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franchise. Although not her direct intention, local maker and metalsmith Suzanne Applebaum Jewelry crafts a tantalizing line of leather and bullet casing choker necklaces, bolo ties and forged metal collars for ladies who like to look like they’re in control. Each powerful and edgy piece is handmade with carefully sourced leather, fringe, brass, vintage chain and sometimes casings from bullets that Applebaum fired off at the gun range herself. The unique look feels like a blend of motorcycle culture and Western wear with a dash of dainty femme thrown in. So if your safe word is “powerbitch” or you’re looking for something to wear with your cowboy boots and nothing else, Applebaum’s your girl. Suzanne Applebaum Jewelry,

B E S T C U R AT E D C O O K WA R E C O L L E C T IO N Husband-and-wife team Brad and Karen Hughes opened their Artichoke OTR storefront down the street from Findlay Market in order to offer marketgoers a convenient destination for cookware. From basics to unique pieces not available anywhere else — like the reissued Midcentury Modern Kobenstyle enamel

cookware line from Dansk — you’ll find the tools you need to throw down in the kitchen like you’re an Iron Chef. And if you’re looking to enhance your skills, take a class in Artichoke’s demonstration kitchen — just make sure you don’t step on lazy shop greyhound Gus. Artichoke OTR, 1824 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine, 513263-1002,

B E S T WAY T O P U T YO U R M O N E Y W H E R E YO U R REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS ARE Not to get toooooo political, but since taking office (and before), Donald Trump and extreme Republicans have done a few things to freak women out, like reinstating a “Global Gag Rule” that prohibits the United States from issuing funding to international aid groups which in any way engage with abortion or telling Planned Parenthood it can keep its federal funding if it stops providing abortions (NB: current federal funding only goes to Planned Parenthood healthcare services, not abortions). Without even going into it too much, last time we checked, women had a constitutional right to choose and, along with helping women manifest that right with access to safe and legal abortions, Planned Parenthood also provides a

slew of affordable health care options for anyone and everyone, including birth control, general health care, HIV testing, LGBTQ services, men’s health care, pregnancy testing and services, STD testing, vaccines… So if you’re looking to give some of your money away, standing with and donating to Planned Parenthood is an excellent way to help fight to keep access to reproductive and health rights in America. You can also volunteer your time, share you story, call Republican leaders and more. Oh, and if you are giving some of your money away, why not throw some at the ACLU, too? Planned Parenthood, 2314 Auburn Ave., Mount Auburn,

B E S T T IC K E R F I X E R S At Cleves & Lonnemann Jewelers, the seconds, minutes and hours passing beneath the face of your watch have been the focus of a family art spanning three generations. Established in 1932, the shop is now headed by Charlie Cleves, a Certified Master Watchmaker 21st Century (CMW21). Over the years, Cleves & Lonnemann has continued in their specialty of the sale and repair of high-grade vintage wristwatches. With a state-ofthe-art repair facility featuring a laser

welder for metalwork and other tools at their disposal, a dependable watch from Cleves & Lonnemann ensures you won’t be able to depend on “I didn’t know what time it was” as an excuse next time you’re late. Cleves & Lonnemann Jewelers, 319 Fairfield Ave., Bellevue, Ky., 859-261-3636,

B E S T A N T IQ U I N G I N BURLINGTON The antiques and vintage-only collectibles Burlington Antique Market features more than 200 dealers hawking everything from giant metal letters and vintage postcards to industrial lighting, old globes, 1960s Fiestaware and more. Held third Sundays from April to October, the first fair of the season signals the approach of spring. It’s generally pretty crowded, so if you’re a real hunter, aim for early-bird admission. Burlington Fairgrounds, 5819 Idlewild Road, Burlington, Ky., 513-9226847,

BEST WROUGHT IRON R AILER According to the city code, exterior stairs with more than four risers require a handrail. And for a lot of homes in Cincinnati, that means a hideous pipe and flange railing with flaking paint. With a collection

AwArd winning Waxing for over 25 years 3608 Marburg Ave. Hyde Park, ohio 45208 w w w. c i n c y s pa . c o m




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