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LAW.UC. EDU | Founded 1833


Here, an amazing career is yours for the making. Welcome, horizon-seekers, map-charters, law-makers, and game-changers. You’re about to enter one of the world’s top professions — protecting and empowering good people on their quests to do great things. You will come to help those who need help most as their ally and advocate, when so much is at stake. You are on the precipice of enabling the world to be what it wants and needs to be. As the fourth oldest continuously operating law school in the nation, we’re proud of our unique and practical clinics and programs that will help you re-shape the world, practicing and applying the law to solve real life problems…in a location where your vocational experiences in this big river city can connect you to opportunities oceans away. This is where aspirational meets achievable. Where hands-on lets you take off. Where the pulse of collaboration and community can be felt in every class. With this book in hand, you’re already showing keen insight on knowing your path to a bright future. And it begins here. Welcome to Cincinnati Law.



“I chose Cincinnati Law because I was made to feel not only welcome but wanted, as though the staff and faculty thought I could make a meaningful contribution to the college… that I could bring something to the classroom and community. I wasn’t made to feel like that elsewhere.” –Bennett Allen, Class of 2016 Rego Park, New York


An overview of the voyage to come. » It’s personal.

We limit total enrollment to a select 350 students so you get the attention you deserve. And in your first year, you will benefit from being in a small section of 20 for more personalized attention. You’ll not only enjoy unique opportunities in this format — you’ll forge important relationships that will live beyond graduation.


student/faculty ratio

You’ll never be lost in a crowd to teachers

» Mentoring — for maximum impact.

For your amazing trek, our equally amazing mentor network offers unsurpassed insight, experience, and professionalism to keep you on course. We’ll connect you with those in the field to get you up close and personal to the realities of law practice, the organized bar, and the importance of professional development. First-year students will also benefit from having a faculty mentor to guide them academically as they transition into and through school.

» Externships — guaranteed.

Every semester, over 100 second and third year law students get out and train in the real world as part of their studies. We boast a 100% placement rate for externships.

Jobs — Cincinnati Law students get jobs. In fact,

we ranked as a top 14 public law school nationally and top 10 in the midwest for JD-required and advantage job placement for the Class of 2016.

» The Ohio Innocence Project — the quest for doing good that leads to GREAT things.

Cincinnati Law is proud to be home to this globally recognized organization of attorneys and students who dive into the cases of those who are wrongfully convicted, employing oldfashioned detective work combined with the latest criminal technologies and techniques. They’ve changed the lives of 27 Ohio inmates who’ve served 471+ years for crimes they never committed. The OIP — featured by Time magazine and others — has also helped develop legal reforms to address and help prevent wrongful convictions in the first place. Of all the experiences at Cincinnati Law that can impact your career, this is truly good law at work.

» Human rights have a home here.

In 1979, the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights was established, making it the first center at an American law school dedicated to international human rights studies and the oldest international human rights program in the U.S. It still produces the leading academic journal in the field, the Human Rights Quarterly. Talk about a worthy adventure — students have traveled to countries and touched six continents in their quests for justice.

» Dual degrees — double the experience.

You have the unique opportunity to partner with other UC graduate programs to earn dual degrees. Participating schools include the Lindner College of Business, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP), and the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. A challenging way to up your professional differentiation and opportunities.

Value — a five-time “Best Value” Law school,

Cincinnati Law offers a rigorous academic experience at a great price. This is complemented by exceptional bar passage rates, and one of the lowest debt upon graduation rates.



the Cincinnati Law way. Learn by doing. And from others who already do.

We focus on providing you with real world exposure, relationships, and expertise that every lawyer will need to effectively navigate any field they choose. Starting with a curriculum grounded in theory and practice, you’ll benefit from our unique approach of small classes led by exceptionally qualified, full-time faculty — all experts in their fields. Regular visits by prominent lawyers and judges to our campus enrich our classrooms with the experiences they bring from their courtrooms and boardrooms.

“Cincinnati Law does an incredible job of letting us be in the community through the different clinics, journals, and externships…I was fortunate to graduate with two years of hands-on experience. And I can thank Cincinnati Law for that.” –Sarah Ambach, Class of 2017 Springboro, Ohio

Classes in the first year include Legal Research and Writing, Civil Procedure, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Torts, and Criminal Law.

First year. Building a foundation.

You’ll begin by building a fundamental basis of legal knowledge with the support of a small but powerful learning community and an assigned faculty mentor. Upon entry, you’ll become part of a section of about 20 other classmates, all of you assigned the same class schedule. This way, you’ll journey together, learning to think and reason collectively as lawyers do and understand the values and ethics of the legal profession. The shared experiences will help to strengthen and cement what you learn and where you go. Which, we all know, will be far!

Second and Third Years. You select your path. Here’s where you’ll choose a particular pathway of professional interest — maybe Business and Entrepreneurship Law or Criminal Law — in which you’ll further foster your talents in legal research, writing, and advocacy skills. As only a few courses are required in your upper level years, we’ll help you determine which courses will prepare you best for the bar exam and your legal career. And best chart your path for moving forward in becoming the lawyer you want to become. 2


Network — In your first month at Cincinnati Law, you will have an opportunity to meet at least 30 attorneys through various UC programming.

“My job is to train law students how to become effective representatives for businesses. Our philosophy is you learn by doing. Starting early in your second year we give you contracts to draft… clients to meet with… we get you ready, so that when you hit the ground, you are matching the speed of your clients.” –Sean Mangan, Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Corporate Law Center


Professional Pathways… Where are you headed? Who will you help? How do we ensure you get there?

Business & Entrepreneurship Law. Helping great ideas grow.

You will be integral to the formation, growth, and success of businesses right from the get-go, helping them come together and chart a plan for their future. This will include entering contracts, safeguarding their assets, and managing (and preventing) conflict. You might practice as an employee of an organization or as outside counsel. Or, you could deal with businesses as part of a state or federal agency. In your first year, your foundation for a career in business law will include studying Contracts followed by, in the next years, classes in business and corporate law, commercial law, tax law, and employment and labor law. All of which depend on your particular interests. Fundamental to all business law paths and required for some advanced studies, Business Associations and Federal Income Tax will be on your docket. And for those seeking some basic business knowledge or wanting to brush up in accounting, finance, or some other aspect of business, Business Basics for Lawyers is just the thing. Most advanced classes include: • Advanced Legal Drafting • Bankruptcy • Business Association • Business Basics for Lawyers • Corporate Finance • Corporations II • Employment Discrimination • Federal Income Tax • International Business Transactions • Secured Transactions • Securities Regulation

Rankings — Cincinnati Law is ranked a top law school for Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Public Interest Law, and Trial Advocacy.



You’ll have many opportunities to build upon your basic business skills with business classes, including: • Business Tax • Client Counseling • Corporate Transactions: Term Sheet to Closing • Labor Law • Legal Drafting • Negotiations • Real Estate Transactions • Sales • Technology in Law Practice

International Law. Advocate for a global community.

Criminal Law. Courting a fundamental calling.

For people with property, liberty, livelihood, and even a life at stake, criminal defense attorneys can make a vital difference in their outcomes. On the prosecution side, you can help safeguard communities and fight for justice when a crime has been committed. Both types of lawyers will see their practice playing out primarily in the courtroom. Either side, you will face one of the most exciting, rewarding, and demanding legal careers. Courses, after Criminal and Constitutional Law in the first year, can include Criminal Procedure (I and II), Evidence, and White Collar Crime, as well as Trial Practice and others that instruct in the way of litigation. Electives for the second and third years include: • Advanced Problems in Constitutional Law: Contemporary Constitutional Challenges • Antitrust • Appellate Practice and Procedure • Civil Rights Litigation • Computer Crime Law • Counterterrorism Law • Criminal Defense: Investigation and Discovery • Crimmigration • Federal Courts • Introduction to Law and Psychiatry • Negotiations At Cincinnati Law, you can build useful, real-world skills by taking classes like Trial Practice: Competition Team and even serve actual clients by participating in the aforementioned Ohio Innocence Project as well as the Indigent Defense Clinic and Sixth Circuit Clinic. Judicial externships will give you focused insight into the criminal justice system — setting you up to work on the frontline, literally fighting for truth and justice.

The global landscape of the 21st century is truly a community; as such, almost every aspect of legal practice touches on and is touched by international law: commerce, corporations, telecommunications, trade, the environment, tax, investments — and most importantly, human rights. You will help countries relate to each other, make important transactions across borders, and ensure the emigration and immigration of people to where they want and need to call “home.” Courses include: • Advanced Problems in Human Rights • Conflict of Laws • Crimmigration • Human Rights Seminar • Immigration Law & Policy • International Business Transactions • International Commercial Arbitration • International Intellectual Property Law • International Tax • Introduction to Human Rights • Practical Application of Immigration Law Topics • Public International Law You can also enrich your curriculum and experiences working with our Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights and its Human Rights Quarterly, experiencing legal externships or becoming a Summer Public Interest Fellow in some amazing locations around the world, such as: • United Nations Development Program • Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights • International Atomic Energy Agency • Global Rights • The Climate Institute • The International Center for Transitional Justice • The Hague, the Netherlands


Professional pathways…keep charting… Science, Health, and Environment. Help protect the world and all in it.

Science is at the basis of all health and environment matters. The legal field makes sure science works to its fullest potential and to the benefit of greater health and a healthy environment.

Innovation, Technology, and Intellectual Property. Help shape how the world takes shape.

With innovation driving the economy and technology evolving at a seemingly exponential rate, this can be one of the most fascinating areas of law to undertake. In intellectual property law, you will deal with: copyright, trademark, and patent, as well as state law policies like publicity rights and trade secrets. Our Patent and Trademark Clinic, the first in Ohio to focus on both patents and trademarks, lends a “hands-on” opportunity to learn by practicing IP law under the supervision of local IP attorneys; you’ll help local businesses and entrepreneurs afford protection of some of their most valuable assets. Courses include: • Advertising Law • Computer and Internet Law • Copyright Law • First Amendment Seminar • International Intellectual Property Law • Introduction to Intellectual Property Law • Media Law • Patent Law • Patent Office Practice and Procedures • Sports Law • Trademark and Unfair Competition You’ll enhance your professional skills by taking Introduction to Intellectual Property Law-Practice One, Patent Litigation and Strategy, Patent Office Practice and Procedure, or even by serving on the Intellectual Property and Computer Law Journal. Externships, of course, will give you invaluable experience helping clients with their intellectual property needs.



Environmental/Energy Law courses include: • Environmental Law I • Environmental Law II • Energy Policy and Climate Change Health Law courses include: • Administrative Law • Advanced Health Law • Disability Law • Health Care Law • Introduction to Law and Psychiatry • Neuroscience and the Law Participating in the Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry provides experience working directly with and ensuring the quality of life for people who often are denied protection and treatment, including those with mental health issues and substance use disorders.

Public Interest Law. A just cause.

In this field, you will play a pivotal role in protecting the public welfare and rights of those who are underrepresented. Historically, lawyers have long been crucial to and leaders of many social movements, including civil rights, women’s rights, LGBT issues, disability rights, and many, many more. You’ll be propelling a worthy and respected effort. Defending the public interest, you could find yourself working in government agencies and non-profit organizations as well as law firms and even corporations. Cincinnati Law is a hotbed for those seeking public interest law as their path, with more opportunities to pursue here than one might ever imagine. Many flocking here are already integral to existing social movements. Courses include: • Civil Rights Litigation • Crimmigation • Critical Race Theory • Disability Law • Education Law • Employment Discrimination • Family Law • Feminist Jurisprudence • First Amendment Seminar • Gender and the Law • Human Rights Seminar • Immigration Law and Policy • Labor Law • Public International Law • Tax Policy

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Alternative routes for resolute outcomes.

In your career, you will be instrumental in helping clients find resolution with other parties — sometimes by filing lawsuits against them. However, settling disputes before stepping into court or engaging in expensive litigation can be a preferred route for all parties, courthouses included. At Cincinnati Law, you’ll build a foundation for these situations in your first year by taking classes in civil procedure, legal research and writing, and advocacy. In your second year, Client Counseling will teach you the basic skills necessary for interacting with clients. Important upper-level classes include: • Administrative Law • Advanced Decision Analysis • Alternative Dispute Resolution, Introduction to • Appellate Practice and Procedure • Business Basics for Lawyers • Civil Rights Litigation • Conflict of Laws • Client Counseling (Disputes) • Electronic Discovery: Procedural and Evidentiary Issues • Evidence • Federal Courts • International Commercial Arbitration • Negotiations • Practical Applications: Expert Witnesses at Trial • Pretrial Litigation • Remedies • Trial Practice • Witness Preparation Build your litigation and mediation skills with Trial Practice and by participating in the Trial Practice Competition and Moot Court teams. Clinics and externships will allow you to gain important experience while actually helping clients come to better understandings and outcomes. 7

General and Small Practice. Individualized approach for helping individuals.

Want a wide range of practice areas? Go the route of working in a small firm, partnership, or your own practice, helping individuals and small businesses. Classes of interest include: • Bankruptcy • Business Associations • Criminal Procedure I • Criminal Procedure II • Disability Law • Employment Discrimination • Estate Planning • Evidence • Family Law • Federal Income Tax • Juvenile Law • Labor Law • Negotiations • Remedies • Sales • Secured Transactions • Trusts and Future Interests • Wills and Estates

“Through my externship at Procter & Gamble I gained experience in international taxation, working on multiple projects with colleagues from Geneva, London, and Singapore. Prior to P&G, I was interested in international taxation; after a few weeks on the job my interest solidified — I knew I wanted to make this a career!” –Fanny Delaunay, ’14

Selected practical skills courses include: • Client Counseling • Corporate Transactions: Term Sheet to Closing • Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution • Legal Drafting • Real Estate Transaction • Technology in Law Practice • Trial Practice

Chris Collman, ’17, a former OIP fellow, says his OIP experience fueled his desire to work in indigent defense.



“Cincinnati Law is a great launching pad. Comprehensive professional training and rigorous academics has set me up for success. I truly believe Cincinnati Law is perfectly situated to get you where you want to go — from your 1L year to becoming a full-fledged legal professional.” –Alex Valdes, Class of 2019 Tampa, Florida


Experiential Learning 

“I was given the opportunity to work at a local business incubator in Over-the-Rhine and absolutely loved it. It is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I woke up every day excited to go to work, interact with my clients, and assist with their transactional business needs.” –Maximilian DeLeon, Class of 2018 Cincinnati, Ohio

Practice makes for a more perfect practice

We take the idea of learning by doing not only to heart but also to great heights. It’s no surprise that Cincinnati Law has consistently been on The National Jurist’s “Top Law Schools for Practical Training” honor roll. In your first year, you’ll hit the ground learning with opportunities for hands-on engagement that will follow you all the way through graduation: clinics, externships, centers/institutes, competition teams, journals, and volunteering. Many of which continue to put Cincinnati Law on the map. Limited Licensing — gain court experience before graduating Third year students are eligible to obtain a Limited License to Practice as a legal intern from the Ohio or Kentucky Supreme Court, allowing you to make court appearances on behalf of clients under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney.

The stats racked up by some of our experiential offerings tell part of some important stories The Ohio Innocence Project — 162 current cases; 40,425 letters received…1,902 phone hours logged since inception in 2003 to free the wrongfully convicted Domestic Violence & Civil Protection Order Clinic — more than 1,600 victims represented since begun in 2005

The Indigent Defense Clinic — more than 600 criminal defendants have been provided free legal representation since its 2007 founding




Under the supervision of an experienced attorney, students in clinics gain real-world experience representing clients, help start new businesses, make arguments in court, and more. Often to improve the lives of those facing violence and even the wrongfully convicted.

Students work with local start-ups through our Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic to enhance their liveclient skills.

Ohio Innocence Project The primary component of Cincinnati Law’s Lois and Richard Rosenthal Institute for Justice, the Ohio Innocence Project (OIP), relies on law students to identify and help inmates in Ohio prisons who are actually innocent of the crimes they were convicted of committing. Students dig in and do the hard and important work of uncovering and presenting new findings and employing advanced techniques like DNA testing that didn’t exist at the time of conviction. The OIP to date has helped 27 individuals obtain their long-sought freedom. Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic In partnership with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati and under the supervision of experienced attorneys, students come to the aid of victims and actually appear in court to argue their cases. This experience is not only vital to those being served but also to students who will learn representation skills they can use from client introductions to trial. Indigent Defense Clinic Starting with an intensive “boot camp,” you will learn criminal procedure and practice from experienced members of the defense bar and gain experience by representing clients throughout the entire criminal process.

Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic (ECDC) You’ll represent local small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on transactional legal matters important to their success, including entity selection/formation, regulatory compliance review, and trademark and copyright protection. Patent and Trademark Clinic (PTC) Ohio’s first clinic to focus on both patents and trademarks, the PTC provides much needed legal assistance to local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs and will allow you to work alongside seasoned IP attorneys to practice IP law.

Sixth Circuit Clinic You can gain federal experience working with attorneys on cases pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, just a step below the Supreme Court — a prestigious coup for our city and experience for you.



Add experience to your resume.

Try an area of practice on for size at a company, law firm, non-profit, or judicial chamber. You’ll earn academic credit while improving your skills in our unparalleled externship program. Legal Externships Program Through the Center for Professional Development, you’ll gain course credit working in your area of interest with a practicing attorney who provides guidance and performance feedback. You’ll get a two-hour non-classroom credit and a one-hour graded classroom credit. Some placement sites may include: • The Kroger Company • Kentucky Dept. of Public Advocacy • Office of the Cincinnati City Solicitor • Ohio Justice and Policy Center • Office of the United States Attorney for the Southern Dist. of Ohio • Fifth Third Bancorp • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center • ProSeniors • National Labor Relations Board • Housing Opportunities Made Equal • Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio • Su Casa Hispanic Center • U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Judicial Externships Get an insider’s view of the judicial process and learn how courts function by working with judges — helping them prepare memoranda on cases, review files, draft opinions, and potentially attend trials, hearings and conferences. You might work in one of these state or federal courts: • U.S. Bankruptcy Court • U.S. District Court • United States Administrative Courts • Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court • Hamilton County Juvenile Court • Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas

Economy — Cincinnati’s flourishing economy means greater access to first-rate experiential learning for you. But don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself.



Hamilton County Business Center/First Batch Fellowship Programs Another great summer opportunity, you might try is helping out local business start-ups at The Hamilton County Business Center, one of Ohio’s oldest and most successful business incubators and First Batch, one of the newest! Volunteer Opportunities The Greater Cincinnati area has benefitted greatly from thousands of hours of law-related service by our students, filling a crucial humanitarian void and strengthening local organizations, like: • Children’s Law Center • Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center • Citizen Foster Care Review Board • Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) • Immigrant Community Legal Advocacy Project • Ohio Justice & Policy Center • ProKids • Rape Crisis and Abuse Center • Tenant Information Project • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) • Volunteer Lawyers Project All students — along with faculty and staff — volunteer for an annual day of service every September to kick off the academic year, benefitting dozens of non-profits and other organizations. Not only the Cincinnati community, but the Cincinnati Law community is strengthened. Practice Ones Practice Ones classes are optional, one-credit classes taught by experienced lawyers who provide guidance in learning the skill, strategies, and tasks you’ll need in your early years of practice. You’ll take this in conjunction with a traditional course (Intro to Intellectual Property, Environmental Law, and Wills, Trusts, and Future Interests) to gain familiarity with the doctrine, theory, and practical side of law.

Metropolitan — The greater Cincinnati region is a vibrant, growing metropolitan area that is home to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, and to more than 800 law firms. Opportunities in business and industry are equally rich. Eight Fortune 500 companies call Cincinnati home, including Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, Kroger Co., and Fifth Third Corporation.

100% placement for Externships

Volunteering for the TIP (Tenant Information Project) is an opportunity to gain experience while giving back.

Jackie Miller, ’18, and Maxel Moreland, ’17, completing clinic work at the Hamilton County Courthouse with Judge Robert Winkler.


Centers and Institutes.

Only at Cincinnati Law.

At the heart of who we are and what we do, our Centers and Institutes drive academic and scholarly innovation. These invaluable experiential learning opportunities offer enriching programming, bring in visiting scholars, and provide opportunities to develop the law as it relates to the social justice and business issues of our time. These include: • Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice — the mission is to bridge theory and practice to forge relationships with local, national, and even global communities, preparing students to take the lead in advancing justice.

Rickey Jackson, OIP’s 18th exoneree, being interviewed following his release after wrongly serving 39 years behind bars.

• Corporate Law Center — for 20 years, the Center has addressed substantive issues in corporate, securities, and business law. • Lois and Richard Rosenthal Institute for Justice — The Institute’s Ohio Innocence Project championed a law which finally became a bill in 2010, setting rules for lineups and keeping DNA material. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland called it one of the most important pieces of criminal justice legislation in Ohio in a century, positioning the OIP as the national model for reforms to reduce and prevent wrongful convictions.

The Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice hosts events bringing thoughtful conversation to the community.



• Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights — established in 1979 and the publishing body of the prestigious “Human Rights Quarterly”, this was the first center at an American law school dedicated to international human rights studies and the oldest international human rights program in the U.S. • Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry — Dedicated to learning how psychiatry can help resolve legal matters and exploring social policy that affects mental health and legal concerns. • Center for Practice — develop your professional skills through a robust interdisciplinary approach that draws upon psychology, economics, communication, rhetoric, decision analysis, negotiation, and dispute resolution.

Fellowships — Fellowship opportunities exist within several of our Centers and Institutes and offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience in exchange for partial tuition assistance.

Going Inter{national} — We aren’t much

for constraints at Cincinnati Law. Our law students can be found making moves around the country and across the globe. Whether that’s externing in Washington D.C., NYC, and Chicago, or internationally in countries such as Colombia, Morocco, Spain, Botswana, the Netherlands, Ghana, Thailand, and Ireland, our students are leaving their legacy and impact on the world.

Kathleen Norris, ’18, externing at the US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco as part of the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights

3L Ronique Pada spent her summer working at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in The Hague, the Netherlands


Trial Practice and Moot Court — Our Trial Practice and Moot Court Teams compete across the country, honing their oral advocacy skills. And the Vis Moot International Moot team provides an opportunity to test your skills against law students from around the world.

Experiential learning



Competition Teams. Learn to present yourself while representing Cincinnati Law. You can hone litigation skills that you’ll use throughout your career on these two intercollegiate competitive teams.

Moot Court Appellate advocacy skills in many topics are put to the test here. You can qualify for team member status via intramural competition in your second year, and — as a Board member — compete and organize the August A. Rendigs, Jr., National Product Liability Moot Court Competition in Cincinnati each year. Trial Practice Competition Team Selected each year to participate, you will take a special course to help develop trial skills like presenting opening and closing arguments and evidence presentation before competing nationally.

Journals. Important and unprecedented assets for the field and the world over.

Freedom Center Journal Published by Cincinnati Law in partnership with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. The Freedom Center Journal allows students to edit and compile articles, comments, essays, and book reviews covering a diverse range of issues relating not only to race but also gender, sexuality, class, freedom, justice, and law. Cincinnati Intellectual Property and Computer Law Journal This is the newest edition to our journals and the first to be published solely online. It covers the area of intellectual property as well as entertainment, media and free expression, telecommunications, privacy, and computer technology subjects.


law journals

Develop critical writing skills on journals that impact important areas of law domestically and across the globe.

The University of Cincinnati Law Review One of the oldest and most respected legal journals in the country, each volume is edited by 30 students. Second year members provide case notes regarding recent court decisions. Third year students write in-depth editorial notes and provide oversight to the official blog. A serious undertaking all students should strive to join. Human Rights Quarterly Considered the leading academic journal in the human rights field and reaching a global audience, the Human Rights Quarterly covers all that encompasses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Edited by student fellows of the Urban Morgan Institute and other volunteers. Immigration and Nationality Law Review Researching for this journal helps deepen students’ strength and command of important fields, such as constitutional, business, international, and civil/human rights.


Cincinnati Top-ten city. Top-tier law school. Welcome to Cincinnati.

Just minutes from the University of Cincinnati campus, and a pleasant roll from Clifton Heights down one of the Queen City’s surrounding seven hills, downtown Cincinnati provides a stunning metropolis for life and work while at Cincinnati Law.

Work. Experience.

Cincinnati’s legal landscape provides Cincinnati Law with firstclass, real-world opportunities for heightening your academic experience. For the same reason, you couldn’t ask for a better place to start a career. We boast 8 Fortune 500 companies, 800 law firms and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Whether working a summer position in a firm, benefiting from the guidance of a local legal professional, or launching your career here, you’re in the right place. Our ever-expanding reach and national impact means setting the stage for exploring a career in other locales outside Cincinnati. Your options are even more open with our enviable alumni network and our proximity to other major cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, and Indianapolis.  



More Fortune 500 headquarters per capita than New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles - Business Courier

No. 5 Best Cities in U.S. to find a job in 2017 - ZipRecruiter

Summer externships are a staple at Cincinnati Law. In fact, we guarantee externships for every student who wants one.

#1 Best Cities for new college grads (2016 and 2017) -SmartAsset #9 Smartest Cities in America - Cincinnati ranked one of the 50 Best Cities for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine and

Forbes’ rankings » 2016’s Top 15 Best Cities for Young Professionals The College of Law is 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati.

» Top 10 Revitalized Cities for Young Professionals » #8 U.S. Cities’ Emerging Downtowns » #9 Best Cities for Raising a Family » #7 on the list of Top 25 cities where your paycheck stretches the furthest.


Top 10 Cities to Watch in 2017...Globally! -

#4 Best Cities for 20-Somethings

Top 6 American Cities of the Future - fDi Intelligence Magazine

The Queen of Cities. Consistently ranked on many top 10 and best-of lists for living and visiting, the Cincinnati area boasts a vibrant, architecturally and historically resonant backdrop for arts, sports, cuisine, music, and cultural festivals. Resplendent in its beautiful hills, rivers, and nationally renown city parks — with one of the oldest zoos in the country just blocks from our campus — it’s amazing that Cincinnati also ranks as one of “America’s Best Bargain Cities.” As you take advantage of being in the only law school in a great networking city of 800 law firms, join us in living and studying in our diverse and exciting river city!



Art & Culture: Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Playhouse, Cincinnati Observatory, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Krohn Conservatory, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Taft Museum of Art Festivals: Art in the Park, Bunburry Music Festival, Cincin-Cinco, Festival of Lights, Flying Pig Marathon, BLINK, Oktoberfest, Opening Day Parade, Paddlefest, Riverfest, Taste of Cincinnati Professional Sports: Bengals (football), Cyclones (ice hockey), Reds (baseball), Revolution (ultimate disc), Rollergirls (roller derby), FC Cincinnati (soccer)


Working to give you a head-start. “Through Cincinnati Law’s connections, I was put in contact with someone at Procter & Gamble, which led me to the Global Manager of Social Investments, and then to several additional layers of legal contacts all across the city. By the end, I felt like I had a stronger network and it was all thanks to the help of Cincinnati Law.” –Kevin Kennedy, Class of 2019 Dillsboro, Indiana



The Center for Professional Development houses five attorneys with decades of collective legal experience.

We create the pieces — you put them together. No two careers are alike, but it all starts with you. We create a portfolio of experiences for you to pursue so that you develop a competitive résumé. No connection is too big or too small for us to make. From meeting with adjunct faculty who practice at leading law firms, Fortune 500 companies, or nationally known organizations, to attending civic and bar-related activities, the Center for Professional Development (CPD) puts you shoulder-to-shoulder with professionals who routinely employ and mentor our students. Every week brings a different speaker, program, or event to enhance your professional development. The CPD begins the planning process by meeting with each student in the first year, and again each year thereafter to evaluate your progress and provide feedback. In addition, the CPD conducts weekly events to offer interactive support and career-planning advice. These practiced attorneys emphasize the value of networking, experience-based learning, and the development of professional presentation skills for success in today’s legal market. Services include: » On-campus interviews » Mock interviews » Resume and cover letter assistance » Academic success programs » Bar preparation » Externships for second and third year students » Public interest placements » Judicial externships » Pro bono opportunities

CPD programs. Sharpen your already sharp skillset.

• Brand “U”niversity — develop a professional identity and learn how to market yourself • Practice Previews — explore different job settings to see where your path might go • Breakfast Club — meet legal pros and College alumni for insight on different fields • Catalyst Program — set up mentorships with practicing attorneys in Cincinnati and other locales, including Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, New York and Philadelphia, with more being added each year • Speed Chat — a “speed dating” approach to networking with prospective employers • 2 to 25 Fair — get familiar with the hiring practices of specific private organizations • Coffee Hour and a Half — monthly informal networking opportunity with attorneys from law firms, legal employers and law organizations. • Summer Success Program — start your summer strong with insight from local attorneys on how to be a stellar summer associate or law clerk • Professional Planning Meetings — yearly meetings with a CPD counselor to discuss your professional development plan  

Alumni Spotlights

How past students made the best of a great school

Priya Walia

Staff Attorney, Legal Voice–Seattle, WA

“I came to law school with the vague notion that I wanted to help people, but I was unsure about how to narrow that down to one job. Cincinnati Law provided a great environment for me to explore my interests, develop skills, and ultimately find the right career path for my passion. The Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice, mentorship from my professors, research opportunities, and innovative classes all shaped how I view my role as a social justice lawyer.” Leanthony D. Edwards Jr.

Attorney, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP–Cincinnati, OH

A Time magazine top 10 city to launch a career Time was on our side — again! As part of the university campus and community and adjacent downtown, you’ll enjoy working and living in a cultural setting vibrant with world-class arts, sports, cuisine and more — all at a low cost of living. Each year, Cincinnati is making new best-of lists as it becomes a better town in which to live, work, and play. One law school, 800 law firms, countless experiences...this law life is good!

“I would rank moving to Cincinnati and attending Cincinnati Law as one of best decisions I have made in life. With the help of highly regarded professors and the invaluable Center for Professional Development, I was able to graduate law school, pass the bar, and land my dream job with one of the best firms in the region.”


Admissions and Financial Aid

In addition, several of the law school’s renowned institutes and centers offer fellowships. The application process is often competitive; successful fellows get to experience unique professional learning opportunities. Each fellow receives tuition assistance, with amounts typically ranging between $2,000 and $5,000.

Policies and Procedures

Programs Offering Fellowships or Research Assistantships • Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice • Corporate Law Center • Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights • Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry • OIP (no tuition assistance)

Our admissions process is selective. Our admissions committees look for ability, drive, and passion. The review process is holistic in nature, and each application is carefully reviewed on the basis of several factors including character, profile of LSAT/GPA, prior history of leadership, service and/or employment, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation. The application window is open between September 1 and March 15. Complete application procedures are available online at

Summer Public Interest Fellowship The Summer Public Interest Fellowship (SPIF) program provides Cincinnati Law students with funding to work at unpaid public interest law positions. Since its inception in 1997, the SPIF program has helped hundreds of students obtain summer work experience in the public interest field with financial support.

Flexible Time Program

Students who have family, financial, or health circumstances may consider our full-time, day, Flexible Time Program. Students may complete the JD degree in eight semesters over four years instead of the standard six semesters over three years. This is not a part-time program. Students work closely with an academic advisor in order to develop an individualized curriculum that allows them to meet their educational goals while in this program.

Transfer Students

If you have already completed your first year at another ABAapproved law school, you can apply to transfer to Cincinnati to begin either in the fall or spring semester. Admission is based primarily upon your law school performance (and to a lesser degree your prelaw qualifications).

Tuition and Financial Aid

Our students are able to pay for the cost of their education through a variety of funding sources including scholarships, fellowships, work study, and loans. First, Cincinnati Law awards scholarships to attract and maintain a talented, diverse student body. Once admitted, applicants are considered for scholarship funds by the College based on the information from their admission application. Each year, students receive approximately $3 million in scholarship assistance. This includes scholarships from the law school’s general funds, as well as from a number of separate endowed scholarships that have been established by alumni and other benefactors of the college. 24


Federal work study funds are available to second and third year students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in a timely fashion and who demonstrate a level of financial need. Students are able to use these funds to work in both on-and off-campus community service positions. Many student loan programs are also available to help students fund their cost of attendance. Federal student loans include the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan. To apply for these loans, students must submit the FAFSA and then complete online promissory notes and loan counseling through the federal government. 

Cincinnati Value

» Tuition rates lower than most schools nationally » Scholarship funding to approximately 2/3 of students each year » Generous renewal standards to retain scholarship funds » Affordable cost of living in and around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

» Strong employment and bar passage rates for our graduates » Average student loan debt well below the national average » $3 million awarded annually in scholarships and fellowship support

Apply. Let’s get you on board with the best school for you — Cincinnati Law.

While we are highly selective about our choice of new students, if you bring the ability, drive, and passion, we want you to apply. Our review process is holistic; we will consider your character, academic preparedness, prior leadership history, service and/ or employment record, your personal statement, and letters of recommendation. The window for application opens Sept. 1 and closes March 15 — don’t miss out. Complete application procedures are online at

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We encourage and welcome you to visit the College of Law. You’ll be able to tour the school, meet with our admissions office, and even observe a class during the fall and spring terms. Tailored visits can even be made with a faculty member, a career services advisor and more! Just to go After your visit, let us know if you have any questions. Or, you can get right to applying at

Ohio Innocence Project Alumni Group Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice

YouTube Channel: College of Law

OIP (Ohio Innocence Project)


Marx Markings (library) Info/Law Blog (Prof. Tim Armstrong) Ipso Facto (Prof. Ken Hirsh)


The College is a charter member of the Association of American Law Schools, organized in 1900 and composed of the leading law schools of the United States. Members must maintain prescribed standards in regard to entrance requirements, faculty, library and curriculum. The American Bar Association has designated the College of Law of the University of Cincinnati an approved school. American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar 321 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60654 312-988-6738

ABA Required Disclosures are available at

Our course offerings change each year and some of the courses listed in this publication may not be currently offered. For a full listing of our courses, see our website at

Notice of Non-Discrimination

The University of Cincinnati does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, veteran status or gender identity and expression in its programs and activities. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the university’s non-discrimination policies:

Wrongful Convictions blog (Prof. Mark Godsey) International Law Reporter (Prof. Jacob Cogan) Legally Speaking Ohio (Prof. Marianna Bettman) Friend of the Court Blog (Prof. Sandra Sperino)

Section 504, ADA, Age Act Coordinator 340 University Hall, 51 Goodman Drive Cincinnati, OH 45221-0039 513-556-6381; Title IX Coordinator 3115 Edwards 1, 45 Corry Blvd. Cincinnati, OH 45221 513-556-3349; For further information on notice of non-discrimination, visit contactus.cfm for the address and phone number of the office that serves the university, or call 1-800-421-3481.


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