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e do love to be the best here in the Tristate. We are forever arguing about which ice cream is better, the best high school, the best side of town and countless other things. Someone has to be the best and we love nothing better than when it’s us. I think that’s why people look forward to this annual Rating the Burbs issue so much. We all know we live in the best community and we want quantitative data to prove it. Many of us are focused on what community takes the top spot, but I like to look at the list as a whole. If you look at the numbers of our region’s suburbs, you start to see a trend—we live in a pretty great place. As a region, we’ve seen new communities spring up, older communities become revitalized and home values that have increased almost across the board. It’s fun to see if your suburb is named the best one in the Tristate, but I think it’s better to know that our region is improving year after year. After you delve into the data, there’s plenty of other stories to read in this issue. You can learn more about the Tristate’s manufacturing community with our annual MANNY Awards feature, learn about upcoming projects for the Nuxhall Miracle League, find things do this summer at the Metroparks of Butler County and more. In fact, much of this issue speaks to the great things here in the region.


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So if your suburb isn’t No. 1, take heart and remember that there’s always next year. Hopefully you’ll join me in celebrating the accomplishments of all the communities in our region, even if they’re not always the community you call home.

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Cincy Magazine: June/July 2019  

Cincy Magazine: June/July 2019  

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