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Welcome to our Shape and International Women’s issue! My staff and I felt March was perfect timing for a Shape Issue just to make sure everyone sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions to get (or stay) in shape! To be honest with everyone...I started working out the beginning of February, so I needed that reminder as well! In this issue we touch on a lot of good health tips and organic trends. So, if you’re a late starter and haven’t started your healthy voyage, here’s your wake up call. I am proud of our Managing Editor Lauren Mercado for putting together her first shoot...“International Women”. Something I have said previous that is worth mentioning again is “It’s always good to work with phenomenal people who are good at what they do”. I would like to personally thank Frederic Charpentier, Kaulska Poventud, Dari A. So, and Ruby Gracey. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. I have always been inspired by publications such as; Vogue, Elle, Fashion, V, and more. A quote that has forever stuck with me is from Anna Wintour. She says,

“I think what I often see it that people are frightened about fashion. Because it scares them or makes them feel insecure they just put it down. On the whole people that may say, the many things about our world I think that’s usually because they feel, in some ways, excluded or, you know, not a part of ‘the cool group’ so as a result they just mock it”. Since I started The G.O.O.D.S Magazine I‘ve noticed how true that statement is. I’ve overheard people mocking designers that were extraordinary because they didn’t understand. I ask that you open your mind and appreciate a designer’s vision. March is a very special month. When I was younger my mother always told me to celebrate your birthday the whole month. Ever since then I’ve started March 1st and the party ended March 31st. I want to always wish my mother Barbara Smith and my son Zyeir Olasewere a Happy Birthday! I miss you and love you both so much. I plan to have several parties this month for my birthday. If you’re in the San Diego/ Los Angeles area facebook me! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion begins at H&M Megha Bissa

The first things that we we’re

taught in school were to spell: A, B, C… but for the students of style the only two letters you need to know are H&M. Sixty-four years after its inception, things are still the same.

Hennes & Mauritz, a Swedish retail clothing company then entered the fashion market to conquer the wardrobes of an every individual; man, woman, teenager and child. The existence of this fashion brand which to date has been a powerful veteran.

Whoever said two designers cannot work together, it is clear that they aren’t familiar with this successful partnership. H&M joined hands with Karl Lagerfeld in November 2004 and reportedly after the first one hour each and every shopaholic was seen carrying an H&M bag in their hand. Not only this, H&M also collaborated with big names like Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney and Comme des Garcons to be their guest designers. H&M does fit into everyone’s idea of style comfort and compels its buyers to spend each and every penny from their pockets.

H&M launched their spring 2011 collection with a twist. The collection this season is consist of green materials featuring Sessilee Lopez and Baptiste Giabiconi for their ad campaign. This collection is purely made from organic cotton, recycled polyester or recycled wool (something that stands far away from the brand’s usual collection). It is also interesting to see a green label including the details of the materials used on these clothes. This season H&M promises to be feminine for the ladies whereas the men can enjoy garments in a vast splash of colors that pushes you in an upbeat mood. Females who love to dance are in for a treat as this season because the major theme for girls revolves around “dance”. Men can go easy with checks and collarless casual pullover shirts. This is unique and blends in perfectly with any occasion. Spring is all about pushing aside warm colors and bringing in cool colors that soothe your skin and attitude. What better than white... the hottest color of this season! H&M’s majority of the collection is based on the color white clubbed with environment friendly textiles. H&M’s spring 2011 Conscious Collection attracts the eye immediately and takes you on a voyage into the fairytale world. This collection has cuts that look sensuous (yet classy), added with white makes each item look purely stunning. If you think grandmothers wear lace and frills, re-frame your thoughts because this spring is about incorporating these in your garments. Not just on the surface, but lace is a big hit beneath the shield. This brand swears by lace lingerie in whites, beiges and creams which are extremely alluring! Short off-the-shoulder dresses and flowy skirts with textures and drapes are great additions to your closet as well as frocks and shorts reminiscent of your childhood.

This collection also has tunics, blouses and summer dresses to keep you cool, yet stylish, throughout this time of the year. Their unique cuts and down to earth designs can make a gloomy dress look classy and it fits all body types like a dream. If you are looking for a formal ensemble, go for their striking white blazers and pleated trousers especially tailor-made for the office. Don’t forget to have a look at their clogs that especially go with the feel of the season. Male species rejoice! It is time to hit the gym and flaunt those calf muscles as cowboy shorts are the biggest ‘must have’ this season. Blue and khaki green are the ruling colors for this section of the population. Men, this season expert with unique styles in unique colors. The brand has given a warm welcome to ‘onesies’, remember that thing you wore when you were two? Mind you, it looks just as cute on boys who are twenty-two. Shorts and shirts are essential combos! The brand plays around with metallic blue suits teamed with semi-causal beige tie ups for office wear, although nothing can be more perfect than a pair of off-white straight linen trousers. H&M has an army of these this season. This brand also stocks a large variety of skinny pants that look just as comfortable as track pants. These pants could possibly be your most versatile buy; you can wear them for every occasion! By now, I am sure you are ready to run to your nearest H&M store. Beware! This brand has the ability to take over your entire closet! Take a bow H&M!

ACNE: Men’s Collection Spring/Summer 2011

Hannah Yocum

Fashion has this way of making us feel nostalgic:

We remember special occasions and memorable events with prom dresses, band t-shirts, and vintage hand-me downs. Fashion, as a whole, bleeds history. For Acne’s Creative Director, Jonny Johansson, the same is true for his new Spring 2011 men’s collection. It made him think of the summer dances he used to go to when he was growing up in the Swedish countryside. “I had a moment of clarity for this collection with my design team at a place called Tango in Paris. It was just a good night out actually, and that dance hall with all of its styled up, dueting couples and slow routines, reminded me of a school dance. For me it also has to do with personal history... When I was thinking of my first international Menswear showing, Paris was the natural choice. And why Le Chateaubriand? For me it is about a fun night, great food and wine, sexy people and having fun either in a group or just watching. And why not turn a restaurant into a disco?” And from that came a collection that combined a seventies silhouette with the disco languor of jersey and an androgynous school boy element. Ahead of their full seasonal showing, Acne’s Menswear Collection for Spring/Summer 2011 is what Focus On Style calls “an exercise in juxtaposition.” Pay attention to the collection’s rebel look: Silhouettes are pushed across silks, jerseys, cotton, wool and micro fibre pieces, in an attempt to create the perfect disco, school boy style.

Hello! Skinny Jeans!

Buh-bye Droopy, Unflattering, Stretched Out Denim!

Jennifer Jewels

A realization of fashion mishaps from Catherine Hart:

Your jeans are so low your previously non-existent stomach hangs over the waistband, your back pockets are half-way down your thighs making your legs appear shorter than they already are and there is so much stuff on your pockets you can never wear the same pair twice because you and everyone else is sick of looking at them; you look like you’re expecting a flood because your jeans are too short; maybe the designer looks good but for some reason his jeans make you look worse; there is some weird-looking webby-thing inside your jeans that makes your butt look flatter; your jeans are so full of holes they have to be dry cleaned; the ankles of your jeans are cut so narrow and ‘skinny’ that your thighs look gargantuan in comparison and your lower leg and foot look like a golf club; the designs and signatures on your pockets point downward making your butt appear droopy; your jeans ‘grow’ so much during the day that you have to wash them every time you wear them to get them back in shape; your butt and the back of your thighs actually look bigger than they already are because there are large white areas accentuating them.

Hart has a knack for taking the skinny jean, a wardrobe staple for the rail thin models in Vogue, and adapting them for the real women. For example, take Kate Moss walking down the streets of London in a pair of J Brand blue skinny jeans whilst wearing them effortlessly). For the average woman, putting on a flattering pair of skinny jeans is a daunting task. However, in 2006 Hart took the leg work out of finding a solution to their problem areas when she created Hello! Skinny Jeans,a pair of jeans designed to slim thighs, flatten your stomach, and lengthen legs. Hart owes the figure-flattering denim to her invention and manipulation of fabrics and stitching that involves classic denim composed of nylon and elastane. Using this combination creates memory which sucks everything in and negates sagging; scooped out thighs to create the slimming effect; inseams drawn forward, a restraining panel which acts as a corset for the stomach; and a contour stretch waist band to prevent the unfavorable muffin top. No one can be Kate Moss but Hart has found a solution for the body conscious.The fairy godmother of denim? We think so!


Photographer : Bang Truong Model: Alyssa Wakefield Makeup and Styling : Pam Sirivong


Monica Bedi

For the more gutsy, rebel chick the spring season’s soundtrack would include Rihanna’s “Rockstar 101” and Britney Spear’s “I love Rock and Roll” to define audacity. “What up?”, sexy-badass madness! As for your spring wardrobe, zippers galore zip-up almost every stylish piece of bold, envy-worthy fashion this season.

Stay gossip-worthy with the barely there Moto blazer. This blazer is an all over lace cropped motorcycle jacket with an off center zip closure, 2 front zipper pockets, snap details, and back zipper details on sleeves for the price of $38 on

Get a little frisky with your pompous strut by checking out the women’s zipper heel in black on for $206. The leather heel delicately has a zipper that accents around the shoe and ankle band. Edgy is a sentiment that is particularly true with celebrity trends.

Trendsetter Nicky Hilton sky-rocked the sartorial thermometer with the rena silk jumper in ocean she was spotted wearing while attending the Coachella Valley Music Festival. Eco-friendly, the beautiful smoke dye jumper features zipper detail in addition to pockets and an elastic waist, good for taking a chance on daring fashion statement. Available at for $149, the jumper is a spring piece for the fashion-foward.

There’s something about warm weather that makes people get frolicsome with their fashion choices and this spring is no exception. Rock those zippers and sashay to their badass soundtrack this season.

In a season full of renewal and rebirth it’s not surprising to see a revival of a classic pant, trousers. Taking a cue from Audrey Hepburn, this pleated pant is the culmination of the season’s nod to the past. Designers Yidal Azrouel, D&G, and Jill Sander have taken on this trend in full swing and are using a multitude of patterned and textured fabrications.

The New Leg of Spring

Patty J

Spring’s new take on a classic trouser is a staple you must have in your closet. Designers have different interpretations of this trend, which gives us a slew of options to choose from. The long and loose trouser seen on the runways of Catherine Malandrino and Dries Van Noten provides ultimate versatility. The trouser is easily dressed down with a cotton tee and sneakers and the addition of an over-sized ring or necklace instantly personifies this look into casual chic. Another way to rock this look is dressing it up for your night time outings. Normally such a voluminous pant is best paired with a top of a more modest fit, but this pant can be paired with billowy blouses as well. Just be mindful of the length, the top shouldn’t be draped down past your natural waist line. To complete the look add platform sandals and layered necklaces.

Another great version of this trend is the full trouser with a cropped tapered leg. Gucci, Mulberry, and 3.1 Phillip Lim have splattered this trend across their spring runways. Gucci took the chance to showcase successful color blocking, while Mulberry chose a neutral color pallet with minimal textured details. 3.1 Phillip Lim’s version can be styled as a statement pant while toning down accompanying garments. This pant is easily adaptable with many looks. It’s perfect for the warmer days of spring; imagine it paired with a draped shirt and wedged sandals. These trousers also look chic with a tailored jacket, ideal for those days of the office when the normal suit becomes a bit too predictable.

Both styles of trousers can be implemented into your wardrobes now. If you believe it’s still a bit too chilly for the cropped pant just improvise by pairing it with opaque textured tights. Whether you choose long and lean or cropped and tailored, this trend is sure to bode well with the rest of your closet’s inhabitants.

Latest Trends: Stand Out and Let Your Body Breathe

Farhana Uddin

Slim, curvy, or somewhere in between. Wherever you stand on the scale, the latest trends for the spring and summer time are seamless. Not only are they modish and attractive, they’ll suit just about any body type.

Back to baggies.

Many of us will be thrilled to hear that shape-discriminating skinny jeans have been tossed overboard. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Margaret Howell have anointed the reappearance of wide leg denims. It works on any body shape and sheds the discomfort of having to squeeze into your jeans.

White hot summer.

If you’re sporting the wide-leg trousers, you might want to consider following another big trend--crisp, white linens. Emphasizing the simplistic flair of warmer weather, a form-fitting white tee or a loose white blouse would work well with wide-leg trousers.

That skirt is too short.

Either toss away your miniskirts or find a way to grow them out. March will bring the return of long skirts and undulating maxi gowns. Brands such as Lanvin and Vena Cava were in full support of full delicate skirts with slashed fronts paired with tight-fitting tops. If you’re petite, keep it mid-calf. Taller counterparts would do well letting their skirts fall ankle-length.

Living color.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, color was also a huge hit on the runways. Diane von Furstenberg and Blumarine are among the designers that had models in bright, vibrant skirts and tops. Orange was a dominant theme amongst several designers. That color alone stood out on dresses, nails, and shoes. So let your shape stand out amongst the crowd. Don’t be afraid to wear a bold color this season.

Don’t step on the sombrero.

You don’t have to be any particular shape to pull off a great hat. Dior went with sailor hats. Marc Jacobs pulled out the sombreros. Moschino came out with stetson cowboy hats. Have fun this year with your head wear, just make sure it flows with your wardrobe.

Take Chances: Pieces to Add to Your Closet Spring is a social-gathering season filled with soirees which makes the anti-socialism and winter hibernation simply not an option! So, instead, we must turn to some inspiration for our upcoming spring outings. Snagged from the runways, blogs, and red carpets you are presented with the most stylish spring trends for your night outs! As true fashionistas, we fall sleep thinking about the possibilities of being like Upper East Side’s fashion front runner, Blair Waldorf. In this lateral universe, we would wake up in our penthouse apartment, ask Dorotta to brew up a fresh batch of chocolate chip pancakes and then drift into our giant closet filled with the most dashing clothing to hit the party circuit. This of course, is a dream of mine and probably a dream of yours.

Monica Bedi

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities poet Delmore Schwartz said. Therefore, you have a responsibility... you have a responsibility to buy every item of clothing your heart desires so you can have a closet filled with party frocks! Okay, maybe, that’s not exactly what he meant, but that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it? So with this let us look at what your closet is in need of this season. Over the river and through the woods, to New York City you go!

First stop: Urban Outfitters. These belts can be worn around the waist line or hip line (either way you cannot go wrong). This style was seen on Michael Kors spring ’11 fashion week runway and is now mirrored through the BDG Skinny belt in complementary colors ($28); Not only is the belt super trendy, the versatility is undeniably the chic accent to cinch your look! Onto our next stop, ASOS.COM! Body-Conscious aka body-con is what every trendsetter wears to stay looking mod. From cut-outs on the red carpet to going-out ensembles, body-con is making a splash!

For an effortlessly chic look check out London fashion brand Lipsy’s Stardust Print Cowl Neck Strap Back Dress ($107.58). This dress has shined into the most stylish way to rock body-con this spring. It’s cowl neck design, ruched finish, all-over print and deep scoop back with cross-over straps make this a head-turning look.

After ages of the myriad amount of black, charcoal, and ink coloredshoes... it’s finally time to refresh your closet with an assortment of colorful shoes that look delicious! Food inspired sneakers are making a mark in the fashion world. Note, Megan Fox has been spotted prancing around in watermelon Vans ($48). These sneakers are the next big thing in the shoe department and it would be perfect to rock on a casual day out Have fun with these pieces this spring; don’t be afraid to dress up! “Dressing up. People just don’t do it anymore. We have to change that.” John Galliano, House of Christian Dior.

liberatio (Finally Free)

Photographer: Nicole Hill Makeup/Hair: Bethany Ruck Stylist: Chesley Carele Model: Tenley Nordstrom


Maxi skirt: David Dart for Force One Fur jacket: Fur-Instance Vintage Nude booties: Forever 21 Chain Ring: Designed by Grace Ban

Cable knit sweater: Outback Red

White lace shorts: Keisha Audrey Leather midriff top: Vintage Brown Belt: Vintage

Skirt: Vintage White bustier: Gelmart Nude pumps: Forever 21 Snake skin belt: Vintage

I want to INT ERN for The G.O.O .D.S

S S A P L L A H Review by: David Pinson

Hall Pass is the new lowbrow, high concept comedy that dares to ask, “What if your significant other gave you a week off from marriage?” It’s a farfetched idea and the film’s success hinges on the questionable scenario’s execution. The suspension of disbelief is impossible to achieve if the audience isn’t invested in the main reason behind it all. The film’s directors, The Farrelly Brothers (Kingpin and The Heartbreak Kid), do not come close to selling the ticket-buying audience on this asinine conceit, leaving the movie hollow and pointless. You really should just pass on Hall Pass. Rick (Owen Wilson), is your average middle-aged man with your average middle-aged issues. With an exhausted wife and three exhausting kids, Rick’s marriage is on the stagnant side and he spends a little too much effort comparing gawking notes with his best bud Fred (Jason Sudeikis). Gawking notes are pointers on how to look at women without getting caught by the Misses, you see? One

night when the boys are over for poker night Rick is overheard reminiscing about his bachelor days by his wife, Maggie (Jenna Fischer), who decides that maybe a little time off is what is needed. Hence, the hall pass and Rick couldn’t be more excited! With all the freedom he can handle, Rick hits the singles circuit and doesn’t really know what to do with himself. Nights spent trolling the local Applebee’s end fruitless and Rick begins to realize that his foggy memories of single hood are misleading and actually quite lonely. Unfortunately, Maggie, while gives Rick his space, realizes that maybe she needed a hall pass as well. The Farrelly Brothers have delivered film that illustrates the sad fact that they have grown tired and out of ideas. This team that brought you There’s Something about Mary and Dumb and Dumber, hilarious films that popularized “gross out” humor in the mid-nineties but they haven’t had a real hit in more than a decade. There are plenty of moments in Hall Pass that are gross and over the top and play out as stale and flat. It’s like the Brothers are trying to recapture the glory days but instead they come across as parodies of themselves. The lack of a reasonable explanation behind the main concept is, again, a real problem and it becomes impossible to invest in what is going on. There is a weak reason given- some nonsense about a reluctance theory- but it is far too weak. Bits feel disconnected and there isn’t much continuity between scenes. There is also a major tonal shift towards the end of the film when everything becomes “madcap” and “zany” for no apparent reason. The comedy goes from being situational to relying on punches to the face and crowbars to the head.

The cast does their best and there are a handful of laughs to be had, especially at Sudeikis’ expense. Jenna Fischer is solid as Maggie and deserves better and bigger roles. Wilson plays Rick tight and reserved, with his short sleeve button up nice and tucked in, but never really hits any sort of stride. In an attempt to try something new and leave his persona behind, he doesn’t show us any persona at all. He wanders through the proceedings with a disbelieving demeanor that does nothing to make the film credible. The real question that Hall Pass should have answered is “Why would your significant other give you a week off from marriage?”

2 out of 5


Movie Review by: David Pinson

Put simply, a proper mystery movie should confuse then satisfy; introduce you to a slew of bewilderment shrouded in questions and slowly reveal the secret answers. It is a thrill to be left in the dark only to be shown the light. The new action thriller, Unknown, is a mystery at the core and delivers the confusion and satisfaction in ample heaps. The film is filled with confounding plot twists to the point that it exceeds the standard “whodunit” mold and creates its own construct that could be referred to as a “whodunwhat and why”. We meet Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) as his plane lands in beautiful Berlin where he is to attend an important Biotech summit. The assignment has gotten him on edge and his wife, Elizabeth (January Jones), seems concerned as Martin nervously goes through his agenda on the way to the hotel. Once they arrive, Martin realizes that he has left his important briefcase curbside at the airport and hectically heads back to retrieve it without telling his wife the plan. As taxi darts through traffic a violent accident occurs sending the vehicle into an ice-cold river. Our poor doctor is knocked unconscious but the heroic cabdriver (Diane Kruger) smashes the rear window and rescues him, leaving him along the bank of the river as she flees the scene.

Four days later Martin awakes in the hospital and things are more than fuzzy as he tries to recall what happened. To complicate matters he has no passport (that’s in the curbside briefcase) and is without a phone or wallet. Slowly the fragmented events around the accident take shape through color-drenched flashbacks and Dr. Harris is able to remember the hotel where he was to be staying. Once he arrives there he locates his wife and, while expecting a warm reunion, finds that she doesn’t seem to recognize him. Worse than that, there is now a new Dr. Martin Harris (Aidan Quinn) and quickly the original Martin Harris begins to question his sanity. Lost and frightened, Martin wanders the streets of Berlin and begins to think that he is being followed. As people begin to die around him the reality of danger becomes clear and Martin must solve the mystery of his true identity. Unknown is in the vain of Neeson’s surprise 2008 hit, Taken and cements him as a master of Oldman Fisticuffs. What this film does that is a nice departure is treats him as a rather standard “everyman” that must fight his way out of deadly situations. There is an amazing scene that takes place in a hospital that is incredibly tense and genuinely gut wrenching. The realistic tone is kept throughout for the most part and only deviates, for some reason, when the action takes place in a moving vehicle. The car chases are supercharged and overblown. While still entertaining, the shift in storytelling is distracting and uneven. The supporting cast is fine with a shining highlight being the performance of a Mr. Bruno Ganz. The veteran German actor steals and chews on every scene he is in. January Jones is a bit stiff but serves purpose while Diane Kruger deals a solid turn as the immigrant taxi driver that comes to Neeson’s aide. Much of Unknown deals with identity and what defines us. Imagine knowing who you are while the rest of the world tells you otherwise. The fun of this movie is in finding out who Dr. Martin Harris really is and while the answer might surprise you, it will undoubtedly satisfy.

3.5 OUT OF 5


Artist Spotlight: Nick Flatt Whitney Gomes

Who knew that a former farm boy growing up in a town of population 3,000 would grow up to be a phenomenal oil painter thriving in San Francisco directing his own gallery by age twenty nine. Nick Flatt has come a long way since his childhood on a forty acre farm. He claims that he recalls first coming to San Francisco to attend school at the Academy of Art where he saw his first crosswalk sign; talk about a culture shock. He quickly acclimated to the city lifestyle and became more into his artwork than ever before. He eventually decided to quit his day job and focus on his art full time. Though he had never done

his own exhibit, he says he would “slang” his artwork around the North Beach neighborhood to pay the bills. He grew a following around the San Francisco area where then he said his success all happened so fast. Flatt met an art professor his first week in San Francisco that became very fond of his work. He became the professor’s Teaching Assistant (T.A.) and they grew a bond over time. It was only three months ago that this professor introduced Nick and his work to a big real estate investor who helped him start the gallery he

directs today in North Beach! You can hear the humility in Nick’s voice and how grateful he is for the mass success he has achieved. It’s true that country boys’ southern hospitality seems to follow them wherever they end up. This is definitely what sets Nick aside from other conceited, “hip” artists in San Francisco. “There seems to be a vapid-hipster art world growing at a very rapid pace in San Francisco,” he tells me. Several bay area painters are producing only what is supposed to be cool and “hot” in that exact moment. “Regurgitating an aesthetic endlessly until the original ethics are lost” is what Flatt says his peers are pursuing. Though he says his work measures up to their level of “hipness”, he accomplishes it from a different perspective. The series he is currently working on is titled “Hot Chicks and Guns” and includes photorealistic oil paintings of shiny props such as large scaled disco balls like the one below and chrome pieces, in this case, the guns. The models he uses for this series have a real quality to them but they are coated with a “fauxglam” finish to exude sexiness yet still have value and meaning to the women themselves. What really made me realize Flatt’s objective as an artist was when he told me a quote from musician Thurston Moore that stated “the only thing that our generation ever gave to culture was how to act cool”. He told me that that exact sentence “sums up all of the social and cultural dislocation he felt growing up”. His paintings may represent the chic ‘cool’ movement of San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean he has to fall into the—as he calls it— Skinny Pants Brigade.

To top off the original “Hot Chicks and Guns” series, he will have a finale to awe every gallery visitor. He is constructing an M-1 Abrams military tank (at about a 67% scale) out of wood to be displayed in the middle of the North Beach gallery. His inspiration for such a state-of-theart sculpture? “Tanks are cool, and basically are a big-ass gun on wheels, so I thought it would be a perfect centerpiece to help anchor the series.” He is also creating a stop motion video of the current painting he is working on. The final product is to be a painting of up-and-coming model Nekole Kemelle to the soundtrack “Imaginary Person” by local garage rocker Ty Segal. To catch a sneak peak, visit watch?v=gutum3rxzfQ. His work has caught the eye of many locals and I know it won’t be long until his work catches the eye of many Americans. When Gallery 454 exhibits Flatt’s paintings, they fly off the walls sometimes before the paint even dries. For questions about upcoming shows at Gallery 454, you can email them at and to go see what’s in store right now visit 454 Columbus Ave San Francisco, CA 94133. Nick Flatt is a genuine person, a talented painter, a Texas native, and if you ask me that’s pretty damn cool.

le feu de Par Photographer: Lucinda Wedge Assistants: Connor Stewart Jeff Gottlieb Make-up: Jen Evans Hairstylist: Lucy Meza Wardrobe Stylist: Linda Varol


Top: 021

Silk fringe dress: Sheri Bodell Studded fur jacket: Holly G. Gold cuffs: Stylist’s own Earrings: Vintage Pumps: Aldo

Leather dress and fringe suede vest: Bloomingdales Pearl necklace: Vintage Shoes: Michael Kors

Printed t-shirt and skirt: Zara Lace suspenders: Forever 21

Corset top: Bebe Ruffled shorts and studded bracelet: LF stores Fringe bag: Zara Beaded necklace: Bloomingsdales Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Gold fringe dress: Jovani Metal belt: Vintage Necklace worn as headband: Vintage Chanel

The Place to Be Donna Wilkins

While many companies talk about going green, using organic products or being Eco-friendly, Place 360 Health & Spa incorporates each of these as is evident in their philosophy:


As humans we gravitate to what feels natural no matter how technology changes our world, we cannot deny our organic origins.


e‌Place 360 Health & Spa Place 360 Health & Spa was launched in November, 2010 by co-owners Tracy Whynot (clinical director) and Helen McCabeYoung, (marketing and public relations). The dup have extensive resumes within the worlds of luxury resorts, spas and holistic medicine. Upon entering the reception area, you walk on carpet made of agave plants. The receptionist offers you either water or tea served in a biodegradable cup. If you so desire, you may purchase a pair of flip-flops made of recycled rubber. As you leave the reception area there is a window with actual bamboo reeds inside of it. While waiting for your appointment in the Relaxation room, you are seated on teak furniture from Indonesia, and the soft hum of eastern music plays in the background. In this room guests have the opportunity to begin to wind down and loosen up before their appointment. After exiting one of the massage rooms, where the ceiling is made of bamboo, you walk into a private steam room with 9 jets for a powerful steam and Swiss shower. The walls are covered with stones from Bali. When making a transformation, ending where you started is only a negative if you haven’t made a change. This change can be linked to your health, job, family, lifestyle or relationships. Working towards this change may seem all at once frustrating or overwhelming. Knowing your challenge in advance will help you achieve your goal.

What if you had someone design a program to help you achieve the results you want? What if they had access to an acupuncturist, chiropractor, nutritionist and life coach along with homeopathy and Chinese herbal medicine, while being able to address your challenges?

This being said, why not head off to a spa? Yes, a spa. What sounds like a luxury actually translates into taking care of and making time for you. Spas help people develop a healthier lifestyle. A Cornell University study states, “Destination spa-goers are fitter, happier, healthier, more alert and more agile, have greater cardiovascular health and understand themselves better.” For that reason, you can spend a day, a long weekend, or up to two weeks at a spa. But, what happens when you return and you are on your own? How do you keep up with the maintenance? Do you even remember what you learned, let alone how to continue the process? As a clinical director, Whynot provides individual guidance for a guest on how to continue the process of a service once they leave the spa. Both owners stress that they appreciate each guest as an individual and that packages are not sold as, “one size fits all.”

They offer several packages which can be customized. There are tips on how to stay healthy during the cold and flu season. The sleep and stress management package takes into consideration that a stressful life may cause sleepless nights. The sports performance and injury package includes spinal alignment, acupuncture, and massage for those athletes who need either a little tweak, or a major overhaul. A six week weight loss and smoke cessation program helps to uncover what holds someone captive when it comes to food or nicotine. The women’s lifecycle helps women understand the changes in their bodies while trying to work with, instead of against hormonal changes. According to Whynot they look at what triggers

stress. The modalities used for these packages include acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, nutrition, skincare, life coaches and herbal remedies. There are eco-friendly, organic skin care products available as well. A skincare line they sell is called Phyto 5 which is paraben free and part of the Phytobiodermie line. According to Tracy Whynot, it is made with Chinese herbs and integrates the elements of wood, fire, earth, water and metal. For instance, a guest who suffers from dry skin may need the water element because their skin lacks hydration. Located in Del Mar, California, this beautiful destination health spa which caters to the well-being of the men and women who walk through their doors. Their hours are 9-6, Monday – Saturday, and on Sundays they are open for private events. They service the mind, body, and soul of each individual. Their mission is to offer world-class health and wellness support in communities where people live so it can be part of everyday life. Once you’ve come full circle and have had the opportunity to visit Place 360 Health & Spa, ending up where you started will no longer look the same. For more information:

Yo-Yo = No-No:

Say Goodbye to Weight Fluctuation for Good. Kimberly Lamontagne

As we are on the heels of Spring, and with bikini season lingering in the distance, the idea of shedding those winter pounds comes into focus. But, the question is, how? Let me save you years of torment, dieting doesn’t work! Plain and simple. The second you’re off that diet, it all comes flooding back, and it’s on to the next regimen. It’s a vicious cycle. And, it ends NOW! You’re through with the quick fixes; it’s time for a lifestyle change. Gone are the days of starving and binging. Behind you are the tortured times of weighing yourself. It’s all in your rear view mirror, slowly becoming a thing of the past. Speaking of rear, is your butt your problem area? Or, do you have flabby abs? Because you do have abs, in any case. Isn’t that a nice thought? In fact, we all do, they’re there; they’re just buried underneath varying degrees of fat. Now, the trick is what can we do to expose them?

Slow and steady wins the race.

Eat slowly. This will give your stomach enough time to signal to your brain that you are reaching your limit. Gluttony is a sin, and whatever your religious affiliations may be, we don’t want you looking like a sloth. Eating several small portions is ideal. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and now you’re done. Avoid eating after supper. Evenings are a more sedentary time, so chances are you won’t work off those added calories. Instead, drink a lot of water. You should not eat until you feel full, but until you feel satisfied. Your at home menu should consist of foods high in fibre and protein: lean meat, veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Fear not an invitation to a restaurant, there are a multitude of healthy options out there. And, you can always ask the waiter to skip on the bread basket.

Mighty moderation.

Nothing worth anything ever came easily. With that said, the results may take time but it will be worth it. And for goodness sakes, allow yourself a cheat day. Give in to temptation—once in awhile. You’ve earned that slice of cheesecake. Life is for living and by no means are you to deprive yourself the indulgence of palatal pleasures. If you abstain from what you’re craving for lengthy periods of time you’ll binge. So, have a few bites of croissant, Cherie. We all fall off the wagon, the important thing is that you get up, dust off, and hop right back on.

The E-word

You didn’t think you would get off that easy, did you? Exercise is key when aiming to drop the excess weight. Go for a brisk walk, take out the ol’ bicycle, sign up at the gym, practice pilates--in your backyard! The excuse of “I don’t have time” doesn’t cut it. This is your wellness we’re talking about. Install your elliptical or treadmill in front of the television if need be. Throw in a few yoga asanas whilst enjoying Modern Family.

Go forth, and prosper.

These may seem like far-reaching goals, but they are attainable. Healthy eating and being active are the essentials to longevity. The benefits you will reap will flow over into all facets of life. You’re now well on your way to looking and feeling your best.

MRS. INTERNATION Photographer Frederic Charpentier MUA’s Grace Phillips Dari Ada So Ruby Gracey Hair Bianca Lauren Jenn Taniguchi Wardrobe Nataly Lastorta Models Khadija Neumann Adriana Villareal Stacey Leberge Alieesa Badresia Zara Song


Dress:Sheri Bodell Bracelet:AMI Clubwear Ring:H&M Shoes:AMI Clubwear

Top:Lipsy Skirt:Donna Mizani Earrings:H&M Braclet:AMI Clubwear Ring:Aldo

Dress:Marisa Kenson Necklace:Left Turn Ring:Chrissy L Braclet:Stylist Own Shoes:Steve Madden

Dress:Sherri Bodell Earrings:H&M Ring:Chrissy L Shoes: Stylist Own

Hidden Gem: Portland, Oregon

Cindy Dauer

Quirky and quaint, Portland, Oregon is a fashion and fitness Mecca on the West Coast. In this city known for keeping it weird, it’s stylish to be active and it’s fashionable to be unique. On the street, city goers flaunt a mix of functional frocks and edgy originals. They pair couture and vintage pieces with ready to wear basics and active gear.

“Portland style is all in the carefully crafted outfit, from your favorite boutique finds and your grandma’s chic closet,” said Gina Morris, coowner of Radish Underground, an independent fashion and art boutique in Portland’s west end. “At the end of the day we really just want to be comfortable... it’s rainy, we’ve got a million places to be and need to look good at all of them - on and off the bike.” By layering attire, Portland dwellers can transition smoothly from cycling to shopping to sipping coffee by removing a layer here or adding a layer there.

“Layering is very much a way of life in Portland,” said Portland-based designer Sarah Bibb who owns Folly, a stylish boutique in the city’s Pearl District. “We layer everything from tee shirts to dresses.” Divided by the Willamette River, Portland neighborhoods on the east and west side are connected by bridges, bike lanes, and the MAX (a light rail that extends to the greater metro area). On any given day, while walking downtown, one can see a parade of yoga pants, leather handbags, Nike shoes, and designer jeans. A commuter may whiz by on their bicycle as girls wearing boots, faux fur, and oversized sunglasses window shop toting oversized bags. This Northwest city of about 500,000 is also known for its roses, microbrews, food carts, and being green. Outdoor opportunities abound, whether rain or shine, people in Portland are out. They hike, bike, kayak, and explore the colorful enclaves of culture that are tucked among the city streets. Public parks, river walks, and urban trails provide plenty of recreation opportunities within city limits. Portland is also close to the volcanic peaks in the Cascade Mountains, the rocky shores of the Oregon Coast, and the scenic views of the Columbia Gorge. These outlets, both in the city and out, provide opportunities for sight-seeing and exercise. Whether they come for the relays and marathons, science museum and public art, Saturday Market or jazz festivals, people who flock to Portland love the lifestyle of the laid-back city.

Model: Alex Womack Designer: Stefania Zavval MUA: Luisa Fernanda Photographer: Emily Soto



Sequin Top: Vintage. Shorts: ZAVVAL $100.00.

Lace Jumper: ZAVVAL $80.00. Leather Jacket: Armani Exchange.

Lace Dress: ZAVVAL $150.00. Accessories: Stylists Own.

Puff Sleeve Dress: ZAVVAL $200.00.

Whenever you hear the word “botox” you probably think of treatment for wrinkles or a housewife in Beverly Hills. Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles at the site of the injection. The traditional use of botox is to decrease wrinkles or fine lines in the face strictly for cosmetic purposes. What you may not know is that there are many other uses for this “miracle treatment” including various medical purposes. Do you sweat excessively? If you are often embarrassed by body odor and sweat marks on your clothes, botox is a treatment option for this condition called Hyperhidrosis. For those that sweat profusely from their armpits, hands and other parts of the body, they have an alternative treatment to traditional surgery to alleviate the sweating.

Botox: For More than Beauty Treatments Ashlea Callender

Millions of Americans suffer from migraine headaches and can find little relief. A botox infection surprisingly stops these headaches. The use of botox for both the treatment of migraines and Hyperhidrosis has been approved by the FDA. Other medical issus that can be improved by this treatment is bladder incontinence, jaw clenching,brain trauma anf Multiple sclerosis. Who knew that what many of us use for small wrinkles on our forehead could do so much more? Talk to your doctor about your options and to learn if botox could become an option for you. Make sure you find a doctor that you are comfortable with providing these services. Also, remember that because the procedure is temporary, frequent treatments may be required. If you are squeamish about needles be warned, this is definitely not for the faint of heart. It may be a strenuous process, but for many it is certainly worth it!

Look “Banging” this Spring! Mariah Honey

The best part of the Spring 2011 fashion realm are the award shows. Every year during this season all fashionistas are tuning in to the pre-show segments (the red carpet looks are all we really care about anyway). Excitement is seeing who will have the head-to-toe “perfect look”. I get inspired by what I see on the carpet and one trend that we’ve seen a lot of this year are the unapologetic thick bangs. Inspired by the fifties and the seventies, this look can either be created with cropped, rounded edging redolent of pin-ups or worn with bouncy, straight locks (think Katy Perry). Ideal for the ladies with larger foreheads, this eyelash-kissing hairstyle isn’t for the lazy girls because bangs require a lot of upkeep, plus growing them out is a major twinge! Yet, bangs are a favorite look in the celeb circles, as we’ve spotted various versions at last months Grammys on Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine and Hiliary Scott from Lady Antebellum. Fashion favorites like hip hop diva Nicki Minaj and reality starlet Kim Kardashian have been rocking the do! This year at the Golden Globes Sandra Bullock shocked us all with her rendition of the thick bang!

As tips to help pull this look of yourself I suggest adding hair spray for holding, frequent trims to ensure your bangs stay the perfect length also know that for ideal results you must blow-dry your bangs every day; they can look quite blah if you let them air dry! If you don’t like the rolled, pin-up look, skip the round brush when you’re drying them. Super celebrity stylist Derek J suggests combing them whilst drying instead of the typical round brush. Always use use a flat iron to finish your bangs once they’re dry. This will insure that your bangs are smooth and shiny for your day or maybe even your red carpet event! Whether it’s a hairstyle ripped straight from the runway or a red-carpet hairdo emulated to a tee, recreating a look you’ve seen worn by your favorite celeb is relatively simple! Personalizing a look so that it’s truly unique and marked by your signature soigné and sartorial sense makes you your own red carpet stylist. Remember: all it takes is the right style inspiration and you will have your glam look too!

Photographer Frederic Charpentier MUA’s Grace Phillips Dari Ada So Ruby Gracey Hair Bianca Lauren Jenn Taniguchi Wardrobe Gabrielle Lewis Models Khadija Neumann Adriana Villareal Stacey Leberge Alieesa Badresia Zara Song


Leather Jacket: JUST Cavalli Draped Skirt: Designer Chloe Ji Yoon

Corset: Designer Chloe Ji Yoon Ruffled Skirt: UNEEKBOTEEK Heels: Madden Girl

Pink Suede Skirt Dress: Espaco Beige Studded Belt: JUST Cavalli Heels: BAKERS

Red/Burg/Org de-con Dress: Espaco

Blue Patchwork Dress: Espaco Suede Pumps: Loriblu

Cream Blouse: H&M Pants: JUST Cavalli Heels: Barneys Ring and Bracelet Gypsy Brown Feathered Hat: Arturo Rios

Brn/Creme Knit de-con Silk Dress: Espaco Red Ankle Boots: UNEEKBOTEEK Ring, Bracelet, Red Earring: Gypsy Cap Hat : Arturo Rios

Brn/Creme Knit de-con Silk Dress by Espaco Red Ankle Boots by UNEEKBOTEEK Ring, Bracelet, Red Earring by Gypsy Cap Hat by Arturo Rios

Floral Gown by Espaco Ring by Gypsy Heels by UNEEKBOTEEK

Brown Jacket by UNEEKBOTEEK Creme Fringe Mini Skirt by Felja Ring by Gypsy Creme peep Toe Pumps by Loriblu Brn Mesh Wire Hat by Arturo Rios

Ditch the clique and do your own thing this spring! Willow smith may be ten years old, but with a hit single [Whip My Hair] lyrically expressing confidence and swag…she may be on to something. “Don’t let haters keep me off my grind,” the song says – “Keep my head up and I know I’ll be fine.” Towards the end of the track she calls for recognition in this musical movement by singing, “Ladies if you feel me come on do it do it whip your hair-” which speaks to me personally on a level where I just beam with response in an upbeat attitude. Besides the fact that this song will be played and danced to by club goers or being jammed to as a pre-party mix, these words have a meaning that should be applied to this spring break. I agree with Willow in that respect, there is too much worry in mainstream society these days (aka = “Haters”) causing a damper on our fun and a chip in our brains on how we should even have a good time. The heart of all these insecurities are driven by a need within us to be accepted, recognized, and even popular (Did someone just say Facebook?)

Photographer Credits: Robert Norton

Case in point: spring break. The whole point of the mini-vacation in celebration of the said equinox is to take time off, (meant mostly for active students) and to enjoy the season in all its beauty, as well as gather yourself before the next semester. Somehow, we have turned an opportunity for relaxation into an MTV reality series. The hype isn’t even limited to students; it applies to all hard-working individuals who take this length of time as a chance to get wild and crazy. And who else do you choose to party with, except for that of your friends? It’s one thing to socialize and have some fun, and it is a whole other aspect when you are spending more time trying to fit in with the crowd than putting your self first. As general as that statement is, let me try to break it down hypothetically. More often than not, ladies (and gentleman) are preparing for spring break right when winter starts. The dieting, hitting the wall, obsessing over appearance – it becomes an addiction that has become normalized. By that point, all of our sentences are ending in, “ – for spring break,” and the rest of us applaud and agree. We do this because we know for a fact that we are going to be socializing, looked at, and even judged by many once we hit the beach. Instead of trying to boost our own confidence for legitimate reasons, we are just adamant on not having the fear of being ‘the only one’ who is less than once we get there. That’s only the beginning; the parties haven’t even started yet! Peer pressure, alcohol poisoning, public foolishness and legal repercussions all sound like an after school special, but it will forever define a spring break venture. Some have entertaining experiences and some will have sob stories, but the difference between both start with your choice.

Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I trying to ruin your spring break by lecture, I am simply stating the obvious, throwing it out there, and then giving you options on how to change it up a bit. I am all for a good time, but suggest in finding it with your own voice. What do you truly want to achieve this spring? Whatever it may be, I say own it! Do not feel helpless in the demand for the groupies to cling together the entire time, because in the end, everyone wants to have a good time themselves. Especially in this economy, if you’re worried about spending – then maybe the Cancun trip isn’t exactly a priority. However, you can still make do with the budget you have by improvising a stay-cation.You can have just the same amount of fun by discovering the joys of spring break in your local area than if you were to spend it elsewhere! As for the need to blend into the crowd, I would apply the lemming effect to this situation. As similarly known as the question our parents always asked us, “If all of your friends jumped off of a bridge, would you do it too?” - we find it humorous, but it’s a painfully truthful question. Feel free to break away from the norm this spring, and just be yourself. Worried about your body? Your clothes? Your dancing skills? Whichever the concern, do yourself a favor and take a deep breath. Address the concern, and come to the realization that you are your own unique and beautiful person. No matter how hard you try to be a chameleon, people will end up making their own outrageous accusations anyway. As seen on the infamous “Jersey Shore” reality TV show which is essentially spring break every day for them, we see the damage that can be caused by this type of socializing.

For my own curiosity and for the sake of an example I googled “Spring break,” into the search field and the very first link that popped (with images, of course) read “Spring break mistakes.” It was unfortunate to see so many true stories listed with a majority of them ending in something like, “ - my friends were all into it, so.” Friends are awesome for a great time, but have some common sense! If something doesn’t feel safe, fun, or even right, then I suggest in going with your gut feeling. Most of your friends won’t be able to remember the next day, anyway. Why not be the one to remind them? But what does all of this come down to, in the end? The sexiest thing you can carry around this spring break will be instilled confidence. Certainty in who you are and in your personality will make or break the fun that you want to have. Do what you desire with responsibility and spirit and it will be undeniable to the room that you walk into. The best thing that you can do for yourself this season will be to escape for at least twenty minutes a day with only yourself, to take in nature and sunshine. The outdoors will give you some clarity in a world full of chaos, not to mention help to introduce you to your own self and to create a better understanding of what you want. Once you achieve the “Sasha Fierce” within, not only will you be strutting that sassy spring break secret, but you’ll whip your hair while doing it!

Calvin Klein Tank Top Almost Famous Pants General Idea jacket House of Harlow 1960 shoes Circa Sixty Three bangles Z Spoke Zac Posen bag Vintage Beret

Waiting For Spring

Photography: Veretta Stylist: Hope Morgan Makeup & Hair: Don Rokicki Model: Marianne

Dana Maxx dress House of Harlow 1960 shoes Accessorize ring Laruicci Neon necklace

Irwin and Jordan Lace shirt Irwin and Jordan pants H&M purple cami Farylrobin shoes Ben Amun bracelets Danika Neon yellow earrings

Dana Maxx Evening shorts American Apparel bodysuit Vintage Denim Headscarf Ben Amun Statement necklace Danika chain bracelets

Dana Maxx dress Ben Amun Star Earrings House of Harlow 1960 shoes Dana Maxx bracelets American Apparel Neon orange socks on rack: Ivana Trump beige bag, Z Spoke Zac Posen purple bag, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair stripe skirt

Almost Famous Vest Almost Famous shorts House of Harlow 1960 shoes Ben Amun earrings La Crasia gloves


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