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Forest Hills High School Key Club February Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 11 Edited and Designed by Cindy Win

Helping the communities… Having a passionate heart… Helping those in need…


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Key Club News President’s Message New Board! Questions Answered about LTC Events Contact Information

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I pledge, on my honor, To uphold the objects of Key Club International; To build my home, school and community; To serve my nation and God; And to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

Welcome to the tenth Forest Hills High School Key Club Newsletter! This newsletter includes various events in January, Key Club international news, etc. from 2012-2013. This newsletter will inform you all about what the Forest Hills High School Key club is and does. It’s February and LTC is coming up! Email me at if you are interested in going! -Cindy Win “Caring-our way of lie”- Key Club Motto

The new officers for this year are President Cindy Win, Vice President Woeser Dolma, Secretary Bill Gao, Treasurer Elaine Wu, and Editor Sunayna!

There will be a reading to kids event in March for the celebration of Dr. Suess’ birthday! The march divisional will be on March 8 and it’s the last division run by our lieutenant governor, Carla Pacheco! It has been a great 3 years with Carla as lieutenant governor!

Hello New York District, My name is Daniel Ivan Lin and I am your New York District Governor for the 2012 - 2013 service year. It seems not too long ago I was elected to serve as your governor, but here we are prepared to put this year to a spectacular closing, while welcoming a garden of new leaders to spread the seeds of service to those in need in our local homes, schools, and communities. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share this moment with all of you, not only as your governor, but as a member of the mighty New York District. So here I extend my welcome to all of you to the 65th Annual Leadership Training Conference, because you have made this year happen. You have been the positive change for this organization. As we gather together in our state's capital, Albany, let us celebrate the core values of this organization - caring, character building, leadership, and inclusiveness - through great workshops, dances, service and fundraising projects, motivational speakers, awards, recognition, and much more. Let us unite to meet others, inpsire them, and motivate them, because we are more than just an organization of service leaders. We are a family. I hope through this conference you will see all the great things that our district has done this year and more importantly better understand what makes this organization such an amazing one like no other. Most importantly, I hope this conference will be one of your best moments of your life, because for the past four years, Leadership Training Conference has never failed to make my life more special. To all seniors, it's been four long years and I hope to see you all so that we can bring our time in Key Club to a memorable and meaningful end. To all underclassmen, you are the future of Key Club and the rest of the world, because we are leaders. As you all have placed your trust in me as your governor, I trust you all, the great members of this great district of this great organization will make this 65th Annual Leadership Training Conference, a moment of a lifetime. Happy 65th, New York District! I can't wait to see all of you! Thank you all so much! Yours in the spirit of service, Daniel Ivan Lin New York District Governor Key Club International

CALLING ALL ONE DAY STORIES February 18, 2013 With Kiwanis One Day just around the calendar corner on April 6, clubs worldwide are putting the final touches on their plans for their part in this day of service. Don't forget one important assignment. Make sure to email a summary of your One Day activities and action photos to by April 10. Photos should be taken at a camera's highest setting in a large, high resolution format. Visit for dos and don'ts that may help get your club's story published locally and beyond. PROMOTE DEVELOPMENT OF HAPPY, HEALTHY, CARING KIDS February 18, 2013 If your Key Club co-sponsors a K-Kids or Builders Club you have the opportunity to help these young leaders gain important social and emotional skills. When youth focus on developing this skill set they strengthen their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to cope day to day with thoughts, feelings, emotions and connections to others. Here’s what you can do.

Q. How much does the conference cost? A. The conference costs $265.00 per Key Club Member, and $310.00 per Key Club Advisor or Chaperone (single rooms available for $600.0). This includes all conference costs.

*Our Club has to pay an extra $50 bus fee!!! Q. Why is the price online $4.00 less than the advertised price? A. An administrative fee will be added on ($4 per person) to the total cost at the end of the registration form. All costs are as advertised. Q. Do I have to register online? A. Yes, all registration for the Leadership Training Conference must be completed online. The process is quick and easy!

*The officers will handle this!! Just give us the money in an envelope with your name, student ID, email, and phone number!! Q. How do I make changes to my registration? A. To make changes, email nydconference@gmail.comwith any requested changes to your attendees or information. We will process the change and get respond to you in a timely manner. Q. Will my students be roomed together at the conference? A. All students from the same club will be roomed in the same room and as close to one another as possible. The hotel will also place students near their listed faculty advisor/chaperone. Q. When do I pay for the conference? A. Once you submit the online registration, you will receive a confirmation page. Please print this page out and mail it to the listed address along with payment. No registration or rooming will be confirmed until payment is received. Q. Are there other forms that are required? A. Yes, students must also bring copies of their Medical Release Form and Delegate Registration Form with them to the conference. Q. My school administration requires an invoice, how can we receive one? A.

On your confirmation page, and in your confirmation email, you will see a link for "Invoice". Click here for a copy of your club's printable invoice.

Contact if you have any problems finding this document. Q. Who should I ask if I have other questions? A. All questions can be directed to or any of the old officers!!

Presidents Message Hey Key Clubbers! This is the month of February, and the new board's terms will take over after LTC! I finally achieved my dream of being the Forest Hills High School Key Club President and I am super jubilant because I got this position! As promised in my speech, I will try to make the years 2013-2014 the best years in the Forest Hills High School Key Club!

Meet the 2013-2014 Club

Board! President

Editor/Web Master

Secretary Vice President


Meet the New President! Hello fellow key club members! I, Cindy Win, am the new President of the Forest Hills High School Key Club! I get a weird feeling writing about myself in my own newsletter, but I am very proud to say I am the President for 2013-2014! My name is no longer Cindy Win; it’s Cindy Won! I am very excited to finally be the ultimate leader of the club. I really hope to implement all of the ideas I had in my speech for the new term. I am currently a junior and was the editor and web master of our key club, divisional secretary, and divisional scrapbook committee head. I have been part of this club since last year and I have been active in it ever since I joined it. I wanted the position of president of our club because I want to help our key club continue to be one of the best key clubs in our division. I wanted to have more responsibility in the club and have the opportunity to create many exciting events that you guys would want to attend. I will also try to find an efficient way to communicate with everyone, listen and consider all suggestions for future events. As President, I will make sure that everyone is aware about all the events in key club through email or other ways and I will make sure no one feels left out. I will appreciate the new officers and all of you guys. I am very involved in our key club and in our division. In our key club, as web designer, I created the club’s website from scratch, updated the website and emailed people about upcoming events. As editor, I created our first newsletter and started the first scrapbook ever since key club existed in our school and went beyond what I had to do as an editor of the club. I wrote many articles about last year’s events, even though it’s not my job to write articles. As divisional secretary, I helped out our club and 11 other key clubs in the division and helped solve many of the problems that occurred in those clubs so if there are future problems in our club, I would know how to handle them. In addition, the year I became an officer of our key club is the year our key club became rank one among 11 other key clubs in our division. I put a lot of time and effort into being an officer of our club and division and I hope to continue to do so. I have the skills for president because I am friendly, open minded, experienced and assertive. I have led many events on my own in our club. I know how to advertise for the club. For example, I gave the idea of having a club fair, which was an effective way to gain members. We gained 100 members in total through this idea. If there were any events in the future, I won’t be lost because I have a gps in my iphone. For future plans, I plan to have more events involving more organizations and have a more variety of events. I will try to find ways for people to not be on probation. If there were any months with limited events or limited amount of people allowed to go to each event, I wouldn’t put the requirement for those months because I want to include everyone in events. During club meetings, I plan to do community service stuff such as writing letters to kids to have more members attend the meetings. I also plan to have more events in the summer so we will stay in touch with each other and stay in key club when school starts. I plan to work on communication between the officers so there isn’t any miscommunication. I will respect them and tell them all about my future plans. For events, I will try my best to get us metro cards so we don’t have to pay for them. I’m friendly and you can always come to me for help. I am an open-minded person and I will listen to everyone’s suggestions about the club. I will always think of you guys as my family and your support means a lot to me. I want everyone to be involved and to be happy with my decisions. Aside from key club, I am the editor in chief of the medical magazine in our school and math team captain. I spend much of my time working on extracurricular activities and volunteering at a hospital daily. Some fun facts about me are that I’m from Burma and I was almost born in South Africa! Burma is located near Thailand, China, and India. My inspirations are my sister and my parents. They inspire me to be a better person and to help out other people, which is a main reason I joined Key Club. I wanted to volunteer more and help people and the community and inspire others to do the same. I am very proud to be part of the Forest Hills High School Key Club because we are very active in helping others and I wouldn’t want to be part of any other key club!

Do You Know Your Vice President?

Get to Know the Secretary!

Hello students of Forest hills, I am the new Vice President of Key Club for 2013-2014. My name is Woeser Dolma. I am over joyed of becoming the new Vice President. I love volunteering my time and helping others, so being a part of key club allows me to accomplish this. As the new Vice President I hope to help come up with fun filling ideas for the events, to ensure that everyone receives the top notch experience of key club!

Hello fellow Key Clubbers, my name is Bill Gao and I will be club’s new secretary. I take great honor in bestowing such a privilege, because it gives me a chance to give back to the community. I’ll be sure to manage the hour log, and any paperwork that happens to comes my way. I will work to the best of my abilities, to make sure everything is done in a neat and orderly fashion. If there are ever any problems, please inform me so I can address them. Hopefully, my fellow officers and I will be able to uphold your expectations, and make the club even better for the upcoming year.

Treasurer’s Greeting!

Whose Your Editor?!

My fellow Key Clubbers, greetings! This is I, your new treasurer for next year, Elaine Wu saying a, well a warm hello! I am honored to be chosen as treasurer and will without a doubt succeed in making Key Club better than ever. I will try my hardest to find ways we, as a whole, as a family (or friends) can do to raise money for our club in order to be able to go to fun” get together events without needing to pay as much, or if possible, free. Events like car wash, bake sales, garage sales, parties, etc. are some fundraising ideas I have in mind. I will strive in making Key Club fun for everyone. Making everyone happy is what I plan to do; any problems people have I will be willing to try to solve them. Let’s make the next year of Key Club the best and most memorable year yet!

Hi everyone :) My name is Sunayna Limbu. I'm currently a junior and am your next key club editor :D I am really looking forward to working with you all. It will be really fun ^.^ If you're wondering what my responsibilities are, I will be making newsletters and bulletin boards for our club. I promise to be responsible and work hard so that our club remains the best !!! I'm usually a shy girl but I have learnt to overcome that. I am a friendly person and you can always reach me if you have any questions regarding the club. Key Club is a part of my life and I am always willing to dedicate my time for our great club and for you guys ! :D

Rose Sale By Cindy Win From February 11-14, we did the Rose Sale event! The Rose Sale is one of the most important events/fundraisers that our Key Club has every year because our club has always gotten the most amount of money from school kids. The Rose Sale was designed for people to give their valentines roses for Valentine’s Day! Romance is in the air and what better way to show one’s love for another other than giving that person a rose? On Monday through Wednesday, we organized the roses and took off the petals that looked like they were dying. Unfortunately, the roses we received from the vendor weren’t as good as last years’ because some died but at least we got red roses, which usually cost more than the other colored roses. We could either sell the roses in the cafeteria or deliver them to classrooms. Both options were chaotic but worth it in the end because our club got to see happy faces when people got the roses or sent them. We set up a table in the middle of the cafeteria so everyone could conveniently come to buy roses and the place also attracted people that were on the lunch lines to buy roses. This was one of our strategies to raise more money for the cause. Four to five people volunteered to collect the money and small cards from people who bought the roses. The Rose Sale was a long process but we got through it with the cooperation from most of the Key Club members and with the thought that it would help those in need. We raised a total of over $1,000, which is major improvement from last year in which we only raised $400.

Cleaning up and Lawn Repair at Fort Tryon Park, Manhattan By Mir Ahmed Four members of the key club were present for the cleanup at Fort Tryon Park. We met at our usual meeting place first, Roosevelt Avenue. Then we took the “A” train to 181 st street that on the tip of Manhattan. As we were walking towards the park, we saw couple of women right next to a truck full of equipment, which they would provide for us for cleaning up the park and repair the lawn. There were people from all ages. One of the ladies gave us a spade and we followed her towards the lawn. She told us what to do. I found the task quite interesting. First, we took the spades and made a little jump on the side of the spades so that it goes inside the ground. Then we lifted the spade slightly upward and continued doing this until we reached the other end of the lawn. The purpose of this task was to loosen the soil and provide some fresh air inside. All of us enjoyed doing this activity. The next task they assigned was raking the leaves. The park was full of leaves so we had to work really fast. Two of us held the recycle bag and other two raked the leaves and put them inside the bags. We did the raking very neatly. Next task we had to do is to break up a big mud rock with our spade. That was the most hectic task we did among those three. After that we took some pictures and the team members who were directing the task thanked us and after all we destined to our home.

How Key Club Affected My Life By Bill Gao It was a crisp, autumn day, when the school doors finally opened. Students were flooding in, as they rushed to meet old friends and new teachers. Schedules had been distributed and a long line had been formed to get them changed. In the midst of this chaos, school clubs had begun advertising for new members. However, it was Key Club that gained the most recognition. In almost every class, a representative was there to discuss the club’s benefits. Handouts were being distributed for admission, and within a few months, more than 300 students had joined. In all honesty, I was originally hesitant about the idea of joining key club. After all, would the admission fee ($11) be worth it? Would I even enjoy the events I go to? There was also a lingering fear that I would be kicked out of the club, if I didn’t meet the necessary hours. However, the positive aspects seemed to outweigh the negative ones. Not only would I be able to make a difference in my community, but I would also be surrounded by friends. Although it took some persuasion, I finally gave in my admission fee on October 2012. My curiosity took the better of me, after consistently hearing great things about the club. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and was earning community service hours for it. They were attending incredible events such as the AVON walk for breast cancer, and the walk against hunger. Some of my friends were able to meet Nick Cannon through the NYC Kidney Walk! As I look back upon this decision, I realize this was one that I do not regret. Not only am I given the chance to spend time with friends, but Key Club was given me a better sense of whom I am, and the community around me. Through their events, I was able to visit several parts of the great city we live in. For example, I was able to visit Demarco Park in Astoria through a park cleanup and explore the Lower East Side of Manhattan through the NYC Amazing Race. I also enjoyed the great sense of gratitude after a long, hard day of work. Key Club has allowed me to see a bigger picture, beyond my life at school. Life was more than just grades and school work. Life was about helping the others, and devoting time with loved ones. This is how Key Club changed my life. Key Club's Impact on My life By Karen Ko Key Club has been new to my life. It was only recent that I joined and it was also the first club I did join in high school. The first event that I participated in was Imagination Playground. After Hurricane Sandy struck the East coast, many areas were in turmoil. The Imagination Playground event was a sand clean up. After helping out clean the park, my muscles were sore and my back hurt for days. However, the next event I joined was the Fall Rally. Many Key Clubs joined together for workshops. I was introduced to many new faces. Some of those faces later became my friends. Fall Rally was filled with a lot of Key Club spirit. I was introduced to the Key club cheer. I was able to have a better understanding of what Key Club was about and it was also the event that made the biggest impact on me. Key Club has impacted my life in a positive way. Key Club is a place people can have fun and relax. It is safe haven where people in school can come together and make new friends. This year, I have made a lot of interesting friends. As a kid that wasn't interested in making friends, Key Club has taught me the value of friendship. Friendship is a valuable thing, and many people are never able to find true friends that they can trust. I would have not became so close to my friends it if wasn't for Key Club. Key Club has also taught me to be courageous and believe in myself. Before I became a Key Clubber, I was unsure of myself. I did not have the courage to follow my dreams. My friends supported me and I have gained a lot of courage. I have also learned to be more courteous and understanding of other people. Key Club has become important to my growth as a human being that will be more capable of maturing into a responsible and caring adult in a near future. Key Club's focus was: "Leadership, Character Building, Caring, and Inclusiveness" I believe it has done just that. Thank you, Key Club.


Key Club Email:

President(Sonam Sherpa)Cell phone number- 908-367-0461 -Email address- Vice President(Sanket Aggarwal)Cell phone number-347-557-2343 -Email Address- Secretary(Stephen Mnere)Email Address- Treasurer(Shreeya Tuladhar)Email Address- Editor/Web Designer(Cindy Win)Cell phone number-347-924-2751 -Email address-

FHHS Key Club February Newsletter 2012-2013  

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