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Sycamore Schools bringing back assistant principal posts Marika Lee


The Hospice of Cincinnati “Things You Shouldn't Wait To Say” mobile unit visited many venues throughout Greater Cincinnati this summer.

#thingsyoushouldntwaittosay campaign winding down,



espite all of the available communication tools there are amazingly things that go unsaid. Barbara Rose of Madeira knows this perhaps better than most. Rose is the grant administrator for Hospice of Cincinnati and his responsible for the “Things You Shouldn’t Wait to Say” campaign, part of the Hospice of Cincinnati’s Conversations of a Lifetime. Part two of the three-part campaign this summer introduced a mobile unit equipped with video recording devices, white boards and other items to allow people to record the things they want to say now to their loved ones, before it’s too late. The vehicle visited many big events throughout the Cincinnati area from the end of June through July. It was at one of these events that Rose decided to make a recording for her dad, who is in his 80s. They have a strained relationship, Rose said. I said, “‘Hey dad, this is my project I’ve been leading.’ And I said things to him in that space that would have been much more difficult to say in person,” she said. “It really opened up a dialogue with him of other things that neither one of us should wait to say.” Part one of this campaign was unveiled this past spring and captured the eyes and imagination of many as actors holding signs with positive messages were strategically positioned throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. “I admire how hard you work every day.” “I couldn’t have asked for better parents.” “I will always make grilled cheese like you.” These were a few of the messages shared via sign with motorists in Anderson Township and elsewhere as they made their morning and evening commutes. As word of the campaign caught on, the hashtag #thingsyoushouldntwaittosay began to trend on Twitter.

After a long period of retirements, hires, promotions and re-allocations, the Sycamore Community Schools’ administrative team is complete again. The board of education approved a motion at its July 15 meeting to make three current Sycamore employees assistant principals. “We are reallocating some administrative support primarily in the K-six level to provide what we believe is much needed support for students and staff and families based on a model that we didn’t Forsthoefel think was as effective as it could be,” Superintendent Frank Forsthoefel said. Forsthoefel officially became the superintendent July 1. He was picked as Adrienne James’ successor in January. James retired at the end of the 2014-2015 school year after 34 years with the district. Ann Marie Reinke will be the new assistant principal at Maple Dale Elementary School, Amy Debelak will be at Montgomery Elementary School and Jessica Ralston will be at Symmes ElemenReinke tary School. To bring back full-time assistant principal at each of the schools, with no added cost, the district eliminated the assistant director of academic affairs position in the central office, which Reinke held since 2012. Debelak and Ralston were intervention specialists at Montgomery and Symmes elementary schools, respectively. Two current assistant principal positions will be changing. Monya Jones, who was the assistant principal at Montgomery and Blue Ash elementary schools, will be a full-time assistant principal at Blue Ash. Marilee Tranner, who was the assistant principal at Edwin H. Greene Intermediate School and Aves Acadmey, will be the full-time assistant principal at E.H. Greene School, along with current assistant Principal Rebecca Miller. Damon Davis, a former assistant principal in the Forest Hills Local Schools, will be an assistant principal at Sycamore Junior High, along with assistant principal Lisa Zelvy. Traci Rea, the forSee SCHOOLS, Page 2A


James Christian Jr. stands at the corner of Five Mile and Beechmont Avenue in Anderson Township this spring sharing uplifting messages as part of a Hospice of Cincinnati campaign.

Rose said the campaign was designed to connect with people in their 20s and 30s and encourage them to have meaningful conversations with loved ones. Many things people don’t talk about with their loved ones are what’s important, she said. To reach the target audience, and oth-



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ers, Rose said Hospice turned to the “social intelligence” agency AGAR. The agency is in Over The Rhine and is a group of creative 20 and 30 somethings. With the last stop of the mobile unit this weekend at the Oakley Flea, the sec-

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