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Division 3W Region 12


Cinc-O Key March Edition Cinco Ranch High School

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The Pledge I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

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Looking for ways to earn hours? Articles are a great way to earn Key Club hours and it may end up in the newsletter! Requirements: 400+ words, a picture, title, and your name. Send to: If you have any pictures from Key Club events, feel free to email them to: or post them on our Facebook page! Also, send service ideas Key Clubbers would be interested in!


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Christina Wang Cinco Ranch Key Club/3w District Face-Painting… More Like Rush Hour! Yesterday volunteering at the Hoedown was very fun and a great experience! Being around hundreds and hundreds of small children can seem pretty daunting, but surprisingly it was more fun than anything. I was originally assigned to monitor children that were at the games sections, but somehow I ended up face painting hundreds of kids when there wasn’t anything else to do. It was interesting and I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy myself, because I genuinely did. The day was beautiful and there were a bunch of children bustling around running and playing. After I was assigned to face paint, I got to paint a pink butterfly on my first small customer! As time rolled by more and more came up wanting all sorts of things painted on their faces and arms, anything you could think of they’d want it! Having a bunch of children lining up and rushing to get each and everyone done so they could get back out to playing, was extremely difficult. The children would move, lean back, squint their face, and talk nonstop, but it was cute and very tolerable. I didn’t think these small youngsters would be so demanding, but then again they are kids so it wasn’t to bad of a surprise.


Being able to volunteer at this event truly showed me how to be patient with children and it not only applies to children but to others as well. Patients has always been my weakness, and being able to face paint and listen/be engaged to a small child was hard at times, but completely worth it! Why? Well, who wouldn’t want to see their shy faces light up when they got a cute unicorn or a full face tiger?! I’d have to say learning to work with younger kids is always an experience to cherish, because these years are their most memorable of their youth, and as they grow older they will look back at these events of joy, at least that’s what I’d like to believe. Even though being patient may never be a strong point of mine, kids has a soft spot in my heart and I can take away from and apply it to my daily life. Patience is key and being a member/officer of key club, we strive to better ourselves through our experiences so we can become better influences on our peers!


Michelle Yang 3W / Cinco Ranch High School

Immeasurable It would be a lie to say that participating in Key Club is solely for meeting the hours requirement or gaining one more recognition to add to your resume or helping the community. No, in Key Club, we strive to accomplish greater things, and those who are actively involved with the organization find that Cinco Key Club is an outlet for their desire to see goodand create good- in this world. The rest, to clarify, are simply the added benefits of being a Key Club International member. Here at Cinco Key Club, we venture nearly every weekend beyond the corners of the school to apply our vigor, compassion, and hope into serving the rest of society that often goes unnoticed. And just like the people we help, we, the volunteers, often go by unrecognized as well. But that is not what we volunteer for, nor is it what we want to volunteer for. Though we may not always be praised by the rest of the world for our dedication to serving others, there will always be at least one person who leaves our helping hands with a brighter day, or perhaps a brighter future. 07

Volunteering is not measured by the number of hours you accumulate, nor is it by how many events you partake in. It is not some sort of quantifiable action. Rather, it is an emotion. Specifically, gratitude, love, kindness, and hope. It is not counted, not like how some may obsess over their number of followers on social media, not like how others may torment themselves for their academic grades. Service is a lifestyle, and Cinco Key Clubbers are its champions. We are not perfect, for we make mistakes. And that is okay, because we are human, and naturally, humans make mistakes. We trip, we fall, we stumble, and we cry from time to time- like any other human being. But no matter where you stand in life, you will always be able to find the opportunity to lend others around you your care, be it through a hug, a listening ear, or words of advice. We suffer occasionally, as it is a part of life, but we must remember that others do too and that some may be suffering more than us. So what is important is that you give, endlessly, regardless of how much you receive, because really, loving others is essentially your love and appreciation for life. You do not need to be perfect to make an impact on this world, but you must absolutely have the heart to care. Without passion and purpose and love, there would be nothing to strive for in this world, would there? 08

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