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Go green to save some green


he economy is starting to turn around and sunny days are literally ahead! We are learning new more economical ways to live and shop. We are becoming more aware of recycling and re-purposing everyday items to save money while decreasing our environmental footprint. We are looking for local places to shop that care about saving us money, as well as being kind to our environment. Nature’s Corner Greenhouses is a local business that does just that by growing 95 percent of the plants they sell. What does this mean to you? It means that prices are not elevated to cover trucking, boxing and fuel costs. It also means that their plants are grown

here in Cincinnati’s climate instead of being shipped from the South, which jeopardizes their hardiness. The staff at Nature’s Corner have a list of suggestions so you can go green and save green. • Remember the rule of thumb for planting annuals and vegetables in Cincinnati is around May 15 because of freezing temperature. It is always safe to plant into containers which can be moved if a freeze is eminent. • Perennials are safe to plant early if they are grown in our region like the perennials at Nature’s Corner. You can have beautiful color with perennials early in the season. Perennials are also costeffective because they come back year after year and require very little

maintenance! • Plant a vegetable garden! Do you love organic vegetables and herbs but hate the cost? Plan your own organic vegetables and herbs. All you will need is a sunny area, homegrown plants and an organic fertilizer for vegetables. When it comes to harvest time make your own salsa and tomato sauce and stuffed peppers. Use your fresh cut herbs and add flavor to salads and grilling outside. Save on your grocery bills! • Annual plants are a great value at Nature’s Corner. They will give continuous flowering from May until the first frost which is generally not until October. A small budget will go a long way to beautify and add value

Arlington Memorial celebrates fallen presidents


he custom for the past several years at Arlington has been to honor the outstanding past events and lives in American history. This year, the focus will be on fallen American presidents and their final state tribute. A display of film clips, newspaper and magazine photos and articles will be featured in the community room Friday, May 23, through Monday, May 25. Anyone interested in sharing any of their material pertaining to these events is encouraged to contact Arlington Memorial Cemetery at 521-7003. All materials will be safeguarded and returned after the weekend.

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