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AmeriCorps Serving Suncoast Seniors Newsletter

March 2013 AmeriCorps Service Day at Lions, Tigers and Bears Inc.

AmeriCorps Fast Facts

Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service


Every day, in cities across America, national service is solving tough problems and strengthening communities. Whether supporting food banks and homeless shelters, restoring city parks, building homes, managing community volunteers, providing health services, or tutoring and mentoring students, national service members help mayors tackle tough problems. To spotlight the impact of national service and thank those who serve, mayors across the country will participate in the first-ever Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service on April 9, 2013. On this day, mayors will hold public events and use traditional and social media to highlight the value and impact of national service to the nation’s cities. This initiative is being led by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors; the Corporation for National and Community Service; Cities of Service; and other organizations. As the federal agency for service and volunteering, CNCS annually engages more than four million citizens in service at 70,000 sites across the country. CNCS leverages federal and private funds to support organizations that achieve measurable results where the need is greatest. Why a Day of Recognition? As solution-focused local elected officials, mayors understand the key role citizens play in meeting community needs. A coordinated day of recognition presents a unique opportunity to spotlight the key role that national service plays in solving pressing problems. Participating in the day will highlight the importance of citizen service, bolster support for nonprofit and national service groups, and help bring more city residents [Type text] into service.

Served 81 caregivers (149 YTD) Recruited 162 volunteers (332 YTD) who served 1757 hours (3280 YTD) Served 806 seniors with essential services (1389 YTD) AmeriCorps impact for Lions, Tigers & Bears 25 people and 109 volunteer hours!


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Lions, Tigers & Bears!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Wildlife Refuge in Arcadia, Florida is now in tiptop shape after AmeriCorps Serving Suncoast Seniors' work day! Kudos to AmeriCorps member Joni Kalinowski for organizing this service project from start to finish--from having a nurse on standby to bringing a bread slicer, she literally thought of EVERYTHING and made it look easy! Thank you to Lynn Wittmeier and Lions, Tigers, & Bears for providing a loving home for un-releasable wildlife and exotic species (and for being Arcadia's best kept secret). It was such a special gift to get a guided tour of Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Thank you to our business partners who provided a lunch for our volunteers. In Arcadia, we thank Wal-Mart, Sweetbay, and Save-a-lot and, in Sarasota, we thank Nikki Logan/Whole Foods and Joel Eckerman/University Parkway Panera. A huge thank you to all of the AmeriCorps members and their family and friends, some of whom took time off from work or traveled long distances to join us. Enjoy these pictures from our first--but hopefully not our last--service project in Arcadia!



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Schedule of Events March 12 - Madcap Evening Fundraiser Senior Friendship Centers Gala.


March 19 - Focus on Friendship, Sarasota campus of SFC (10AM-11:15AM) Dwyer Room March 21 - Focus on Friendship(10AM – 11:15AM) Venice Campus Pat Buster Room

AmeriCorps Member Spotlight: Jane Van Emburgh

Almost every person I meet with at the Caregiver Resource Center has a story and most of them are sad. I think it’s the nature of the beast so to speak when you’re dealing with caregivers who are suffering under the weight of their responsibilities in caring for their loved ones. I am happy however, that I can offer them help, hope and an occasional hug when needed. My years of working in this field have been a great asset in doing this type of service project. When asked what service means to me, I can say that I once had the paperwork for the Peace Corps in my hands (I was 17) but I met my husband to be so they got shelved. Now in writing my last chapters of “The Book of Jane”, it is my utmost pleasure to serve as an AmeriCorps member serving Suncoast Seniors working stateside rather than overseas….at least at this time. As for tomorrow “one never knows”, watch for updates (wink).

As an AmeriCorps member, you’ll gain new skills and experiences—and you’ll also find the tremendous satisfaction that comes from helping others. Requirements: At least 18 years of age be a U.S. citizen or resident. In addition, full-time members who complete their service earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to pay for college, graduate school, or to pay back qualified student loans; members who serve part-time receive a partial Award. Some AmeriCorps members may also receive a modest living allowance during their term of service. Please apply at Under the "Join now!" banner in the top right, search for "Elder Care" in "Florida" in the drop down boxes, then select "Serving Suncoast Seniors" and create a profile. Make sure you follow through to apply directly to the "Serving Suncoast Seniors" program listing. Call 1-800-942-2677 for any questions with the online application process then email the Program Director Jenna DeLorey at to confirm that your application was received by our program.

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