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Often webmasters and web developers are supplied with the information that is supposed to go on the website through either some type of Microsoft PDF to HTML converter Office document or even in a PDF. Even though PDF is the most convenient format forsaving and sharing documents, as it is compatible with just about every computer and operating system, PDF files are not suitable for website building. People who make websites usually work in HTML, which is the predominant markup language for web pages. Transferring information for a website from PDF to HTML can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you are dealing with a lot of information. However, thanks to some great PDF to HTML online converters that are available on the Internet today, web designers no longer have to transfer information from the PDFs to HTML manually. Here are five great, completely free online PDF to HTML converters to check out. 1)

Free PDF to HTML

This online converter is completely free and very fast. Once you submit your PDF to be converted, you will be sent a URL in no time at all that will give you the information in HTML. Just copy the HTML code provided and paste it freely into your website. 2)

PDF > HTML Converter

Uploadyour PDF and click “Send”. You willreceive the information in HTML format within seconds. The converted file will be sent to your email address. This service prides itself in creating HTML files that will be exact replicas of your PDFs, with no words or images being omitted. The maximum file size of your uploaded PDF is very generous – 32MB! 3)


PDFdownload converts web-based PDFs into HTML. All you have to do is paste the URL of the PDF that you want converted, and you will receive a new URL of the PDF in HTML format. It’s that simple. 4)

PDF to HTML Online Converter

Another converter that is big on replicating your PDF accurately in HTML by including everything found on every page of your PDF in the final HTML page you are provided. The only downside is that you cannot upload and convert a PDFlarger than 2MB. 5)

Convert PDF to HTML

A very simple design, but the converter still does the trick. All you have to do is select a PDF file from your computer and press the convert button to get an HTML version of it in seconds. All of these PDF to HTML converters are fully free, perform desired conversion and save your time when designing web-pages.

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5 Free PDF to HTML Converters  

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