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Mourning the loss of a friend we never met Several years ago, my wife, Lee, and I were traveling in New Zealand. She accidently lost a prescription she had been carrying. And thus begins an interesting tale. A local gentleman found it and sent it to her physician with his return address. On our arrival at home we got a call from the physician asking if she knew a Mr. Fred Batty in New Zealand. She was not aware she had lost the prescription, but we were given Mr. Batty’s name and address. His kindness and interest required a thank you note. This started an irregular correspondence. We have to confess that we are not the best at writing letters, but, once or twice a year we exchanged letters. He wrote about his family and his interests. We

reciprocated. Though he was much older than us, we had a lot in common. We have learned that all of humanity has far more in Edward Levy common than Community the petty differPress guest ences that are inflated out of columnist jealousy or ignorance. As you will see as this salute progresses, it is worth meeting and learning of other people and cultures. Even though we didn’t meet Mr. Batty personally, we gained from the eagerly expected mail. It was a sad, though not unexpected letter we received recently

CH@TROOM Aug. 5 questions

Sycamore Township is trying to revitalize its Block Watch program. Do you think such program are effective? Why or why not? “Such a program is as effective as those that administer it, coordinate it and participate within it. “Over the years liaisons have come and gone for various reasons. “Citizenry participation has slowly started, gained momentum, drastically reduced and is now rebounding. “The purpose, to me, is be ever vigilant for as an extra set of ‘eyes’ for our law enforcement agents. “Some attend, and if their area of interest and or suggestion is not adopted or addressed they cease membership. “Others may come regularly, or rarely, due to other pending issues. “Some citizenry relish to denigrate activists, be it publicly or privately, while failing to follow up on the specific areas of concern or interests of some citizenry. “There should be absolutely no excuse for the lack of timely directed follow up of any query by a citizen to and from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, Sycamore Township, Sycamore Township trustees, the Sycamore Township liaison, and the citizenry. Challenges to requests for public records needs to be appreciated, accepted and responded to in a timely basis. Participants must and have a right of expectation of reports, summaries, public records and followups to their queries, be it by phone, email, in person, letter, or a means that they themselves are comfortable with to accomplish that goal. “We cannot change what has happened in the past, be it positive or negative. “But, together, we can, again, hope to improve upon the present and future. “Everyone is given an opportunity to ask questions at these meetings, before, during or after it. “The meeting location is handicapped accessible and user friendly. “The local media has recently published a very positive photo/print piece on the new Sycamore Township liaison, Lt. Daniel P. Reid, and has mentioned the upcoming free cookout to be

Next questions Montgomery is going to spend more than $600,000 to upgrade the Neuilly- Plaisance Plaza. is this a good investment? Why or why not? What do you expect from the Bengals this season? Every week The Northeast Suburban Life asks readers a question they can reply to via e-mail. Send your answer to nesuburban@community with Chatroom in the subject line. held at the Sycamore Township Administration Building at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 18, in hopes of inviting new or former members to participate and share information to make the Sycamore Township a better place for all. “Sycamore Township Blockwatch has been and can be an entity that is always striving to improve. “Your input and presence is always welcomed.” Crip Lover

Aug. 12 questions

Have you been to the renovated Blue Ash Recreation Center? What did you think? No responses

What are your favorite and least favorite memories from your school days? “One of my favorite memories from school was of our plane geometry class. The teacher was a soft-spoken, patient nun and she made learning the subject really fun. “Least favorite memory would have to be the day when two of my classmates conspired to go to another classroom before school started and bring back a guy with whom I had an argument the previous day. “I was totally surprised when I looked up from my desk and saw them standing there. As I was standing up, he sucker punched me.” B.B. “Going back to school in the fall when I was a child meant new shoes and school supplies that included new crayons and pencils. I loved the new box of crayons with the sharp ends! This was before computers, cell phones and calculators. “It was a long time ago, but nice to remember.” E.E.C.

informing us of his death. What is unusual is that we had become enough of a friend that we were included in the sad news. We will be extending our condolences to his exceptionally fine family. We also wish to share some of the comments from his personal farewell to his family and friends. What one will quickly learn is that he enjoyed his family and life in general. He lived life and love to the fullest. One of the best lessons one will gather from his farewell is that he treated the end of his life not as a tragedy, but an adventure. What we can all learn from this is that we all have a determined number of days. When we waste one, it is lost forever. An opportunity to do some

good for someone has been lost. Then the personal satisfaction of doing random acts of kindness is lost to you and not able to brighten the day of another person. He died a few months short of his 101st birthday. What follows are some excerpts from his personal celebration of his life. “Hello and welcome to this celebration of my life. – Eunice and I met on a blind date!! God, what a woman! She never got rid of me from that day forward. – I started work with a wheelwright at 14 years old, then I moved to be a ‘go-for’ with a small hardware company. “Later to become E.W. Sinton Ltd. I was one of the founders with Ted Sinton. Would you believe I stayed on that job for all of my working life doing various

jobs, but involving all of the hardware aspect including importing and wholesaling. Retiring after 63 years. – I have seen many changes over the last 100 years, from horse and cart to the modern motor car, early radio to the Internet and e mail, but the basic values of life remain the same – look after and love one another and the blessing of life will be yours. Enough, enough. I am sure there are others here today who will add some ditties to this and please feel free to do so. This is a celebration of my life, not a funeral.” To this we can only add our personal farewell for a life well spent. Our best wishes to Fred’s family. They retain the memory of a truly remarkable man. Edward Levy is a longtime resident of Montgomery and a former college instructor.

The season for reminiscing Recent posts and response from Jamie Green’s Moments in Montgomery blog at

Where did the summer go? “When I think of summer, I think of long, hot, lazy days, drinking lemonade, and doing fun things with the family that we usually don’t have time to do during the school year. Then, I woke up on Monday with the realization that it was August and I thought ‘Where did the summer go?’ This year was definitely not lazy. It was definitely not hot. And, this summer seemed to fly by faster than usual. “My impression of a typical Montgomery family’s summer begins with cookouts with friends

on backyard patios and the kids playing with neighborhood friends while attending various types of camps, maybe joining a local swim team. Add into this, the occasional out-of-town family and friends stopping by for a visit or maybe you go out of town to visit them. Then, of course, many families take a family vacation. Some families take several weeks, some are only a few days, some families go far away while others travel a short distance or decide to visit local attractions. Last, by not least, many families attend local festivals like Bastille Day, 4th of July parade, concerts, and fireworks. “In July, we did a staycation with a twist. We drove to our friend’s house near New York City

About Moments in Montgomery

Montgomery resident Jamie Green is author of the Moments in Montgomery blog. To read her thoughts and post your comments, visit where we did fun things around their area like the Bronx Zoo, toured the Intrepid air craft carrier, spent a day at a friend’s pool, lots of great food and lots of visiting with friends and family. “What did you do this summer? Vacation? Staycation? Swim team? Kids going to camps? Family adventures? Was it different from other years? Did the summer seem to fly by for your family too?”

You can help cut smog It thrives during summer. You can barely see it coming, but at its worst it has been known to kill. It is particularly dangerous for children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems, but it does not discriminate – affecting every person it comes into contact with. What is this silent pollutant? Smog. The word itself comes from a combination of smoke and fog, two things that have a similar look to smog’s hazy appearance. However, the white vapor that makes up smog is actually a form of air pollution. “Smog is a very serious issue in our region, negatively affecting the health of our residents and the environment we live in,” said Steve Pendery, president of the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments and Campbell County executive judge. “It’s a concern that should be on the minds of everyone in the area - especially during this time of year.” Smog can be caused by a variety of chemical reactions, but in the Greater Cincinnati area the main component is ground-level ozone. This type of ozone is the very same gas that is found miles above earth’s surface in the ozone layer, but when ozone is close to the ground it is labeled as groundlevel ozone or “bad” ozone. Smog and ground-level ozone are both created when heat and sunlight react with vehicular and industri-

al emissions, also sign up to receive an e-mail causing danger- or fax alert by calling the number. Smog is particularly harmful ous effects on people’s health for children, the elderly and peoand the environ- ple with asthma or respiratory problems because their lungs are ment. Smog affects more sensitive to air pollution. It the lungs’ is recommended that these groups working capaci- limit outdoor activity during smog Emily ty, making it alerts. There are also a variety of Feldman harder to ways to reduce individual air polIt can lution. Community breath. “By staying informed and cause shortness Press guest of breath, pain, making simple adjustments to our columnist wheezing and daily routine, we can all help coughing as reduce this harmful form of pollution,” said OKI well as nose and Executive Direceye irritation. Mark PolicinsInhaling smog Smog is particularly tor ki. “Keeping track can create longerlasting health harmful for children, the of smog alerts helps us know problems, such elderly and people with when those as, chronic adjustments are inflammation of asthma or respiratory crucial.” lung tissue, problems because their Some of these increased respiraadjustments tory symptoms, lungs are more sensitive include walking, heart attacks, lung disease and to air pollution. riding a bike or carpooling to chronic bronchireduce vehicle tis. Throughout the year, air pollu- emissions and filling up vehicles tion levels are monitored. When and using gasoline powered lawn there are high levels of emissions equipment after 8 p.m. More information about smog in the presence of sunlight or high temperatures, a smog alert is and tips to reduce air pollution issued to warn individuals of the can be found at www.DoYourpollution. Local media outlets or by calling 1-800announce when a smog alert is in 621-SMOG. effect - but smog alert information Emily Feldman is the Ohio-Kentuckycan also be found by calling 1Indiana Regional Council of 800-621-SMOG. Residents can Governments clean air assistant.

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