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CINCINNATI DISTRICT 3 Arrests/citations

Christopher Dixon, born 1991, menacing, assault, Feb. 22. Erin Decker, born 1978, barking dog, Feb. 22. Ramzi Hasan Taha, born 1983, selling liquor to a minor, Feb. 23. Michael Wayne Young, born 1961, disorderly conduct, Feb. 24. Kenuel Collins, born 1986, domestic violence, 830 Considine Ave., Feb. 28. Vicky M. Vandergriff, born 1984, assault, 545 Considine Ave., Feb. 28. Jessica Reese, born 1993, felonious assault, domestic violence, 609 Enright Ave., Feb. 28. Maria Pottinger, born 1989, obstructing official business, 1152 Considine Ave., Feb. 28. Christie L. Daniels, born 1975, felonious assault, 2144 Staebler St., Feb. 28. Randy Schmidt, born 1988, telecommunication harassment, 1247 Sliker Ave., Feb. 28. Robert J. Kasee, born 1984, rape, 4373 W. Eighth St., Feb. 28. Billy Langston, born 1988, theft of a credit card, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 4666 Rapid Run Pike, Feb. 28. Patrick Sweeney, born 1980, possession of drug abuse instruments, 3900 Glenway Ave., Feb. 28. Brandon Ziegler, born 1981, illegal possession of prescription drugs,

March 16, 2011









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3758 Warsaw Ave., March 1. Reco Hawkins, born 1990, obstructing official business, trafficking, 800 McPherson Ave., March 1. Eric J. Brun, born 1975, drug abuse, 3758 Warsaw Ave., March 1. James Flannery, born 1970, assault, 2614 Price Ave., March 1. Bonnie Hughes, born 1990, domestic violence, 3738 St. Lawrence Ave., March 1. Mellicha Adamski, born 1981, assault, 2614 Price Ave., March 1. Douglas G. Long, born 1972, loud noises, March 1. Thomas Bradshaw, born 1951, city income tax, March 1. Demarco Daniels, born 1991, criminal trespassing, 4373 W. Eighth St., March 1. Sara Inman, born 1987, disorderly conduct, 4068 W. Eighth St., March 1. Ashley E. Holt, born 1983, theft under $300, 3609 Warsaw Ave., March 2. Lee Andrew Holmes, born 1965, minor misdemeanor drug possession, 3400 Warsaw Ave., March 2. Reginald Leary, born 1980, assault, 3201 Warsaw Ave., March 2. Carltesa Jones, born 1992, falsification, disorderly conduct, 3201 Warsaw Ave., March 2. Dillon Holloway, born 1993, criminal damaging or endangering, felonious assault with weapon, 4114 Flower Ave., March 2.


POLICE REPORTS Jeff Clark, born 1960, domestic violence, 1749 Iliff Ave., March 2. Carlos Cardenas, born 1985, falsification, 1790 Grand Ave., March 3. James N. Gross, born 1975, falsification, 1201 Parkside Ave., March 3. Robert N. Tenbrink, born 1970, domestic violence, 4418 Ridgeview Ave., March 3. James Edward Sweet, born 1967, criminal trespassing, theft under $300, 3021 Warsaw Ave., March 4. Kenneth Hardy, born 1963, assault, 3301 Lehman Road, March 4. Kimberly L. Rust, born 1950, drug abuse, 3042 Glenway Ave., March 4. James McDonald, born 1982, domestic violence, 4100 Flower Ave., March 4. Rickie L. Wilson, born 1962, possession of drug paraphernalia, 1925 Westmont Place, March 4. Justin Giles, born 1988, assault, 1007 Ross Ave., March 5. Nicole Durbin, born 1987, assault, 1007 Ross Ave., March 5. Kimberly A. Scott, born 1986, obstructing justice, assault, 807 Kirbert Ave., March 6. Franklin D. Wainscott, born 1965, theft under $300, 3400 Mount Echo Drive, March 6. Sydney E. Boesken, born 1975, trafficking, tampering with evidence, obstructing official business, drug abuse, 6461 Revere Ave., March 6. Jeffrey C. Bauscher, born 1983, drug abuse, minor misdemeanor drug possession, 6465 Revere Ave., March 6. James Edward Sweet, born 1967, criminal trespassing, 4241 Glenway Ave., March 6. Lavette Banks, born 1964, theft under $300, 2120 Ferguson Road, March 6. Mark Anthony Lewis, born 1977, assault, 3201 Warsaw Ave., March 7.

Incidents/reports Aggravated burglary

About police reports The Community Press publishes the names of all adults charged with offenses. The information is a matter of public record and does not imply guilt or innocence. To contact your local police department: • Delhi Township: Chief Jim Howarth, 922-0060. • Cincinnati District 3: Capt. Russell A. Neville, 2638300.

Aggravated robbery

3665 Warsaw Ave., March 3.

Breaking and entering

1025 Ross Ave., Feb. 23. 120 Revere Ave., Feb. 20. 1430 Beech Ave., Feb. 22. 1614 Tuxworth Ave., Feb. 25. 1614 Tuxworth Ave., Feb. 26. 1655 Ross Ave., Feb. 20. 171 Twain Ave., Feb. 21. 1753 Gilsey Ave., Feb. 19. 1849 First Ave., Feb. 27. 3029 Theresa St., Feb. 25. 3703 Glenway Ave., Feb. 19. 4104 W. Liberty St., Feb. 24. 4400 Glenway Ave., Feb. 23. 4753 Rapid Run Road, Feb. 21. 541 Considine Ave., Feb. 23. 716 Rosemont Ave., Feb. 27. 910 Sunset Ave., Feb. 26. 944 Chateau Ave., Feb. 23.


1041 State Ave., Feb. 25. 1144 Considine Ave. No. 4, Feb. 21. 119 Thelma Ave., Feb. 28. 1218 Elberon Ave., Feb. 28. 1271 Rutledge Ave. No. 4, Feb. 26. 1419 Beech Ave., Feb. 22. 1790 Grand Ave. 3, Feb. 26.

1870 Sunset Ave. No. 19, Feb. 26. 1919 Colony Drive, Feb. 27. 2128 Hatmaker St. No. 1, Feb. 26. 2536 Ring Place, Feb. 24. 2706 Erlene Drive No. 142, Feb. 25. 310 Rosemont Ave., March 1. 356 Elberon Ave., Feb. 22. 3738 St. Lawrence Ave., Feb. 26. 3779 Westmont Lane, Feb. 23. 396 Grand Ave., Feb. 20. 4043 Palos St., Feb. 21. 4373 W. Eighth St. No. 11, Feb. 28. 946 Sunset Ave., March 1.

Domestic violence

1135 Wells St., Feb. 18.

Felonious assault

1136 Carson Ave., Feb. 27. 2144 Staebler St., Feb. 28. 609 Enright Ave., Feb. 28. 819 Pedretti Ave., Feb. 18.


2128 Hatmaker St. No. 1, Feb. 26.


4373 W. Eighth St., Feb. 25. 668 State Ave., Feb. 18.

Telephone harassment

1813 Wyoming Ave., Feb. 19.


1144 Panther Court, Feb. 26. 147 Laura Lane, Feb. 19. 2660 Lehman Road, Feb. 23. 3050 Mickey Ave., Feb. 20. 3920 Glenway Ave., Feb. 27. 4000 Akochia Ave., Feb. 27. 4004 W. Eighth St., Feb. 26. 4220 Glenway Ave., Feb. 18.

4431 W. Eighth St., Feb. 26. 4466 W. Eighth St., Feb. 27. 6461 Home City Ave., Feb. 21. 7039 Fernbank Ave., Feb. 21. 7100 River Road, Feb. 28.

DELHI TOWNSHIP Arrests/citations

James Dooley, 49, 3935 Delhi Road, disorderly conduct at 3900 block of Delhi Road, March 1. Shauna Peters, 48, 520 Anderson Ferry Road, theft at 900 block of Neeb Road, March 1. Rhonda Fagin, 31, 471 Pedretti Ave., driving under suspension at 500 block of Rosemont Avenue, March 3. Jeananne Willis, 26, 160 Elco St., driving under suspension at 5200 block of Cleves Warsaw, March 4.

Incidents/reports Breaking and entering

Woman reported tools stolen from garage at 4928 Duebber Lane, March 2.


Woman reported video game equipment, jewelry stolen at 597 Judy Lane, March 1.


Woman reported medicine stolen at 5274 Whitmore Drive, March 4. Man reported radio stolen from vehicle at 875 Beechmeadow Lane, March 2.

St. Patrick’s Day Sale New partnership handling park rental 731 Mount Hope Ave., Feb. 26.

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Thursday, March 17th thru Tuesday, March 22nd Open Every Day 10 am to 8 pm Sunday 12 to 4 pm 2726 Erie Avenue • Hyde Park Square • 513.533.9592

The Cincinnati Park Board has a new partnership with Premier Park Events which will handle services for the park board's eight premier facilities effective this year. Premier Park Events will be responsible for all reservations, customer services, facility set up and clean up and on-site event management; plus making arrangements with preferred vendors - including coordination with new preferred catering vendors, and rental arrangements for tents, chairs and tables. The park board's premier facilities

and the new rental rates for 2011 are: Weekday/ Weekend/ Saturday • Maple Ridge Lodge in Mount Airy – $300/ $550 • Oak Ridge Lodge in Mount Airy – $250/ $350 • Alms Park Pavilion (May-Oct.) – $700/ $850 • Ault Park Pavilion (May-Oct.) – $800/ $1,500/ $1,800 • Mount Echo Park Pavilion (MayOct.) – $800 all days • French House $800/ $1,600/ – $1,750 • Krohn Conservatory $800/

$1,200/ – $1,600 butterfly show • T.M. Berry Friendship Park Pavilion – $800/ $1,000 For reservations or information, call Premier Park Events at 513-2212610 or e-mail For all other Park site rentals and picnic reservations, such as group picnic areas, picnic shelters, garden wedding areas, bandstands, music pavilions, and gazebos, contact the park board directly at 513-357-2604 or email

Performance series inducts seven into hall SOUTHERN BAPTIST DELHI HILLS BAPTIST CHURCH

“Come Hear The Story of Jesus” 5421 Foley Rd. • 513-922-8363 Rev. Bob Overberg Sunday School..................................10:00a.m. Sunday Morning Worship ..................11:00a.m. Sunday Evening ..................................6:00p.m. Wednesday Evening Bible Study .........6:00p.m.

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF DENT 6384 Harrison Ave. - 574-6411 Bible Study ........................... 9:30am Sunday Worship ................. 10:30am Wed. Youth Service .............. 7:00pm Wed.Pray Sevice .................. 7:00pm

“Reflecting Christ...the Light of the World” CE-1001557674-01



The Seton-Elder Performance Series inducted seven new members into its hall of fame.

123 Symmes Ave. North Bend, OH 45202 One block off Route 50, Phone 941-3061 Small, friendly, casual, blended music, Bible based messages that connect with real life. Sunday School 9:30am Worship 10:30am


Anderson Ferry & Foley Roads 513-451-3600 9:30 a.m. Traditional Worship and Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Praise Celebration and Junior Church nursery provided for both services

PRESBYTERIAN OAK HILLS PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 6233 Werk Rd. (Enter off Werkridge) 922-5448 Rev. Jerry Hill 10:00 a.m Worship & Sunday School

Rinks Flea Market Bingo


Photos on

$4,500 Guaranteed Payout Each Night! $10 - 6-36 Faces $20 - 90 Faces Computer Fri, Sat Nights


Sundays 10:30am Family Friendly Bring all the kids they will love it..!

Presbyterian USA / U.C.C.

6453 Bridgetown Road Next to JF Dulles Grade School on a 5 acre playground


“A Breadth of Inspiration for Families on the Go”


CHEVIOT UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 3820 Westwood-Northern Blvd. Craig D. Jones, Senior Pastor Lois Schalk-Hartley, Associate Pastor

9:20 a.m. Traditional Worship 10:20 a.m. Sunday School for All Ages 11:20 a.m Contemporary Worship Service 662-2048

UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST St. Peter & St. Paul United Church of Christ

3001 Queen City Ave. 513-661-3745 Rev. Martin Westermeyer, Pastor Bible Study 9am Worship & Church School 10am Dial-A-Devotion 662-6611

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) is now accepting applications for its two Grants for Kids pro-

GUMP-HOLT Funeral Home “If it can’t be changed, Change your attitude”

Come and worship in a small casual church that emphasizes the fellowship and mission in the community and globally.

It has been said that the way we think about things makes us what we are. It has also been said that anything we face is never as important as our attitude towards it. The way you think about your job determines whether or not you enjoy your work, how well you do it and even more. It makes the difference that results in success or failure. F.W. Woolworth was given the insignificant job of gathering remnants from all the shelves in his employer’s store and selling them for what he could. The rapidity with which the remnants were sold gave him the idea for a five-and-ten cent store. We all know what happened... The results were a chain of stores across the country and the making of a fortune... “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.” Couldn’t it be said that you can’t do a poor job if you are interested in what you’re doing? Couldn’t it be said that it is just as true that if you don’t care about your company or its product, you can’t do a really good job, no matter what the extent of your Marilyn Holt education or IQ...

3440 Glenmore Avenue, Cheviot 661-0690


Seton class of 1976; • Greg Procaccino – Elder class of 1976; • Brian Combs – Elder class of 1979; • Donna Dirksing Doran – Seton class of 1992. Each of the inductees excelled in their music career in high school, and

continued to the professional performance arena. The inductees were honored with a reception in the Seton Commons, followed by the unveiling of their Hall of Fame plaques. Each inductee was invited to perform at a ceremony following the reception.

Grants available for teacher, summer programs

513-931-4441 • 513-931-0259

Nursery Care Avail.

The following performers were inducted into the hall of fame: • Betty Nortmann – Seton class of 1940; • Tim Perrino – Elder class of 1974; • Tom Hafner – Elder class of 1975; • Elaine Furlong Diehl –

grams – Learning Links and Summertime Kids – which benefit thousands of children each year through grants of up to $1,000 to schools and nonprofit organizations for special projects. Grants for Kids enable educators and nonprofit organizations to provide creative learning experiences for children, and provide support for schools with limited project budgets. In 2010, Grants for Kids enriched the lives of over 40,000 children through a quarter of a million dollars in grants. Learning Links was created to provide small grants to teachers for special projects that have a positive impact on any segment of the school. Educators from schools in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties in Ohio; Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties in Kentucky; and Dearborn County, Indiana may apply

for Learning Links grants now for the 2011-2012 school year. Grants will be announced in August and awarded in September 2011. The Summertime Kids program seeks to provide school-age youth with constructive, safe, fun, and enriching summer activities. Nonprofit organizations in all eight counties may now apply for Summertime Kids grants for projects that will take place during summer 2011. Grants will be awarded in May 2011. Grants for Kids programs are made possible through the support of GCF’s donors and continued support from the Charles H. Dater Foundation. Application forms may be downloaded from GCF’s w e b s i t e ( Summertime Kids grant applications are due March 21. Learning Links applications due May 6.


MotorcoachTours E-mail: Web site: CincinnatiBaseballTours Book Online Now ok ine ow Cru...


MotorcoachTours E-mail: Web site: CincinnatiBaseballTours Book Online Now ok ine ow Cru...