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Skills o Blogging, linking,    manage  social  media,  researching,  marketing,  interviewing,  budgeting,  fact-­‐ gathering,  pitching  ideas  in  staff  meetings.  Well  acquainted  with  using  camera  and  software:   iMovie,  Adobe  Photoshop,  Adobe  InDesign,  Microsoft  PowerPoint,  Excel  and  Word.

Experience Account Manager         Redfish  Bluefish  Media         Supervisor:  Amanda  Sparling         Sales  Associate,  Visual  Designer     Chico’s             Supervisor:  Suzanne  Teague,  DJ  Clark       GMR  Booth  Manager  -­‐  Race  for  the  Cure   GMR  Marketing         Supervisor:  Katy  Glodosky         Promotions  Intern         Mix  92.9  FM  M&M  Broadcasters     Supervisor:  Dustin  Drew         Public  Relations    Intern   Midway  ISD  Education  Foundation     Supervisor:  Suzi  Pagel           Photographer/Owner         Bubbly  Photography,  Bloom  Images       Site  Director   YMCA             Supervisor:  Brian  Carrico       Education Baylor  University   Waco,  Texas         August  2009-­‐August  2011     McLennan  Community  College   Waco,  Texas   August  2006-­‐December  2008     Activities Public  Relations  Representative   Catholic  Student  Association     Kappa  Delta  Alumnae      

December  2011-­‐present   214-­‐234-­‐0256  ext.  26  

May  2007-­‐  January  2010,  Oct.  2011-­‐April  2012   254-­‐717-­‐5558,  337-­‐988-­‐3131  

March 2012-­‐present   262-­‐780-­‐5633     April  2011-­‐July  2011   254-­‐214-­‐5050  

January 2011-­‐May  2011   254-­‐744-­‐1323  

May 2010-­‐  present  

December 2008-­‐June  2009   281-­‐658-­‐5959  


Major: Public  Relations   Minor:  Corporate  Communications  

Major: Speech  Communications  


December 2009-­‐  December  2010   February  2010-­‐  present

Cindy Dixon Resume  

Here is a current resume of my credentials.

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