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Welcome to a network of talented people who envision new possibilities, enable innovation, and create things never before imagined. I invite you to explore a career at Cisco, where we take seriously our vision of “Changing the Way We Work, Live, Play, and Learn.” Together, the Cisco team makes this vision a reality every day, in every corner of the business, whether it is our engineers developing cutting-edge technologies, business development leaders identifying acquisitions, communications professionals helping us tell our story, or any one of our thousands of talented people. And it is about our people—we are proud to employ some of the most innovative people in the world; people who not only work hard, but also give back to their communities, collaborate generously, and have fun while doing it. Because people are our most important asset, we take professional development and growth, diversity, flexibility, and rewards very seriously. We view our employees as family; I personally know about and follow nearly every employee or close family members’ major illnesses. These are just some of the reasons why we’ve been recognized for many years as one of the top companies to work for in America. And the opportunities are only just beginning. As we approach the second wave of the Internet, Cisco and its employees have the unparalleled opportunity to lead this next wave of innovation and opportunity—just as we did the first wave of the Internet. Cisco is synonymous with networking—and the network is the platform for the transformations happening across the globe, economically, culturally, and politically. We are prepared to lead this new wave, and, as we do, to truly change the world. This booklet is dedicated to helping you understand Cisco’s evolution and opportunity. We invite you to join us.


John T. Chambers Chairman and CEO Cisco

Leading the Experience Cisco pioneered the Internet. We helped astronauts make private phone calls to their families from space. We set a Guinness World Record for the highest-capacity Internet router. Every day, we connect people to the network and make it come to life. Simply put, we bring together people and technology to create a human network. Whether it’s using e-learning to educate students far from city centers or downloading the entire Library of Congress in seconds, our networking technology has revolutionized not only the way people do things, but who they are. Thanks to the network, people are more informed, more efficient, and more involved.

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Along the way, we’ve built a $19 billion intangible asset called the Cisco brand (BusinessWeek/Interbrand, July 2007). It represents the goodwill and positive reputation we have instilled in all those we have touched. But we’re just getting started. With all forms of communication converging onto the network, Cisco is entering an exciting new era. The concept of the network as the platform for transforming life’s experiences is no longer just a possibility: it is quickly becoming a reality. And Cisco is leading the experience.

Welcome to a brand new day. A new way of getting things done. Welcome to a place where maps are rewritten and remote villages are included. A place where body language is business language, where people subscribe to people, not magazines, and the team you follow, now follows you.

Welcome to a place where books rewrite themselves, where you can drag and drop people wherever they want to go, and a phone doubles as a train ticket, plane ticket, or lift ticket.

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Welcome to a place where a wedding is captured and recaptured again and again. Where a home video is experienced everywhere at once. Where a library travels across the world, where businesses are born, countries are transformed, and we are more powerful together than we could ever be apart.

Welcome to the Human Network.

Culture in Action

Brand in Action

As a Cisco employee, you’ll come to know about Cisco culture. You’ll wear it on your badge. You’ll act it out every day. When you have a problem and solve it with your teammates directly, you are engaged in open communication and integrity. When you ask others to bring their expertise to a project, you act out teamwork and empowerment. When you bring your passion and enthusiasm to a volunteer project in your community, you are giving back. When you eat lunch every Friday with your project members, you have fun. When you generate excitement about your ideas and innovations, you can drive change.

A brand is the total experience that anyone has when interacting with a company. The primary brand conveyors are products, communications, and people. The way our products function helps shape our brand perception. So do our logo, ads, collateral, and other communications. But most importantly, employees are an integral part of our brand and their every comment and act can affect the perception of our company. Culture and brand work in the same way: They depend entirely on our collective behavior.

Who We Are = How We Act Drive Change Customer Success

Ethical Sophisticated





Giving Back Open Communication

Innovative Passionate
















First MEIS Subsystem shipped

First AGS Router shipped

Initial public offering

First international offices opened in London and France

First acquisition: Crescendo Communications

First Chineselanguage customer support Website launched

Cisco Networking Academy® introduced

Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group formed

Internet Home opened

First IP call from space

One millionth Cisco IP phone sold

Linksys® acquired; Cisco enters home networking market

Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System launched

10 millionth Cisco IP phone sold

First Integrated Services Router

New company logo introduced

WebEx acquired

First employee hired

First Networkers user event

CCIE® certification program launched

8259 employees

Cisco 2000 launched for remote offices, offering “Access Without Compromise”

First movie delivered via Internet

14,623 employees

35,670 employees

Power over Ethernet launched Four-millionth Cisco IP phone sold


61,535 employees

49,926 employees $35B

20 years of innovation celebrated with 20 years of service

1459 employees


When Cisco was founded in 1984, no one imagined the transformation the world would experience as a result of two human beings on disparate computer systems creating technology to talk to each other across the Stanford University campus. Since the company’s inception, Cisco engineers have been leaders in the development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies. Today, with more than 60,000 employees worldwide, this tradition of innovation continues with industry-leading products and solutions in the company’s core development areas of routing and switching, as well as in advanced technologies such as home networking, network security, storage area networks, unified communications, and wireless networking.



Cisco continues to be at the heart of many historic changes in technology. Now, at a time when the technology industry is experiencing dramatic change, Cisco is at the center of fundamental changes in the way the world communicates.

Revenue $1B














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A History of Innovation

Commitment to Our Employees Culture of Inclusion

Career Development

Meeting business objectives at Cisco is about cultivating an inclusive workforce. Employees from different cultures and regions, with a variety of viewpoints and styles of interaction, combine their unique backgrounds, experiences, and values to understand the needs of our customers.

Each year our industry, like the global economy, changes dramatically. For you to excel at work and advance your career, the key factors in success are cross-training, multidisciplinary skills, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. As the market leader in Internet technologies, Cisco gives you the opportunity to work with top talent in shaping your career and creating the network solutions of tomorrow.

We recognize that diversity of thought is a business imperative. By attracting, hiring, developing, and retaining the best talent, Cisco is able to explore new ideas, promote better decision making, and create a workforce that mirrors our customers and the world at large. Rewards and Remunerations

To support your personal and professional growth, Cisco provides employees with a wide range of training and development programs. In fiscal year 2006, 12 percent of our employees received promotions and 7 percent transferred to another group or changed job functions completely. Through continuous training, we are developing an agile and productive workforce that can respond to the changes in our industry.

Our reward structure provides a competitive package, which may include the following benefits along with numerous other employee support services and options:

Work/Life Integration

• • • • •

We believe there is a positive relationship between workplace flexibility and productivity. Our technology, tools, and culture enable flexibility in when, where, and how you work. We make it possible for you to work easily from home or on the road, accessing real-time business information and collaborating with customers and colleagues anywhere in the world. Whether you work from home or from the office, Cisco provides you with Internet access and discounts on hand-held devices, even routers for home offices.

Industry-leading compensation plan Stock option and employee stock purchase programs Matching 401(k) contribution (up to 4 percent of salary), tuition assistance, and legal services Life, accident, and disability insurance for spouses and domestic partners Medical, dental, and vision coverage

Commitment to Our Customers We Are More Powerful Together Than We Could Ever Be Apart Our customers’ success is not just a financial proposition, it is a commitment that all of our employees have. ­Whether they build, market, and sell the systems and solutions that help our customers make business transitions, or they provide the financial programs, IT support, or talent resources, everyone at Cisco has a share in keeping us the top-rated company as evidenced through our customer satisfaction survey. Our marketplace leadership comes from the collaborative global efforts between technology groups and corporate business functions, and support departments that collectively create and deliver the Cisco brand experience throughout their areas of expertise. Marketing At Cisco Marketing, it’s not business as usual. Today’s marketplace requires a new way of thinking and working that delivers more impact and is more targeted than ever before. There is value delivered to customers when our marketing solutions are in alignment with their business needs. This “better together” concept creates solutions that helps us focus our efforts to increase demand, growth, and brand awareness.

Information Technology We are Cisco’s first and best customer, always at the front lines of the latest technology. As a strategic partner with our internal businesses we create the enterprise network of the future. With over 2000 employees worldwide, we have a prominent role in erasing barriers of distance, language, and culture and extending that capability to customers.

Research and Development We see opportunities to innovate across our business and the world. Cisco’s long-term technology architectural vision comes from our vision for our advanced technologies. Innovation is alive as we incubate emerging technologies that hold the promise for future products. And we continually optimize our core technologies of routing and switching by innovating new processes and reducing costs to keep the products valuable and cost-effective for our customers.

Manufacturing We take Cisco innovation from the drawing board to the customer. Whether it’s complex, high-end, configure-toorder products or high-volume commercial goods, we turn ideas into solutions. We have in many ways raised the bar for supply chain excellence, but now a new and even more challenging era has begun as we must continue to maintain delivery, improve quality, and accelerate supply chain velocity, even as Cisco expands into new technologies and geographies.

Human Resources Advancing Cisco’s global team of talented and diverse individuals. Attracting and developing diverse talent and cultivating a collaborative environment in which everyone can contribute and grow their career is a challenge we can meet. We understand that multiple perspectives are the key to creating the best, most innovative products and services for our customers.

Finance We provide insight and analysis to guide Cisco’s strategic positioning. Our team is valued as dynamic business leaders that are catalysts taking Cisco to the next level of excellence through unquestioned integrity, technologyenabled productivity solutions, and management skills. We are at the foundation of a company that generated $35 billion in revenue for fiscal year 2007.

Sales Our team builds its success from a fierce commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. We have experienced ­unparalleled growth over the decades. With unprecedented change in the marketplace, our effective execution on delivering our products to our customers’ satisfaction will translate into significant opportunities for Cisco to build on its leadership position in the world.

Cisco Services We are the team that makes networks, applications, and the people who use them work better together. We are the advocates for Cisco customers and it is our goal to accelerate our customer success through innovative services and world-class people, processes, tools, and partners.

Commitment to Our Values As the architect of the network, Cisco has both the opportunity and the imperative to make a difference in important global issues such as education, health, and the environment. Education is the great equalizer. The Cisco Networking Academy is an example of that belief in action. Local and regional academies have trained two million students, many in least-developed countries where the experience leads to economic self-sufficiency. We believe health is a human right and networking is a remedy for a broken healthcare system. Whether it’s by helping streamline access and management of patient records or by enabling a surgeon to operate on a patient from a distant city, we know the difference networking can make in people’s lives. The earth is home. Cisco continues to find ways to minimize the environmental impact of our products and our operations. Cisco products work increasingly more efficiently, from materials to packaging to energy consumption. We use more renewable energy than ever before from manufacturing operations to office environments.

From our earliest days, we have held a core belief that doing good will always contribute to doing well. We have a heritage of giving back and putting our technology to work where it counts most. We believe a successful company should provide both business and social benefits. More than that, we believe a lasting company embraces its destiny to help transform people’s experiences and promote human progress. It’s time to build on our legacy and embrace our exciting future. Networking is fast becoming the most important technology in the world. Each one of us has an important job to do.

“I love my job; it always feels that I’m on the brink of something very exciting. Finding the global talent that provides the technical and business solutions to change how the world works, lives, plays, and learns allows me to leave my mark on something.” -Bronwyn

“The atmosphere, the people, and the overall work ­culture here are great. The quality of technical and business training I received gave me the level of knowledge I needed to talk to my customers and technical teams with credibility. Support and guid-Henry ance is always there when you need it.”

“You get the opportunity to work in each and every technology. It’s very flexible—you can move to any technology group to improve your skills. You are free to learn new things, to experiment and experience.” -Amit

“It’s an intelligent, innovative company that is a market leader. There’s still an entrepreneurial spirit for a large organization. It’s impressive how a company of this size still keeps a focus on making the world a better place. There is a lot of prestige in telling people I work -Ester for Cisco.”

“I am proud to say that I work for a company that is at the top of their industry. Cisco is not only a leader in innovation and thought leadership, but in workplace culture and values. You never have to doubt the sin-Matt cerity and integrity of the leaders.”

“I know my team is there for me, mentoring me, and we are dependent on each other to meet our design requirements.… I’m proud to be working with a team whose goals are to improve the standard of living in rural communities where wireless access to Internet -Nupur resources really helps.”

“I come here everyday with the idea of doing something great. You’ll note I don’t mention the word ‘work’. It doesn’t feel like work. What we do best is having this very open flexible approach: like, ‘we can do everything’. That’s it. We can do everything with the right people and the right time. It can be done. “ - Robert

“If you look at the people here, they don’t compare to other places that I’ve worked. The passion they have when they say, ‘Here’s what we want to do, and here’s how we can do that’ is inspiring. The attitude of Cisco people is if we really put our minds to it, we can ­accomplish anything. We believe that, and we do it. -Leo We really work this way.”

“I wanted to work here because they had a vision for integrating the network with security and storage, even voice. With my background in IT and Sales I knew I would be challenged to contribute to the future growth of the company.” -Daisy

“I wanted to work in Corporate Affairs and now I’m organizing global education initiatives for our Networking Academies. It is rewarding to have an influence at a global level. For the first time in my career, I really love what I am doing.” -Cristina

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