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Garden is growing, deer are being pesky My gal sure knows how to cook! Ruth Ann is embroidering a baby quilt for a baby. George special Dixie can Rooks be asleep on Ole the other Fisherman end of the couch when she starts to embroider, he will get up and start bothering her. After she pets him for a while he will lay down on the arm of the couch beside her with his tongue sticking out. We were volunteering at the Riverside Coffee Mill Saturday morning for the benefit waffle breakfast they were having. A couple ladies came in. I was talking to them and one said she was a twin. She said they were identical and in school they would switch classes and the teacher didn’t know it until they would tell them. Their dad couldn’t tell them apart. I was talking to a feller and he said he had been fishing the riffles at Tunnel Mill above the East Fork lake. The stripers were small but the catfish were of nice size. I was talking to Mike at the Boars Head Bait Shop and a couple fellers caught stripers that weighed 10

The Grants Greenhouses have plenty of sweet potato plants and now is the time to get them planted. pounds and 111⁄2 pounds. Boy that would give a big fight. There were a couple fellers fishing off the boat ramp on the Afton side and one caught a shovelhead catfish that weighed 42 pounds, the other feller caught one that weighed 58 pounds. Both fish were weighed on the scales at the Boars Head where they weigh the crappies from the tournaments. A feller at church last Sunday was telling me he killed a turkey that had a double beard. I was talking to Mike at the bait shop about this and he said they had some “jakes” that had double beards. Now you might wonder what a “jake” is. Well it is a young turkey. He said they have checked one turkey that had three beards. This is very unusual. The Boar’s Head has checked in 279 turkeys this year and Sherry’s Lake on Slade Road had about 150 checked in, three hen turkeys that had beards. Last year a young boy caught a carp at a gravel pit and Gary at Sherry’s Lake

The America Heritage Girls Troop OH2004 from St. Louis Parish in Owensville participated in a nature and wildlife merit badge activity as a service to their community. The girls planted a Kwanzan Cherry Tree in memory of Agnes Gauche at Gauche park. The tree was donated by the Martin and Bev Dennison Family. The groups leader and helper are Beth Koch and Colleen Reed. From left are Kailey Kappel, Julia Shrum, Madison Pico, M a r i a Bockhorst, Anna Beck, Charlotte Carlson, Kelly Beck, Quinn Reed and Meghan Koch.

weighed it in and it tipped the scales at 55 pounds. The little boy was sure tired. The Kitchen of Hope at the Methodist Church here in Bethel is open to the community for a hot meal on Saturdays from 11 a.m. till 1 p.m. Everyone who needs a good meal is welcome. Don’t forget Monday, May 31, there will be a Memorial Day service at the Old Bethel Church here at the East Fork going toward the beach, starting at 10 a.m. The Kinner Express will furnish the music. Then at 11 a.m. the legion from Bethel will hold their service in the cemetery. Then go down to the lake for their service to honor the ones who died at sea. Start your week by going to the church of your choice and praise the good Lord. God bless all. More later. George Rooks is a retired park ranger. Rooks served for 28 years with the last five as manager of East Fork State Park.




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Planting a tree


Howdy folks, The Good Lord has taken a couple good friends to his home in heaven. They were Burton Smith and Tom Gardner. We will miss these two along with their families and a host of friends. Both were farmers and knew their farming good. Last week we built another raised bed and planted spinach in it. The raised beds are doing good. The big garden is so wet. The new asparagus bed we planted is growing good. We needed to put a fence around it because the deer were biting the tops off. We need to fence everything. The Grants Greenhouses have plenty of sweet potato plants and now is the time to get them planted. They have other plants, too. The other morning Ruth Ann was talking about doing something on the computer. Dixie (the cat) jumped up in the chair Ruth Ann uses at the computer. He turned around three times and laid down. So Ruth Ann got another chair pushed the one he was laying in out of the way and sat in the other chair. He didn’t even look up. For dinner the other day we had cranberry beans, deer steaks, green onions, cornbread, wilted lettuce and lemonade to drink. Now folks that is a meal.


May 26, 2010



Areyou one of the many people who suffer from… • tension headaches due to stress •burnout •muscle aches •back pain •weakened immune system •...


Areyou one of the many people who suffer from… • tension headaches due to stress •burnout •muscle aches •back pain •weakened immune system •...