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ART ART GALLERY GALLERY 1 121c21c Museum Museum Hotel Hotel 2ART 2ArtGALLERY Art Academy Academy of of Cincinnati Cincinnati 21c Museum Hotel 31 3Contemporary Contemporary Arts Arts Center Center 2 Art Academy of Cincinnati 3 ART Contemporary ART MUSEUM MUSEUM Arts Center 1 1Cincinnati Cincinnati ArtArt Museum Museum MUSEUM 2ART 2Contemporary Contemporary Arts Arts Center Center Cincinnati Art Museum 31 3American American Sign Sign Museum Museum 2 Contemporary Arts Center 3 ARTWORKS AmericanMURAL Sign Museum ARTWORKS MURAL

1 1“Charley “Charley Harper’s Harper’s Beguiled Beguiled ARTWORKS MURAL byby thethe Wild” Wild” “Charley Harper’s Beguiled 21 2“Cincinnati “Cincinnati ToyToy Heritage” Heritage” by the Wild” 3 3“Swing “Swing Around Around Rosie” Rosie” “Cincinnati Toy Heritage” 42 4“Mr. “Mr. Dynamite” Dynamite” “Swing Around Rosie” 53 5“Dream “Dream Big Big and and Fly Fly High” High” 4 “Mr. Dynamite” 6 6“Martha, “Martha, The The Last Last Passenger Passenger Pigeon” Pigeon” “Dream Big and Fly High” 75 7“Homecoming “Homecoming (Blue (Blue Birds)” Birds)” “Martha, The Last Passenger Pigeon” 86 8“Little “Little Sure Sure Shot” Shot” “Homecoming (Blue Birds)” 97 9“Lookin’ “Lookin’ Good” Good” 8 “Little Sure Shot” 10 10 “Ezzard “Ezzard Charles: Charles: The The Cincinnati Cincinnati 9 Cobra” “Lookin’ Cobra”Good” 10 “Ezzard Charles: The Cincinnati Cobra”

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GALLERY GALLERYEXHIBIT EXHIBIT 1 1 Swoon: Swoon:The TheCanyon: Canyon:1999-2017 1999-2017 GALLERY EXHIBITArts (Contemporary (Contemporary ArtsCenter) Center) Swoon: Canyon: 1999-2017 212 Still StillThey TheyThe Persist: Persist: Protest Protest Art Artof ofthe the (Contemporary Arts Center) 2017 2017Women’s Women’sMarches Marches (Wave (WavePool/ Pool/ 2 Contemporary Still They Persist: Protest Art of the Contemporary Arts Arts Center) Center) 2017 Women’s Marches (Wave Pool/ 3 3 Van VanGogh: Gogh: Into Intothe theUndergrowth Undergrowth Contemporary Arts Center) (Cincinnati (CincinnatiArt ArtMuseum) Museum) 3 Van Gogh: Into the Undergrowth (CincinnatiACCOUNT Art Museum) INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT

1 1 Cincinnati CincinnatiZoo Zoo&&Botanical BotanicalGarden Garden INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT (@cincinnatizoo) (@cincinnatizoo) Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden 212 Cincinnati CincinnatiArt ArtMuseum Museum (@cincyartmu(@cincyartmu(@cincinnatizoo) seum) seum) Cincinnati Art Museum (@cincyartmu323 Cincinnati CincinnatiRefined Refined (@cincyrefined) (@cincyrefined) seum) 3MUSEUM Cincinnati Refined (@cincyrefined) MUSEUM EXHIBIT EXHIBIT 1 1 Star StarWars Warsand andthe thePower Powerof ofCosCosMUSEUM EXHIBITMuseum tume tume(Cincinnati (Cincinnati MuseumCenter) Center) Star Wars the Power of Cos212 The TheFuture Futureand isisFemale Female (21c (21cMuseum Museum tume Hotel) Hotel)(Cincinnati Museum Center) The Future is Female (21c Museum 323 Iris Irisvan van Herpen: Herpen: Transforming Transforming Fashion Fashion Hotel) (Cincinnati (CincinnatiArt ArtMuseum) Museum) 3 Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion (Cincinnati Art Museum)

PLAY (PROFESSIONAL) (PROFESSIONAL) 1 Beautiful–The Beautiful–The Carole CaroleKing KingMusical Musical PLAY (PROFESSIONAL) (Broadway (Broadway in in Cincinnati) Cincinnati) Beautiful–The Carole King Musical 21 Wicked (Broadway (Broadway in inCincinnati) Cincinnati) (Broadway Cincinnati) 3 The Curious Curious in Incident Incident of ofthe theDog Dogininthe the 2 Night-Time Wicked (Broadway in Cincinnati) Night-Time (Cincinnati (Cincinnati Playhouse Playhouseinin 3 the ThePark) Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Cincinnati Playhouse in the(STUDENT/COMMUNITY) Park) PLAY (STUDENT/COMMUNITY) 1 Seussical (University (Universityof ofCincinnati Cincinnati PLAY (STUDENT/COMMUNITY) College-Conservatory College-Conservatory of ofMusic) Music) Seussical (University Cincinnati 21 Into the Woods Woods (Xavier (Xavierof University University College-Conservatory of Music) Theatre) 2 IntoCivil the Woods (XavierPlayers, University 3 The War War (Showbiz (Showbiz Players, Inc.) Inc.) Theatre) 3 The Civil War (Showbiz Players, Inc.) CHARITY FESTIVAL/EVENT FESTIVAL/EVENT 1 Cincinnati Cincinnati Pride Pride FESTIVAL/EVENT 2CHARITY Cincy Beerfest Beerfest Cincinnati Pride 31 Bockfest 2 Cincy Beerfest 3 Bockfest

CHURCH CHURCHFESTIVAL FESTIVAL 11 Panegyri PanegyriGreek Greek Festival Festival FESTIVAL 22CHURCH Immaculate Immaculate Heart Heart ofof Mary Mary Panegyri Greek Festival 331 CincItalia CincItalia 2 Immaculate Heart of Mary 3 CincItalia FOUNTAIN FOUNTAIN SQUARE SQUAREEVENT EVENT 11 Opening OpeningDay Day Parade Parade SQUARE EVENT 22FOUNTAIN Fountain FountainSquare Square IceIce Rink Rink Opening Day Parade 331 Cincy Cincy Beerfest Beerfest 2 Fountain Square Ice Rink 3 Cincy Beerfest FREE FREE ATTRACTION ATTRACTION 11 BLINK BLINK ATTRACTION 22FREE Cincinnati Cincinnati Art Art Museum Museum 1 BLINK 33 Findlay FindlayMarket Market 2 Cincinnati Art Museum 3 Findlay Market KID-FRIENDLY KID-FRIENDLY ATTRACTION ATTRACTION 11 Cincinnati CincinnatiZoo Zoo && Botanical Botanical Garden Garden ATTRACTION 22KID-FRIENDLY Smale SmaleRiverfront Riverfront Park Park Cincinnati 331 Kings Kings Island IslandZoo & Botanical Garden 2 Smale Riverfront Park 3 Kings Island LOCAL LOCAL ACTOR/ACTRESS ACTOR/ACTRESS 11 Bob BobHerzog Herzog ACTOR/ACTRESS 22LOCAL Andrew Andrew Maloney Maloney Bob Herzog 331 Brooke Brooke Steele Steele 2 Andrew Maloney 3 Brooke Steele

Best of Cincinnati® 2018  
Best of Cincinnati® 2018