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B e s t h i s t o r ic p r e s e r vati o n fi g h t w o n by a n a ll - p o w e r f u l l o c a l fa m ily w it h p o litic a l c o n n ecti o n s For a moment last year, it seemed as though preservationists would prevail in the fight against the destruction of downtown’s Dennison Hotel, a 125-yearold building designed by the firm of noted architect Samuel Hannaford and sitting in the Main Street Historic District. Last summer, the city’s Historic Conservation Board nixed a demolition request by Columbia REI, the company controlled by powerful auto dealer magnates the Joseph family that owns the building. But the elation of preservationists was short lived: Months later, the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals reversed the conservation board’s ruling, clearing the way for the city to issue a demolition permit.

B e s t r e a s o n t o b e t e rr i f i e d a n d c o n f u s e d a b o u t t h e w o rl d Well, it happened. The thing many thought impossible. After a campaign filled with gaffes, scandals, racist rhetoric and nearmeltdowns, reality TV star Donald Trump won the nation’s highest office. The victory of a candidate who just months before was a seeming non-starter and whose campaign looked to be at most a sideshow attraction upended the perceived rulebook on national politics in the United States, casting into full relief the deep dissatisfaction and anger of a big portion — but by no means majority — of the country. It’s going to be a strange four years.

B e s t l o c a l p o l i t ic a l shakeup

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It wasn’t a guaranteed win, and for one of the two Democrats now on Hamilton County Commission, it came down to the wire. But here’s hoping that Commissioner Todd Portune’s re-election and the election of former State Rep. Denise Driehaus bring a new, more forward-looking direction to the county, which has been stuck in neutral thanks to budget cuts and lack of long-term vision. Things are getting off to a quick start, with a new crime lab and coroner’s office in the works, more plans for regional cooperation on the heroin crisis and other big issues.

B e s t i n f u r i at i n g p o l i t ics i n d u c e d t r a ff ic j a m After the election, it was a little hard for our now-president to stop campaigning. It’s understandable: the adulation of the crowds, the bright lights, the pumped-up 2 017 B ES T O F CIN CINN AT I  14 3

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