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March 16, 2011

Go green for St. Patricks’s day and for your health More signs of spring! The maple trees are budding out and my friends, Laura and Oakley Noe, have been tapping their sugar maples for syrup. The dill and cilantro seeds planted last fall look like slender green hairs in the herb garden. Soon we’ll be eating healthy right from our back door. March is nutrition month, and the first recipe uses quinoa, a whole grain, gluten free, loaded with nutrients and fiber. I think

you’ll really like it. And for that St. P a t r i c k ’s Day celebration, try my newest Rita version of Heikenfeld easy soda Rita’s kitchen b r e a d . Also, guru in our backyard Debbie Goulding shares her quinoa salad with lemon dressing recipe.

Foodie event

Debbie Goulding will head up the 35th anniversary celebration, Les Chefs DeCuisine of Greater Cincinnati Scholarship Dinner Fund, for the American Culinary Federation of Greater Cincinnati Sunday, March 27, at The Phoenix. For details, contact Debbie at or Stephen Spyrou at

Debbie’s quinoa salad

I have had the pleasure of knowing Debbie for several years. She is president of the American Culinary Federation of Greater Cincinnati, a distinctive honor.

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Debbie is the popular executive chef at Price Hill Kroger, a master gardener and culinary educator. When it comes to tasty food and presentation, Debbie has few equals. She and I worked together on an “eat healthy” event and I asked her to make a whole-grain salad with quinoa since I wanted to introduce the participants to this healthy grain. 1 cup quinoa 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 ⁄2 cup dried apricots, coarsely chopped 2 cups water 1 ⁄4 teaspoon salt 2 ⁄3 cup Moroccan-spiced lemon dressing, divided 1 cup cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes, halved 1 small red onion, chopped 8 cups baby spinach 1 ⁄4 cup sliced almonds, toasted Toast quinoa in a dry skillet over medium heat, stirring often, until it becomes aromatic and begins to crackle, about five minutes. Transfer to a fine sieve and rinse thoroughly. Even if you don’t toast it, quinoa has to be washed very well to remove a natural, bitter coating, unless you purchase a pre-washed


brand of quinoa. That information will be listed on the package. Quinoa is pronounced either “keenwah” or “kee-NOwah.” Heat oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add garlic and cook, stirring constantly, until golden, about one minute. Add apricots and the quinoa; continue cooking, stirring often, until the quinoa has dried out and turned light golden, three to four minutes. Add water and salt; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer, uncovered, until the quinoa is tender and the liquid is absorbed, 15 to 18 minutes. Meanwhile, make Moroccan-spiced lemon dressing. Transfer the quinoa to a medium bowl and toss with 1 ⁄3 cup of the dressing. Let cool for 10 minutes. Just before serving, add tomatoes and onion to the quinoa; toss to coat. Toss spinach with the remaining 1⁄3 cup dressing in a large bowl. Divide the spinach among four plates. Mound the quinoa salad on the spinach and sprinkle with almonds. Note: Quinoa is available in natural foods sections of supermarkets. Toasting this grain before simmering enhances its flavor. Serves four.

Moroccan-spiced lemon dressing Whisk together: 1

⁄4 cup lemon juice,

2 tablespoons nonfat plain yogurt 11⁄2 teaspoons honey 1 ⁄4 teaspoon each: cumin, cinnamon and ginger

Whisk in: 1

⁄4 cup extra-virgin olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.

St. Pat’s soda bread

Got an hour? Bake a loaf of this crusty bread to serve alongside your St. Pat’s Day feast. Self-rising flour already contains leavening, so no need to add baking soda or powder. This is a good recipe for the kids to try their hand at. They’ll be so proud. 3 cups self-rising flour 1 can, 12 oz., room temperature beer OR 2 cups buttermilk Melted butter Optional but good: handful fresh dill, 2 teaspoons dill seeds or sesame, poppy seeds, etc. Put flour in bowl. Make a well. Pour in beer. Mix gently. Don’t overmix. Batter will be lumpy. Pour into sprayed or greased 9-by-5 pan. Pour several tablespoons melted butter or substitute on top. Bake in preheated 375degree oven near top for 55 to 60 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Serve hot with plenty of butter. Rita Nader Heikenfeld is an herbalist, educator and author. E-mail columns@community with “Rita’s kitchen” in the subject line. Call 513-2487130, ext. 356.






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