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Tips on Buying the Best LTI Taxi on a Budget Not all cars can be used as taxis in London. The city has strict rules as to which taxis can be used. As an example, the London 'Conditions of Fitness' demands that all taxis must have 28 feet maximum turning circle. The LTI taxis that are licensed to operate in London are TX1, TXII and TX4. LTI (London Taxis International) Vehicles is the premier manufacturer of purpose-built cabs in Britain. The company is known for its 'black cab'. The company made its first black LTI taxi in its Coventry factory back in 1948. LTI has since produced about 100,000 taxis. The LTI TX1 and TXII are no longer in production, meaning you can only get them second hand. The LTI TX4 is the latest in the line of these purpose built taxi cabs. This model was made by LTI between 2007 and 2010 and by The London Taxi Company from 2011 to present. Although you get the latest features with this taxi, it is more expensive than the older models and is therefore out of reach if you are on a budget. Compare different options if you want to get a good LTI taxi on a budget. The best way to do this is to go online. Online dealerships allow you to compare hundreds of options. This increases your chances of finding the exact taxi you are looking for. Buyers often leave reviews of the taxis they buy. This and the fact that you will get help from the staff of the online dealership means you will make an informed decision. You get a good deal when you shop online since online dealerships have lower overhead costs and are under intense competition; meaning they have to lower their prices to attract and to retain customers. Online shopping enables you to shop at the convenience of your home or office and to shop anonymously. The intense competition in online dealerships means you are more likely to get discounts and other financial incentives. You should therefore be on the lookout for such incentives if you want a good deal. You could get a good deal by haggling over the price. Dealerships often have flexible prices when it comes to used taxis. Consider going for a taxi that does not have too many customizations since this will cost you less. Insist on a test drive and thorough scrutiny of the LTI taxi to ensure the low price is not because the taxi is not roadworthy.


The intense comp etition in online dealerships means you are more likely to get discounts and other financial incentives.

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