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College Board Revises SAT for Spring of 2016

DENISE TIEU News Editor JADE LIEU Staff Writer

During their high school careers, many students take either the SAT or the American College Testing (ACT) to give colleges another deciding factor on their admissions. The SAT is currently scored out of 2400 and is composed of an essay and 9 other sections that test math, critical reading and writing skills. According to the College Board website, SAT changes will be implemented in the spring of 2016. “I feel that the SAT is lowering their standards due to low test scores. There is a reason why we have SAT classes, to prepare ourselves for what [is] to come,” sophomore Toni Shy said. Under the new format, the SAT’s vocabulary portions will be replaced with vocabulary frequently used in college courses, such as the words “empirical” and “synthesis,” while the reading and writing section will include science,social studies and historical documents. The newly formatted SAT will be more aligned to Common Core teaching standards, according to the Los Angeles Times. In addition, math questions will now focus on linear equations, functions and proportional

thinking; furthermore, the use of a calculator will not be permitted in some math sections. The SAT currently has three major sections: mathematics, critical reading and writing, but by the spring of 2016, will be replaced with evidence-based reading and writing, math and the essay; the essay will be optional and extended to fifty minutes.According to Time magazine, no points will be deducted for incorrect answers, an added incentive for students deciding between the SAT and ACT. With the new changes, the SAT will return to its original 1600-point scale, with the essay being scored separately. At select locations, students will be able to take the SAT online.

“I’m looking forward to the SAT changes. I think it will make it easier for students to score higher because we are not deducted points for wrong answers.” freshman Sara Castro said. “We’re [also] able to focus more on topics that we’re struggling with.” T h e president of College Board, David Coleman, also announced that College Board will partner up with Khan A c a d e m y, a nonprofit learning website, to give students access to questions from previous SAT exams and step-by-step instructional videos in order to accommodate students who cannot afford SAT pre-

paratory classes. The free test preparation will be offered in the spring of 2015. To further ensure that students will have access to the Khan Academy website, College Board will partner up with schools, public libraries and after school programs. One of the reasons for the SAT’s changes lies in its dwindling popularity. In recent years, the ACT has gained more popularity as a majority of four-year colleges have shifted to test-optional policies and several states have begun to adopt the ACT as a segment of their standardized testing program, according to CNN. According to the New York Times, College Board decided to redesign the SAT because of rising competition between the ACT and SAT. In 2013, more students took the ACT than the SAT, with 1.8 million students taking the ACT and 1.7 million taking the SAT. The announcement of the SAT changes have generated mixed responses. “The change [...] was going to happen eventually because of the lost of interest toward the test,” junior Sara Hernandez said. “It’s unfortunate for my graduating class because we won’t have the chance to see if the new format would have helped us more in being admitted into a college.” MOOR graphic by GEN THIPATIMA

California Senator Introduces SB 1174

LCFF Grants AUSD Thousands of Dollars to Advocate for Multilingual Education JACQUELYN LOI Staff Writer

eventually reaching $11,602 per student by the 2020-2021 school year. The grant will inCalifornia budget cuts are clude additional funding for an ongoing issue that have re- serving high-need students. sulted in increased class sizes It is also intended to restore and cut courses. However, after years of budget cuts, the Alhambra Unified School District (AUSD) is qualified K-12 funding to pre-recession to obtain thousands of dollars levels over time. per student in the 2013-2014 “I believe the funding would school year. most likely help with getting Governor Jerry Brown’s Lo- better equipment and supplies cal Control Funding Formula for student to use and perhaps (LCFF) will distribute $7,341 it will allow us to restore some per student in the school dis- programs we have previously trict. The goal of the LCFF is lost,” junior Kristy Li said. to change California’s current In order to receive full fundway of funding schools into a ing, the school district must simpler education funding for- meet liability requirements. mula for students. According This includes following the to the Alhambra Source, these Local Control Accountabilfunds will continue to grow, ity Plan which, according to

the California Department of Education, requires districts to list, in order of importance, eight priorities set by the state. The priorities include student achievement, engagement, outside test scores, parental involvement, c o u r s e access, school climate, use of technology and implementation of the new Common Core standards. “The funding is going to be used for general income to pay teachers, custodians and administration. [...] A different amount will be given to each grade level. [...] I believe that the funding will provide quality education and give additional services for the student who may need it,” Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Denise Jaramillo said.

I believe that it will provide quality education and give additional services for the student who may need it. - Denise Jaramillo

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On Feb. 20, California Senator Ricardo Lara introduced the Multilingual Education for a 21st Century Economy Act (SB 1174) that will repeal the Bilingual Education Act (Proposition 227), which requires English learners to be taught in mainly English language-dominated classes. “In an increasingly interconnected global economy, we have to prepare our students for a future in which their success depends on an ability to understand diverse perspectives and cultures [and] communicate in different languages,” Lara said, according to the 33rd Senate District’s website. In addition, if SB 1174 passes, it would allow parents to decide whether their children receive bilingual instruction. “Bilingual teaching would assist current students who [...] can only speak a foreign language. It lessens the hardships faced by those students because it does not force stress like Prop. 227,” sophomore Jessica Mo said. According to the Edweek website, SB 1174 opposers claim that Prop. 227 benefits a diversity of students. As stated by the website Onenation, the academic test scores of California’s English learner students increased with Prop. 227. School districts who kept their bilingual programs did not excel as much as school districts who adhered to the terms set by Prop.227. On the other hand, groups such as the California Association for Bilingual Education and Californians Together support the bill’s passage. These groups, composed of parents, teachers, education advocates and civil rights groups, found that being bilingual is an important skill that runs through our society. In addition, they find that SB 1174 connects the many differentialities between races and cultures. “Becoming biliterate will give students a valuable 21st century skill [and] celebrate diversity and multiculturalism and recognize that languages are an asset,” executive director of Californians Together Shelly Spiegel-Coleman said, according to the LA Times. MOOR graphic by SIMON ZHAO

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Pass on the Prom OLIVIA CHEUNG Editor in Chief Excuse me if I seem to lack the enthusiasm that prom typically elicits from most seniors. It’s not that I think prom is overrated, but— Actually, wait. It’s exactly that. Prom, to me, is just another socializing opportunity. Granted, it’s a social scene that exceeds all others—in terms of costs and the stress behind “promposals” and a laundry list of other to-dos—but it isn’t the defining moment of one’s high school life that others depict it as. We’ve had four memorable years of high school, endowed with moments that truly sum up our adolescence. Prom is but one night. However, it’s the one night that I’d only want to spend with you. It’s undoubtedly been a rough two years, but you’ve consistently been there for me as a wonderful friend. You’re the first person I think of when something embarrassing happens to me. You’re the only person whose messiness doesn’t drive me insane. You’re the only one worth power walking in between classes for. So, will you take a chance with me at prom? Whatever your answer is, we’ll still always have our 17 commonalities. I do hope you know who you are though, otherwise… this just got awkward. MOOR graphic by SYDNEY LI

Make the Infinite Internship Cycle Finite CINDY LUO JOSEPH NEY-JUN Staff Writers Unfortunately for the majority of recent college graduates, their achievements typically entail a degree but rarely a job. Due to the moribund economy after the Great Recession, graduates are confronted with the worst and most competitive job market in decades. Businesses are reluctant to hire fresh graduates, so some take on internships, which prepare them for fully-paying jobs - or at least they are supposed to. In order to get the internship among the increasing number of competitors, grads are forced to lower their standards or settle for less or even no salary. Meanwhile, employers take advantage of interns’ eagerness by assigning them basic tasks such as filing but refuse to pay them minimum wage. On many occasions, the in-

tern becomes fed up with menial tasks and quits or gets fired while the company just shuffles them off. Now the intern who has not learned anything starts looking for another internship but once again has to go through the whole process because no company wants a worker with no experience, thus gaining nothing and continuing the permanent intern life. Dissatisfaction with a steady job is also a factor that starts this endless cycle. Instead of a paycheck, many recent grads want to be dedicated to something they are truly passionate about. While

they would rather take the risk of being treated poorly than give up a chance to learn more about their interests, they are setting themselves up to be played. Some interns have already started fighting back against c o m p a nies who abuse their initiative. According to the New York Times, two interns who worked on the movie “Black Swan,” sued the Fox Entertainment Group for paying them nothing for their work. However, many employers’ attitudes still remain indifferent to the interns. The Internship Programs Un-

der The Fair Labor Standards Act clearly states that profit-making companies must foster an educational environment if they do not pay their interns, with exceptions for nonprofit and governmental agencies. This federal law must be more strictly enforced to support these faithful young adults. Provisions must be made by the government, encouraging employers to recruit more inexperienced graduates. Paying interns, or at least providing them with real, useful vocational education, will bring more active response and create a more enriching internship experience. A stricter set of regulations with greater repercussions for companies will lessen the cost of pursuing one’s dream. With the current level of protection for interns, it is not worth the risk of new knowledge to be tossed around by businesses with no regard for an intern’s future.

Academy Awards: Diversity Yet to Come in Hollywood DEBORAH CHEN Copy Editor This year’s Academy Awards included some historic firsts, such as “12 Years a Slave” winning Best Picture, the first win for a director or screenwriter of African descent as well as Alfonso Cuaron winning Best Director as the first Mexican director to win in this category. However, this is not an accurate depiction of the roles artists receive in Hollywood. A 2014 report conducted by the Women’s Media Center shows that race and gender disparities still occur within the film industry. For example, only 33 of the 500 top-grossing films between 2007 and 2012 were directed

by black men and only two were directed by black women. The numbers for Hispanic actors were a mere 4.2 percent. A study conducted by the University of Southern California found that, of all directors across the 180 films in the sample, only 7 percent were Asian. The numbers of minorities represented in the film industry are ridiculously low. The industry needs to be more diverse, and Hollywood should be a stronger advocate of such diversity. There are several articles praising the Academy for showing more diversity this year, but the reality is that there needs to be more of this same change in Hollywood. In addition, women also account for a very small percentage of the film indus-

try. Only 16.7 percent of the 1,228 directors, producers and writers that were a part of the 100 top films of 2012 were women. Throughout the years, women have continually gained more rights and opportunities. So women should also be given more chances in the film industry. Women can be just as competent as men, but they have very few opportunities to showcase their talent. There should not be a lack of diversity in the film industry. The success of minorities in the film industry is amazing, but it would be foolish to think that just because a few have obtained success at the Academy Awards that Hollywood has suddenly come around. MOOR graphic by GEN THIPATIMA

Prevalence of Lack of Respect Continues in the Form of a ‘Dark Horse’ ANGELA YANG Opinions Editor A “dark horse” refers to something that seems unlikely to succeed, but ultimately prevails. Ironically, this wasn’t the case for Katy Perry’s song of the same name. However, songs can often become popular for the wrong reasons. While Dark Horse is catchy, it drew attention from the Muslim community. The original music video featured Perry incinerating a man

wearing a pendant spelling out “Allah” in Arabic, which many Muslims viewed as blasphemous. A petition with over 65,000 signatures led to the digital removal of the pendant from the video. It took the attention of thousands for Perry and her producers to see what was wrong. It had to be pointed out, then protested for them to change it. Perhaps it was an oversight or it was meant to be harmless, but the fact of the matter was that it was not. It was rude and offensive to Muslims, especially in a religion

that believes the point of existence is to worship God. Unfortunately, it seems that a lack of respect has become extremely prevalent in our society. While Perry may not have meant anything by incinerating the man (given that she incinerates all of her suitors in the video or turns them into puppies), she deeply insulted many people. It is imperative that we remember how our actions affect others and to treat everyone with respect. Music artists and other influential people aren’t the only people who should be respectful about other cultures and religions; everyone should.


Beating the Odds Dramatization

“Smoking is bad for you! Stay away from drinking! And don’t even think about using drugs.” These often repeated assertions aim to instill essential values into youths, and it seems like they have been taken to heart. In the past decade, smoking and substance abuse have witnessed a steady decline. Drug and alcohol-related deaths of prominent individuals unsettled the public and the rise of a technological innovation has aided smokers hoping to beat their addiction. After years of struggles, the new generation may be moving into a bright future in control of these vices.

A Drop in the Dependency REBECCA ZENG


Staff Writer

Staff Writer

Almost every student is warned not to take drugs or smoke cigarettes. Statistics, shown through PowerPoint slides and lectures, MOOR graphics warn us against the dangers of drug use. However, recent studies by SYDNEY LI by HealthDay News claim that less than 20 percent of Americans still smoke cigarettes. This is progress, considering that in 1990, MOOR photo by 25.5 percent of Americans were smokers. In addition, according to HealthDay, increasing tobacco prices is the most effective way to YIBEI LIU reduce smoking. At school, students learn that smoking is a villain in the world of innocent children. Teachers and program advisors tell students that smoking will damage lungs and lead to lung cancer. According to the National Cancer institute, cigarettes contain at least 69 chemicals that can cause cancer, as well as the other 181 harmful chemicals within tobacco smoke. In addition, the alcohol consumption among young students has also declined. According to the Potsdam State University website, a survey showed that high school seniors who consumed alcohol at least five times within the previous two weeks have decreased from 41.2 percent in 1980 to 23.2 percent in 2010. Approximately 5,000 youth under the age of 21 die each year from alcohol abuse, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. This is not surprisSYLVIA WINSTON ing, considering the fact that Features Editor alcohol consumption is the third leading cause Drew Barrymore once said, “Life is very interestof global disease and injury. ing [...] in the end, some of your greatest pains beE-cigarettes come your greatest strengths.” have recently beShe began smoking cigarettes at the age of nine come popular for reguand was drinking alcohol by the time she was eleven. lar smokers and teenagers. Barrymore has successfully and gracefully overcome They were invented and patented her addiction to drugs and alcohol and is an inspiraby Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963 but were tion to all who struggle with addiction. However, the never sold or commercialized. Chinese pharquestion always looms: Why do celebrities enter the DE macist, Hon Lik, later started to sell e-cigarettes RE downhill path of drug additction? KW for the company Ruyan. Magazines and television shows claim that celebriU E-cigarettes supposedly help regular smokers quit smoking. ties engage in using drugs because of the stress they Sta While traditional cigarettes contain tobacco that increases heart ff W have to endure from the media and the responsibilrite rate and increases asthma, some liquids in the e-cigarettes contain no ity of keeping up their impeccable appearance to the r public. Some celebrities start using drugs due to peer nicotine while others can contain strong doses. However, many health agenpressure from other celebrities who are more estabcies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have not studied the effects lished. Celebrities who have been victims of drug and of pure nicotine and do not know if it is safe. However nicotine in e-cigarettes and in substance abuse include James Brown, Lindsay Lotobacco are equally as addicting. Nicotine is a type of stimulant found in plants and can han, Michael Jackson and Eminem. cause side effects that increases blood pressure and heart rate. The long term effects of However, the impact their ruinous choices have nicotine use is still unknown. had on them and their fans may not be as vital as “As for long-term effects, we don’t know what happens when you breathe the vapor their recovery. Unfortunately, many celebrities did from e-cigarettes into the lungs regularly,” Director of Science and Trends at the Amerinot have the opportunity to take that decision. For can Cancer Society Thomas Glynn said, according to ABC News. example, Canadian actor Cory Monteith was found According to the American Cancer Society, e-cigarettes currently are not regulated unconscious last summer and days later was reported or restricted by age, which appeals to teenagers, especially because of the flavored to have been intoxicated at the time of death. In spite products targeted to them. of this, there are many celebrities who have kicked their drug and smoke addiction. Many of them have Over the last two to three years, the e-cigarette market had gone up to a $1.7 billion gone on to lead successful lives in recovery and are a dollars industry. Wells Fargo predicted that in 10 years that the e-cigarette industry will shining beacon to the world that recovery is doable. grow as big as the tobacco industry, if not bigger. Celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., Elton John While studies are still being processed, e-cigarettes remain a popular trend among and Jamie Lee Curtis have proven that recovery is smokers and nonsmokers. Battery-operated e-cigarettes — which are not federally possible when the decision not only affects them but regulated — have picked up steam (no pun intended) in recent years as a less harmful the people that care about them the most. option for cigarette smokers.



Lights! Camera! Quit!



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st G e mo h t WON e U r I s a Y u A K ind on!” er , acti he movie eal ac- Staff Writ a r e m t r ts, ca s in ves to “Ligh ant word n it com win. Deli d rt he impo wever, w ies are a values an . o s v try. H ports mo edy, life ports film m s s o c , tion drama, c me iconi o ering here are s n, actio

A League of Their Own ANHAYTE GUAJARDO

Staff Writer

In the midst of World War II, the pop ular sport of baseball pitched in for the war effort as players were drafted overseas , changing the face of the game forever. When women are needed to save the world of baseball, this story based on true even ts impacted the lives of two sisters who wer e scouted to be a part of the first AllAm erican Girls Professional Baseball Leag ue in the 1992 film “A League of The ir Own.” If you are looking for a feel-good mov ie that makes you laugh or feel inspired , this movie is a great choice. This cultural masterpiece tells the story of catcher Dottie Hinson, who was one of the first few women chosen to be part of the Rockfor d Peaches team, who took the challenging road to make it to the World Series in 1942. As these women learn to work toge ther as a team to overcome the obst acles faced in a time of gender bias, their rud e drunken manager Jimmy Dougin lear ns to appreciate the game of baseball onc e again. As Dougin discovers, “it’s supp osed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard everybody would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” The main characters are brill iantly portrayed by actor Tom Hanks and actress Geena Dav is as they work in unison to inspire their athletes to defy the odds set by societal expectations . In 2012, “A League of Their Ow n was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Reg istry by the Library of Congres s, and to this day, is seen by many as one of most inspiring movies of all time .

ns a t i T e h t r e emb Rem NG

KEVIN KO Sports Editor

ity. One team over e team faced advers on n, n. io sio at vi gr di te d in an l ce cia e attitude toward ra In a time of prejudi having to change th eless story of of tim sk ta eir g th tin d un an da came the School’s Titans h ig H s iam ill W ember the Titans.” T. C. This team was the ockbuster film, “Rem bl 00 20 e th in ld to ip is -race school’s foot unity and partnersh of a newly mixed ry sto e e Th . tru ip e sh th on lls pi te ate Cham The cinematic tale e 1971 Virginia St th C. n D. wi n to to y ng se hi ys as od mes the spirit of W ball team and their s and in turn, beco nd hington Boone bo as s W ild l bu ze en am D te football brilliantly by ed ay pl be dee, on Bo an [...], we [...] will Head Coach Herm gether right now to e t each m ec co sp n’t re ll do we u wi preaches that, “if other or not, but yo ch ea e men.” lik e u lik yo e if m care this ga stroyed [...] I don’t we’ll learn to play be ay m , gle in ow ug kn str n’t n, , I do ill Patto other. And maybe t, portrayed by W as Yo ll balBi d h fin ac to Co t nt it, bu Boone and Assista to one cohesive un in am am te te e e th th ll pu As . ly to history their quest not on erships in sports rtn pa the ic d, m oo na rh dy t he os ot em a br ance in one of th aches blossom into co d anan ric s er Af ay rd pl wa e n th ’s attitude to ity un m m chemistry betwee co e th dramas. sitive change in plethora of sports e th in e audience sees a po ec pi l ra bg the film a cent ber the Titans” su Americans, makin its release, “Remem y. to r wa io ng pr s iri ar sp ye in 20 an aweThough set nearly cial intolerance in ra of e tim a to in ce merges the audien

Coach Carter

WESLEY TSAI Staff Writer

In Richmond, California, wh ere poverty plays a major par t in people’s lives, a group of young student athlete s found out what their biggest fea rs were and pushed their way through adversity wit h the help of an inspirational coa ch who changed their lives. In 2004, their tale was shared to the world through the film “Coach Carter.” This film tells a story of teenag ers who live in a run down par t of their city, where they find their escape from rea lity by playing their one true passion: basketball. Coach Ken Carter, played stu nningly by Samuel L. Jackson, helps the teenagers turn their lives around by shi fting their primary focus from gan gs to academics. Astoundingly, Carter teaches the team that basketball is not the only important thing in life; rather, there nee ds to be a balance with academ ics. Thi s movie also teaches the correct path in life in a motivational and life-chang ing. This cinematic masterpiece was pivotal in spo rts because it displayed the har dships endured in life by underprivileged youth and how athletes overcome the m by achieving a balance between sports and aca demics, giving an overall mo tiva tional feel to the viewer. Timo Cruz, one of the film’s protagonists, learns fro m Car ter that “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” This movie was nominated for bes t sports ie in 2005 at the Excelle movnce in Sports Performance Yearly Awards.

Miracle NATE GARCIA Sports Editor

t this game. Not toht win nine. But no ig m ey th es tim 10 viets] erb Brooks before “If we played [the So pic Hockey Coach H lym O S. U. by ed er uld impact several ue deliv pics was one that wo night.” The monolog lym O r te in W 80 04 film “Miracle.” of the 19 e the plot for the 20 the semifinal game m co be y all tu en ev ns, and aches a young team following generatio ey player, as he co ck ho er rm fo a , ooks Lake Placid, New The film follows Br Winter Olympics in 80 19 d e th h ug ro th ayers in which the Unite of college hockey pl avid and Goliath, D of rle de ta e lea e at th r tim de the ul the time, unites un York. The movie is the hockey world at in . Throughout og am rd te n de io un Un an , et States team ncible Sovi vi in y gl als, in em se e feat th tions of scored go ship of Brooks to de with joyful celebra led elfil fe es ng en lli sc l hi ra -c bone e seve the film an overall the movie, there ar ng vi gi sa g, ld in ho in tra ct” e rfe d intens akes pe dramatic losses an phrase “practice m e ch cli ov e m th ep en ke ev d at cts th st off an ing. The movie depi ck themselves up, du pi n ” e. ca Ic at th on am cle te ira derdog me “M meaning for an un earned itself the na s ha e t th s en ld ev ho al en tly ” curren phenom ing forward. This any athlete. “Miracle r fo e ch th at on ll t-w us po g m a ly ongoin The movie is definite l Time,” based on an Al of to e ies ris ov to M t am es te ior the “B of a seemingly infer second place spot in depicts the struggle It . before the semiies id ov sa M ks in oo ts Br or website Sp rldwide. As wo n re. io tit pe m co t highes world.” And they we win the gold in the hockey team in the st te ea gr e th e ar ht, we final match, “Tonig


March 2014 - Week 4  
March 2014 - Week 4