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CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Introduction CINEAST 5–22 October 2017 Luxembourg

The 10th CinEast (ciné-East) film festival presented Luxembourg audiences with a rich and varied selection of some of the best recent films from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Over 18 days, the festival offered around a hundred screenings of films of various genres from 19 countries that would otherwise have had little chance of being shown in local cinemas. The main objective of the festival is to present the most remarkable films from this part of Europe. However, it also strives to explore the cultures of the participating countries and to provide a space for friendly encounters and exchanges between the different communities living in Luxembourg.

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100 screenings over 18 days 60 feature and 40 short films from 19 countries Over 10 600 participants and 30 special guests Numerous special events (including 6 concerts and an exhibition)

That is why CinEast also presents concerts, DJ nights, exhibitions, gastronomic events, debates, activities for young audiences and other events. The thematic cycle of the 10th edition, "Making a Difference", was dedicated to all those who stand out and celebrate their difference in terms of identity, values, artistic expression, lifestyle or work, but who also strive for and promote change in their environment. Besides numerous films and two debates, an extensive photography exhibition at Neimënster was also dedicated to this theme.


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Official opening Neimënster, 5 October

The 10th CinEast festival was officially inaugurated in Salle Krieps at the Neimënster cultural centre by its director Ainhoa Achutegui, Claude Radoux (member of the Council of the City of Luxembourg) and Claude Frisoni (former director of Neimënster). The official ceremony was followed by the opening film Aurora Borealis by Márta Meszáros, presented in European premiere. Almost 300 people attended the event, including numerous representatives of the cultural scene, business, media and the diplomatic corps.

The opening ceremony was accompanied by the official opening of the photographic exhibition Making a Difference, produced in collaboration with Neimënster and displayed at the abbey’s Caves voûtées. After the projection of the opening film, a cocktail was held in the exhibition hall.


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Official competition, jury and awards

The official competition of the 2017 edition of CinEast, included 8 films: 3/4 by Ilian Metev, Birds Are Singing In Kigali by Joanna Kos-Krauze & Krzysztof Krauze, Daybreak by Gentian Koçi, Directions by Stephan Komandarev, Filthy by Tereza Nvotová, Miracle by Eglė Vertelytė, November by Rainer Sarnet and Soldiers. A Story From Ferentari by Ivana Mladenović. The international jury of CinEast 2017 was presided over by renowned French director Anne Fontaine and included the Romanian actor Adrian Titieni, the French producer Philippe Carcassonne, the Luxembourgish film producer and director Bady Minck and Oliver Baumgarten, programming director of the Max Ophüls Preis film festival.

The Awards Ceremony was held on October 20 at the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg in the presence of many representatives from the world of cinema and culture. The Grand Prix of the CinEast 2017 was awarded to the film Birds Are Singing In Kigali by Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze, while the Special Jury Prize went to the film Soldiers. A Story From Ferentari by Ivana Mladenović and the Audience Award was awarded to The Constitution by Rajko Grlić. The Critics’ Prize went to the film Directions by Stephan Komandarev.


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Film highlights

During the 2017 edition of CinEast festival, over 60 features and 40 shorts were screened in Luxembourgish cinemas (Cinémathèque, Ciné Utopia, Neimënster, Ancien Cinéma, Kulturfabrik and others). Many of the films had received major awards at international and national film festivals and most of them were shown at CinEast as their Luxembourg or Benelux premiere. The programme also included numerous documentaries, a few classics and special programmes for young audiences. In addition, special school screenings were organised in cooperation with the European Schools

(Mamer and Kirchberg), Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers and the Lycée Technique Agricole Ettelbrück. Among the most noteworthy films in the programme (apart from the official competition) were: On Body And Soul (Golden Bear, Berlinale 2017), Ana mon amour (Silver Bear, Berlinale 2017), Spoor (Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize, Berlinale 2017), A Gentle Creature (Official Selection in Cannes 2017), Western (Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2017 & Lux Prize finalist), The Citizen (San Jose 2017, Best Drama) and On The Milky Road (Emir Kusturica’s latest film).


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Short film programmes

Besides numerous features, CinEast 2017 also screened a large variety of short films.

The marathons were divided into two parts with snacks and drinks offered to viewers during the break.

More than 40 shorts were shown within four short film marathons: one devoted to documentary shorts, one to animated shorts and two to fiction shorts. Each marathon offered a careful selection of recent short films from the participating countries.

The audience had the opportunity to vote for the Audience Awards for Best Short Film in each of the three categories.


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Festival guests

CinEast 2017 welcomed over 30 renowned film directors, actors, producers and other guests, including: Boris Isaković (Serbian actor), Arkadiusz Jakubik (Polish actor and film director), Adrian Titieni (Romanian actor), Anne Fontaine (French film director), Stephan Komandarev (Bulgarian film director), Labina Mitevska (Macedonian producer and actress), Rainer Sarnet (Estonian film director), Peter Bebjak (Slovak film director), Egle Vertelyte (Lithuanian film director), Jowita Budnik (Polish actress), Edon Rizvanolli (Kosovar film director), Roland Vranik (Hungarian film director), Uldis Cekulis (Latvian producer) and others.

In addition, several Luxembourgish guests took part in debates during the festival. Film professionals from Central and Eastern Europe also participated in the 6th “CinEast Pro” co-production workshop (held at FilmLand in Kehlen) on 16 October, a networking event aimed at enhancing collaboration between producers from Luxembourg and their colleagues from the East (with the support of Film Fund Luxembourg).


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Photographic exhibition and charity project

For the seventh year in a row, the CinEast festival featured an extensive photographic exhibition, this time related to the thematic cycle "Making a Difference"dedicated to all those who stand out and celebrate their difference in terms of identity, values, artistic expression, lifestyle or work, but who also strive for and promote change in their environment. Eight different projects from artists from Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Macedonia and the Czech Republic were exhibited in the Caves voûtées of Neimënster for the duration of the festival (5 to 22 October). The exhibition

was freely accessible and was seen by several thousand visitors. In the framework of its charity project the CinEast festival collected funds amounting to 2 874.73 EUR through donations from festival-goers as well as proceeds from the sale of the photographs from the exhibition. All the money collected was donated to the organisation Wings Of Hope / Krila nade, which provides psychological and educational support to children and young people severely affected by the war in Bosnia.


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Balkan Night with Besh o droM Melusina, 7 October

On the first festival weekend, the traditional Balkan Night was held at the Melusina club, bringing together lively performances by the Hungarian group Besh o droM, supported by DJ Robert Soko and local band Toldi Mike.

The performance electrified the dancing crowd, which insisted on the musicians giving several encores. The night continued until 3 a.m. with the set of DJ Robert Soko, the initiator of the legendary BalkanBeats parties.

The audience had the opportunity to enjoy the unique energetic show of Besh o droM, a group inspired by Balkan, Gypsy, Transylvanian, Jewish and even Middle Eastern traditions.

The event attracted more than 600 people and was a remarkable success.

CinEast 10th Anniversary Party Rotondes, 14 October

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of CinEast, the festival organised a special evening to share this moment of joy and success with the public, the volunteers and the guests present. The evening took off with an entertaining quiz about the festival and CEE countries, followed by a funny short film and a birthday cake. The main star of the night was the Estonian group Svjata Vatra, which surprised the public with their original take on “Cossack Baltic folk rock”.

The night continued until 3 a.m. with a set served by DJ dr. GonZo, an iconic figure of Luxembourg’s nightlife. Moreover, a selection of tasty traditional Eastern European dishes and drinks was available all through the night. The party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CinEast attracted more than 300 people.


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Apero Jazz with Sergei Wowkotrub Gipsy Swing Quartet Neimënster, 15 October

For the first collaboration as part of the “AperoJazz” series, CinEast and Neimënster invited the outstanding musicians of Sergei Wowkotrub Gipsy Swing Quartet to give their first ever show in Luxembourg. Around 230 visitors came to listen to the quartet’s authentic mix of gipsy jazz soaked with heartfelt Slavic

emotions. A repertoire comprised of original tunes, interpretations of classics by Django Reinhardt or Stéphane Grappelli, as well as some takes on well-known pop melodies and film soundtracks thrilled the audience, who thanked the musicians with standing ovations after several encores.

Jazz ciné-concert by the Semi-Invented Trio Cinémathèque, 18 October

Following the tradition from previous years, the musical programme of the festival also included a live music soundtrack to a silent film (ciné-concert). The Polish ensemble Semi-Invented Trio, which combines jazz with Eastern European rhythms using piano, drums and violin, provided live music accompaniment to a unique rarity in the world’s cinema – the restored version of the Hungarian silent film The Undesirable by Mihály

Kertész (better known as Michael Curtiz, director of such classics as Casablanca). The group conquered the hearts of the audience through their variety of musical inspirations, playful change of rhythms and an atmosphere perfectly matching the plot of the film. Over a hundred people enjoyed this very special audiovisual experience at the Cinémathèque..


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Closing Event with Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra Melusina, 21 October

The Closing Event of the 10th edition of CinEast, offering an exotic cocktail of Balkan music and Jamaican ska with the Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra and an energising DJ set with DJ Don Simon, attracted around 250 people. The Belgian group, inspired by Balkan music and Gipsy rhythms, invaded Melusina to amaze the public with an

exhilarating and unforgettable experience, keeping the crowds on the dancefloor. After the gig, the night continued with an eclectic set of DJ Don Simon. As usual, hearty traditional dishes from different CinEast countries were available throughout the night to provide much-needed fuel for the dancing experience.

CinEast at Mudam Mudam, 18 October

For the fourth year in a row, the CinEast festival co- The screening was followed by a lively discussion with the organised a special event in collaboration with the Musée directors Yllka Gjollesha and Suela Bako about the film and d'Art Moderne (MUDAM). the photographic work of Milli. On Wednesday 18 October, the museum’s auditorium hosted the screening of the Albanian documentary Light dedicated to the world master of photography Gjon Milli, well-known for his collaboration with Pablo Picasso on the "Picasso is drawing with light" series.

The evening culminated with a short jazz concert by Julia Belova Jazz Trio in the museum’s hall.


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW

Gastronomy events

The 10th edition of Cineast also provided plenty of opportunities to discover and explore the national cuisines of the countries from Central and Eastern Europe. The traditional gastronomic evening in Brasserie Wenzel has attracted over 70 people who were treated with a selection of traditional dishes from Eastern Europe, as well as regional beers and wines. Moreover, three food stands were available at the CinEast’s 10th Anniversary Party at the Rotondes.

A selection of typical dishes was also served at the two events held at the Melusina club (Balkan Night and Closing Event). Some culinary encounters also took place directly in the cinemas before or after selected screenings and throughout the 10th festival, festival-goers could try some of the typical snacks and drinks available at the CinEast minibar installed at the Cinémathèque..

Couverture médiatique The 10th CinEast festival was covered by a large number of different media outlets in Luxembourg, the surrounding region, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and international media specialising in cinema (e.g. In addition to wide coverage by the media partners of the festival, many articles were published in all major newspapers in the country and numerous magazines. The festival was also covered by radio stations (100,7, Radio Ara City etc.) and a large number of websites.


CinEast 2017 – OVERVIEW


The 2017 edition of the CinEast festival would not have been possible without the support of our partners. We would like to thank them warmly for their trust, support and encouragement. We would especially like to thank our two main institutional partners: the City of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg, whose long-term commitment to our project has allowed the festival to keep going and continue to evolve.

We would also like to thank our main screening partners (Cinemathèque, Neimënster and Utopia Group), our main private sponsors: Kulczyk Investments, BGL BNP Paribas, Orange and Luxair, and the film institutions (especially Film Fund Luxembourg and the Polish Film Institute), as well as the embassies, the cultural centres and all other partners that made the 10th anniversary edition possible..


Cineast 2017 overview  

A short overview of the 10th edition of CinEast, the Central and Eastern European Film Festival in Luxembourg (5-22 October 2017). More info...

Cineast 2017 overview  

A short overview of the 10th edition of CinEast, the Central and Eastern European Film Festival in Luxembourg (5-22 October 2017). More info...