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On the record

Northwest Press

May 5, 2010


POLICE REPORTS From B6 Ronald Cornell, 40, 2806 Lookover Drive, theft at US 27 and Joseph, April 10. Donald Davis, 24, 10127 Pippin Meadows Drive, trafficking marijuana at 2805 Wheatfield, April 7. Amanda Denise, 23, 3964 Belmont, operating motor vehicle intoxicated at Compton and Zodiac, April 18. Shavonne Foster, 26, 1651 W. North Bend Road, theft at 8451 Colerain Ave., April 19. Reginald Goliton, 52, 825 Dayton Street, drug possession at 9501 Colerain Ave., April 16. Anthony Hapton, 49, 7901 Greenland Place, theft at 3461 Joseph Road, April 9. Andrew Hayden, 19, 3102 Jessup Road, criminal trespassing at 10240 Colerain Ave., April 14. Charles Hendrickson, 56, 9922 Crusader Drive, operating motor vehicle intoxicated at US and Sovereign Drive, April 10. Donald Hodge, 63, 3444 Colerain Ave., theft at 10235 Colerain Ave., April 8. Dayton Knight, 28, 3335 Blue Rock Road, domestic violence at 5771 Dry Ridge Road, April 17. Adam Mesman, 28, 2796 Hazelton Court, drug possession at 2805 Wheatfield, April 7. Ricky Miller, 21, 9925 Loralinda, resisting arrest, obstructing official business at 9925 Loralinda, April 11. Kenneth Modley, 43, 3178 Palmyra, obstructing official business, drug paraphernalia at 2668 Springdale Road, April 10. Kenneth Muthama, 27, 988 Prairie, drug possession at 9800 Colerain Ave., April 18. Dominick Payne, 18, 537 Dutch Colony, theft at 8451 Colerain Ave., April 17. Michael Ridder, 28, 996 Gertrude Lane, criminal trespassing at 3112 Springdale Road, April 14. Carrie Schille, 22, 1402 Hazelgrove Dr., drug possession at 10183 Storm Drive, April 7. Christopher Scippio, 34, 1420 Dantzler Drive, assault, menacing, criminal damaging at 2556 Niagara Street, April 10. Juan Sontay, 21, 5611 Cheviot Road, domestic violence at 2404 Hidden Meadow, April 13. Amy Stacey, 43, 3735 Lovelle Street, theft at 3461 Joseph Road, April 14. Steven Stephens, 52, 2712 W. Galbraith Road, possession of marijuana at 2515 W. Galbraith Road, April 11. Darlene Terrell, 52, 9251 Bluegate, criminal damaging at 9251 Bluegate Drive, April 16.

About police reports

The Community Press publishes the names of all adults charged with offenses. The information is a matter of public record and does not imply guilt or innocence. To contact your local police department: • Colerain Township: Chief Daniel P. Meloy, 245-6600. • Green Township: Chief Bart West, 574-0007; vandalism hotline 574-5323. • Hamilton County: Sheriff Simon Leis, 825-1500. • Springfield Township: Chief David Heimpold, 729-1300. Weldon Thomas, 36, 1308 Elm Street, drug possession at Colerain and Shady Crest, April 9. Rico Thompson, 27, 9304 Roundtop, carrying concealed weapon, drug paraphernalia, April 11. Rico Thompson, 27, 9304 Roundtop, drug possession at 9690 Colerain Ave., April 11. Randy Wagner, 46, 3789 Hanley Road, operating motor vehicle intoxicated at US 27 and Mall Road, April 12. Charlisse Williams, 55, 1814 W. North Bend Road, disorderly conduct at 2601 Banning road, March 7. Richard Woods, 31, 6908 Golfway Drive, drug abuse at 7200 Colerain Ave., April 12. Juvenile male, 13 , theft at 9690 Colerain Ave., April 2. Juvenile male, 17, disorderly conduct at 10300 Seasons Drive, April 11. Juvenile male, 16, disorderly conduct, April 11. Juvenile male, 17, curfew, underage consumption, April 6. Juvenile male, 17, underage consumption of alcohol at 6311 Duet Lane, April 6. Juvenile female, 12, domestic violence at 3429 Niagara Street, April 13. Juvenile female, 17, theft at 11021 Hamilton Ave., April 6. Juvenile male, 16, curfew at 2881 Royal Glen Drive, April 9. Juvenile male, 13, assault at 3225 Lapland Drive, April 6. Juvenile female, 16, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault at 7451 Colerain Ave., April 15. Juvenile male, 15, assault at 11770 Pippin Road, March 19. Juvenile male, 15, drug possession, drug paraphernalia at 3150 Laverne, March 17.

Reports/Incidents Breaking and entering

Currency of unknown value removed from business at 3100 Springdale Road, April 10. Storage area entered and TV of unknown value removed at 9660 Colerain Ave., April 6. Business entered at 3662 Poole

Road, April 15.


Residence entered and motorcycle of unknown value removed at 3464 Oakmeadow Lane, April 12. Residence entered and TV, laptops, camera and jewelry of unknown value removed at 2610 Haverknoll Drive, April 15.

Criminal damaging

Vehicle scratched at 7671 Colerain Ave., April 8. Glass door damaged at 2409 Compton Road, April 14. Vehicle scratched at 9959 Arborwood Drive, April 9. Doors damaged at 2822 Rocky Ridge Road, April 14. Victim reported at 5236 Kennedy Ave., April 14. Eggs thrown at house at 3354 Lapland Drive, April 7. Vehicle scratched at 8801 Cheviot Road, April 9. Door damaged at 10511 Hughes Road, April 4. Vehicle damaged at 2691 Springdale Road, April 8. Vehicle damaged at 2914 Overdale, April 18. Vehicle window damaged at 8044 US 22 , April 12. Vehicle window damaged at 10240 Windswept Lane, April 13. Eggs thrown at vehicle at 3262 Banning Road, March 27.

Domestic violence

Female reported at Pebblebrook, April 5.

Identity fraud

Victim reported account opened without consent at 11936 Wincanton Drive, April 7.

Illegal use of minor in nudity oriented material

Victim reported on Vernier Drive, April 14.

Misuse of credit card

Shots fired

Reported at 2725 Merriway Lane, April 9.


Vehicle entered and oxygen, scraper and container valued at $1,015 removed at 2500 Strawberry Lane, April 7. $425 removed at 9424 Haddington Court, April 7. Debit card, watch, phone of unknown value removed at 9450 Colerain Ave., April 8. $60 removed from purse at 2530 Civc Center Drive, April 9. Purse and contents of unknown value removed at 9343 Colerain Ave., April 10. Lawn mower valued at $400 removed at 6323 Mullen Road, April 11. $200 and debit card removed at 447 Dust Commander Drive, April 10. CDs valued at $500 removed at 2575 Gazelle, April 6. Vehicle mirror damaged at 8043 Pippin Road, April 8. Vehicle removed at 9101 Colerain , April 8. Phone of unknown value removed at 6316 Oak Creek Drive, April 10. Camera valued at $140 removed at 10761 Pippin Road, April 7. Vehicle removed at 8851 Cheviot Road, April 15. Money order removed and cashed at 8451 Colerain Ave., April 14. Laptop valued at $350 removed at 8371 Colerain Ave., April 9. Computer valued at $698 removed at 8451 Colerain Ave., April 17.

GREEN TOWNSHIP Arrests/citations

Joshua Schilling, 23, 6716 Jersey Ave., open container at 2596 Van Blaricum, April 19. Joshua Banks, 19, 1007 Lincoln Ave. No. 6, receiving stolen property, failure to comply and driving under suspension at 4001 Glenway Ave., April 19. Allen Bowden, 51, 130 Valencia St., theft at 5709 Harrison Ave., April 19. Shital R. Patel, 28, 5334 Lee’S Crossing Drive No. 8, theft at 6580 Harrison Ave., April 19. Juvenile, 15, obstructing official business at 4545 Glenway Ave., April 21. Juvenile, 17, obstructing official busi-

Victim reported at 2772 Quaker Court, April 8.

Obstructing official business Victim reported at 6211 Cheviot Road, April 15.


Victim threatened and phone valued at $15 removed from victim at 8210 Pippin Road, April 10.

NOTICE: The Colerain Township Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, May 17, 2010 at 7:00 pm. in the Trustees’ Tammy; $334,000. Lionel E. and Laura to Deutsch COLERAIN TOWNSHIP 9830 Regatta Drive: Tedesco, TerBank National Trust Company Tr.; Chambers of the CoBlue Meadow Lane: Western Benchrance J. 4 to Mertens, Polly J.; $100,000. lerain Township Govmark LLC to NVR Inc.; $65,000. $85,500. 3260 Pebblebrook Lane: Miller, Private Drive: Fischer Single Family Complex, 3528 Alamosa Drive: Nationstar Mort- ernment Margery J. to Burgess, Ronald A. Homes II LLC to Kluener, James 4200 Springdale Rd., gage LLC to Curran, Andrew; Tr.; $95,000. A. Jr. and Kathryn M.; $259,486. $33,000. 3529 Blue Rock Road: Breen Family Cincinnati,OH 45251. Summercrest Drive: NVR Inc. to 3686 Poole Road: Buschle, Brenda LP to Gligor, Steven M.; $83,250. Case No.: LUPA Schaible, Rodney and Deborah; L. to Lewis, Jamie; $142,500. 3530 Springdale Road: Peoples $240,940. 2010-01. Project 3792 Susanna Drive: Andrews, Celia Community Bank to First Financial Summercrest Drive: Western Bench Name: Southeast W. to Feasel, Elizabeth A.; Bank NA; $315,000. mark LLC to NVR Inc.; $59,500. $120,000. 5545 Dry Ridge Road: Krieg, Lee and Sector Update. Appli10256 Dewhill Lane: Briner, Tracy and 4012 Thimbleglen Drive: Walker, BerPamela A. to East, Ronald L. and cant: Colerain TownScott A. to Wells Fargo Bank NA; nice to Matson, Rachel; $166,000. Natalie E.; $164,000. $78,000. ship Land Use Advi4297 Wuest Road: Len Grace Inc. to 6128 Mullen Road: Klein, Jeffrey M. 11403 Swissvale Court: Federal Grace, Joseph J.; $242,000. to Gerrety, Brian P.; $100,000. sory Board. Request: Home Loan Mortgage Corporation 7226 Creekview Drive: Federal 5617 Old Blue Rock Road: McCulley, Adoption of multiple to Deem Investments LLC; Michael to Warsaw Federal SavNational Mortgage Association to $48,000. amendments to Coings and Loan Association; Jessup One LLC; $38,000. 2457 Fulbourne Drive: Nadel, Harold lerain Township Land $48,000. 7960 Daleview Road: Lucas, GeralL. to Wells Fargo Bank NA; 6240 Day Road: Johnson, Marvin to dine Tr. to Powers, Kimberly A. Use Plan. Amend$58,000. Johnson, Mark A. and Lynn L.; and Todd Walter; $110,000. ments include Public, 2498 Wenning Road: Logan, David to 8081 Blanchetta Drive: Spies, Earl to $99,000. Lofton, Avery L. Sr.; $62,000. Semi-Public and In6556 Springdale Road: Shepard, Aurora Loan Services LLC; 2575 Crest Road: Bradford, Thomas stitutional, Single Gene F. and Kathleen to Bohnert, $58,800. J. to Citimortgage Inc.; $76,000. Brian J. and Judy S.; $180,000. 8224 Springleaf Lake Drive: WashingFamily, Neighbor2631 Galbraith Road: U.S. Bank NA 9063 Coogan Drive: Baker, Adam to ton, Connie to Fitterer, Scott D. hood Retail, and Tr. to Reckelhoff, Kenneth E.; Blicker, Jessica; $79,000. and Tammy E.; $169,900. $26,000. Planned Mixed Use 9158 Coogan Drive: Adams, Rose M. 9098 Neil Drive: Beerman, Martha H. 2873 John Gray Road: Whitehill, Employment. This to Ba, Saidou and Kaima Bayamto Sawyer, Timmie D. and Loretta Daniel J. to Federal National Mortna; $66,000. J.; $77,500. change does not engage Association; $70,000. 9575 Brehm Road: Orchard Hills Golf tail modification to the 2894 Bentbrook Drive: Marques, Center Ltd. to Ventura, Paul and Real estate continued B8 underlying zoning districts, nor the current usage of the properties. Description: The area generally located east of Cheviot Road and south of Springdale Road. The amendments and supporting documents may be examined during normanufacturer’s list price on all cabinetry mal business hours Free sink w/granite top purchase at the following office: Amy A. Bancroft, Land Use Planner, Professional Design & Installation Available Colerain Township or Do It Yourself! Zoning Dept., 4200 Springdale Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45251 (513) 385-7505. After conclusion of this hearing, action will be 389-1300 After Hours 236-7626 Family Owned determined by the & Operated Colerain Township Zoning Commission and forwarded to the Visit our showroom: 3701 Harrison Ave. at Glenmore in Cheviot Board of Trustees. 1001556027


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ness at 4840 Glenway Ave., April 21. Juvenile, 15, obstructing official business at 4545 Glenway Ave., April 21. Earl Flower, 19, 5756 Sidney Road, receiving stolen property, failure to comply and obstructing official business at 6303 Harrison Ave., April 21. Juvenile, 16, disorderly conduct at 3200 Ebenezer Road, April 19. Juvenile, 17, disorderly conduct at 3200 Ebenezer Road, April 19. Erich Hayman, 29, 5549 Vogel, failure to confine dog at 5549 Vogel, April 20. Juvenile, 13, theft at 3485 North Bend Road, April 20. Robbie Roark, 27, 5951 Harrison Ave., criminal damaging and disorderly conduct while intoxicated at 5651 Harrison Ave., April 20. Bernhard Hoelmer Jr., 49, 5190 Sidney Road, barking dog violation at 5190 Sidney Road, April 21. Juvenile, 17, theft and drug abuse at 6550 Harrison Ave., April 21. Andrew Tebbe, 35, 1004 Seibel Lane, open container at 5820 Muddy Creek, April 22. Eva M. Gilliam, 25, 7144 Rosewood St., theft at 6480 Harrison Ave., April 22. Karen Wise, 30, 431 Buckner St., theft at 6150 Harrison Ave., April 23. Juvenile, 15, disorderly conduct at Summerdale and Eula, April 24. Graydon Feichter, 19, 2540 Corbett, underage consumption at 6251 West Fork Road, April 24. Nicole E. Redden, 18, 8170 Althaus Road, underage consumption at 4554 Ebenezer Road, April 24.

Wayne R. Shaw Iii, 18, 5627 Greenacres Court, underage consumption and possession of marijuana at 4554 Ebenezer Road, April 24. Juvenile, 17, underage consumption at Glenway Avenue and Childs, April 24. Juvenile, 13, underage consumption, disorderly conduct while intoxicated, obstructing official business and criminal trespass at Greenway and Westbourne Drive, April 24. Jason S. Bishop, 29, 811 Greenup St. No. 3, theft at 6580 Harrison Ave., April 24. Cassidi Cowans, 22, 5371 Romance Lane, possessing drug abuse instrument and obstructing official business at Aurora Avenue and Northglen Road, April 24.

Incidents Breaking and entering

Cast iron stove top, air conditioner, steel desk and miscellaneous dishes stolen from vacant business at 5890 Colerain Ave., April 20. Padlock and tiller stolen from home’s shed at 5521 West Fork Road, April 20. Copper products stolen from construction site at Bicentennial Park at 2825 Diehl Road, April 21.


Money, video game system and baseball card stolen from home at 3960 Raceview Ave. No. 2, April 19. Vehicle stolen from home, along with set of golf clubs and miscellaneous hand tools at 3137 Lancer Lane, April 20.

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