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2009 Media Kit The Cincinnati Defender P.O. Box 53532 Cincinnati, Ohio 45253

Who We Are Cincinnati's online source for relevant news and information ranging from Community Views, Events, Health, Fashion Beauty, Lifestyle, Sports and Businesses. We educate our readers by providing them weekly highlights. Established November 2008, although a new publication we are growing rapidly. We are proud members of The Greater Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce and involved with many other organizations.

Our Audience Ranges from impressionable teens to educated businessmen and women who strive to be the best. They are Decision Makers, Go-getters, Executives, Students, Homemakers, Movers & Shakers.

Our Focus Is to create an online portal concentrating on Business, Careers, Entertainment, and positive African Americans in our Tri-State area. We force our readers to think outside the box to enrich their lives, and to broaden their culture by introducing new and interesting things. "Our hard work and dedication to our community creates a market place for small businesses to large corporations. We take pride in what we do, and work effortlessly to bring you the advertiser exposure for your business."

Audience Profile

DEMOGRAPHICS 49% - Men 51% - Women 46% - Married 43% - Working Women 65% - Working Mothers 29% - Single Fathers 73% - Single Mothers ETHNICITY 89% - African American 10% - Caucasian 1% - Other ANNUAL INCOME LEVELS 19.3% - Under $25,000 11.6% - $25,001 - $34,000 36.8% - $34,001 - $49,000 22.3% - $49,001 - $75,000 10% - $75,000 +

EDUCATION PROFILE 1.4% - High School or less 24.2% - High School Grad 19.0% - Some College 27.3% - College Graduate 29.2% - Advanced Degree

IN THE LAST FOUR WEEKS OUR READERS: 99% - Shopped at a drugstore 73% - Shopped at a discount store 85% - Shopped online 52% - Purchased women’s clothing 49% - Purchased men’s clothing 54% - Buy or rent movies 50% - Shopped at a hardware store 41% - Attended the movie theatre 97% - Spend over $100 per week grocery shopping TRAVEL 42% - Stayed in hotel 10+ nights in the last year 42% - Domestic travel - flew 3+ times in past year 41% - Business travelers ACTIVITIES IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS 66% - Lawn/Gardening activities 48% - Attended a concert, movie or play/theatre 40% - Exercised at a health club 63% - Shopped at Macy’s or a major department store FINANCIAL 54% - Have IRA Accounts 42% - Have 401K Plans 39.7% -Have liquid assets $100K + 64% - Are investors in CD’s/IRA’s/401K’s

over 10K unique monthly website visitors

OTHER FACTS 65% - Have home telephone service 95% - Own a cellular phone 99% - Own a computer 85% - Have broadband internet 95% - Chat on some type of social network 80% - Have some type of health insurance 27% - Are covered by HMO Source: The Media Audit Program and Report Copyright 2008

TESTIMONIALS The Cincinnati Defender is one of the country’s premier information & entertainment publications. As a television screenwriter & author who live in Greater Cincinnati, The Defender is my #1 source for connecting with new business leads. If you're looking to increase your visibility in the community, let The Cincinnati Defender take your business to the next level. Kole Black, Television Producer & Screenwriter

At the beginning of this year our company set out to put on one of the largest tours that any independent promotion company could put together. We have been all over the U.S. And coming into the Cincinnati market, we were a bit hesitant because we really didn't know Cincy at all, let alone the fact that we are an out of town Promotion Company and were not sure how Cincy would take to us. You always have your regular media outlets, radio, print and what not, but times have changed and so has the promotion game. To make a long story short no promotion big or small can go without the internet. The team at Cincinnati Defender understands that and did everything they could to making sure that both of our shows (Mike Epps & Friends Comedy Show & Rickey Smiley & Kem: A Night of Love & Laugher) this year in Cincy were successful and they were! We owe Crystal and her team a lot, and were going to owe them a lot more because we are not done yet! It’s nice to know you have people you can count on to keep their word and do what they say they were going to do. Bottom line, that's what our company at Phase One, is about and I'm proud to have another company like the Defender working with us and believing in the same business ethics. Thanks for everything Crystal! We will be back soon and can't wait to work with you again, you have succeeded our expectations. ThxRome C. Phase One Entertainment For advertising packages send your request to

2009 Media Kit  

2009 Cincinnati Defender Media KIt