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Words frequently escape us when trying to describe Cincy Fringe, but not for lack of trying. The unrivaled variety and creative freedoms can dumbfound us at times as quick pitches and summations don’t paint the entire picture. There’s just SO MUCH that goes on, and only experiencing Fringe truly completes the landscape, so we encourage you see and do as much as you can. Get carried away in it all with us and we promise you a great time! Since we’re celebrating Fringe’s Big 1-5 this year, we’ve asked former Festival Producers Jason Bruffy and Eric Vosmeier to say a little something from the heart about what Fringe means to them. Where we are now is a direct result of the hard work and support of everyone who’s ever been involved, so we thank them — and you! — for making this Festival a cornerstone of Cincinnati Arts and Entertainment.

We’re so excited for you to join us over these 13 jubilant days of theatre, art, music, dance, and everything between — and then, hopefully, for 13’s of days mores ins the futures! We promise, as always and forever, to keep things kinda WEIRD. like YOU! Chris Wesselman - Fringe Producer on behalf of Andrew Hungerford, Know Theatre Producing Artistic Director and the rest of the Know Theatre and Cincinnati Fringe Festival Staff

Picture it. Cincinnati. 2004. A group of young, dare I say attractive, boho artists launch a festival to celebrate the under-represented, the undiscovered, and the revolutionary. The Fringe. Give us your weird, your strange, and your innovative. With big ideas and a bigger sense of community, we are Fringe. 15 years later... I am amazed at the community you continue to build. I am in awe of the passion and joy that comes with each passing season. See, the Fringe, Cincy Fringe, was never about individuals or egos; it was about each of you. Our artists, our audiences, our sponsors and our volunteers. You are the weird, the strange, the innovative and the revolutionary.

Best wishes for another 15, Cincy Fringe! Jason Bruffy

C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

Fringe Founder, Producer 2004-2009


Let’s not kid ourselves: the Cincinnati Fringe Festival is a special experience no matter your entry point. Dedicated Staff members spend a year planning each festival identifying Donors who support Fringe with generosity of wallet and heart allowing Creators to poof into existence innovative flights of fancy which Volunteers make run smoothly through their largess of time so that Audiences can revel in and be challenged by Productions that we like to say are Kinda weird. Like you. These kinds of community driven and community focused events are rare treasures. They remind us of our collective power, and the power in collective experiences. Never forget what a special place and time you’re in while exploring Fringe. I know I never will. Eric Vosmeier Fringe Producer 2008-2014


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M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

Patrick Cusick

Leage of Cincinnati Theatres


“How can I buy tickets and passes electronically?” Easy! Visit or call 513-300-5669.

“How can I buy my tickets and passes in person?” Great question! There are two ways:

1) Visit Fringe HQ (Know Theatre) between 11:00AM and 10:30PM. 2) At the venue. Venue box offices open approximately 30 minutes prior to scheduled showtimes; however, tickets are subject to availability at the door. Speaking of which... FRINGE TIP #1: While tickets and passes can be arranged at the door,


PURCHASE/RESERVE IN ADVANCE! “Woah. Roll back on the caps lock, eh, homeslice? Now, what are my ticket and pass options?”


Single tickets are $15 and are good for (surprise!) a single admission.


You can experience multiple shows each day (and dozens of shows overall) at Fringe, so get thrifty with one of our multi-show pass options:

Full Frontal All-Access Pass: $250 - Non-transferable pass

that can be used to reserve a ticket for as many different shows as possible. After 17 performances, you’re practically seeing stuff for free!

Voyeur Pass: $75 - Flexible pass good for 6 total entries (at the price of 5!), which can consist of any combination of people and performances you can come up with - that equals 6 entries, of course.

Passes can be redeemed in two ways:

C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

1) Book tickets in advance (over the phone, at HQ, or online with your passcode). 2) Use them for walk-up admission to shows; however, tickets are subject to availability at the door. Speaking of which...


FRINGE TIP #1: While tickets and passes can be arranged at the door,


PURCHASE/RESERVE IN ADVANCE! “Wait...that was the same tip. You didn’t even change the number! I guess you must think it’s pretty important. Anything else you think I sh-”


THERE IS NO LATE SEATING AT ANY PERFORMANCE. Venue houses open 15 minutes prior to showtime. Avoid disappointment and arrive early for your shows! Refunds are not granted and exchanges are not always possible.

Also remember that

50% of Box Office revenue goes directly to the artists! Thank you for all of your support!

There ain’t no party like a Fringe afterparty! Once shows are over each night, come on down to Fringe HQ (Know Theatre) where we start things off with the Channel Fringe Hard-Hitting Action News Update (your info-taining source for all things Fringe). Then, you can wet your whistle, chat, snack, dance, jubilate, and otherwise keep on Fringin’ until 1:00AM with special themes, events, concerts, and MORE!

The 2018 Cincy Fringe Kick-Off Party! Tuesday 5/29 @ 6:30pm

We’re getting things started with performances from White Line Fever, TRIIIBE, and Lemon Sky (with Mike Wiley and Pones). Plus, THERE WILL BE CAKE.

60-Second Previews: PART ONE Wednesday 5/30 @ 10:00pm

Sample half of the 2018 Lineup as each production gets 60 seconds to convince you that their’s is the show to see!

60-Second Previews: PART DEUX Thursday 5/31 @ 10:00pm

Sample the OTHER half of our 2018 Lineup as each production gets 60 seconds to convince you that their’s is the show to see!


Friday 6/1 @ 10:00pm

Properly prepare pipes, people! Potent potables plus Pones performers permit positively plucky/puerile Pop performances.

Fringe Prom:

Once Upon a Forever Midnight Parisian Enchantment to Remember

Sat 6/2 @ 10:00pm

Let’s dance! With music from Jess Lamb and the Factory & The Matilda’s!

Fringe Olympics Sunday 6/3 @ 9:30pm

“Teams” go for the “gold” by “competing” in “feats” of Fringe“!” It’s all the glory of the Olympics with none of the necessary skills or training.

Everyone’s an Artist Night

brought to you by the League of Cincinnati Theatres

Monday 6/4 @ 9:30pm

We’re slashing drink prices so everyone pays Artist prices - even Artists! Wait...

Craft Cocktails with Molly Wellmann Tuesday 6/5 @ 10:00pm

Cincy’s celebrity mixologist joins us behind the bar to sling some specialty drinks crafted just for Fringe. Come thirsty, leave happy!

Rest & Relaxation

Woah! You’ve been Fringing hard, so how’s about a nice chill night at the bar? Or, if you NEED entertaining, head upstairs for an Improv Jam led by OTRimprov!


Thurs 6/7 @ 10:00pm

CosPLAY with us in whatever fandom rolls your dice and check out some D&D LIVE! upstairs on the MainStage!

Pick of the Fringe Awards Sat 6/9 @ 9:30pm

We announce our 6 Pick of the Fringe winners and Sunday’s Encore schedule. Followed by a performance by members of Common Center!

Closing Night Party

Sunday 6/11@ 8:00pm

BYE, Y’ALL. It’s been a blast but this, too, must end. PLEASE DRINK THE REST OF THE BEER.


Celebrate Cincy’s Deutsch erbe with a special assortment of local craft beers. Travelling musician Andrew Biagiarelli will also be in town to entertain!



Friday 6/8 @ 10:00pm

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

Wednesday 6/6 @ 9:30pm





VENUE TECHNICIANS Emily Bauer Bransen Black Carly Blizzard Madison Reese Bentley Heydt Kara Trusty and MORE! (See Full Listing On Website)


C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

BAR MANAGER Erika Kate MacDonald


AUXILIARY STAFF Blair Godshall Robert Macke Brandon Robert Martin COVER IMAGE BY Sarah Beth Hall Mikki Shaffner Dan R. Winters Olivia Leigh GRAPHIC DESIGN Sarah Beth Hall Chris Wesselman FRINGE HEAD PHOTOGRAPHERS Paul Kerford Wilson Jeff Burkle FRINGE PHOTOGRAPHERS Dan Winters Erika Nj Allen Jason Bechtel Patrick Parker and MORE! (See Full Listing On Website)

BOX OFFICE STAFF Keighlyn Alber Katie Groneman Shea Haney Chase Johnson Emily Lloyd Shana McCoy Daniela Nenova Rachael O’Reilly Mitchell Tomasetti Brittany Vernon Grace Wesson Alex Williams Rosemary Wilson and MORE! (See Full Listing On Website) PRIMARY LINEUP JURY Alice Flanders, Alyssa Michaud, Andrew Hungerford, Andrew Ian Adams, Betsy Shank, Burgess Byrd, Buz Davis, Cal Harris, Chris Wesselman, Dan Winters, Darnell Pierre Benjamin, Daryl Harris, Dave Levy, Dylan Shelton, Eric Vosmeier, Ernajisa Curry, Heather Britt, Jason Bruffy, Josh Steele, Julie Engebrecht, Justin McCombs, Kim Popa, Lissa Gapultos, Liz Borntrager, D. Lynn Meyers, Maggie Rader, Mia Vera, Mike Sherman, Miranda McGee, Patrick Phillips, Piper Davis, Rebecca Bromels, Regina Pugh, Richard Hess, Rick Pender, Robert Macke, Sarah Beth Hall, Shannon Rae Lutz, Tamara Winters, Ted Weil, and Torie Wiggins

Fringe isn’t just live performance, it’s about celebrating ALL artistic endeavors, so rest assured that you won’t go far at the Festival without finding a gallery, installation, or other visual art work to serve as a feast for your eyes. From interactive art works awaiting your input to reminiscences of Visual Fringe projects from years past to live photoshoots during select Bar Series events, this year’s Visual Fringe lineup has it all. What will you see?

Cincy Fringe: A History in Murals from Xylene

Location: Fringe HQ

Aberrant Adjectives

Cal’s Kinda Weird Art

Multimedia art pieces promoting underused adjectives.

Cal’s art is kinda weird. LOOK AT IT.

from Sarah Beth Hall

Location: Fringe HQ

from Cal Harris

Location: Venue Box Offices, Fringe HQ

A piquant (def: of an interestingly provocative or lively character) multimedia project promoting underused adjectives in the hopes of providing more aberrant (def: markedly different from the accepted norm) descriptors with which to better illustrate ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Cal’s art is kinda weird. Fringe is kinda weird. So we’re putting Cal’s kinda weird art all over the kinda weird Fringe, which is kinda weird. While it’s kinda weird, though, it’s also kinda we’re kinda totally okay with letting Cal kinda definitely do this kinda weird thing. That’s kinda weird, isn’t it?

Fringe Faces

On the Fence

from Dan R. Winters Photography

Portable photobooth to capture Fringe-y portraits of Festival-goers.

5/29, 6/2, 6/6, and 6/8 @ Fringe Bar Series

from Various Artists, including YOU! An interactive art installation along the ARTing Lot fence.

Location: The ARTing Lot

Fringe Faces features a portable photo booth helmed by Dan Winters that will appear during Bar Series events. Portraits are taken in no more than 5 minutes and collection of the best photos will be displayed throughout the Festival. Fringe Faces captures the frantic joy of Fringe while keeping up with its frantic pace.

In 2017, Fringe took over the fence surrounding the parking lot neighboring Know Theatre to provide space for artists and the general public to get creative. This year we’ve got more of the same, and it’s up to you to decide how things look!

Sick Beet Stitch

Van Go Find Yourself Gallery

Video Overdose

Showcasing hand embroidery inspired by all things weird and wonderful.

Location: Wash Park Art Gallery

Video art installation capturing the mesmeric waves of analog signals.

from Robyn Novak

Location: Fringe HQ

Explore the paintings and works created live during not only the Cincinnati run of Walter DeForest’s Van Gogh Find Yourself but also previous installments and iterations; and not only by Walter (Vincent) himself but other audience members/artists, as well!

Transfix on TVs as Channel 77 weaves their unique brand of video art out of stacks of analog devices in Know Theatre’s Underground space. Turn on and tune in to their delicious visuals.

Find more information on the live performance of Van Gogh Find Yourself on page 27.

Channel 77 is a video art collective based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Follow them on Instagram: @Channel___77.


Back again for 2018, Sick Beet Stitch will display some of their favorite pieces in a collection that reflects Robyn’s turbulent thoughts and feelings of being a 20-something. This includes reactions to our current political environment, Robyn’s love/hate relationship with pop culture obsessions, and her constant search for clarity as she defines her adulthood.

from Channel 77


Location: Fringe HQ

from #vgfy out of New York, NY

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

Over the years Fringe has welcomed the talented artists at Xylene (formerly known as Higher Level Art) to grace a side of Know Theatre (Fringe HQ) with one of their fantastic murals. For our 15th Anniversary, we’ll feature a gallery highlighting each and every mural they’ve composed for Fringe. Which one had you forgotten about?


From 2005-2012 Cincy Fringe included film offerings to celebrate the “kinda WEIRD” in the world of celluloid, and this year it’s back! We’re presenting 5 nights of original, independent programming, all thanks to an amazing partnership with Main Street’s award-winning Mini Microcinema!

Salute Your Shorts: Some Short Films!

The Inventive Princess of Floralee

5/31 @ 7:45PM - The Mini Microcinema Salute Your Shorts is a program of short films of various genres, from comedy to animation and even a sci-fi soap opera! Including work by Andrew Day, InquisInc, Mike Olenick, Nicholas Thurkettle, and Thu Tran. Plus the local premiere of a new short film by Cincinnati’s own Andre Hyland. (60 minutes) TICKETS: $10

The Pink Egg (2016)

Directed by Jim Trainor

6/2 @ 7:45PM - The Mini Microcinema In The Pink Egg, directed by Chicago filmmaker Jim Trainor, the life cycles of various kinds of wasps and bees are enacted by human actors. Its purpose is to depict with emotion, humor and unnerving specificity an alternative society that actually exists but has nothing to do with human beings. (70 minutes) TICKETS: $10

In The Jungle

(2017) Directed by Stephanie M. Barber 6/3 @ 7:45PM - The Mini Microcinema

C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

A musical essay film which playfully and sorrowfully tells the tale of an unreliable narrator in a self-imposed exile. This jungle serves as an extended metaphor for excessive and continual growth, death, fear and sustenance. The collision of human civilization and wildlife is both a contemplation of extinction and environmentalism as well as a metaphor for the wild in our psyches and imagination. (63 minutes) TICKETS: $10


While Fringe has its reputation for the unabashed and risque, we want to ensure that opportunities exist for parents and children to enjoy Cincy Fringe together, so this year we have FREE offerings that specifically give families a chance to get kinda weird, too! Reserve tickets online or with our box office.


(2016) Directed by David Cornelius

from Know Theatre

Think like scientists on the adventure of a lifetime! Know Theatre Sat, June 2 @ 12:00PM FREE ADMISSION

Reserve tickets online or with our box office.

The Princess of Floralee is searching for the kidnapped king kept in the clutches of a viciously vile and wrathfully wicked witch. Along the way, you’ll help the princess solve a variety of challenges as she uses her brains, wit, and sound judgment to find her father in the land of Scalenfell. Floralee unites science and art by giving audiences a chance to laugh, dance, and think critically about topics rooted in STEM. The Inventive Princess of Floralee was written by Know Education Director Maggie Lou Rader, with music by James Allen.

The Case of the Kidnapped Backpack from Madcap Puppets

6/5 @ 7:45PM - The Mini Microcinema

Madcap Puppets and Paul Strickland’s Original Puppet Musical!

When all-American astronaut Joe Neumann mutates into an unstoppable blob of meat, it’s up to a team of devoted scientists and hard-nosed soldiers to stop the creature before it devours the planet. Yes, really. (70 minutes) TICKETS: $10

Know Theatre Sun, June 3 @ 12:00PM FREE ADMISSION

How To Get From Here To There (2018) Directed by Kevin James Thornton

6/7 @ 7:45PM - The Mini Microcinema A gay man in blue collar America returns to his childhood home after the death of his mother. In his old bedroom, he discovers the ability to time travel and blasts through the mistakes of his life. It’s a southern gothic, time traveling sci-fi gay love story! The special effects are done through the eyes of a child. The story is a metaphor for how the choices we make effect our destiny. Work-in-Progress. (90 minutes) TICKETS: $10

Reserve tickets online or with our box office.

Caw Lumbo, child crow and amateur sleuth extraordinaire, is on the case! Billy the Raccoon misplaces his backpack… or was it stolen? Everyone is a suspect in this hilarious musical-puppet-whodunnit! The Case of the Kidnapped Backpack is written and features music and lyrics by Paul Strickland.

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18



While Fringe celebrates all artistic fields and endeavors, live performance serves as its backbone (and heart and soul and spleen). Over 45 theatre, music, and dance productions join us this year to present a record 250+ performances. Featuring a gobsmacking variety of genres, styles, subject matters, and skill sets, anyone and everyone is assured to find their perfect cup of tea. On the following pages, you’ll find information on all of the productions that fall into these categories: PRIMARY LINEUP Curated by over 40 of Cincinnati’s most passionate theatre professionals, journalists, and educators - along with some historical Fringe folk - Primary Lineup productions are eligible for one of our 6 Pick of the Fringe Awards, which grant recipients an additional Encore performance on the final day of Fringe! FRINGE NEXT For the past 8 Festivals, we’ve offered slots to local high school-aged artists to entirely control their own productions. Technically part of the Primary Lineup, these up-and-comers deserve special recognition and encouragement; they are the voices of the future, after all!

All We Have Borne

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18 C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

SPECIAL EVENTS For a multitude of various reasons, we feel like we need to give you MORE OPTIONS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE at Fringe. If you’re simply not satisfied, our Special Event offerings give you additional opportunities to explore the weird, wild, and experimental in the world of live performance. GO ON, SEE EVERYTHING. We dare you.

The Amphibian


from Victoria Hawley (Cincinnati, OH)

from The Burying Beetles (Cincinnati, OH)

from Take Two (Fringe Next)

We’re livin’ and dyin’ here. Get used to it.

Man with a gun wants to be loved. Get talking.

Two teens learn to deal with their mental disorders. Together.

MOTR Pub Basement

Art Academy 204

Art Academy 103

Wed, May 30 @ 6:30PM Thur, May 31 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 1 @ 7:45PM Sun, June 3 @ 4:00PM Sun, June 3 @ 8:30PM Mon, June 4 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 7:00PM

Fri, June 1 @ 7:00PM Sun, June 3 @ 7:45PM Tue, June 5 @ 9:00PM Wed, June 6 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 7:45PM

Wed, May 30 @ 6:30PM Fri, June 1 @ 8:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 6:30PM Mon, June 4 @ 7:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:00PM

A rebel leader is captured by an enemy officer who’s ignorant of the country he’s invaded. Flattering him into believing he’s a brilliant commander with God on his side, the rebel spins half-truths into lies and very nearly saves his country – until the people he’s trying to save start falling out of helicopters.

Annalise was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when she was young, and can’t remember a time when she was…well, “normal”. To help distance herself from her disorder, Annalise pretends it’s a whole different person. His name is Alex. Her whole world gets thrown for a loop when one day she meets Danny. Depressed and friendless, Danny also copes with his disorder in the same way Annalise does, and her name is Debbie. Together, Danny and Annalise learn to trust not only each other, but themselves. For the first time in their lives, they finally don’t feel like they’re alone.

Length: 60 minutes


FRINGE DEVELOPMENT We use the critical mass of creativity at Fringe to give “work-in-progress” productions a chance to try things out and get some feedback from artists and patrons. Plus, we offer some Master Classes for both artists and the general public!

Length: 55 minutes

A young woman finds herself trapped in a dark room. Another woman calls this darkness home. An unpredictable man threatens to end them both if they don’t escape.



Drama, Women’s Themes, Abuse


Length: 55 minutes


Comedy, Political Themes, Satire



Drama, Mental Health Themes, Storytelling

Aphrodite’s Refugees

Bad Poetry Night

from MonTra Performance (Boulder, CO)

from A to Z Productions (Cincinnati, OH)

A teenage refugee’s survival story brought to life, with paint.

Kids in the Hall take on an amateur open mic.


the Haunting of William Howard Taft from Autumn Kaleidoscope (Cincinnati, OH)

President Taft is about to have a rough night!

Art Academy 406

Art Academy 404

Memo Studio

Thur, May 31 @ 7:45PM Fri, June 1 @ 8:30PM Sun, June 3 @ 8:30PM Mon, June 4 @ 7:00PM Wed, June 6 @ 9:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 7:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 2:45PM

Wed, May 30 @ 7:45PM Fri, June 1 @ 7:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 2:45PM Sun, June 3 @ 8:30PM Mon, June 4 @ 7:45PM Thur, June 7 @ 6:30PM Fri, June 8 @ 8:30PM

Wed, May 30 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 1 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 7:45PM Thur, June 7 @ 7:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:00PM

Animation, storytelling & live art come together to paint a picture that is one part true, one part possible – The fate of four teenage refugees is merely a highstakes card game played by the forgotten Greek gods. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

The Kids in the Hall meets the American Idol open auditions in this kooky, hilarious, cringey take on the world’s most pretentious poetic evening. From Alexx Rouse (Fringe hit Busted Bumpers and Other Metaphors) and Zach Robinson (Serials! 8 Favorite All’s Faire) comes the story of a ridiculous cast of horrible poets searching for the beauty in how ugly an open mic can be.

Inspired by historical events, Billy: the Haunting of William Howard Taft follows the President-elect on one of the wildest nights of his life. As Taft falls victim to deception, manipulation and trickery he quickly learns a valuable lesson: never trust a possum. Billy: the Haunting of William Howard Taft is directed by Audrey A. MacNeil and featuring Sean P. Mette as William Howard Taft.

Length: 60 minutes


Length: 60 minutes


Dramedy, Storytelling, Visual Art


Length: 50 minutes


Comedy, Satire



Dramedy, Historical, Regional Interest

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18


Check out this show’s listing on page 20


Check out this show’s listing on page 19

The Blackface Project

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18 C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

The Bureau

from allendance (Philadelphia, PA)

from Sh*t Talkers Anonymous (Chicago, IL)

In 24 hours, the Great White Way will go black.

bloom drenches the ground and air with raw contact.

It’s been a rough day for the New World Order.

Gabriel’s Corner

Gabriel’s Corner

Art Academy 404

Thur, May 31 @ 8:30PM Fri, June 1 @ 8:30 PM Sun, June 3 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 7:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 2:45PM

Thur, May 31 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 2:45PM Mon, June 4 @ 6:30PM

Fri, June 1 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 6:30PM Sun, June 3 @ 4:00PM Tue, June 5 @ 6:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 8:30PM Thur, June 7 @ 8:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 7:45PM

The year is 1910. It’s opening night. Bert Williams is the first black man on Broadway.

Inspired by the kinetic-driven, “movement as plot” writings of David Ohle’s 1972 cult-classic, Motorman, bloom is a rapid unfolding of three dancers, colliding softly and recklessly with one another, in an unadorned space. Composed by three-time Grammy award winner Bob Lanzetti with Ross Pederson. The work cradles and rocks the viewers, inviting them in with each blind-faith fall, cling and catch.

The year is 2030, and a not-so-competent New World Older has seized control of the globe. Two low-level bureaucrats arrive in town to conduct a reeducation workshop – but their PowerPoint dies. Speaking off script for the first time and facing a gruesome punishment, the two must find meaning in the midst of a delightfully absurd corporate hellscape – before it’s too late.

Length: 45 minutes

Length: 45 minutes



from Norman-Reaves Productions (Cincinnati, OH)

But at what cost?



Multicultural Themes, Drama

Family Friendly

Length: 60 minutes

Dance/Physical Theatre Dance, Drama



Comedy, Women’s Themes

Curie Me Away!



from Matheatre (Minneapolis, MN)

from Pendamentum Dance Theatre (Cincinnati, OH)

from The Functional Shoes (New York, NY)

The radical life story of Madame Marie Curie.

Five true stories told through dance, poetry, and a lamp.

Three women fail to get the message across.

Gabriel’s Corner

Art Academy 103

Art Academy 103

Wed, May 30 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 7:00PM Sun, June 3 @ 4:45PM Thur, June 7 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 8:30PM

Thur, May 31 @ 7:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 8:30PM Sun, June 3 @ 6:30PM Thur, June 7 @ 6:30PM Fri, June 8 @ 7:00PM

Tue, June 5 @ 6:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 9:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 6:30PM

The radical story of Madame Marie Curie – a persistent woman who changed our understanding of the universe. From childhood in Russian occupied Poland – where education of women was a crime – to rocking the world as the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, core chemistry concepts become lyrical metaphor in a radioactive musical of discovery. By creators of Tesla Ex Machina and Calculus: The Musical!

“We are shining a light on the stories no one wants to hear. We are dancing the stories we are still too afraid to speak. We are sculpting something beautiful out of the word-shrapnel you left in us.” Experience five true stories told through dance, poetry, and light. Created by damaged people – for damaged people.

Plastic animals come to life. Teenagers get left out of history books. And we’re gonna find that yellow Frisbee if it kills us. From the minds behind 2017’s Producer’s Pick comes a glimpse into three different worlds and the loose threads that bind them. There’s no time. Stop making sense. Join the party.

Length: 60 minutes

Family Friendly

Length: 60 minutes


Dramedy, Women’s Themes, Science


Dance/Physical Theatre

Dance, Mental Health Themes, Storytelling



Comedy, Music, Women’s Themes

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

Check out this show’s listing on page 20

Length: 60 minutes


Check out this show’s listing on page 21


Check out this show’s listing on page 21


M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18 C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

Eddie Poe


from Nick Jonczak (Philadelphia, PA)

from The Coldharts (Brooklyn, NY)

from Theatre Mobile (Cincinnati, OH)

An autobiographical gay tarot cabaret.

A manic riff about the adolescence of Edgar Allan Poe.

A strange-sational puppet musical comedy delight.



Check out this show’s listing on page 21

Length: 60 minutes

Know Theatre

Sat June 2 @ 4:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 6:30PM Sun, June 3 @ 6:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 7:45PM Thur, June 7 @ 7:45PM Fri, June 8 @ 8:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 2:45PM

Sat, June 2 @ 9:00PM Sun, June 3 @ 8:30PM Mon, June 4 @ 8:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 6:30PM

Length: 60 minutes

Length: 60 minutes

Part cabaret, part gallery-style Tarot reading, Doppelbanger is an original solo performance embodying gay obsession, identity, trauma, and joy. In it, Jonczak conjures lookalike ex-lovers through storytelling and movement/dance on a quest to learn: Do I want to be with him, or do I want to be him?


Know Theatre

Solo Performance

LGBTQ Themes, Storytelling, Spirituality

Fri, June 1 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 7:00PM Mon, June 4 @ 6:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 8:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 2:45PM

Sixteen-year-old Edgar Allan has one goal: to gain mastery over all his subjects at the University of Virginia. He has only one obstacle: Eddie Poe. The creators of Edgar Allan present an entirely new manic riff inspired by the adolescence and short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. “No one can create a sense of atmosphere like The Coldharts.” – Orlando Sentinel



Comedy, Horror, Music

You threw it away. Now pick it up and make something of yourself. Paul Strickland (Balls of Yarns – Critics’ Pick of the Fringe Winner 2017) and Erika Kate MacDonald (Ice Candle – Critics’ Pick of the Fringe Winner 2016) team up in this STRANGE-SATIONAL PUPPET MUSICAL COMEDY DELIGHT for adults! Come help Erika and Paul make a beautiful future out of the discarded past.



Comedy, Music, Puppetry

Fadeaway Girl

Forealism Tribe Origins from Forealism Tribe (Cincinnati, OH)

from Hugo West Theatricals (Cincinnati, OH)

An autobiographical story of one woman’s experience with mental illness.

Inter-Dimensional Being’s Earth & Spacetime Journey

Mysterious bible bad guy gets high with satanically possessed pig.

from Rachel Petrie (St. Paul, MN)

The Gospel of Barabbas

Gabriel’s Corner

Know Theatre

Memo Studio

Tue, June 5 @ 6:30PM Thur, June 7 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:45PM

Wed, May 30 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 4:45PM Sun, June 3 @ 6:30PM Tue, June 5 @ 9:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 9:00PM

Wed, May 30 @ 9:00PM Fri, June 1 @ 7:00PM Tue, June 5 @ 7:45PM Thur, June 7 @ 9:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 8:30PM

Fadeaway Girl is the autobiographical story of how one woman comes to terms with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder not once, but twice. Through a narrative that is both personal and universal, Rachel sheds light on the still ever present stigma attached to mental illness. At times humorous, at times poignant, Fadeaway Girl is an amalgam of emotions, life experiences, and lessons learned. It’s a story of loss, determination, perseverance, and triumph.

The Forealism Tribe is a group of interdimensional artists and explorers who use their Light Ship to view, learn and participate in human culture and media. But their mission is sometimes hindered by Them & They, negative beings who attempt to steal the Light Core power source from the Tribe. Come experience this Inter-Dimensional Spacetime Projection Mapping Exploration.

Who smokes a lot of weed, drives a Chevy Astro and was pardoned by the Jews instead of Jesus? It’s Barabbas! The Big Lebowski meets ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD in an absurd adventure through biblical Israel, alongside Trudy of Nazareth, and their buddy Manuel, the satanically-possessed pig. Warning: offensive for all audiences.

Length: 50 minutes

Length: 55 minutes


Solo Performance

Dramedy, Mental Health Themes, Storytelling


Length: 60 minutes


Dance, Music, Projection Mapping


Play Comedy, Satire

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18


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Welcome to the Centerspread Schedule! Here you’ll find listed all Performance Fringe presentations - and then some! Each production, listed chronologically, is followed by a Venue Code to tell you where the production is taking place (see the Venue Map on the back of this Guide). If you have any issues, find a Fringe Staff or Volunteer to help you out! NOTE: All shows, unless notated, are 60 minutes or under, meaning you can see at least 3 shows each day!


KNOW - Know Theatre

FLL - First Lutheran Lounge

OCC - OTR Community Church

LOT - ARTing Lot

FLB - First Lutheran Basement

MMC - Mini Microcinema

A103 - Art Academy Room 103

WPA - Washington Park Art Gallery MOTR - MOTR Pub Basement (1215 Elm Street)

(1345 Main Street)

A204 -Art Academy Room 204

MHS - Memorial Hall Studio

WRD - The Woodward

A404 - Art Academy Room 404

UNH - Union Hall

GCR - Gabriel’s Corner

(1120 Jackson Street) (12th & Jackson)

(1212 Jackson St - 1st Floor)

(1212 Jackson St - 2nd Floor) (1212 Jackson St - 4th Floor)

(1208 Race Street - Main Floor)

(1208 Race Street - Basement)

(1225 Elm Street - Side Entrance) (1314 Republic Street Entrance)

(1310 Race Street)

(1404 Main Street)

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

Doppelbanger (MOTR) The New Adventures... (MHS) Please Shuffle the... (OCC)

All We Have Bourne (MOTR) The Bureau (A404) Musical Chairs (MHS) Show Up (FLL)

Forealism Tribe... (KNOW) The Last Drag (A204) Re-Grooving (GCR) Thrive IRL (A406) Walt Fit (MMC)

Curie Me Away! (GCR) Lost Generation (FLB) Please Shuffle the... (OCC) Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA)

(1425 Sycamore Street)

(1212 Jackson St - Main Level)

C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

The Mountains Did.. (A103) Take Flight... (KNOW) Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA)

(1329 Main Street)

A406 - Art Academy Room 406


Bad Poetry Night (A404) bloom (GCR)

All We Have Bourne (MOTR) Annalise (A103) Curie Me Away! (GCR)

bloom (GCR) Lost Generation (FLB) The New Adventures... (MHS) The Whitest Baby in... (A204)

The Mountains Did.. (A103) Re-Grooving (GCR) Thrive IRL (A406)

Annalise (A103) The Bureau (A404) Doppelbanger (MOTR) Vox Box (OCC)

Damage (A103) Doppelbanger (MOTR) Forealism Tribe... (KNOW) There Ain’t No More! (A404) Thrive IRL (A406)

bloom (GCR) ExTrashVaganza! (KNOW) The Last Drag (A204) Walt Fit (MMC)

Billy: The Haunting... (MHS) The Last Drag (A204) Take Flight... (KNOW)

All We Have Bourne (MOTR) Damage (A103) Show Up (FLL)

Curie Me Away! (GCR) ExTrashVaganza! (KNOW) One More Bad Thing (A204) Show Up (FLL)

The Blackface Project (GCR) of Monster Descent (FLL) She Buried the Pistol (FLB)

Bad Poetry Night (A404) Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA) Vox Box (OCC) Walt Fit (MMC)

The Amphibian (A204) Bad Poetry Night (A404) The Gospel of... (MHS) Take Flight... (KNOW)

Aphrodite’s Refugees (A406) Please Shuffle the... (OCC) Film Program #1 (MMC)

All We Have Bourne (MOTR) Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA) Walt Fit (MMC)

Billy: The Haunting... (MHS) Film Program #2 (MMC) She Buried the Pistol (FLB) Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA)

The Amphibian (A204) Film Program #3 (MMC) The New Adventures... (MHS) Vox Box (OCC)

All We Have Bourne (MOTR) Annalise (A103) Aphrodite’s Refugees (A406) Vox Box (OCC)

of Monster Descent (FLL) Re-Grooving (GCR) Thrive IRL (A406)

The Blackface Project (GCR) There Ain’t No More! (A404) ComedySportz... (MHS)

Annalise (A103) Aphrodite’s Refugees (A406) The Blackface Project (GCR) Show Up (FLL)

Damage (A103) Please Shuffle the... (OCC) There Ain’t No More! (A404)

All We Have Bourne (MOTR) Aphrodite’s Refugees (A406) Bad Poetry Night (A404) Eddie Poe (KNOW)

Immersive Igloo (LOT) of Monster Descent (FLL)

Billy: The Haunting... (MHS) The Bureau (A404) ExTrashVaganza! (KNOW) Immersive Igloo (LOT) Lost Generation (FLB) One More Bad Thing (A204)

Eddie Poe (KNOW) H2O: A Play about... (GCR) of Monster Descent (FLL) The Whitest Baby in... (A204) Immersive Igloo (LOT)

Forealism Tribe... (KNOW) The Gospel of... (MHS)

MeSseD Tunnel - (UNH)

@6:00PM, 6:30PM, 7:00PM, 7:30PM, 8:00PM, & 8:30PM

60 Second Previews @`10PM

60 Second Previews @`10PM

Immersive... @11:30PM (LOT)

Fringe-a-oke @`10:00PM

Immersive... @11:30PM (LOT) MeSseD Tunnel - (UNH)

Fringe Prom @`10:00PM

IF Preview is 90 min long

Musical Chairs (MHS)

Eddie Poe (KNOW) H2O: A Play about... (GCR) The Whitest Baby in... (A204)

CUSS... @10:30PM (KNOW)

@11:00PM, 11:30PM, 12:00PM, 12:30PM, 1:00PM, & 1:30PM

Jess Lamb & The Factory @`10:30PM The Matildas @`11:00PM

Bad Poetry Night (A404) IF Cincy Preview (WRD)

Fringe Olympics @`9:30PM

Everyone’s an Artist @9:30PM

Aphrodite’s Refugees (A406) The Blackface Project (GCR) Doppelbanger (MOTR) ExTrashVaganza! (KNOW) She Buried the Pistol (FLB) Annalise (A103) Billy: The Haunting... (MHS) One More Bad Thing (A204) There Ain’t No More! (A404) Thrive IRL (A406) Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA) Fadeaway Girl (GCR) Lost Generation (FLB) of Monster Descent (FLL) Please Shuffle the... (OCC) Take Flight... (KNOW) Walt Fit (MMC)

Delivery (A103) Eddie Poe (KNOW) The New Adventures... (MHS) Please Shuffle the... (OCC) Re-Grooving (GCR) She Buried the Pistol (FLB)

One More Bad Thing (A204) Take Flight... (KNOW) Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA)

The Mountains Did.. (A103) Thrive IRL (A406) The Origin of Kick-Jab... (GCR)

Billy: The Haunting... (MHS) Fadeaway Girl (GCR) The Last Drag (A204) of Monster Descent (FLL)

Aphrodite’s Refugees (A406) The Blackface Project (GCR) Damage (A103) Mortem Capiendum (KNOW)

All We Have Bourne (MOTR) Show Up (FLL) Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA)

Film Program #4 (MMC) The Gospel of... (MHS) Vox Box (OCC)

Doppelbanger (MOTR) Please Shuffle the... (OCC) Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA)

Doppelbanger (MOTR) Film Program #5 (MMC) Vox Box (OCC)

Van Gogh Find Yourself (WPA) Walt Fit (MMC)

The Amphibian (A204) The Bureau (A404) Walt Fit (MMC)

Lost Generation (FLB) Re-Grooving (GCR) There Ain’t No More! (A404) Kevin Thornton’s Final... (A103)

The Bureau (A404) ExTrashVaganza! (KNOW) Lost Generation (FLB) Musical Chairs (MHS) Walt Fit (MMC) The Whitest Baby in... (A204)

The Bureau (A404) The Mountains Did.. (A103) She Buried the Pistol (FLB) trueFRINGE 2018 (KNOW)

Bad Poetry Night (A404) Doppelbanger (MOTR) The Gospel of... (MHS) The Last Drag (A204) of Monster Descent (FLL)

Curie Me Away! (GCR) The Mountains Did.. (A103) Musical Chairs (MHS) Vox Box (OCC) Mortem Capiendum (KNOW)

The Amphibian (A204) Forealism Tribe... (KNOW)

Aphrodite’s Refugees (A406) Delivery (A103) H2O: A Play about... (GCR) Immersive Igloo (LOT) Show Up (FLL)

Curie Me Away! (GCR) The Gospel of... (MHS) Immersive Igloo (LOT) One More Bad Thing (A204) Show Up (FLL)

Delivery (A103) Fadeaway Girl (GCR) Forealism Tribe... (KNOW) Immersive Igloo (LOT) She Buried the Pistol (FLB) Thrive IRL (A406)

Immersive Igloo (LOT)

trueFRINGE is 90 min long

MeSseD Tunnel - (UNH)

@6:00PM, 6:30PM, 7:00PM, 7:30PM, 8:00PM, & 8:30PM

Craft Cocktails with Molly Wellman @9:30PM

R&R @9:30PM

FringeCon @10:00PM

Dungeons & Dragons LIVE @10PM

Immersive... @11:30PM (LOT)

Fringetoberfest @10:00PM

ENCORE SLOT #2: 1:15PM ENCORE SLOT #3: 2:30PM ENCORE SLOT #4: 4:45PM ENCORE SLOT #5: 6:00PM ENCORE SLOT #6: 7:15PM PLEASE NOTE: Admission to Encore Performances will only be guaranteed via $15 Single Ticket purchases OR with the $75 Encore Pass (which will go on sale once the festival begins). The Encore Pass guarantees you 1 non-transferable ticket to each of the 6 Encore performances. All other Festival passes (Full Fontral, Voyeur, Artist, etc.) will only be accepted for Encore performance entries at venue box offices, beginning 10 minutes prior to start times, and only if seats are available.

MeSseD Tunnel - (UNH)

@11:00PM, 11:30PM, 12:00PM, 12:30PM, 1:00PM, & 1:30PM

Awards! @9:30PM

Awards Ceremony @10:15PM Common Center @11:00PM

Closing Party @8:00PM


All We Have Bourne (MOTR) Musical Chairs (MHS) There Ain’t No More! (A404)



Bad Poetry Night (A404) Damage (A103) Lost Generation (FLB) Mortem Capiendum (KNOW)

On this day, we will be offering ONE MORE PERFORMANCE to each of our 6 Pick of the Fringe winners, if they’re available. If a Pick Winner is not available, another show will be selected to have another performance in its place. Winners will be announced 6/9 at 10:15 PM, which is also when single tickets for these performances will go on sale!

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

The Amphibian (A204) Eddie Poe (KNOW) The New Adventures... (MHS) There Ain’t No More! (A404)

The Bureau (A404) Delivery (A103) Fadeaway Girl (GCR) She Buried the Pistol (FLB)



The Last Drag

from Jen Spillane (Kansas City, KS) A rap cabaret in one act.

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18 C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

The Mountains Did Quake,

An exploration of the stereotypes and realities of millennial life.

from Animal Engine (New York, NY) The ancient epic Gilgamesh told in an authoritarian society.

from Society’s Tongue Productions (Cincinnati, OH)

the Hillsides Did Tremble

Art Academy 204

FLC Basement

Art Academy 103

Wed, May 30 @ 7:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 4:45PM Mon, June 4 @ 6:30PM Thur, June 7 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 8:30PM

Thur, May 31 @ 6:30PM Fri, June 1 @ 9:00PM Sun, June 3 @ 4:45PM Tue, June 5 @ 8:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 8:30PM Thur, June 7 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:45PM

Fri, June 1 @ 6:30PM Sun, June 3 @ 2:45PM Wed, June 6 @ 7:00PM Thur, June 7 @ 8:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 8:30PM

Past and present collide out of time as a performer recounts her early life as an outsider, and the lengths she went to for success. Part storytelling, part cabaret, this is her nightly bid for absolution.

No generation has been as publicly reviled, praised, misunderstood, and analyzed as Millennials. Lost Generation explores the real life stories of a collective of millennial poets, lyricists, dancers, and musicians. It is a frank, melodic exploration into issues of mental health, fluidity in sexuality, spirituality, bullying, homelessness, acceptance, and personal transcendence.

In an authoritarian society where individuality is oppressed in favor of obedience to an all-powerful dictator, the ancient epic of Gilgamesh is told as an act of underground rebellion. From the award-winning creators of Petunia and Chicken and Darlings.

Length: 55 minutes


Lost Generation


Length: 60 minutes

Length: 60 minutes

Solo Performance

Music, Storytelling, Women’s Themes



Political Themes, Spoken Word, Millennials



Physical Theatre, Political Themes, Literary Adaptation

Musical Chairs

from Gideon Productions (Long Island City, NY) The struggles of a 3-person marriage in a collapsing nation.

The New Adventures

of Calliope Jones and Captain Cool from Lucky Duck Productions (Cincinnati, OH) Superhero roommate, super-villain boss, super conflicted Calliope Jones.

of Monster Descent

from Queen City Flash (Cincinnati, OH) A supernatural solo show about inherited traits, claws and all.

Memo Studio

Memo Studio

FLC Lounge

Sun, June 3 @ 4:00PM Mon, June 4 @ 7:45PM Wed, June 6 @ 8:30PM Fri, June 8 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 8:30PM

Thur, May 31 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 4:00PM Sun, June 3 @ 7:45PM Wed, June 6 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 6:30PM

Wed, May 30 @ 8:30PM Thur, May 31 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 9:00PM Sun, June 3 @ 7:00PM Thur, June 7 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 8:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:45PM

A three-person relationship wouldn’t be most people’s cup of tea, but for Jess, Owen, and Ruth, it seems to work. So they decide to make it official: Ruth moves in. They figure out how to make it legal. It’s only then that the three spouses learn that marriage – especially in a scarily changing world – isn’t any easier for three than for two.

Calliope Jones is an aspiring writer and library assistant at the Cincinnati Downtown library. Callie’s roommate, Captain Cool, happens to be a superhero whose superhero hijinks get her into a lot of trouble at work. Enter: puntastic super villains, a mutant dandelion and a mega super villain who could delete them all, but which superhero will save the day?

Writer/Director team Trey Tatum and Bridget Leak (Slut Shaming, 2014 Artist Pick of the Fringe, The Disappearance of Nicole Jacobs) present a story about a family on the brink of collapse and the woodland beast that stalks just beyond their fence line. Set in a decaying Gulf Coast oasis, a young boy confronts family legacy and the untamed beyond in this otherworldly, lightning-lit, monster survival tale.

Length: 60 minutes


Length: 60 minutes

Length: 60 minutes


Drama, LGBTQ Themes, Political Themes

Family Friendly


Comedy, Puppetry, Action


Solo Performance

Mental Health Themes, Storytelling, Suspense

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18


Check out this show’s listing on page 11


One More Bad Thing

Please Shuffle the Cards

Two sisters plan to start over and be good. Eventually.

Sleight of hand artist explores the border between skill and magic.

from Homegrown Theater (Cincinnati, OH)

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18 C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 


from Yarroway Productions (Cincinnati, OH) A dancer breaks through the film of her restrictive identity.

Art Academy 204


Gabriel’s Corner

Fri, June 1 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 7:00PM Tue, June 5 @ 7:00PM Thur, June 7 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:00PM

Thur, May 31 @ 7:45PM Sat, June 2 @ 4:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 8:30PM Sun, June 3 @ 4:45PM Wed, June 6 @ 7:45PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:45PM Sat, June 9 @ 6:30PM

Wed, May 30 @ 8:30PM Fri, June 1 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 4:45PM Tue, June 5 @ 8:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 6:30PM

As children, sisters Jenny and Kate were best friends and a popular singing duo. And then everything went bad. For sixteen years. Facing the consequences of their vastly different but equally dysfunctional lives, they make a pact to find out what “good” is and start being it. After they get one more bad thing out of their system.

The show begins with the audience being invited to shuffle the deck of cards that Erik will perform with. A camera is turned on so that the miracles on the table can be seen by everyone in the theater. Please Shuffle The Cards explores magic’s relationship with skill and discovering how close one can come to telling people the secrets we are sworn to keep.

Film and live performance unite to explore the concept of breaking free from the confines of our own self-built identity. When the ideas and expectations we unconsciously construct about ourselves hinder us from evolving to new levels of being, we must shed the forms that we have outgrown like a snake shedding its skin. Re-Grooving highlights this struggle, and ascends with the dancer’s triumphant liberation.

Length: 60 minutes


from Erik Tait (Columbus, OH)


Length: 55 minutes


Dramedy, Music


Length: 45 minutes

Solo Performance Circus, Comedy, Magic

Family Friendly

Dance/Physical Theatre

Dance, Music, Film

She Buried the Pistol

Show Up

Take Flight:

from Lydia Blaisdell (Brooklyn, NY)

from Peter Michael Marino (New York, NY

An Adventure in Cirque

An excavation and exorcism of my great-grandmother’s legacy.

An improvised solo comedy based on your crazy life.

Aerial-silk/clown show about embarking on new journeys: life.

from Imaginez (Chicago, IL)

FLC Basement

FLC Lounge

Know Theatre

Sat, June 2 @ 7:45PM Sun, June 3 @ 7:00PM Tue, June 5 @ 6:30PM Thur, June 7 @ 8:30PM Fri, June 8 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 2:45PM Sat, June 9 @ 6:30PM

Thur, May 31 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 1 @ 8:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 7:00PM Sun, June 3 @ 4:00PM Wed, June 6 @ 9:00PM Thur, June 7 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 7:00PM

Wed, May 30 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 1 @ 7:00PM Sun, June 3 @ 2:45PM Tue, June 5 @ 7:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:45PM

In 1931, my great-grandmother, Cora, was declared insane and placed in an asylum against her will. She remained there for over 30 years. How do I honor her legacy? What histories do we inherit? She Buried the Pistol offers an intimate exploration of madness, gender, and family history.

In Show Up, internationally acclaimed solo performer Peter Michael Marino uses his decades of solo expertise to turn the clichés of the genre on their clichéd heads. Using an arsenal of Post-it Notes, Pete transforms the audience’s experiences into a comedic lifestory that’s different each time. You control the content, set, and sound for this sociallyanxious show about you. And there’s a party!

This aerial silk clown show poetically explores the crippling fear and exhilarating joy of flying into new chapters in life. Clutching a ticket to his dreams, Bumbles’ plane freezes in time… With his heart (Kiki) and mind (Fink) at odds, Bumbles must cling to the familiar or leap into the unknown. A ‘Living Pixar’ tale of courage, resiliency and friendship perfect for all ages.

Length: 60 minutes

Length: 55 minutes


Solo Performance

Mental Health Themes, Storytelling, Women’s Themes


Length: 60 minutes

Solo Performance

Comedy, Improv, Mental Health Themes

Family Friendly

Dance/Physical Theatre Circus, Comedy, Physical Theatre

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18


Check out this show’s listing on page 12

More info on page 15


Check out this show’s listing on page 15

There Ain’t No More!

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18 C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

Vox Box

from Nameless Numberhead (Charleston,SC)

from Performance Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)

An award winning tour-de-folk operetta.

A post-apocalyptic vaudeville show about YOU.

A sumptuous sound sensation; like Jabberwocky meeting a blender.

Art Academy 404

Art Academy 406


Thur, May 31 @ 8:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 8:30PM Sun, June 3 @ 6:30PM Tue, June 5 @ 8:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 6:30PM Fri, June 8 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:00PM

Wed, May 30 @ 8:30PM Fri, June 1 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 4:45PM Sun, June 3 @ 6:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 7:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:00PM

Wed, May 30 @ 7:45PM Sat, June 2 @ 6:30PM Sun, June 3 @ 7:45PM Mon, June 4 @ 7:00PM Tue, June 5 @ 7:45PM Thur, June 7 @ 7:45PM Sat, June 9 @ 8:30PM

In his final concert an old folksinger confronts his troubled past, his legacy, and death itself with five instruments, square-dance calling, and dirty jokes in this haunting, heartfelt hootenanny. Based on legends of American Folk music. The Washington Post called it “powerful” and “worth seeking out”. Winner “Best Show” 2017 Orlando Fringe, “Excellence in Writing” Portfringe, 2017 “Outstanding National Act” 2017 St. Louis Fringe.

The internet dominates everything we do in our personal, professional, and even private lives. Social media has bolstered our obsession with ‘voyeurism of the mundane’. Data and information are now currency. It’s a terrifyingly amazing time to be alive! Thrive IRL is a brand new show from comedy team Nameless Numberhead which is presented as an instructional coping mechanism for living life while co-existing with the internet. #feedthealgorithm.

Immerse yourself in this auditory, primal, percussive playground where words lose their meaning but not their power. Vox Box deconstructs text and turns language on its head while delving into the unexpected range of human sound. You might laugh. You might cry. Your ears and your soul will thank you.

Length: 58 minutes


Thrive IRL

from Breaker/Fixer Productions (Fayettesvile, AR)


Length: 50 minutes

Solo Performance Dramedy, Music


Length: 50 minutes

Interdisciplinary Comedy, Music, Satire



Avant Voice, Vocal Gymnastics, Eargasm

Walt Fit

from Jimmy Grzelak (Philidelphia, PA) A live workout video for your abs and existential dread.

The Mini Microcinema Length: 55 minutes

in All of Africa

from Welage & Kerns Productions (Fringe Next) White couples, baby troubles, swaddles, squabbles and the improbable.

Art Academy 204 Length: 55 minutes

Wed, May 30 @ 7:45PM Fri, June 1 @ 7:45PM Sat, June 2 @ 4:45PM Mon, June 4 @ 6:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 8:30PM Fri, June 8 @ 7:45PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:45PM Sat, June 9 @ 7:45PM

Wed, May 31 @ 6:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 9:00PM Mon, June 4 @ 8:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 8:30PM

Walt Fit is a self-care-healthcare exercise system for everybody. In 1858, famously lofty poet Walt Whitman released an inspirational self-help health-and-beauty book. It was soon after lost to time. Until now. Reanimate this zombie path to total wellness–attend this seated transformational dance party led by Jimmy Grzelak, “winningly offbeat imagination” (Washington Post) and 2017 Citybeat Critic’s Pick.


The Whitest Baby

Solo Performance

Music, Political Themes, Fitness

The Whitest Baby in All of Africa follows the whitest couple in all of America, Angela and Elliot Osborne, who want to expand their family. They look into international adoption from the Congo, and embark on a journey that is like none other. The Whitest Baby in All of Africa explores the possibilities of having privilege, as well as the ugly truth.



Comedy, Multi-Cultural Themes, Satire

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18



For the past decade, Fringe Development has taken the critical mass of creativity summoned at the Festival and put it to great use. From artful experimentations to skill-strengthening classes, Development programming serves to provide attendees and artists with opportunities to learn, grow, and try out new ideas - together! We’re excited to offer TWO Development productions this year: One fresh off the page (The Origin of Kick-Jab Girl) and one taking its final steps before visiting the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland (H20: A Play about Water). Plus, we’ve also got a couple unique workshop opportunities that are open to the public, giving you a chance to rub elbows with artists in their native environment! No matter which components of Fringe Development you partake in, you’ll be helping create something new and vibrant - and maybe be a part of something that becomes the next great Fringe experience!

The Origin of Kick-Jab Girl from Muwhahaha Productions (Cincinnati, OH)

Staged Reading & Talkback

presented as part of the Art After Dark: On the Fringe Preview Event Friday 5/25 from 5-9pm

Cincinnati Art Museum Length: 60 minutes reading @ 7:00pm

Participants will be treated to a staged reading followed by a discussion of the piece. Participants will be given post-it notes to write comments and questions on to submit anonymously to the discussion.

Introduction to Improv from Tatum Hunter of The Bureau

H20: A Play about Water

The Origin of Kick-Jab Girl

Water is life. And there can be no life without water.

Retired superhero breaks the mold on where heroes come from.

from University of Cincinnati CollegeConservatory of Music (CCM) Acting Department

Gabriel’s Corner

Gabriel’s Corner

Sat, June 2 @ 9:00PM Mon, June 4 @ 8:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 9:00PM

Wed, June 6 @ 7:00PM

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18 C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

Length: 60 minutes

Ever wanted to try improv? Now’s your chance! This free, 60-minute class will introduce the fundamentals of short-form improvisation and give attendees a chance to try them out in fun, low-stakes group improv games.

Class size limited. To reserve a spot, please email

Length: 45 minutes

Length: 60 minutes


from Muwhahaha Productions (Cincinnati, OH)

Know Theatre Sat, 6/2 @ 2:00pm

Embodying Infinite Joy:

Guided Movement Improv Jam from Katie Chal of Re-Grooving

Water is life. 71% of our planet is water. Oceans rise. Droughts kill. Water soothes and water heals. H20 is an epic theatrical journey. Are you thirsty? Come have a drink of H20.



Drama, Environmental Themes, Music

Back in her childhood hometown, indestructible, super strong, superhero Kait Jones, formerly Kick Jab Girl, is settling into her retirement. Society’s eye has moved onto new super heroes and she would be living more or less undisturbed if not for one ardent fan pursuing the only untold story of our hero’s glory days. Her origin story. But when Kait weaves a tale dark and unexpected we are forced to confront our expectations of heroism, grief, and strength.



Mental Health, Political, & Women’s Themes

Gabriel’s Corner Sun, 6/3 @ 2:00pm Length: 60 minutes

A guided movement improvisation session, where you are encouraged to dig in to various visualizations and prompts as a means to experience play, real emotion, and pleasure in your body.

Class size limited. To reserve a spot, please email

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18



Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more Fringe Festival to consider, in strolls our Special Event programming. It’s quite possibly (nay, definitely) the largest pool of Special Event offerings Cincy Fringe has ever had, and we highly recommend you check out as many as you can. Espeically THAT one. And THAT ONE, too. Oh, and, of course, THOSE. How could we forget? NOTE: If you manage to see every single Special Event this year, Producer Chris Wesselman will buy you lunch. No lobster or anything, but he makes a mighty fine jellybean and pickle sandwich, for what it’s worth.

Improv Festival of Cincinnati (IF Cincy) Preview

from OTRimprov (Cincinnati, OH)

Comedy Sportz Cincinnati

CUSS: Fringe Edition

Competitive comedy improv for everyone.

A comedy talk show with your friendly neighborhood secret society.

from OTRimprov (Cincinnati, OH)

Memo Studio

Know Theatre

Thur, May 31 @ 8:30PM

Mon, Jun 4 @ 10:30PM

Two teams battle it out for laughs and points while improvising scenes based upon audience suggestions. The teams are under the command of the Referee and at the mercy of the fans, who control the outcome of the match!

A smaller version of the Cincinnati Underground Society Show made especially for Fringe! Join Travis and his super secret guests for a super secret talk show full of tons of super secret fun!

C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

Mon, June 4 @ 7:45PM

OTRimprov brings you a glimpse of the 5th Annual Improv Festival of Cincinnati – this year, we’re proud to present shows by Improv Cincinnati and OTRimprov, featuring some of the fantastic female improvisers performing in Cincinnati. And we’ll be combining forces for an All Star Chronicle, where we take stories told by a guest storyteller and weave them into improv scenes.


on MainStage during Bar Series


Family Friendly

Comedy, Family Friendly

Improv Comedy



Immersive Igloo

Comedy, Improv

Kevin Thornton’s

Final Fringe Forever! (sort of.)

from Tom Montagliano (Brooklyn, NY)

from Kevin J Thornton Entertainment (Nashville, TN) A man’s complicated but hilarious journey to knowing himself.

3D sound experiences inside 40 foot glowing inflatable igloo.

The ARTing Lot

Art Academy 103

Thur, May 31 @ 9:00PM Fri, June 1 @ 9:00PM Fri, June 1 @ 11:30PM Sat, June 2 @ 9:00PM Sat, June 2 @ 11:30PM Wed, June 6 @ 9:00PM Thur, June 7 @ 9:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 9:00PM Fri, June 8 @ 11:30PM Sat, June 9 @ 9:00PM

Tue, June 5 @ 8:30PM

Length: 60 minutes

Length: 45 minutes

Length: 90 minutes


Length: 50 minutes

Length: 60 minutes

Savor a sneak preview of the 5th Annual IF Cincy!

The Woodward Theater

from Travis McElroy (Cincinnati, OH)

The Immersive Igloo is a pop-up, sound art installation housed within a 40 foot glowing inflatable igloo. Inside, there are 8 speakers which create a wondrous array of psychedelic, ambient electronic soundscapes crafted to create a comfortable, relaxing and warm environment.


Interdisciplinary Music

Fringe veteran Kevin Thornton bids farewell to nearly a decade of on-the-road fringe festival life. He hilariously recaps his adventures, what he’s learned along the way, and what’s on the horizon.


Solo Performance

Comedy, LGBTQ Themes, Political Themes

From Within 3

featuring music from Lemon Sky projection art from Mike Wiley choreography from Pones

Know Theatre

outside on Jackson Street

An immersive comic book experience installed in the subterranean basement of Union Hall.

Three con-men with a tonic with seemingly miraculous properties...

Union Hall

Know Theatre

@ 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30, 8, & 8:30PM

Sat, June 2

@ 11, 11:30AM, 12, 12:30, 1, & 1:30PM

Tue, May 29 @ 9:15PM

Mortem Capiendum

from Four Humors (Minneapolis, MN)

Thur, May 31

Length: 45 minutes

Thur, June 7

Length: 55 minutes Thur, June 7 @ 6:30PM Fri, June 8 @ 7:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 8:30PM

@ 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30, 8, & 8:30PM


Sat, June 9

Only at Fringe can a parking garage be put to such creative use. We’re back for a third year in a row presenting a visual and auditory feast on Jackson Street to help kick off all the Fringe festivities. Local psych-rock/prog-pop quintet Lemon Sky will perform from within the Gateway Garage while projections from Mike Wiley and dancers from Pones help bring the music to life.

Solo Performance

Family Friendly

MeSseD Tunnel Tour

from MeSesD Comics (Cincinnati, OH)

Dramedy, Music

@ 11, 11:30AM, 12, 12:30, 1, & 1:30PM

The MeSseD Tunnel Tour is an immersive comic book experience installed in the subterranean basement of Union Hall. The exhibit, based on the Cincinnati-born comic MeSseD, artfully meshes sewer management and science fiction, turning the solitary experience of reading a comic book into a social “moment” in which people will experience the comic together in a real tunnel.



Comic Books, Immersive, Science Fiction

A tonic with seemingly miraculous properties; Three con-men beginning to believe their own pitch; And a perfectly ordinary trunk containing...?

Winner of the 2008 Producer’s Pick of the Fringe! Play



trueFRINGE 2018

Van Gogh Find Yourself

Vibe with the TRIIIBE!

True stories from Fringe artists.

Have you ever wanted to meet a famous painter? Now you can.

Rap! Chant! Break(dance)! Vibe! Immerse yourself in the TRIIIBE’s interactive vibe.

from True Theatre (Cincinnati, OH)

Length: 90 minutes Thur, June 7 @ 8:30PM

Tue, May 29 @ 8:00PM $7 Single Tickets ONLY Passes not valid.

Family Friendly

Solo Performance Drama, Live Art Making


Interdisciplinary Spoken Word, Music


Van Gogh Find Yourself is an intimate portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, revealed while art is created live by Vincent and the audience. Learn the truth behind some of the most iconic memories, as well as some little-known facts of Vincent’s life — all while getting a lesson in life. #GetDrawnIn #vgfy

In just one year TRIIIBE (True Representation of Intellectual Individuals Invoking Blvck Excellence) has become one of Cincinnati’s most prolific music making artivist collectives. Part hip-hop, part Funk and all Soul TRIIIBE (formerly the BLVCK Seeds) is known for their community work and musical collaborations with artists of seemingly unlikely genres, yielding an ever evolving sound and growing artistic community and fan base.



True Stories, Live Music

Length: 50 minutes

Length: 50 minutes Wed, May 30 @ 7:45PM Fri, June 1 @ 7:45PM Sat, June 2 @ 7:45PM Sun, June 3 @ 2:45PM Sun, June 3 @ 4:45PM Tue, June 5 @ 7:00PM Wed, June 6 @ 7:45PM Fri, June 8 @ 7:45PM Sat, June 9 @ 4:00PM Sat, June 9 @ 7:00PM

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

See their shows, then come hear the true, personal, behind-the-scenes stories about their lives as artists and what makes them tick! Fringe artists will share their stories at the 8th installment of trueFRINGE. Make your Fringe experience complete with this one-night only annual Fringe tradition!

from TRIIIBE (Cincinnati, OH)

Know Theatre

Wash Park Art

Know Theatre


from #vgfy (New York, NY)


In between all the performances, events, and afterparties, it’s Fringe’s goal to keep the creativity flowing by any means possible. In 2017, we teamed up with Art on the Streets to provide artists with all the know-how they need to take their talents out of our venues and scheduled performance times and straight to the general public via street performance and busking. If you’re interested in busking during Cincy Fringe, check out our website or go straight to:

And if you’re a Fringe patron or otherwise serve as the audience for street performers as you go out and about (during Fringe or at any other time), we want to provide you with a thought to keep in mind:

C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

This world, our city, our streets deserve these talented artists helping make our daily lives more beautiful and entertaining. You get to support our other Fringe artists by buying tickets to their shows, but it’s the spare change or extra dollar you can give to busking artists that keep them entertaining and bring something special to the world. If you stop and enjoy street performers at any time - not just during Fringe - remember that your little bit goes a long way.


M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18



The Audience Pick

Celebrates the outstanding performances you’ve seen during the Festival by letting you vote for yourfavorite. You can only vote once, so consider your choice carefully!

Voting begins 6/2 ends 6/9 at 9:45pm. Physical ballots only, available at all box offices.

The Critics’ Pick

The official Fringe Festival reviewers gather in secret to decide the critical darling of this year’s Festival.

The Dr. Robert J. Thierauf Producer’s Pick

The staff of Cincy Fringe gets a chance to pick their favorite show of the Festival for this award named in memory of a dedicated and beloved Fringe supporter.

The Fringe Next Audience Pick

Which of the Fringe Next shows will walk away with this award? It’s all up to the audience! Same rules and procedures apply as with the regular Audience Pick.

The Linda Bowen Full Frontal Pick

The biggest diehards of the Fringe audience, Full Frontal pass holders will have a chance to choose their favorite show with this award named in honor of one of Cincy Fringe’s most devoted patrons.

The David C Herriman Artists’ Pick

This pick, named after an incomparable Know supporter, gives each production in the Festival a vote for the show (not their own, obviously) they found most extraordinary.

Pick of the Fringe Awards!

Saturday June 9 @ 9:30pm, in the Know Theatre Underground (Fringe HQ)

Encore Performances on Sunday, June 10

C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  | 

M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

Pick of the Fringe winners get ONE MORE SHOW. Find more information in the Centerspread Schedule on Page 17.


Producing the Cincinnati Fringe Festival wouldn’t be possible without all the artists, volunteers, staff, and audience members that make up our community. We’d like to give a special shout out to the following folks who have helped make the festival possible: M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18


David C Heriman • ArtsWave • Josh Schuler • CityBeat • Alexandria Tellez • Jack Hennen • Mark Auer Aaron Madrigal • CincinNative • Jeff Syroney • Jason Bruffy • Eric Vosmeier • Jay Kalagayan • Dan McCabe Thomas McLaughlin • Patrick Cusick • Caroline Stine • Dan Luken • Jason Burgess • Ted Weil Falcon Theatre • Lisa DeRoberts • Pastor Ian Strickland • Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce Dan Winters • OTRimprov • Joe & Norah Mock • Mikki Schaffner • Pure Romance • Noelle Wedig-Johnston Brandon Johnston • Pastor Brian Ferguson • Seemless Printing • The Carnegie • Sean P. Mette Arnold’s Bar & Grill • Elizabeth Martin • Courtnie Wesselman • Liz, Eli, & Opal Borntrager • Rory Sheridan Klara Apro • Randy & Suzana Waterhous • Matthew Dayler • Common Center • Robert Macke Brandon Robert Martin • Erika Kate MacDonald • Paul Strickland • Kim Popa • 3CDC • Josh Steele Tony Tausch • Coffee Emporium • Carolyn Guido Clifford • James Creque • Ramona Toussiant Kristin Schneider • Miranda McGee • Clare Jaymes & Dan Brezina • Shelby Becker & Ozzy Olivo Mary Rita Dominic & Buddy Goose • Lora Jost • Susan Angel • Suann Pollock • AJ Ford • Lemon Sky White Line Fever • TRIIIBE • Andrew Biagiarelli • Chewie • 100s of volunteers, artists, and donors • and YOU!



C I N C I N N AT I F R I N G E F E S T I VA L  |  M A Y 2 9 - J U N E 1 0 , 2 0 18

Cincy Fringe Fest Guide 2018  
Cincy Fringe Fest Guide 2018