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2013 Bridal & Prom

Eastern North Carolina

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2013 Bridal & Prom

On the Cover

Eastern North Carolina

This year’s Rock the Frock Winner - Kacie Baker. Rock the Frock is a photography contest hosted by Just Becca Photography. See more Rock the Frock INSIDE on page 14.

Your Wedding doesn’t have to cost a Fortune! Getting married is one of those things in life most people will experience. For some reason beyond my own ability to comprehend, it has become completely acceptable in our culture for young couples to begin their new life journey together by spending tens of thousands of dollars they don’t have, on their wedding! A quick Internet search reveals that the average wedding in the United States is hovering right around $25k, and yeah, I know just what you’re thinking, “TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS?!!” I thought the same thing! It’s ridiculous. Not only is this a not so great start to their new happy life together, it’s also unnecessary in most cases. Sure it’s true that everything about a wedding costs money. From venue choices, to decorations, and the dress, they all add up. But one area of the wedding experience that doesn’t need to cost a lot of money is the food. In the next few minutes I’ll give you a couple down to earth suggestions on how to take charge of the food at your wedding, reduce your overall

expense, and still allow your guests the opportunity to dine on your dime while enjoying your special day.

To Cater or not to Cater? Whether you have your food catered or you self-cater the wedding there are a few good ways to save some money on either choice. If you decided to have your food catered you’ll want to book in advance as the majority of caterers probably have reservations. There are some very low cost catering options but remember the following to help reduce unnecessary expense:

No Wait Staff – Most catering companies will opt to use their own wait staff because they can charge more. If you want to save a few hundred dollars on the catering bill say no to the wait staff, instead use self-serve food tables and allow the guests to serve themselves. This will drastically reduce your costs while still allowing the caterer to do what they do best, provide food.

Cash Bar Only – In an ideal world we could all afford to buy our friends all the booze they can drink, but this isn’t an ideal world and some of our friends drink a lot of booze! To save on food and drinks host a cash bar only. This gives your guests the option to drink all they want, just not at your expense!

Heavy Appetizers – Instead of offering a meal, offer heavy appetizers. This will cost substantially less while still giving your guests some food to enjoy. You’ll also find that the lack of sit down food encourages your guests to mingle more, and more mingling is always a plus at a wedding. Appetizers work best with morning or midday weddings so plan accordingly. If your wedding is at 6pm guests will probably expect a meal.

Focus on Taste and Fill – When selecting your appetizers choose items that provide more fill value while still tasting good. A filling appetizer will satisfy hungry guests long enough for them to enjoy the rest of your wedding! Your caterer should be able to offer some great filling appetizer suggestions but don’t go overboard.

Self-Catered -

If you’re going the self-catered route I’d suggest checking with your venue first to make sure they don’t have any restrictions on self-provided food. If you plan to go the selfcatered route, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind: Pre-made Appetizers – Select a premade appetizer that doesn’t require cooking or heating if possible. This will reduce the chance for any kitchen rental fees at the wedding venue and make serving them less stressful for you. If it’s a summer wedding consider appetizers that are cold. One of my favorites is frozen grapes covered in Jell-O mix.

Sandwich Creation Station – A sandwich station is a great way to offer your guests food while still keeping costs low. Everyone loves a good PB&J once in a while and there is absolutely nothing wrong with offering them at your wedding. I’d suggest offering a bunch of different ingredients and letting your guests make their own sandwich.

Simple Salad Bar – A salad and fruit bar is also an inexpensive way to offer your guests food. They’ll appreciate the healthy options and never think to complain about the lack of a full course meal.

Dessert Only – If you’re concerned about costs consider having a dessert bar. Ice cream sundaes and root beer floats cost hardly anything to make but go over great for summer weddings. Same with Italian sodas, smoothies and other healthy snack alternatives. These low cost solutions are extremely easy to make and a crowd favorite in almost every setting. If you’re frugal, then some of your guests probably are too. With a little creativity and experimentation on your part you can turn something simple, like a sandwich, into something unique and fun for your guests to enjoy. Think of your food as a way to unite people and help them get to know each other. Don’t hide your frugal food in the corner like you’re ashamed, incorporate it into your reception in an interesting, out of the ordinary way that helps guides your guest’s to have good perceptions of it! In the end all the decisions are up to you so remember,

be creative, be frugal, be fun!

About the Author: Trisha Jefford is a self-proclaimed foodie and wine enthusiast who loves scouring the internet for new ideas and trends in food creation and presentation. She currently blogs and writes for EZ Cater who specialize in a wide variety of options for your lunch catering needs.

I found the one my heart loves. Song of Songs 3:4

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by Cindi Pate

When there is need, there is also someone who realizes the need and will do something about it. Dana Southerland and many others associated with Dana’s Wardrobe have realized a need. When it comes to Junior and Senior prom, it can cost a small fortune to help your daughter live out her dream. A few years ago, Dana Southerland and Garris Chapel partnered to form Dana’s Wardrobe - a Prom Project that helps girls who’s families cannot afford to purchase a dress for prom due to economic reasons or a tragedy such as a house fire. Dana’s Wardrobe acquired over 300 gowns in just its first year. Not used gowns, but brand new

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as a manner of speaking: After the Wedding -Thank You Notes There is no way around it. After the wedding cake has been eaten, after the honeymoon is over, there is still one more weddingrelated matter to attend to. It’s time for the newlyweds to send out their thank you cards. Most couples like to procrastinate when it comes to showing their gratitude, but all the experts agree, this is one area where etiquette must not be breached. A thank you note must never be preprinted or typed. A personalized, handwritten note is expected. Many printers offer blank note cards printed in the same design as the wedding invitation specifically for this purpose. Photographers also offer blank thank you notes that come with a picture of the happy couple. The same rule applies to the envelope, it should be hand written, showing your guests they were each special enough for you to take this extra step. And, if you think it’s been too long since your wedding day...it’s hasn’t - send that thank you note today!

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Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

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For jewelry for your entire wedding party

please contact Nancy Hinson at 919-961-3920

www.myparklane.com/nhinson Call for package deals. Most brides save more than 50% off prices shown online.

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Kacie Baker’s Housewife Hotness Rock the Frock WINNING Session We did Kacie’s session at a service station that I have wanted to shoot at for years! Thankfully the Jones families were open to the idea of us using R&H Oil Company for the photo shoot. Kacie’s husband’s parents still have the same Mustang they took on their first date, and Ben & Kacie went on special dates in the car as well so it was the perfect accessory for the shot. We really wanted a session that would have a vintage feel and

a pin up vibe about the styling, all with a bridal twist. We also wanted to tell a story through the photos, where her husband would come to her rescue. Since he works on cars and she is a housewife/mom/student I thought this Housewife Hotness theme was perfect for her! Thank you to the Jones families for the use of the service station as our location, Tony & Jodi Baker for use of the classic Mustang, make up artist Alessandra Garcia and photo assistant Wendy Jones.


Jennife Graham’s “SONG OF THE SOUTH” Rock the Frock Session I chose the theme Song of the South for Jennifer’s session since it was all about music and Southern classics. We shot Jennifer Graham’s session for Rock the Frock 2013 at Waynesborough Park in Goldsboro. Jennifer is a good Southern girl who loves her family, cowboy boots and being outside and I’ve dreamed of doing a photo shoot with a live band for quite

some time, so when all the pieces fell together for my friends The Back Porch Project to come for a jam session in the background of her session we were all thrilled. It was even cooler when we all got together and some of the guys in the band knew Jennifer and her mom! Jennifer’s mom and husband (who she has known almost all her life and married in 2011) came to hang out during her session and her mom even brought an awesome washboard we used as a prop! We started out on the porch

(naturally) of the Hatch House at the park where Jennifer rocked her grandmother’s vintage jewelry! With a jewelry swap to more fabulous vintage jewelry and a hat from The Chapeau Chateau while the band moved their gear, we prepped for the second part of her shoot, which came complete with Southern staples-- Moon Pies and glass bottle Cokes in front of the

general store at the park. We wrapped up the session at the Just BECCA photo studio for a little fun with another Southern classic--girls with guns! A huge thank you to Jennifer’s family for some of the antique props, the staff and volunteers of Waynesborough Park and the band-Josh Olmsted, Timmy Colyer and Tim Colyer.

Angela Pelletier’s, A Beautiful Mess Rock the Frock Session Life is sometimes a mess, but it is a beautiful mess! We used that as the basis for Angela Pelletier’s Beautiful Mess Rock the Frock session. With her divorce being finalized just before the contest started she was up for having a great time and celebrate her fun new outlook on life! We started her session in the creek behind the studio (just a hop, skip and a long hike into the woods) where she was super brave, rocking her dress in the water and

all on the tree branches and banks of the creek (with a little help from my photo assistants Jimmy, Jackie, Mike and Emily). We were really inspired by fairy tales so we had several references that had a Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood feel about them. After the “beautiful” part, we moved on to the MESS! Despite the cold weather (remember, it snowed the night before and into the early morning hours of her session) she danced around in the mud and finished the session up with a huge splatter of raining mud


from a 4 wheeler courtesy of my awesome brother in law! Thank you to photo assistant Michael Berg of Studio Berg, and Jackie Reynolds for the 4 wheeler/mud..

For a closer look at Becca Scott Reynold’s Rock the Frock Contest, visit Just Becca Photo’s blog at www.justbecca. com/blog.

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