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Forest Hills High School Key Club May Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2

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Forest Hills Key Club May Newsletter

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Volume 1 Issue 2

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KEY CLUB PLEDGE I pledge, on my honor, To uphold the objects of Key Club International; To build my home, school and community; To serve my nation and God; And to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

Welcome to the second issue of the Forest Hills High School Key Club Newsletter! This newsletter includes various events that occurred in May, future ideas, New York District news, etc. from 2012-2013. This newsletter will inform you all about what the Forest Hills High School Key club is and does. It’s May! The month that flowers bloom and the month I was born! It’s also the month of AP exams and we understand if people don’t go to most of the events this month. My club has made some rules that will be established in September!

-Cindy Win “Caring-our way of lie”- Key Club Motto


Key Club / Circle K members, it’s time to send out those fundraising reminders, get your sneakers ready & have a great time walking for healthy babies! Here are a few tips to help you and your team get ready for the big day at March for Babies: The night before! Check the weather and let teammates know if they should pack a raincoat and/or sunscreen. Text a reminder about when and where your team will meet at March for Babies. Make sure any signs you want to bring are packed and ready to go. Pack the essentials and the maybe-essentials: a fully charged cell phone, your list of walkers’ phone numbers, T-shirts and Band-Aids®. Bring all cash & checks with you to turn in at the walk! Post a reminder on Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone you are walking, and ask them to help you reach or exceed your fundraising goal for healthy babies! 1 to 2 days after March for Babies Personally thank everyone who helped, and if you can’t do so in person, be sure to say thank you by email. Let everyone who walked or supported the team know how much was raised and how important their efforts were. Send handwritten notes to supporters and encourage team members to do the same. Give local businesses that supported your team a boost. Thank them in your social spaces and stop by in person. Celebrate your success! Post your fundraising total online. Celebrate team members and top fundraisers with a picnic or party. Thank you for supporting the March of Dimes in March for Babies! Send photos & stories to and post on our Facebook page at


Welcome our new board for 2012-2013 for the New York District Key Club!!

Daniel Ivan Lin District Governor

Mr. John Golstein District Administrator

Amber Lee District Secretary

Barry Lee District Webmaster

Annie Porfido District Treasurer

Emily Gicewicz Tina Lee Executive Assistant

Holy Cheong District Editor

Tina Lee Executive Assistant

Divisional News

In our division, we attended the AIDS walk and donated money to the organization! The cabinet members are Lieutenant Governor Carla Pacheco, Executive Assistant Cindy Pietrakowski, Secretary Maahi Chowdury, and Head of Committees Anum Momin

Club News

In our club, we made up a requirement of 3 hours per month of community service that a person has to do in order to stay in the club and not be on probation. We also did the AIDS Walk and our club donated the most money out of the other clubs in our division! We are very proud to have raised the most money at the event!

President’s Message

Hey guys, My name is Sonam Sherpa, your president for 2012-2013. I will keep my message short. AP exams are here, and I hope you are well prepared for it. We will be doing some events after AP Exams, so I hope to see you there! Also, Membership Recruitment Drive has started. Check out further information on how to join. I hope to have a splendid year with you guys!

THE AIDS WALK By Cindy Win On May 20, 2012, the AIDS Walk took place in Central Park. The AIDS Walk was made to support people who have been fighting this disease. AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. This disease causes extreme damage to the immune system. AIDS is the sixth leading cause of death among people ages 25 - 44 in the United States. So far, there is no known cure for AIDS but that doesn’t mean that there’s no way to help people with this disease. The AIDS walk helps people with AIDS feel motivated to keep fighting AIDS. Our key club, Forest Hills High School Key club, tried our best to inform everyone in our school about the AIDS walk so many people could help those infected with AIDS. We made many announcements on the school’s speakers and informed all of our members to participate in this walk. On the day of the walk, we collected over $80. Our members are altruistic and caring people and felt we had to donate money to those infected with AIDS. We hope people with AIDS can improve their lives with the money we donated and we hope that we affected their lives positively. During the walk, some of our members were exhausted from walking many miles continuously, but we always kept in mind that by walking, we would help someone’s life change for the better. We noticed the tremendous amount of people who walked on that day, regardless of how hot it was and how tiring it was for those people. Some people even had disabilities and still participated in the AIDS walk. For example, some people were limping and holding onto their clutches while walking, but they wouldn’t stop walking. We were astonished that these kinds of people would walk in pain to support people with AIDS. This act of kindness made us smile contently because we noticed there are so many people that are amicable enough to take their time and effort to walk for this cause. Our Key Club hopes to inspire many people in our school and around the world to help people.

My Awesome Experience in Key Club By Perry Chu Ever since I joined Key Club, I can’t imagine how much it has impacted me. Before I joined key club, I wasn’t really interactive with others and I would always stay at home. But ever since I did, I saw others helping and making an impact on the community. Their actions really inspired me to put myself out there and do what others were doing as well; it also gave me a reason to get out of my house and do something new. Joining this club created many connections between the new friends I made and me. I got along with others that I have helped and personally impacted on. I have never felt so good about myself and I never regret joining either. Helping others is what I really enjoy because when I see others happy, it really makes me happy and I really like to explore and go on many adventures. This club has made me more outgoing and social. Everyone is friendly and act like they are in one family in the group and I feel like my heart is connected to every one of them. It’s a really fun and a great experience. To me, Key club is like my second family because I know mostly everyone in the club, we make others comfortable and we also look after one another. It’s just amazing that words can’t express how awesome this club is and I hope younger generations continue to lead this club because there’s no reason to stop. What I believe my role in this club is to contribute what I can to the community as well as lead the younger generations, so they can continue the work that we started and come up with newer ideas to improve people’s lives and the community that they live in. From the day I joined key club and now, I have gained so many new skills I never thought I would be able to do and it’s all thanks to my president of the club , who is also known as Sonam Sherpa. He’s really an inspiration and I really looked up to him. He’s dedicated, friendly, kind, funny, and determined. I really wish I was like him because without him our club wouldn’t have so much people in it. Basically, he proved that the impossible can be possible and that is truly an inspiration to me and I believe that others would agree with me too. With that much determination, it really has motivated me to think and act in a better way as I contribute the skills I’ve gained such as new skills from new people, including friends and neighbors that I’ve encountered.

Why Forest Hills High School Key Club is the Best By Cindy Win 1.    2.         3.    

Organized Updates minutes after every event/meeting Makes sign-up sheets for people who plan to volunteer for fundraisers Makes power points for every meeting Social Communicates with other clubs within the school to plan events together Communicates with other key clubs during divisional events/meetings Talks to each key club member personally to show how special they are Emails members about events Has weekly officers’ meeting before every key club meeting Communicates with Lieutenant Governor about advice Communicates with advisers about future plans Makes school announcements about important events and meetings Leadership Qualities Divisional Secretary, Scrapbook committee head, Head of all committees in Division 8A Enunciates every word for everyone to hear Respects key club members’ opinions and ideas Communicates with each other

Improvements in Our Club


Before - 2012

Now (2012-2013)


No membership Requirement

Membership Requirement


No Committee System

Committee System


No Project Leaders

Project Leaders


No Award System

Member of the Month; Member Ranking, etc.


No Event Calendar System

Event Calendar System

With new Executive Board, new club policies are installed and new goals are introduced! These policies will start in September! One of the new club policies include three hours of community service each month requirement for both officers and members! You will see the benefits of coming to the upcoming events!

Reasons why we are having this requirement:  For active participation!  We put this requirement because it isn’t fair to those members who go to most of the events, but are recognized equally as members who don’t.  To develop responsibility and character of citizenship in every member.

What happens if I don’t follow the requirement?  If anyone doesn’t follow the requirement, then he or she will be put in probation until July. During probationary period, if you don’t remain active, then your membership will be terminated. This is simply designed to teach you responsibility and develop a character of citizenship; I hope everyone understands!

How can I earn three hours?  Service hours: attend any event (that is three hours long).  Donation hours: Do fundraisers or donate! Every $5 = 1 hour (so collect $15 donation!

Why are we letting members lead events? - In case none of the officers can make it to an event, there will still be a person to lead the event. - He/she will make members gain leadership skills. - He/she will make sure everyone is united during the event and check attendance for that event. -This is a temporary leader of the event and it is not a LEADERSHIP POSITION! So you cannot put this on your college applications, but you will get service credit for leading the group.

Thank you so much to all those members who filled out our annual club evaluation form and question number 3 on your application!! We will do our best to do the events that you suggested! -- House, Nursing Homes, Soup Kitchens, park Cleanup, Beach Cleanup, and many more. ~~ *Keep giving us suggestions/ideas because we believe that your ideas are extremely important!!

We will be doing more walks and fun activities that people enjoyed such as painting and cleaning up parks. Starting this year, we will give awards to members, so none of your hard work will go to waste!! We are holding an Award Night this year, so be there! (It’s at the end of the year)

Fun Key Club Game! By Raskmika Singh

Try to fill up the words and match the letter with the number! Email me at for the answers!


Key Club Email:

President(Sonam Sherpa)Cell phone number- 908-367-0461 -Email address- Vice President(Sanket Aggarwal)Cell phone number-347-557-2343 -Email Address- Secretary(Stephen Mnere)Email Address- Treasurer(Shreeya Tuladhar)Email Address- Editor/Web Designer(Cindy Win)Cell phone number-347-924-2751 -Email address-

FHHS Key Club May Newsletter 2012-2013  

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