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Photos: Hailey Bollinger

Faith Restored

How the Rabbit Hash community rallied to rebuild its iconic general store BY ADAM SIE VERING

Let’s go back to November 2016: a turbulent time for millions of Americans, who fiercely stormed the frontlines of Twitter and Facebook to flex their free-speech muscles, argue politics with estranged relatives and wage hyperlink warfare against their ideological opposition. This was a time we all, perhaps regrettably, remember. But amid the blitzkrieg of alternative facts, incendiary memes and celebrity spitfire, another election was taking place in America. An election that, in many ways, seemed more like the ones we’re used to in the developed world. No flag burning. No angry protests. No damn emails. Just a true-blue demonstration of democracy. This, of course, was Rabbit Hash’s mayoral election — a non-partisan tradition more commonly known as The Indawguration. Yes. Last November, the people of Rabbit Hash, Ky. elected their fourth canine mayor — a 3-year-old pit bull named Brynneth Pawltro. Or Brynn, for those who know her on a first-name basis. Brynn’s victory was announced on Tuesday, Nov. 15. She ran a clean, issue-focused campaign, according to Don Clare, president of the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. “Brynn is the first female mayor to take office here in Rabbit Hash,” he says. “She’s also a rescue, which makes her a minority on multiple levels.” Clare’s reverence for the new mayor is a glowing testament to the eccentric, open-minded and remarkably down-toearth spirit on which Rabbit Hash thrives. Since 1847, this 3.5-acre river town has always risen with the tide — surviving more than a few contentious presidential elections, not to mention a few massive floods and the threat of suburban sprawl. For those yet to take a trip down the Rabbit hole, the town is located approximately 30 miles southwest of Cincinnati in Boone County. New housing developments and construction are part of the landscape along the way. But by the time you see signs for Rabbit Hash Historic District, you’re well en route to a place where time appears to have stood still. 2 017 B ES T O F CIN CINN AT I  15

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