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72 Reflections on Leadership

Historians are using public institutions to better analyze the past and today. BY DAN HURLEY


82 2019 MANNY Awards

Honoring the best in Tristate manufacturing. BY THE EDITORS

101 Redefining Membership

View 74 Another We are not “full” in Greater


111 Give Your Eyes a Break

Local experts recommend short breaks from the computer to prevent eyestrain and vision problems. BY DEBORAH RUTLEDGE

Update 117 Retirement Local retirement communities are

Cincinnati. BY DON MOONEY

continuing to expand and add new amenities. BY CORINNE MINARD

Column 75 Guest BY MONICA POSEY,


76 Bronson-At-Large Will Nicholas Sandmann


be Clark Kent’s Kryptonite? BY PETER BRONSON

Tips for a Healthy Lawn 125 7This Summer

Third and 78 Rounding Heading for Home Members of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber are afforded many opportunities to shape the region’s future. BY KEVIN MICHELL

Complete Package 102 The Vista Packaging and Logistics has expanded to fit the many needs of its customers. BY KEVIN MICHELL

104 A Brighter Shade of Green

Come the Bugs 126 Here Thanks to a wet winter and

spring, the Tristate could see more insects than usual this summer. BY DAVID HOLTHAUS

128 Love Cincy

The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League dreams big with a new mini golf course. BY LIZ ENGEL


Five Star Homes Pros

80 Best Schools

Marian University offers a comfortable, personal appeal for students. BY ERIC SPANGLER


Green Township is growing steadily and the Nathanael Greene Lodge celebrates 20 years. BY KEVIN MICHELL

in Business 106 Best Calendar & Directory

Outstanding real estate agents, mortgage professional and home/auto insurance professionals in the area. FS1-7, starts after page 62

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