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Mason City Schools Superintendent “Even though my parents were teachers, I did my very best to run away from education. School was always difficult for me to be myself and find purpose. When I finally discovered the true joy of learning, I also discovered myself. It lit my fire and focus in a relentless pursuit to be an advocate for all learners so that they didn’t face my same struggle.”


Former Mason City Council Member “My parents (Class of 1940), my sons (2009 and 2012), and I (1969) are all Mason High School grads and have our Mason-Comets-to-the-core stories. As an aide at the high school, being with 300+ students in my study halls and 2,500+ students on lunch duty every single day, I’ve learned that all students have their own amazing stories including challenges, heartbreaks, victories, and defeats—priceless glimpses into who they are.”


Mason City Schools Mom “Mason’s support of inclusion creates a space to nurture the diversity in our community. That’s what makes our community vibrant and strong. Our garden is best when it has lots of different flowers. We need to nurture, give space, and give opportunities for the all the flowers to flourish.”


Mason City Schools Bus Driver “In my younger years, I thought I was Cherokee Indian. Later, I learned I had been adopted and was actually Native Alaskan. So much of everything that I am in life I have learned by looking out a ‘window’ and formulating my values. But I have never been able to look into a ‘mirror’...until now.”


Mason High School Student “I was the first student with disabilities to be a member of the high school’s Teaching Academy, to work in the Comet Zone [the school store], and to be inducted into the Young Women’s National Honor Society. I don’t need easy or optional—just opportunity!”


Retired Western Row Elementary Teacher “Storytelling was the hallmark of my elementary classroom. Whether admitting that I couldn’t tie my shoes until fifth grade or describing the attic in my grandmother’s house on Elm Street, my true stories sparked stories in my students. Now, I’m rekindling those stories on Thursday afternoons with my grandsons and providing free access to books at the Little Libraries that I steward in Mason Parks.”

Fall 2019

CenterPoint 33

Profile for Cincinnati Magazine

Mason and Deerfield Township - CenterPoint Fall 2019  

Mason and Deerfield Township - CenterPoint Fall 2019  

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