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May 5, 2010






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Refer to scripture

In response to Ann Thompson's comments and that health care reform is Christian legislation, I suggest that she read the bill and refer to scripture before making such a false comparison. The comparison of the freeing of slaves, which upheld one’s constitutional rights to life and liberty, to discarding millions of innocent babies their constitutional rights of life and liberty through means of mainstreaming abortion upon demand within the health care system is quite the opposite. There are many who truly want health care reform and that could have taken place if that were the true intention. Shame on you, Ann Thompson, for such bias and misleading information.

As a columnist, you too have a responsibility to provide truth in reporting. Theresa Czyzyk Lakefront Drive Green Township

Some questions

In her response letter (April 28), Ann Thompson states at the end, “Caring for living people should be their (the Catholic churches) priority.” Is she implying that aborted babies were not living people? And, on another note, it is true that the Catholic Church is not perfect and has made some errors from time to time throughout history. After all, it’s an institution run by people who are subject to

CH@TROOM April 28 questions

Do you, or would you, allow your high school-age child to go on a spring break trip? Why or why not? “My kids seemed to enjoy going on spring break with the family and other friends. They could have their freedom on our vacations but not be subjected to the crowded rooms, some idiot activities and police scrutiny. We changed coast lines in Florida to avoid the spring revelers. I do not envy today’s parents with the new drinking age, drugs, camera phones and the Ben Roethlisberger types of the world. I feel sick about the young man from St X who died recently on his spring break. He had a wonderful life ahead of him and now can only serve as a warning to all who might follow. Maybe it is not worth it! Go Figure!” T.D.T. “Never! Why is it that parents think their kids need to go away on their own before they are 18 on a trip that will mostly be unsupervised? Even if chaperones are present they can’t possibly monitor every minute of every child there (Natalee Holloway is a prime example). “Usually when something tragic happens (the St. Xavier football player who fell to his death, highly intoxicated, or the Notre Dame student who crashed her car full of fellow students, most of whom did not wear seatbelts), it’s preventable. Letting an inexperienced person drive a whole car full of students (if they are under 18 drivers in Ohio, they are not allowed to have more than one other person in the car with them unless related) on a long trip, or another to go where there will always be alcohol just invites trouble.” R.L.H. “Yes I would. I went on break in high school with no parent within 700 miles. No cell phones or any communication devices, except your good old fashioned land-line. “We called home when we got there, once in the middle of the week and then saw our parents when we got home. “My parents trusted that I wouldn’t get out of control, based on the fact that they had already given me on many occassions, responsibilty tests out on my own, to screw up and learn ... and I did. “We have to trust ourselves

Next question Is wind power a viable solution to our dependence on oil? Why or why not? Every week The Northwest Press asks readers a questions that they can reply to via e-mail. Send your answers to northwestpress@community with “chatroom” in the subject line. that we have given our kids some solid advice, let them go out in the world and hope that they listened. “Parents who hover over their kids too much can cause more harm than good. Let them go explore, have fun and leave the praying to God to us the parents that they stay safe from harm and use their heads. “Unfortunately, sometimes, even the best parenting in the world can’t stop tragic events, accidents, that change our lives forever. It’s no one person’s fault, it’s, well life lived, no matter how long.” M.J.Y. “I would not allow my highschool age child to go on spring break. To be in an unsupervised environment away from home with all the different temptations this is just irresponsible. “No matter how mature your child is, why put them in a situation that even grown adults can not handle?” I.B. “When my children were in high school, they were allowed to go on spring break with their friends only if parents were going too. I was the mean mom who did not let them go to Fort Lauderdale, Daytona, or wherever the hot spot was for that year. “I am sure they hated me for that, but they all grew up safely and are quite well-adjusted despite their deprived teen-aged years.” J.S.B. “Oh, that would be a big, fat ‘no!’ Why, because the ‘kid’ is only 17 maybe 18 years old. and, more to the point, the only reason teenage boys go to Florida for spring break is to drink and have sex and the only reason teenage girls go is to ‘be seen’ by teenage boys. “You need a ‘break?’ Stay home, unplug the computer, don’t answer your cell phone and read a good book!” L.D.

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error. So what else is new? However, if a person claims to be “Catholic” but doesn’t believe or accept the moral teachings of the Church, then how can that person claim their true Catholicism? George Appelmann Edvera Lane Colerain Township

Thank you

On behalf of Pat, Tomiko and David Nolte, I would like to thank the Delhi Skirt Game and all of those who attended the benefit at the Cheviot Fieldhouse on April 10. The turnout was amazing (in excess of 600 people) and your generous contributions will be put to good use. Pat’s accident has changed our family in immeasurable ways and

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Reform supporters disguised as Christian

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the guest column topic “Health care reform.” One single sentence might do the trick and that would be, what planet are you on? But let’s go one step further and point out that this bill promotes the agenda of those who use the disguise of Christianity to further their frightening socialistic platform. Our Constitution does not mandate health care for its citizens, health care is a privilege provided through an employer, privately by the individual or we don’t have to have it at all (if we so choose). Does our system need to be tweaked? Absolutely, but not at the expense of the middle class, and rest assured we will be the suckers paying for it. This bill passed only by the grace of back door dealing and an executive order on the abortion issue that, by the way, is not the

law, it can be rescinded on a moment’s notice. Oh and the individual that bought into that executive order is now jumping ship, much like Tim many of the other Suerkamp rats that can’t take the heat. The Community deception and Press guest down right arrocolumnist gance of the people supporting this mess is beyond comprehension. I would like to refer to some of the statements made in support of this legislation. Example: “Let’s pass the bill then find out what’s in it.” What? “Oh I never read the bills anyway, why should I?” What? Lastly, let’s go back to the Christian invocation that the author of this letter keeps referring


to: No true Christian in this country wants to see anyone without the proper care they need. We are the most generous country on the planet. If you want to change anything, let’s do it the right way: By the true letter of the law and Constitution. The people that oppose this criminal legislation are no more uninformed than those who have not read the bill. We the majority of Americans would just like someone in Washington to actually listen to the majority. We want the country to stay the “United States of America” not the “Un-United Socialistic States of America.” The author of the letter I’m responding to was right about one thing: This is a great country and starting next November the people that really care will be taking it back. You can take that to the bank! Tim Suerkamp is a resident of Monfort Heights.

Parents should watch for hill-hopping clues Spring is in the air, the weather is nice and driving conditions on Colerain Township roadways are good. Students are preparing for prom, and graduation is not far off. The Colerain Township Police Department, as well as many other departments have experienced an increase in traffic crashes involving high speed and motorists following too close. Our special concern is accidents involving our young drivers. Police are seeing an increase in what the young drivers call “hill hopping.” What is “hill hopping,” you ask? Well, “hill hopping” involves cars going fast enough to go airborne while driving on roadways with hills. The deep cuts into the pavement at the scene of an auto accident and the lack of skid marks demonstrate the young driver’s attempts to stop their car. The evidence is clear to police offi-

cers investigating the crashes that occur. Some drivers hill hop and never get caught because they are lucky enough maintain control of the car as it goes airborne on the hills, however the evidence of the hopping is clear to see if you know how or what to look for. Are your sons or daughters having a problem with the exhaust system falling off the car they drive? Is your car experiencing a leak from the motor oil or transmission pan? Are the hubcaps loose or missing after a night out with your child driving? How about the front end alignment? Does your mechanic recommend the need for the alignment on a regular basis? These examples can provide parents some evidence that your car is being abused by the driver. Perhaps you car hasn’t had any of these problems, but there still can be signs of “hill hopping.”

A publication of

Your Community newspaper serving Colerain Township, Green Township, Groesbeck, Monfort Heights, Pleasant Run, Seven Hills, White Oak

could not attend the event. Although the accident was tragic, the outcome is hopeful and we are grateful to everyone who has helped us in our time of need. Chris Stone Sand Run Rd Whitewater Township

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Parents can look Andy under the car for Demeropolis scrapes on the Community frame or have your mechanic Press guest check under the columnist car for you. Together we can protect our young drivers through reducing the practice of “hill hopping” and hopefully slowing our young drivers down. Don’t forget that if you want to have your child attend the “Driving Angels” driving program presented by the Colerain Township Police Department, it’s free. Check out the website dedicated to safe driving, www.colerain If you are interested, call 385-7504 and register your child for the three hour class. Parents are also welcome to attend. Colerain Township Police Officer Andy Demeropolis is the school resource officer at Northwest High School.


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