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1. My description. Hi my name is Cindy Johana Zambrano Zutta, I am 20 years old, I am from Colombia, I was born in Cali, I have long straight and brown hair, I am thin and attractive and pretty, my personality is interesting, nice and funny, I study cinema at university unitec, I’m on my fourth semester of college. I love photography and electronic music, I like a coffee and ice cream, I love chocolates, I like going to galleries of art and museumsand I am very fond of traveling.

2. My ideal person My mother is a beautiful person, her name is Liliana Zutta and she is middle aged, she has short wavy and black hair, she has brown eyes, she is smart, she is very hard working, she works to a full time she is a nurse, her job is to save lives and help those who need it most. My mom is important in my life because gives me support, she offers me unconditional love, All I am, I Owe My Mother.

3. My mother and me traveled to a village in Armenia, the town called Salento, in Salento the weather it’s very warm, we went to a restaurant and ate bandeja paisa, the food is too expensive, in town the crafts are nice and CHEAP, Salento is a very clean city and safe it has many interesting places.


The comparatives SALENTO VS PANCE HI my name is Cindy Johana Zambrano Zutta, last vacation my mom and me traveled to Salento and Pance, Salento is a village in QuindĂ­o and Pance is a village near Cali. Pance is bigger than Salento, Pance Is more beautiful than Salento, pance is great, Pance is hotter than Salento, and pance is less mountainous than Salento. Salento is more expensive than Pance, in Salento the food is more delicious










My project  

my project

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