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Editor’s Letter Hello Key Clubbers, The semester has come to an end, and I hope everyone is doing well during this busy time of year. This year, I participated in my first Boot Walk, and it was inspiring to see people unite to raise awareness for cancer. Next semester, I’m excited to see us continue to serve others. With love and service. Cindy Zhuang

President’s Message Hey Key Clubbers! We just had an event this weekend for the MD Anderson Cancer Center Annual Boot Walk. Even in the pouring rain and the freezing cold (which has just been coming to Houston!), hundreds of supporters came out to walk, wearing bright shirts and smiling hard. Our members who came out to volunteer joined a cheer station on the side and yelled out encouraging things and cheered on the walkers, adding to the spirit with some cowbells and colorful streamers. Though the unexpected weather, we all walked away from the event feeling motivated and inspired to do more for the community. I’ve participated in the boot walk two years in a row now, and though this year was a bit unorganized with the different starting line and the awful weather, it was every bit as rewarding as before. The free oranges and tshirts were a plus too :). We’ll start a new semester soon. Let’s keep going, everyone! I know we can all keep grinding whatever we need to do, whether it be college apps, SAT/ ACT studying, or homework, and stay on top of our extracurriculars while still being able to contribute to the community. Remember to have fun, Annabelle Wang


Registration for the Texas-Oklahoma District Convention is open. Come participate in workshops, dances, voting, and meet new friends!

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Upcoming/Recent Events


Project Santa 

December 1, 10am-12pm

Bellaire High School

We will have a booth to help children decorate paper snowmen. Come check out the other activities as well! We will also be giving gifts to children.

Houston Chevron Marathon 

January 18-20

450 St. Emanuel St. Houston, TX 77002

Join the Race Crew and help distribute food, water, packets, and confirmation cards to runners.


Key Club International is the oldest (founded 1925) and one of the largest service programs for high school students. It is a studentled organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through helping others. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives.

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Project Santa


Samara Zuckerbrod, Co-President

Project Santa is an event that Bellaire High School, including the Bellaire Key Club, participates in each year. The event is tailored to help underprivileged kids from the Texas Children’s Hospital have a great holiday season. The clubs that choose to participate can either sponsor a kid (by giving them a gift) or host a booth at the school’s carnival. (The best clubs do both!) Key Club decided to do both. We sponsored a kid and eagerly awaited hearing what they wanted for their holiday gift. Brainstorming what our booth would be was the hard part. Eventually, we settled on a paper snowman decorating booth. We had done a similar booth (with Easter eggs instead of snowmen) at an Easter carnival earlier this year and it had worked out perfectly. For the booth, we cut out the basic snowman shape and then let the kids go to town with glue, colored paper, and markers. It was so fun getting to see the kids decorate and have fun at the rest of the booths. I had never been to the event before but going made me wish I had the past three years! Also, as President of Key Club, it gave me a chance to bond with some club members I had yet to talk to outside of club formalities. The girl who we sponsored requesting hair supplies, makeup, and/or nail polish for her gift. Our club officer messaging group was blowing up when one officer went to target to get the gift- everyone had an opinion! Some liked the nail polish set while others thought the makeup starter kit would be better. The makeup kit looked like it had more variety, so our treasurer got that and wrapped it for us. Two members gave the gift to our kid. Though I wasn’t there, she seemed quite pleased from the photographs our members took with her. Though this wasn’t a key club organized event, I’m glad we were able to participate and help the local Houston community. For the rest of the holidays, the club is laying low as finals take over our members’ lives. However, we are looking forward to coming back swinging in January! We plan to do our yearly week of tapioca sales to benefit the club. Also, the planning will start for DCON. I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a great break!


Board Infor

Editor: Cindy Zhuang Email:

Co-President: Samara Zuckerbrod Email:

Co-President: Annabelle Wang

Activities Director/ Webmaster: Simon Baek




Secretary: Ronan Panicker

Historian: Johnny Lin



Treasurer: Alicia Xia m

District Staff Contact Info LTG: Rosa Lee, Regional Adviser: Judy Pomorski, Assistant Regional Advisor: Megan Iselin, Governor: Addi Duerksen,

Treasurer: Addie Flores, Secretary: Bunsri Patell, Editor: Kyra Burke, Convention Liasion: Nadia Rodriguez, Tech producer: Aina Sebastian,


Bellaire High School Division 3C December 2018 Newsletter  
Bellaire High School Division 3C December 2018 Newsletter