloody cheaP

camille’s diorama






(CoMMiSSioNER), ThE NEThERLANDS, 2011, 8-12 yEARS,

Production company: iJsfontein interactive Media Concept, creation: Judith van de Graaf, Anko Elzes, Evert hoogendoorn Technics: Simon Groenewolt, Ruud op den Kelder Project management: Lottie Samuels Producer & publishers NTr: Anneke Dorsman, Jans Budding Contact: iJsfontein interactive Media, haarlemmerweg 4-6, 1014 BE Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 33 00 111, Email:, Website: Contact NTr: Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333 Fax: + 31 35 677 4959, Email:, Website:

Concept, realisation: Mijn naam is haas Commissioned by: Van Gogh Museum illustrations: Chuck Groenink animation: Leo de Wijs sound: AudioRally Sounddesign Contact: Mijn naam is haas, Phone: +31 20 737 11 16, Website:; Van Gogh Museum, Phone +31 20 570 52 00, Website:

This browser game is an interesting transmedia project developed in parallel to the NTR series De Slavernij Junior. This serious subject lends itself to a serious game, which subtly introduces children to the dilemmas of working conditions and the cost of ‘clean’ clothing in Third World countries. In the game, Sergio or Lisa only has one hundred virtual Euros to buy clothing. Is that enough to buy a new T-shirt, a hip pair of jeans and neat shoes? The price tag reflects the choices made. The game does not pass moral judgement, but teaches users to understand priorities. This makes the complexity of the issue stick.

Many games put the emphasis on action, with running, jumping and shooting as key features of gameplay. Camille’s Diorama has a more serious subject: the oeuvre of 19th century painter Vincent van Gogh. This game subtly and playfully (re) introduces users to cultural heritage by allowing them to combine various elements from Van Gogh’s paintings into a completely new artwork: a virtual diorama. Through this process of selective remediation, the experience demands that gamers consider the artist’s famous paintings in new ways. A special detail is the ability of the user to move the diorama for a different perspective. The result is exhibited in the digital exposition, but each diorama can also be forwarded by email. Winner Silver European Design Award 2012.


new media award Jury selection

the exPlorer and the mystery oF the diamond scaraB








Production company, producer, publisher: MAD Multimedia, Bas van haren Production company: Little Chicken Game Company, Joris van Laar Contact: Little Chicken Game Company, Weteringschans 86, 1017 XS Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 6202970, Fax: +31 20 624 7183, Email: Michiel@; MAD Multimedia, oosterstraat 31a, 9711 NP Groningen, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 50 311 0306, Email:

Production company: Stolen Couch Games Co-development: Arthur Koopmans, Bjorn Spies, Casper van Beuzekom, Daan Boon, Eric Diepeveen, Selma oors original design: Jay van hutten music: Bart Delissen sound effects: hessel van hoorn Contact: Stolen Couch Games, Neude 5, 3512 AD Utrecht, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 6 26960688, Email: info@

This is the first game developed by and for blind, visually handicapped and also able-sighted gamers to improve the players’ motor system. While highly original, it is also executed very solidly. In the game players can help a young archaeologist reach the exit of a sunken Egyptian temple. The most striking aspect of this Wii game its exploration of an entirely different kind of gameplay. It is operated not by a controller, but by adjusting the body’s balance and listening carefully to aural cues. Navigating the dark, sound is the guiding element: a gust of wind betrays the presence of a corridor, for example, while snoring is a tell-tale sign of a temple guard. Winner of the Oogfonds Innovatieprijs 2011.

Games today tend to aim at being increasingly advanced and polished. Ichi deliberately chooses a radically different approach to design: this 2D platform game distinguishes itself by its coarse, almost analogue layout. The interface is equally reduced - you can play the game with only one button (or a tap on the screen). The gameplay involves guiding a pencil line through an ever more complex labyrinth. While it is a simple concept, and so simply designed, it is also quite difficult, as it appeals to problem-solving skills and swift hand-eye co-ordination. A simple level editor can also turn the gamer into a creator: the self-designed levels can be swapped with other users, and vice versa. Ichi was pronounced Editors’ Choice in the iTunes app store.


/new media

Just dance 3

UBiSoFT, CANADA, 2011, 4+, Wii

kinect disneyland adventures

FRoNTiER STUDioS, MiCRoSoFT STUDioS, USA, 2011, 7-14 yEARS, KiNECT FoR XBoX 360

Production company, publisher: Ubisoft, Rijnzathe 7, 3454 PV De Meern, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 30 662 9110, +31 6 2785 6928, Email: info@ubisoft. com, Website:

Developer: Frontier Studios Publisher: Microsoft Studios The Netherlands Communication coordinator: Monika Popieluch, Evert van de Beekstraat 354, 1118 Cz Schiphol, The Netherlands, Email:, Phone: +31 20 5002531

Video games often play the role of scapegoats in debates around the global rise in child obesity. Traditional outdoor playing is indeed increasingly under pressure from living-room and couch-based gaming. Just Dance 3 is a highly successful example of a physical game that invites players to move physically and which can be used indoors. The game also distinguishes itself from more traditional sports in that it doesn’t punish users for bad performances. High scores or rules are relatively unimportant; instead it encourages everybody - including spectators - to participate. Four people at a time can sweat on the dance floor, while for those not holding a controller, the songs - ranging from modern hits to timeless classics - are irresistible for young and old.

The appeal and familiarity of Disney’s amusement parks are highly amenable to virtual conversions. With Kinect Disneyland Adventures, the amusement park experience is no longer limited to a family outing in Paris or the USA. The game version does justice to Disneyland’s different worlds and may be more accessible than its physical counterpart, because you don’t have to stand in line at the attractions. Instead, the Kinect camera directly projects players into the game world: solo, or two at a time. Besides employing a number of tested game strategies in the form of mini-games, KDA also invites users to just to explore the world and enjoy the freedom to interact with famous and beloved characters like Snowwhite and Mickey Mouse.


new media award Jury selection

kinect star wars monster Physics




Developer: Terminal Reality Publisher: LucasArts, Microsoft Studios The Netherlands Communication coordinator: Monika Popieluch, Evert van de Beekstraat 354, 1118 Cz Schiphol, The Netherlands, Email: i-monipo@microsoft. com, Phone: +31 20 5002531

Producer: Dan Russell-Pinson, 2000 Dilworth Road East, 28203 Charlotte, United States, Website:

One of the first, most successful, and most popular franchises to expand an original silver-screen experience into a comprehensive multimedia empire of merchandise, TV series and computer games was Star Wars. Kinect Star Wars is another strong example of a successful media convergence, fusing the worlds of film and game, and making players one of the leading actors in this ongoing sci-fi adventure. The motley collection of minigames clearly caters to casual and part-time gamers. Waving, walking and jumping, users find themselves in light sabre fights and Pod races. Apart from offering some thrilling adventure, it also includes a dance game in which Han Solo and Princess Leia can become virtual dance partners.

The ‘physics game’ genre has produced a number of mega-popular hits (Angry Birds, anyone?) and also countless clones. The highly original Monster Physics brings humour to the genre, but also clearly has an educational element. Players can choose from almost seventy components and build their own vehicle: from a car to a cannon, from a tow truck to a rocket. Next, they only need put a monster behind the wheel to really set the vehicle in motion. Over the course of various assignments, principles of physics such as friction, gravity and magnetism are introduced into the game. Monster Physics offers a contagious combination of gaming and playing and boasts challenging levels that can be solved in various ways.


/new media



Commissioner: Kinderboekenmuseum, Website: Concept, project and design management: Grob Enzo, Annelie Grob, Website: Concept, project and design management, interior and graphical design: Platvorm, Taco de Bie Concept, interactive design, graphical design, interface and programming design, gaming and storytelling: Kiss the Frog, Remco Molenaar, Website: audio-visual and gaming hardware, system design, lighting: Rapenburg Plaza, Rutger van Dijk, Website: Lighting design: Joost de Beij, Website: Exhibition construction: Kloosterboer Décor, Website: Narration design: iN10, Bart Baeckeland, Website:

After the era in which museums reluctantly added new media to their usual collection, a period now commences in which new forms of digital art and narration are being whole-heartedly embraced. Papiria is an example of the next level of interactivity in a museum environment. Communicating an old medium - the children’s book - through a new, surprising and interactive context, it is suitable for very divergent museum visitors. Using a bracelet with RFID chip, visitors experience a multimedia adventure that provides insight into the writer’s and draughtsman’s trade. Afterwards, participants receive a unique code to continue their operation to rescue the Papiria world online at home, by making their own new stories, cartoons or raps. Winner of the Gouden Reiger 2012.

rocket riot For ios


Project management: Peter de Jong, Kieren Smith (Chillingo) Lead programmers: Maurice Sibrandi, David Goemans game design: Joost Peters game art: Tom Rutjens, Eelco van den Berg, Luuk Bode Programmers: Juul Joosten, Fabian Schouw, Emiel Bransen, Mark Derks, harald Maassen music & sound design: Tuur hendrikx (Sonic Picnic) original concept: Sander van der Vegte (Coin-op) Contact: Codeglue, Schiekade 189-6A, 3013 BR, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Website:

Shooter games are available in all shapes and sizes, but the colourful and humorous Rocket Riot takes up a special place within this popular genre. The 2.5D platform game made its debut in 2009 as a download game on the Xbox 360, clinching the Dutch Game Award for Best Visual Design that year, and successfully migrating to the iPhone and iPad. The controls are smooth and intuitive, but its retro design is the real eye-catcher. Through one alienating level after another, it turns out that not only are bizarre opponents not immune to the player’s gunfire; the game environment itself bursts into a chaotic shower of pixels, only to regenerate after a while.



animation Zone


Production company: Cinekid Foundation, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21, 1017 RP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 531 78 90, Fax +31 20 531 78 99, Email:, Website: Concept: MiEG, Michael van Eeden, Roomolenstraat 1, 1015 AN Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 878 707 828, Email:, Website:

Joining forces with well-known animators, children create a stop-motion animation film. Together, they devise a story and collect all the required elements. Or they make the components themselves. Next, it is time to start shooting. In stop-motion, numerous pictures succeed each other that differ marginally. This obviously requires enough space to make all these pictures as a group. This is why the children work with a camera hanging above a large work area. The fun part of this is they can also animate in the air. The filmmakers teach the children the tricks of the trade. And the collaboration between children and professionals guarantees creative productions and surprisingly charming films.


Artist Theo van Delft will come and animate with vegetables. Other participants include Ineke Goes (Sesamstraat) and the famous picture book maker Wouter van Reek (Keepvogel), as well as some makers of short films from the Cinekid programme: Daniel Dugour of the ultra-short and funny Granny Lane and Marsha Onderstijn of the heartrending The Life of Death.

/new media

Brikki de leeuw


Concept, production: Mountview, ingmar de Lange, Kattenburgergracht 23, 1018 KN Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 771 36 56, Email: ingmar@ Production company: Cinekid Foundation, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21, 1017 RP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 531 78 90, Fax +31 20 531 78 99, Email:, Website: in cooperation with: Circus Family bv, Cruquiusweg 111C, 1019 AG Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 717 32 24, Fax: +31 84 837 11 43, Email:, Website:; Alfons Dolsma, Email:, Website:

Brikki the Lion consists of colourful shapes. His adventures are created by children, whether they are 4 or 14. Brikki is a ‘crowd sourcing for children’ experiment. Children can invent a Brikki story. Or draw one. They can also create a story with Brikki’s iPad app or on Brikki’s site. They can even record their voice to go with Brikki’s stories! And Brikki’s working hard on an interactive animation series... But at Cinekid, something extra special happens. Here, children can create Brikki stories with real playing blocks! Their creations are photographed stop-motion. Children can record their own texts to go with the pictures. The photographs and texts will be used for genuine Brikki films! Every day has another

theme. Brikki comes from the Netherlands, but has meanwhile also found his way abroad. The concept was developed by Ingmar de Lange and his four-year-old nephew Karsten.




CiNEKiD, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 8+

Production company: Cinekid Foundation, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21, 1017 RP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 531 78 90, Fax +31 20 531 78 99, Email:, Website:, Casting: Elskes Kast, Van hallstraat 52, 1051 hh Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone +31 20 4865270, Email:

How does a casting work? Do I have talent? Many children dream of a role as an actor, and at Cinekid they can get an idea of what happens at a professional casting session. At Cinekid 2010, Elske’s Kast, one of the big casting agencies in the Netherlands, cast Pippa Allen as the leading character for last year’s opening film Taking Chances (Patatje Oorlog). This year, Elske’s Kast will again supervise the casting sessions at Cinekid. The Life according to Nino, a film about an 8-year-old boy who can talk to animals, is looking for aspiring actors. De Vloer Op Jr. started its first series in September. At Cinekid, Elske’s Kast looks for improvisation talents for the second series.


Professional voices specialist Wim Pel Productions will direct three separate casting workshops looking for voice actors. Universal Studios is looking for children who can do the voices for the computer-animated comedy film Despicable Me 2, the sequel to the successful Despicable Me from 2010. Cartoon Network needs a suitable voice for their new station promo. The winner of this casting will be selected to do the official promo. Zapp will be casting voice actors for Zappbios, with a chance to get a role in the film Titeuf. Titeuf is a comics series which was adapted into an animated TV series, and now into an animated film.

/new media



Production company: Cubify®3D Systems Corporation, Cruquiuskade 85-87, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 675 84 15, Email:; Cinekid Foundation, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21, 1017 RP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 531 78 90, Fax +31 20 531 78 99, Email: info@cinekid. nl, Website:

One of the revolutionary technological applications that will drastically change and improve our lives in the coming years is the 3D printer. This device makes it possible to ‘print’ ideas for objects made in two-dimensional plans designed on the computer at home, into fully three-dimensional plastic, metal, rubber and ceramic objects. With this technology, the consumer can be the same person as the producer, cutting out the manufacturer. While the principle and equipment for 3D printing have been available for some time, it is only recently been made attainable and affordable for everyday private use. At a basic price of 1100 euro’s, the wireless Cube 3D Printer is the first home printer. Its developers, Cubify, conceive it as not just hardware, but also as a new printing technique and potential new art form. They have built a platform where users can

exchange their ideas and creations. One of Cubify’s creative partners is the innovative Amsterdam-based design studio Freedom of Creation, which has been engaged in 3D print technology since 2000. In this special Cinekid workshop, they demonstrate how simple the process of printing in three dimensions can be. Cubify makes the connection between the virtual and the physical by first having children design their own avatar. Subsequently, this character has to be guided through a Cinekid platform game, where enemies must be defeated and objects overcome. The final destination of the game is the printer. When it is ‘game over,’ a new stage in the game begins when once-virtual characters roll from the printer, tangibly, in three dimensions.



hooroor studio Frankenweenie


Production company: Watch that Sound, Keilestraat 3 Unit 105, 3026 BP Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Email:, Website: www.watchthatsound. nl Concept & coaching: Jacques van de Veerdonk, Watch that Sound, Phone: +31 6 22993739, Email:

In a closed and specially sound-proofed room at the MediaLab, children will be introduced to the art of the soundtrack. Starting from Tim Burton’s latest film Frankenweenie as a guide, they will first be instructed about the workings of film sound and editing software. For the rest of the workshop they will collaborate together creating their own soundtrack for a scene from Frankenweenie. In the creative process, they will only make use of their own originally sourced sound samples: all sounds have to be designed, produced, tested and recorded on the spot by the children. The sound studio boasts over a hundred instruments and sound sources. Collaborating with a musician and sound engineer from Watch that Sound, participants will discover how music and image influence and


reinforce each other, as they jointly create and analyse the film material. Apart from having a creative component, the workshop enables an empowering transfer of technical knowledge to children regarding different microphone techniques, and processes of distinguishing between background noise, music, sound effects and so on. Using simple, specially developed software, the film scene is eventually provided with a full soundtrack. The final mix will be made available for download on the festival website as a unique soundtrack. Since 2004, Watch that Sound, based in Rotterdam has been organising workshops where youngsters make soundtracks and compositions.

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host your own show!


Production company: Cinekid Foundation, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21, 1017 RP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 531 78 90, Fax +31 20 531 78 99, Email:, Website: Content: NoS Jeugdjournaal, Po Box 26150, 1202 JC hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6778028, Fax: +31 35 6772220, Email:, Website:

It takes a lot to be a presenter. They should know the subject, be able to say something about it and look smart and immaculately dressed. In the case of a discussion or interview, they should also have the skills to lead it. And they should be able to concentrate and control their nerves. On television, you can see all sorts of presentation styles. Nowadays, news programmes often have two anchors that complement each other. Some presenters do their work fairly informally; others very formally. Many hosts have a unique style of presentation. Take the newsreaders of the NOS Jeugdjournaal (news for young people, an international copied format).

At Cinekid, children can demonstrate their skills as news readers in the presentation studio of the NOS Jeugdjournaal. This professional setting promises a highly realistic experience. The studio is equipped with a camera with auto-cue, a green screen, a presentation desk, original Jeugdjournaal footage and a director. The children present a programme in front of a green screen that is eventually replaced by images. There is a meet & greet with newsreaders from the Jeugdjournaal. And Gumball from Cartoon Netwerk will attend and give tips on how to present professionally. An excellent occasion to take a look behind the scenes.



leaP in the deeP


Production company: Cinekid Foundation, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21, 1017 RP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 531 78 90, Fax +31 20 531 78 99, Email:, Website: Concept, animation: Tividorfabriek Audiovisual Productions, Nieuwe Molstraat 14a2, 2512 BK Den haag, Website:; Jasper Bos Animation, Email:, Phone: +31 6 52 40 63 89, Website: Thanks to: UvA University Sports Centre Amsterdam

Spectacular chases, explosive action and breath-taking stunts are the chief ingredients of blockbusters. For this, you need special effects. Filmmakers use the green screen as a background so that later on in the production process they can fill it with other images. This way, cars can leap over oceans, heroes can jump amazing bridges and pigs can be made to fly. In Cinekid’s Leap in the Deep workshop, children find out for themselves how these techniques work and even play the role of stuntmen. On a large green obstacle course, their playful actions and daring capers are captured by three different cameras. Using the chroma keying technique, the green set is replaced live, by a filmed footage


background. A minor triple jump turns into a dazzling, superhuman leap from one skyscraper to the next. In the process, kids learn how the spectacular scenes they see in films are constructed and how reality can be manipulated. The setup of this workshop is such that several children simultaneously perform their action spectacle. The result is shown to the participants immediately after the shoot and will eventually appear on the Cinekid website.

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makey makey


Production company: Eric Rosenbaum Lifelong Kindergarten Group, Email:, Website: assisted by independent artist and educator: Michael Smith-Welch, Email:, Website:

In computers and electronic equipment, the touch interface is normally integrated into the hardware, kept out of reach for the consumer to alter or change. With the MaKey MaKey, the everday world can be instantly re-configured as one big keyboard. MaKey MaKey is a simple printed circuit board (PCB) that on one side is hooked up to the computer’s USB port. The other side has an alligator clip, which can be attached to virtually any object. The condition is that this object conducts a minimum quantity of current: fruit, paper, ketchup and people are excellent material conductors. Now, you no longer need to play piano only on black and white keys; you can play notes just as easily on a bunch of bananas. And instead of the traditional game controller, you can also control things with water tanks, balloons or modelling clay.

At the Cinekid workshop, children design their own game controllers and field-test them by playing different games. The MaKey MaKey stimulates the imagination and invites experimentation. For the inventors, MIT researchers Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, their product is an invention kit for the 21st century, and encourages users to ‘change the way the world works!’ The product was developed as a Kickstarter project, the realisation of which was facilitated by over a thousand crowd funders who contributed an average fifty dollars each. The MaKey MaKey launched on to the consumer market in September this year.





Production company: Cinekid Foundation, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21, 1017 RP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 531 78 90, Fax +31 20 531 78 99, Email:, Website: Concept, coaching: hidde Simons, hidden Ways, Phone:+31 20 4639245, Email:, Website: setdressing: Behind the Seens, Jamie Sutherland, Gerard Doustraat 103d, 1073 VS Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 6 16 04 38 10, Email:

In this year’s Cinekid masterclasses for children, emphasis will be on film acting but there are also other exciting masterclasses. The jackdaw and leading actor Rick Lens (Jojo) from the awardwinning Kauwboy will attend, as well as the animal handlers, who will show how to act with animals. Fidgety Bram animator Balder Westein will invite participants to make beautiful animations together that look like the animations from the film. Manon Spierenburg, author of the book and scriptwriter of the film The Westwijk Four shows how you can turn a book into a TV series. What are the differences and similarities? And an action film instructor shows children how people fight in films like Voor God en Vaderland. The acting masterclasses take place in a professional environment. Children become


acquainted with the camera and get tips from well-known directors and actors. Director Will Wissink, scriptwriter Zebi Damen and members of the cast of The Battle will be present. Also: Director Froukje Tan (My Adventures by V. Swchwrm), director Barbara van Bredero (Mees Kees), Dennis Bots and leading actor Nils Verkooijen (Cool Kids Don’t Cry), director Mischa Kamp and leading actor Faas Wijn (Tony 10), cast members from SpangaS, Ineke Houtman, director of several Guus Kuijer adaptations (Polleke, Madelief) and several actors from VRijland, together with acting coach Hidde Simons. Pieter Verhoeff directed Sien van Sellingen (and other children’s films), the new series of which premieres at Cinekid. And finally, the two brothers and directors of the opening film Milo, Berend and Roel Boorsma, will also give an acting masterclass.

/new media



Concept, development: Nou&herkauw, Adri Schokker, Ruben Boxman,Wouter Reckman Thanks to: Forumimages, Cinekid, Playmais Contact: Adri Schokker tel:+31617902774

In this workshop, old-skool stop-motion animation is combined with real-world PlayMais buildings and augmented reality clouds. A toy train runs laps through a city-landscape made of PlayMais building blocks, a natural and versatile crafting material made from corn, water and food colouring agents that is 100% biodegradable. Over the course of each day, mountains form and cities take shape so that the environment is constantly evolving. The train is controlled by a computer and is programmed to stop regularly, but each time a few inches further than the last time. The miniature camera aboard the train automatically captures the changing landscape by taking pictures at the regular intervals. This process eventually produces an exceptional stop-motion production: the stopping train creates a film at express speed. Even

during the fabrication and playing process, the children experience live feedback through the Kinect camera, which adds a virtual layer to the railway. This augmented reality layer turns out to move cloud banks, resulting in a seamless convergence of the physical and virtual world. The whole process can be watched, understood and manipulated in real-time by the children. The StopTrain (in Dutch stoptrein means local train) workshop is designed and supervised by the occasional VJ collective Nou & Herkauw. This joint venture of ten Groningen-based VJs, artists, illustrators and designers produces innovative interactive dance nights, but also various creative projects where children produce an original film together.




CiNEKiD, ThE NEThERLANDS, 2012, 6+

Production company: Cinekid Foundation, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21, 1017 RP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 531 78 90, Fax +31 20 531 78 99, Email:, Website:

VibRobots are small, simple robots that look like mechanical insects. They are made of everyday materials and utensils. The body, for example, can be a tin candy box, with paperclips for antennae; toothbrushes can serve as a body. Within the duration of the workshop, the children are helped to devise and realise their own VibRobot. By connecting a small motor and a battery, their creation literally comes alive and crawls franticly around like a real bug. At the same time, the fantastic component of their imagination is triggered by naming their creature and by having to decide what type of animal it is, and what its surroundings look like.


The VibRobot workshop appeals both to children’s creativity and technical handicraft skills. Participants practice working with electronics and electricity, and gain knowledge of how the imaginative design process shapes their eventual creation. Meanwhile, the workshop floor changes into a technical terrarium with an unparalleled diversity of robot life, as each child makes a unique VibRobot. Afterwards, the makers can take home their handmade, moving robot insect.


desPicaBle me 2, casting results

/new media

Fidgety Bram, dvd Presentation



illumination Entertainment Website:, Š 2012 Universal Studios, All rights reserved Cartoon Network Turner Broadcasting System, Website:

Director Brammetje Baas: Anna van der heide Benelux Film Distributors, De Poort 40, 3991 DV houten, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 30 6340660, Email:, Website:

Casting children for the Dutch voice casts of big American blockbusters is a popular activity at Cinekid. This year, the spanking new animated film Despicable Me 2 will be looking for a Dutch voice cast. The film is the sequel to the successful computer-animated film by Universal from 2010 about a super-villain, Gru, who takes pleasure in pulling all sorts of delightful mean tricks on people. Despicable Me 2 is expected to be released in theatres in the summer of 2013. The Cinekid stage is the place where the thrilling casting afternoon will be concluded with the announcement: Which children have won a real voice role in the studios?

The first copies of Fidgety Bram on DVD/Blu-Ray are rolling straight from the presses into the MediaLab. Director Anna van der Heide will be present to receive the brand-new discs and of course some will be handed out at the MediaLab. Fidgety Bram, based on a book by Tamara Bos (also a screenplay), addresses the subject of attentional problems in young children in a straightforward and humorous way. The film argues that it is a good thing that we are all different, and it urges all children to give their imagination free rein. Funny animations show Brammetje’s fantasies. The film screens in the Cinekid programme as part of the competition for Best Dutch Film.



Junior dance

Junior songFestival

AVRo, Po Box 2, 1200 JA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 7 315, Website:

AVRo, Po Box 2, 1200 JA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 671 7 315, Website:

On Saturday 2 June, the finals were held of AVRO’s Junior Dance 2012. Elise, Valery, Leslie, Pernila & Joey and Sander & Jennifer competed during this spectacular live final. Leslie was the great winner and will now go on to perform at the Junior Eurovision Song Festival on Saturday 1 December, 2012 at the HMH in Amsterdam. The MediaLab presents a dazzling performance by winner Leslie, together with his dance coach Shaker.

Alessandro, Amy, Femke, Jade & Sherily, Kim, Mainstreet, Melle and Sterre, are recent finalists of popular Dutch public broadcasting company AVRO’s Junior Song Festival 2012. They will give a special concert at Cinekid, performing their own personally selected songs as well as a joint composition, called JSF Party. Femke was the winner of the grand finale on Saturday 6 October. She will now represent the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Festival on Saturday 1 December at the HMH in Amsterdam.


/new media

meet & greet with mees kees

miFFy the movie, Preview


Director mees kees: Barbara Bredero Entertainment one Benelux, Po Box 142, 1200 AC, hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 6251210, Website: PV Pictures, Sumatralaan 45, 1217 GP hilversum, The Netherlands, Website:

Warner Bros. Pictures international holland, Po Box 59226, 1040 KE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 68023 00, Website: Telescreen, Po Box 588, 1200 AN hilversum, The Netherlands, Website: www. Mercis BV, Johannes Vermeerplein 3, 1071 DV Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Email:, Website:

Mees Kees is a light-hearted family film about a young teacher, Mees Kees, who is still has much to learn about his profession, and a clever boy called Tobias who frets a lot because his mother is in bed all day. Fortunately, Mees Kees turns school into a party for Tobias, although the strict principal has other views! In the Meet & Greet session, the audience can meet director Barbara Bredero, screenwriter Mirjam Oldenhave and the leading actors of the film Mees Kees. The film appears in the Cinekid programme as part of the competition for Best Dutch Film. Director Barbara Bredero will also give a masterclass in acting, together with Sanne Wallis de Vries (principal Dreus) and Willem Voogd (Mees Kees).

Who doesn’t know them? miffy and her friends are world-famous. Almost 60 years after Dick Bruna’s first miffy drawing, countless little books (over 85 million!), TV series and musicals, finally the first full-length miffy film will be released in theatres in January 2013. In the film, miffy, nina, knorretje and snuffie undertake a quest through the zoo, looking for a treasure. While searching, miffy and her friends meet all sorts of animals and together experience some great adventures. Cinekid presents a preview of the film. The puppets from the film are there, too.



rise oF the guardians, casting results


young talent


NTR, Po Box 29000, 1202 MA hilversum, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 35 677 9333, Email:, Website:

Rise of the Guardians, Š 2012 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C. Rise of the Guardians/De Vijf Legendes, DreamWorks Animation, Website: www.

Dubbing director Marty de Bruijn (Ice Age, Rango, Puss in Boots) presents the Dutch voice casting of the DreamWorks fantasy film Rise of the Guardians. Together with stars from the cast, he answers questions from the audience. Rise of the Guardians tells the story of the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, based on a children’s book by the popular author William Joyce. Combining their phenomenal forces, they protect the children of the world.


How do you know you have a special talent? In the NTR series Young Talent: in Music, five Dutch children who play an instrument, rap, or write their own songs, are filmed by a camera during masterclasses they are given the opportunity to follow as part of their involvement in this series. This culminates in rehearsals with the Metropole Orchestra for a concert to be broadcast at Christmas. Ismail is among them, a fantastic rapper. He is assisted by hip-hop teacher Zukarn, who teaches Ismail everything about beats and great lyrics. In the MediaLab, children have the opportunity to rap with Zukarn.

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cinekid For ProFessionals 2012

Cinekid for Professionals is proud to be the preferred platform to explore new economic collaborations, find new productions to programme and learn from key experts in different genres and media to improve our business and creative skills. We are designed to strengthen and support the children’s media industry through all its links within the entire media chain. From script development, production, co-production and distribution to knowledge sharing, we are the yearly must-attend event for the children’s media industry. At Cinekid for Professionals we don’t focus on a single platform, live action or animation, we focus on quality, the potential for cross-border collaboration and delivery, and innovation. We seek to encourage the development of a stronger worldwide independent children’s media industry, with a strong European emphasis. While we acknowledge the influence and appeal of products for children and youth offered by major global outlets, we want to strengthen the independent sector, to support less strong brands and new talent, help facilitate economic collaborations, and widen the distribution of productions. We support and facilitate exchange in order to foster the development of more and more innovative films, TV programmes and cross-media products to enchant and empower young audiences. Cinekid closely follows the latest trends in the children’s media industry and translates these developments, on both creative and consumer levels, into a diverse, dense and effective 4-day


Cinekid for Professionals programme. The children’s media industry evolves rapidly. It’s essential to stay updated as the consumers, the children, often surpass us professionals in their knowledge and skills. At the same time, we shouldn’t erase the strength of the existing traditional media, like television or film. Did you know that on average a European children’s film receives three times more admissions than an average EU film for adults? During Cinekid’s Conference in 2011, the European Audiovisual Observatory presented a report that states some interesting facts. Actually, a European children’s film not only delivers more money, it also travels on average to more territories within Europe than a feature film for adults. Then add up the fact that the number of ‘niche’ and digital channels solely focussing on children’s content is also growing, hence creating more demand for content, and we can conclude that the children’s media industry is very healthy. At the same time, due to cutbacks in subsidies throughout Europe, the opportunities to solely produce locally are diminishing and the importance of co-production is more relevant then ever. Producers are also forced to not only look outside their territory for funding; they also need to look outside their usual genre or medium to broaden their potential incomes. Due to these changes within the European children’s media industry, we have chosen to combine our three one-day co-production markets (each one featuring a different medium: film, TV

/cinekid For ProFessionals

and cross media) and create a two-day Junior Co-production Market representing all media. We have selected 34 high-quality projects, originating this year from 15 different territories. In two days, the 34 projects will be pitched to carefully selected financiers and potential co-producers to explore new opportunities. The ScreeningClub over the years has resulted in many of the over 250 productions, selected each year, traveling the world. TV buyers and festival programmers, of which almost 80% are returning participants, screened every single programme last year with a total of 2153 viewings done in only four days. Through a survey held after the event, we were informed that on average the participants buy or programme 3 to 15 of the productions they’ve screened at Cinekid for Professionals. They have often not seen the selected productions anywhere else and we’re very proud of that. We ensure that the productions selected are of high quality and represent a broad range. From animation and live action to feature films, short films, documentaries, TV series, they represent over 40 territories of children’s productions realised in the past year. This year we will also present a special selection of almost 40 additional productions in the ScreeningClub, representing the realised projects that were previously presented in our co-production markets. This enables us to complete the chain of these productions and offer the best support possible for those selected and supported by Cinekid in the past.

Through our extensive conference and meeting programme, we explore the latest trends, debate the future of the industry and give the floor to key exports to enlighten us with their best practices and their creative and business knowledge. During the Dutch Events, we will focus on how to direct children. We will screen the newest Tim Burton film Frankenweenie, with an extensive Q&A with the Head of Story Robert Stevenhagen, and discuss how to shift from a public television system to a public media system, including a pitch with a €25,000 prize during the Zapp Day. At the Cinekid Conference, we will discuss in-depth what resulted in the current trend of large output of high-quality French animation films. We have invited key members who have contributed to this trend, like our honoured Guest of the Year Michel Ocelot, to unravel the success and discuss what we can learn from it. Also, the latest trends in mobile applications is a must-speakabout topic this year. In the afternoon of the conference, we will focus on both the creative and development principles as well as business strategies. What are the general design and storytelling principles? How do we reach our audience after we produced an app? What is the preferred distribution model? These are just some of the questions addressed in the afternoon. The status of the 2nd screen is debated during a separate seminar, as some say it’s taking over the status of the first screen. Directors, writers and creative producers will be able to attend a workshop on cross-media storytelling and



award-winning writer Robert Stevenhagen and director Michel Ocelot will share their creative knowledge on animation and storytelling in a masterclass. In three days, over twenty key speakers from around the world join us in a dense conference and meeting programme that offers the opportunity for visitors to be dazzled with facts and information and leave Cinekid for Professionals with new tools to improve their work in many ways. Following up on a very successful expert meeting in 2011, we will continue with another expert meeting this year together with our partner the Bernard van Leer Foundation on the impact of new media on the development of young children. We couldn’t have created this great event without the support of many partners and sponsors. Various new partners have joined us this year as they, as well as many others, emphasize the importance of Cinekid for Professionals. New European partners include EAVE, ACE, Power to the Pixel, the Children’s Media Conference, the Norwegian Film Institute and national partners like Amsterdam Innovation Motor, Mijn Kind Online as well as established partners such as the Bernard van Leer Foundation, the DDG, Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers, EYE International and IJsfontein continue to support us. We also have found new sponsors like Virtueel Platform and Wim Pel Productions. We are very grateful for this new and continued support by all. Also, the Netherlands Film Fund and the EU


MEDIA programme are essential to Cinekid for Professionals’ existence. We have been selected by MEDIA as the only European platform supporting the media industry aiming at young audiences that will receive support: a new three-year partner contract. . We thank both the Netherlands Film Fund and the European MEDIA programme for their continued support. I would also like to thank the dedicated team of Cinekid for Professionals for their hard work to help realise this 11th edition of Cinekid for Professionals!

Regards, Fleur Winters Head of Cinekid for Professionals Mirte Engelhard Head of the Guest Department

/cinekid For ProFessionals

Allison Cody Senior Producer JCM Cathelijne Berghouwer Coordinator Conference and Producer Events Fred de Haas Coordinator ScreeningClub Lotte van den Berg Producer ScreeningClub Sanne Scholing Junior Producer Patrick Evertse Junior Producer



Programme schedule

tuesday 23 octoBer

09:00 10:00 10:00 12:45 14:30 15:30 17:30 -

21:00 17:00 17:00 14:00 17:30 17:00 19:00

ScreeningClub Zappdag Expert Meeting Masterclass How to Direct Children Seminar Frankenweenie Film Literacy in Europe Opening Drinks CfP

wednesday 24 octoBer

09:00 09:30 18:00 21:30 -

21:00 17:45 20:00 23:30

ScreeningClub Cinekid Conference Virtual Platform MediaLab Drinks Late Night Drinks CfP

thursday 25 octoBer

09:00 09:30 14:00 10:00 14:00 14:00 16:00 16:15 17:30 20:00 -

21:00 13:00 17:30 12:00 15:30 15:30 17:30 17:30 19:00 22:00

ScreeningClub JCM: Pitch Cross-Media Projects JCM: Junior Co-Production Market Expert Session Apps for Children Workshop Creative Cross-Media Seminar 2nd Screen Masterclass Animation & Storytelling Seminar AIM WPP Drinks CfP Dinner CfP

Friday 26 octoBer

09:00 10:00 16:00 20:30 22:30 -


16:00 16:00 17:30 22:30 02:00

ScreeningClub JCM: Junior Co-Production Market Drinks CfP Award Ceremony Closing Party

Grote Studio MC MC Zaal THNK Ketelhuis 3 Ketelhuis 1 Kleine Studio Westerliefde

Grote Studio MC MC Zaal MediaLab De Bierfabriek

Grote Studio MC MC Zaal North Sea Venue Kunstenhuis Kleine Studio MC MC Zaal MC Zaal Kleine Studio MC Westerliefde Bazar Restaurant

Grote Studio MC North Sea Venue Pacific Park Machinegebouw Toko/MC Foyer

/cinekid For ProFessionals

dutch events


masterclass how to direct children

Masterclass given by top Dutch director Ineke Houtman, known for her award-winning children’s films (Polleke, Madelief: Scratches in the Table, My Grandpa the Bankrobber). She will share best practices, give tools and elaborate on how to direct children and advise on what a good children’s film should consist of. Organised in partnership with the Dutch Director’s Guild (DDG).

seminar Frankenweenie

Screening of the highly anticipated Tim Burton film Frankenweenie, followed by an extensive Q&A with award-winning Head of Story Robert Stevenhagen. Stevenhagen’s film credits vary from Oscar-winning films Wallace & Gromit and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, to BAFTA-nominated 1001 Nights, Space Jam and Balto, and to his contribution to Jim Henson’s Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. His journey as Head of Story for Frankenweenie and working with Tim Burton will be shared and questions will be posed by moderator Jan Doense, a renowned director and journalist. Organised in partnership with Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers.

ZaPPday (ZaPPdag)

A day fully focused on Dutch children’s television. In the morning, we will focus on the shift from Public Television for children to Public Media for children. There will be several showcases of successful productions that have crossed these boundaries. In the afternoon there will be a live pitch, the Zapp Pitch, an open contest to find the best new TV show that would satisfy the Public Media for children criteria. Five of the preselected concepts will be pitched live in front of a professional jury. The winning pitch will be awarded €25,000 to produce a pilot. Organised in partnership with public channel Zapp and broadcaster NTR.


international events

international events



The ScreeningClub is a digital screening facility where 250+ brand new children’s media productions from all over the world (with English subtitles) can be screened by professionals. The productions include practically the entire festival programme, new Dutch productions and the best of fests from around the world. Participants include TV buyers, sales agents, programmers and distributors.

Junior co-Production market (Jcm)

The co-production market will enable financiers, broadcasters and professionals to assess new and innovative projects across the cross-media, film and television sectors. Thirty-five projects (15 film, 10 TV, 10 cross-media approx) will be presented within a unique and nurturing environment designed to facilitate new contacts and to encourage international co-operation. All projects have a minimum 10% of finance in place. There will be a public pitching session for the cross-media projects, followed by 1.5 days of one-on-one meetings.


exPert meeting

A select group of key experts will explore the opportunities offered by new media for early learning, including several showcases of innovative, educational mobile applications. Organised in partnership with the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

cinekid exPerience

A two-day programme offering various seminars, workshops, masterclasses and the renowned Cinekid Conference. It offers a previously unseen glimpse of the international children’s media industry. The Experience will unfold best practices, business tools, latest content and newest trends, all brought to you by awardwinning international speakers. By attending the two-day Cinekid Experience, you will also be able to network with key decision-makers and creative people in the industry as it provides access to two network drinks of CfP, including the MediaLab drinks, another unique Cinekid Experience!

cinekid exPerience

/cinekid For ProFessionals

cinekid exPerience


cinekid conFerence

In the morning, the conference programme will feature the latest developments in the film, TV and cross-media sectors. In the afternoon session, we will focus on mobile applications (the growing trend in product delivery to kids), either attached to existing productions or as a standalone project.

Film: French animation wave

Back in the earliest days of cinema, the first animated projected film originated from France. During the last century however, animation has been a known strength of the American studios. But over the past decade, French animators have picked up the pace once more. In fact, many, if not most, animated films produced in Europe over this period were made in a French studio and (co-) produced by France (and Belgium). Very recently, several award-winning French animated films for children have dominated the festival circuit, such as The Rabbi’s Cat, Approved for Adoption, Ernest & Celestine and Zarafa, many of which are showing at the 2012 Cinekid Festival. With acclaimed French animation directors and producers, we will discuss the latest developments within the sector, the special ‘French animation touch’ and the secrets behind France’s success.

cross media

Cross Media or Transmedia is always on the move. CfP has invited experience strategy producers, who have worked with Pottermore, BBC Worldwide’s Doctor Who, Channel 4 and Warner Brothers, to reveal several examples of best practice and to provide specific tools to improve your cross-media strategy. In addition, focus will be placed upon understanding and implementing media design, to possess the tools and knowhow to empower children to design their own interactive experiences.

moBile aPPlications

The Cinekid for Professionals special focus is on mobile media this year. As children from all age groups increasingly turn to apps, it is essential to explore this new world of mobile applications. What are the design principles within mobile applications and what are differences in app use between the different age groups? Experienced consultants provide tools on how to actually make money out of applications, what are the suitable platforms for content, and how to close these deals. Award-winning app creators present the latest and most jaw-dropping apps on (or soon to be on) the market and share best practice on creation and strategy.


Eurodata TV Worldwide presents an update on the newest children’s programmes worldwide with over twenty new clips as well as ratings analyses and trend reports.


cinekid exPerience

cinekid exPerience

cinekid exPerience


Pitch cross-media ProJects Junior co-Production market

Normally only open to financiers and producers of the market, but Cinekid Experience visitors are also offered the unique opportunity to attend the pitch of the highly innovative and experienced production companies from all over the world and learn from their latest cross-media projects in development. Ten projects in total will be pitched.

workshoP creative crossmedia

A workshop focussing on the creation of crossmedia productions during the early stage of development. The author and the producer of two projects in development, a specialist in interactive communication and media productions and a well-known script expert will explain and debate the different challenges that may occur during the creation of cross-media properties. The workshop is tailored to a maximum of forty participants. Organised in partnership with PRIMEHOUSE, organisers of the development workshop Prime4Kids&Family.


or: seminar 2nd screen

This panel session offers an update on what’s out there and what’s coming soon in this latest area of media innovation. How will 2nd screen work in the kids’ space? How can broadcasters and producers deal with issues such as moderation, cost and access? Is 2nd screen a holy grail to get kids back in front of the telly or will it just be a side-show (literally!)? Leading content producers will give access to the creative processes and approaches required to develop apps that work in coordination with live TV. The panel session will be followed by a Q&A. Organised in partnership with the Children’s Media Conference.

masterclass animation & storytelling

A masterclass with two renowned speakers. First, BAFTA, Grand Prix of Annecy and many more awards winner, French director Michel Ocelot will talk about storytelling. Known for his acclaimed Kirikou films, he will unravel his unique way of storytelling, including two showcases. Secondly, renowned animator and Head of Story of the newest Tim Burton film Frankenweenie Robert Stevenhagen will reveal his secrets in the field of animation. Having worked at Disney, DreamWorks and many other major studios, his vast experience with animation will be shared with the audience.

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cinekid exPerience

side events


seminar health & education meets the swiPe generation

A future full of apps, games and interaction? The world of education and health care systems change rapidly. The new swipe generation lives in a digital world. How can they help each other? Is it possible to integrate apps and games into existing systems? And what is the added value? Keynote speaker and MIT Lab researcher Eric Rosenbaum will introduce the latest trends and developments within new media and speakers from health care and education share their visions and experiences.

Film literacy in euroPe

In preparation for the Creative Europe program (2014-2020), the European Commission commissioned a study to film literacy in Europe. The study was conducted by a consortium led by the British Film Institute (BFI) in partnership with the Institute of Education (University of London) and Film Education Company. Caren Willig (BFI) and Ian Wall (Film Education) will present the results during this meeting. Afterwards we will discuss the implications for Dutch and European organisations.

exPert session aPPs For children

The offerings for apps for children is growing spectacular. Some gems can be found, beautifully created apps that stimulate children, resolve puzzles in a creative way or that tell tales in a way never seen before. However, there are also apps that are not suitable for children, for example those that are created just to stimulate license and merchandising. This session addresses these issues with app creators and poses questions like: how do you create a good application that works for children? How do you create an app that also the parents like? Organised in partnership with Mijn Kind Online



sPeakers cinekid conFerence

Brenda Bisner (US) is a digital specialist with a decade’s worth of success and actively cultivated relationships. She possesses the skills to grow any brand and/or business in today’s marketplace. Bisner has negotiated and produced over twenty apps, was instrumental in launching three different kids’ websites, and developed, produced and sold live-action, animated and reality series across multiple genres around the world. She worked as Vice President of Children’s Acquisitions for Digital, Home Entertainment and International Distribution at Porchlight Entertainment and later licensing VP at Cooky Jar, closing licensing deals for major brands. Laurent Boileau (FR) worked for ten years as chief cameraman and then as chief editor on numerous documentaries. In 1999, he became a director. His passion for the comic strip and the graphic arts brought him to realize several movies about graphic novels: Spirou une renaissance, Franquin Gaston et Cie, Les chevaux de papier, La Pologne de Marzi. Approved for Adoption is his first feature film. It mixes various animation techniques, real images and archive footage.


Monica Bremer (NL) studied Law and Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam and in Exeter, UK. She has been a lawyer since 1988. In 2003, she started her own firm together with Marcel de Zwaan. Monica Bremer advises companies and organisations (including museums), but also individual directors, writers, musicians and actors. Bremer is professor at the Master curriculum Art, Law and Public/Private Financing at the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam. James Deeley (UK) has been creating digital experiences for over fifteen years for some of the world’s most ambitious brands. With a background in Design Marketing, James has a kaleidoscopic creative approach, which draws across the disciplines of Experience Design, Creative Strategy and Brand Marketing. As London Creative Director for Creative Agency TH_NK, James leads a team of Creative Strategists working across a variety of accounts. Most recently, his focus has been across the Media & Entertainment sector working with clients such as BBC Worldwide (Doctor Who; Future Digital Strategy); Proposition Lead for J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore and is currently working with Channel 4 on a ground-breaking transmedia experience for Utopia, a hard hitting conspiracy drama to be broadcast in 2013.

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Carla Engelbrecht Fisher (US) is a game designer with a research obsession and the founder of No Crusts Interactive, a children’s game design firm that focuses on creating educational and developmentally appropriate interactive experiences. She’s designed, produced, researched and consulted on a wide variety of commercial and educational products, from Web to mobile to gaming consoles. Prior to starting No Crusts Interactive, she worked for Sesame Workshop, PBS KIDS, and Highlights for Children. She holds a doctorate in instructional technology from Teachers College, Columbia University, where she studied technology and its relationship with human cognition and development, particularly as it applies to children and games. Eric Goossens (BE) studied communication sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven. In 1990, Eric Goossens joined Little Big One as a television producer to work on various projects for the VRT, RTBF and Canal+. In 1995, Eric Goossens founded the production company Off World. Together with Anton Roebben, an exceptional animation expert Eric founded the production company Walking The Dog, which produces creative animation films and series. Eric Goossens is also the vice chairman of, the association of Belgian animation producers.

Jan Willem Huisman (NL) is founder of IJsfontein Interactive Media. Together with two student friends from the Interaction Design department of the HKU School of the Arts in Utrecht, he founded IJsfontein in 1997. Jan Willem is now IJsfontein’s CEO. Their goal was to launch a company that uses the computer to educate people in a playful manner. IJsfontein now has forty people working for the company, ranging from concept directors to marketeers and from designers to sales executives. The company develops games, websites & applications and interactive exhibits. As the years went by, awards and nominations followed along the way, both national (Spin Award, Cinekid New Media Award) and international (Prix Jeunesse, BAFTA and Japan Prize). Johanna Karsenty (FR) is currently Kids Research Manager at Eurodata TV Worldwide, where she is in charge of international children’s television studies, notably the Kids TV Report. She graduated from the Business Administration Institute of Toulouse with a Masters in Marketing, specialising in new technologies. Eurodata TV Worldwide distributes programming and audience information, based on its partnership with the national institutes operating people meter systems throughout the world.



sPeakers cinekid conFerence

Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (NL) was educated as a historian, then developed into an artist and now works in places where culture and technology intertwine. He is a programme manager at Virtueel Platform, the Dutch knowledge institute for e-culture. He makes programmes and events around themes from interdisciplinary technological culture: hybrid developments (the fusion of digital and physical space), transmedia storytelling, new cultural economy. He also teaches at the Rietveld Academy and the Utrecht School of the Arts. Michel Ocelot (FR) is a graphic designer, scriptwriter and director of animated films. In the first phase of his career, he animated and directed author shorts and short serials. He was elected president of ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation), a position he quit after six years, to devote himself to filmmaking. In 1998, he released the feature Kirikou and the Sorceress which was a great success and changed the animation landscape in France. He went on making successful features, such as Azur and Asmar, Tales of the Night and two more Kirikou films, the last one being distributed now, in 3D, Kirikou and the Men and the Women. Michel Ocelot also teaches.


Davin Risk (CA) has designed and developed online media since every page was grey. Before joining studio zinc Roe, Davin served as the Creative Director at ChumCity Interactive and Art Director at Snap Media. He is also the co-founder of the creative studio Fluffco with his partner, Gayla Trail. Projects with narrative, culture, and community at their core are what drive his interest in interactive media. Davin has contributed to an eclectic list of ventures: large-scale youth communities, art magazines, casual games, e-learning portals, Olympic mascots, video awards, non-profits, museum exhibits, book designs, apparel, TV stations, and more. He even won a contest for sculpting an iPod Shuffle out of banana, apple, and spaghetti. Eric Rosenbaum (US) is a doctoral student in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab, where he creates new technologies at the intersection of music, improvisation, play and learning. He has a background in neuroscience, music and education. His extremely innovative projects include the MaKey MaKey invention kit, the Singing Fingers app for finger painting with sound, the Glowdoodle website for painting with light, MmmTsss software for improvising with looping sounds, and a Scratch-like language for creating interactive behaviours in the virtual world of Second Life.

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Moderator Farid Tabarki is the founder and director of Studio Zeitgeist which conducts research and develops projects on the local, national and European Zeitgeist. The studio focuses on themes like radical decentralisation, radical transparency, (social) media, aesthetics, social entrepreneurship and education. They have developed projects for organizations like MTV, Philips, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Hyves, TEDxRotterdam and GRAD European Centre for Culture and Debate in Belgrade. Previously, Farid was editor-in-chief of Coolpolitics, a Dutch civic organisation that encourages young people to develop in their role as citizens and works towards building a stronger Dutch, European and global society. In 2011 he presented the Dutch television program Dare to Think, from Socrates to Sartre. In March he was therefore named Trendwatcher of the Year 2012–2013.

Juliet Tzabar (UK) is Managing Director at Plug-in Media and has worked in digital media for over twelve years. In 2011, Juliet was also shortlisted for the Women in Technology Entrepreneur of the Year award. Following an early career in television as an Art Director, she switched to digital in 2000. Juliet specialises in delivering interactive projects with a broadcast tie-in and has produced games and websites for many well-loved children’s brands: Blue Peter, Bob the Builder and Teletubbies, to name but a few. Juliet joined Plug-in Media in 2007 and has overseen the company’s growth and success, establishing it as one of the UK’s leading digital agencies. Dutch new media artist Sander Veenhof (NL) studied computer science at the VU University in Amsterdam and graduated at the Instable Media department of the Rietveld Art Academy. He works at the cross section of these domains, combining his technical skills with the wish to innovate and explore the foreseeable future. Creating interactive storytelling projects for festivals such as Cinekid, IFFR, Lowlands and Oerol, Veenhof has become a specialist in augmented reality, the ultimate merger of digital and analogue environments, bringing the infinite possibilities of virtual reality to the world beyond the computer screen.



ZaPP National television is traditionally present at Cinekid. Presenting scores of new Dutch drama productions, youth documentaries and the Zapp Day for professionals. Suzanne Kunzeler, Net Manager Children’s Programmes NPO, explains why Zapp and Zappelin prefer to schedule Dutch productions: ‘We want to show children a world in which they can recognise themselves.’ Dutch programmes of Zapp, with a target group of children from 6 to 12 years old, and those of the junior version Zappelin (2-6), are amply represented at the festival. ‘With productions that entertain but are also familiar, and that inform children about the world around them’, Suzanne Kunzeler asserts (she holds this position since 2008, but has years of experience developing and programming youth television). ‘As the public broadcaster, we consider it important to show as many home-made, Dutch productions as possible, like Koekeloere, KRO’s Kindertijd and Sesamstraat - and for the elder age group programmes like Willem Wever and Checkpoint.’ A large part of the budget, Kunzeler explains, is reserved for drama series, like VRijland and SpangaS. ‘In home-made drama series and documentaries, children learn to relate to the world around them, developing their individual tastes along the way.’ In their programming, both youth channels address important issues for kids. For example, Zappelin teaches the smallest kids things about health, explaining the benefits of brushing your teeth and why it is healthy to eat an apple. On Zapp, the theme week Zapp Your Planet was


successfully launched last year, in which viewers can gather knowledge about sustainability in various ways. Through exciting battles on TV and information on the Internet, for example, they are taught how to treat waste, energy, nature, food and water in sustainable ways. ‘We want to make children aware of choices they can make themselves.’ So, do you throw your gum in the street or properly in a dustbin? And do you switch on the heater or do you first put on a sweater if you are cold? Zapp Your Planet gets a sequel in 2013. On the traditional Zapp Day, this year jointly organised with NTR, Zapp presents Zapp Your Planet 2013. During the afternoon Zapp Pitch, nominees pitch their ideas for new programmes to a professional jury. Before the festival, Zapp made an appeal to conceive a programme with the sustainability theme, which links in with Zapp Your Planet. The winner of the pitch gets 25,000 Euro to produce a pilot. Earlier that day, during the morning programme organised by NTR, the focus lies on the theme ‘from public children’s TV to public children’s media’. People like Marc Goodchild (former Head of Interactive CBBC) and Matthijs Leendertse (UvA) will give presentations. They will answer questions on how youngsters use the media and where opportunities lie for makers. Tuesday 23 October 10:00 - 17:00 Zapp Day MC Zaal

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25 jaar Klokhuis Absolutely Afro The Adventures of Pim & Pom Alfie, the Little Werewolf All of Me The Amazing World of Gumball Animation Zone Anne’s journey Approved for Adoption Augmented Reality Cubes Awesomenauts Azur and Asmar Birdifyer BLA BLA Blood, Sweat & Gingerbread Bloody Cheap Brikki de Leeuw Bubblescape360 Buenos Aires Recyclers Bullied: Justin Bullied: Lwiza Camille’s Diorama Cap or Kippah Cartoon Network 20 jaar Casting Checkpoint Chimpanzee Cinderella The Club of Ugly Children ColAR Cool Kids Don’t Cry Cubify Dancing in Style DanseDance The Day of the Crows DELETE Despicable Me 2, Casting Results Dive! Dobli Doctor Cheezy Dodu, the Cardboard Boy Donkey Girl The Eagle Hunter’s Son Eliot & Me Ernest & Celestine The Explorer and the Mystery of the Diamond Scarab

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Father Wanted...with a Piggy Nose Fatih Felix, Net and Nika and the Theoretically Possible Catastrophe 39 Fidgety Bram 167 Fidgety Bram, DVD Presentation 54 Film Zwart 70 The Fox & the Child 26 Frankenweenie 109 Free as a Bird 71 Frogs and Toads 55 Gers Pardoel - I’ll Take You With Me 134 Giants of the Hoods 55 Granny Lane 49 Growing in the Wind 59 Guard the House! 74 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 77 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 77 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 75 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 76 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 76 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 75 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 74 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 99 The Hideout 160 Hooroor Studio Frankenweenie 161 Host Your Own Show! 85 How to Survive... 135 Hybrid 60 I am Round 27 Ice Dragon 152 Ichi 28 Igor & the Cranes’ Journey 56 Into Spring 60 The Itch 50 Ivan’s Dream 51 Jalpari - The Desert Mermaid 105 Jan’s Mum 153, 168 Junior Dance 91 The Junior National Science Quizz 168 Junior Songfestival 40 Kauwboy 56 Kiekje 153 Kinect Disneyland Adventures 154 Kinect Star Wars 52 Kirikou and the Men and the Women 68 Kirikou and the Sorceress


68 Kirikou and the Wild Beasts 86, 91 Het Klokhuis maakt geschiedenis 61 Koyaa - The Extraordinary 93 KRO Children’s Time 93 Laura & Anne 4ever&ever 162 Leap in the Deep 94 Let it Shine 57 The Life of Death 61 The Little Bird and the Leaf 99 Little Mo 71 The Little Polar Bear 29 Lucky 163 MaKey MaKey 164 Masterclass 169 Meet & Greet with Mees Kees 118 miffy 169 miffy the Movie, Preview 30 Milo 136 Mimicry 85, 89, 109 Mina Moes 62 Miriam’s Green Spots 62 The Missing Meatballs 110 Mister Braker 137 Monkey Business 110 Monkey King 154 Monster Physics 111 Monsterous Toilet 63 Mouse for Sale 41 My Adventures by V. Swchwrm 89 My Crazy Granny 31 My Dad Is Baryshnikov 42 My Dad’s a Detective: The Battle 100 Nadia’s Tics 43 Nono, The Zigzag Kid, 72 On the Sly 100 One-Way Ticket to Bussum 63 Orange O Despair 115 Otto the Forester 111 Palemu’s Taxi 64 Papa’s Boy 112 Papa’s Tango 112 The Paper Eater 155 Papiria 138 Paro Seal 139 Pentatonick 94 Picknick with Pie 101 Play for Keeps

66 72 140 170 155 64 113 101 67 32 57 95, 115 65 141 142 102 143 87 165 106 44 87 95 65 53 45 144 96, 119 145 69 33 69 116 166 34 96, 116 117 113 106 146 35 147 97, 171 36

Polleke Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, Remask Rise of the Guardians, Casting Results Rocket Riot for iOS Run Out Sapney, the Dream Sarah’s Night Scratches in the Table The Secret Sheeped Away Sien van Sellingen 2 Signs SiliFulin Soundcubes Sounds for Mazin Starfield Stop My Sports Fanatic Parents StopTrain Taking the Plunge Teach This Is My Dad Thunder & Lighting Tiger Tom and Huck Tony 10 Traces Tumblies The Tumblies Crossmedia IP Twigson Twigson in Trouble Twigson Ties the Knot Ultimate Spiderman VibRobots The War of the Buttons Welcome to the Dutch Golden Age The Westwijk Four Wet When I Look in the Mirror Who is Afraid of Bugs? Wunderkinder You Were In My Dream Young Talent: in Music Zarafa



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Cinekid Catalogue 2012  

Cinekid catalogue 2012 contains information on all productions and activities during the 26th edition of the Cinekid Festival.