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B6 • CJN-MMA • MAY 21, 2014

GRACELAND MEMORIAL GARDENS 5989 Deerfield Road, Milford, Ohio presents

MEMORIAL DAY TRIBUTE Sunday, May 25 Program Starting at 12:30 Annual Roll Call Veterans of Foreign War Post #6562 and the Ladies & Men Auxiliary Office Open Saturday, Sunday & Memorial Day 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Please sign up for our free giveaway drawing

Clogged gutters on house, sweet rhubarb all part of a busy week Howdy folks; Last week we needed to clean the gutters of the house. We have a big maple tree, close to the house, so the seeds had filled the eve trough. When it rained last week the water ran over the sides of the gutter. The hole where the drain pipe is, was blocked up. When I get on the ladder, Ruth Ann is holding it for me, so I got them cleaned. Our rhubarb is some

of the best we have ever had, so Ruth Ann asked if I would pull some, so she and I went and George pulled Rooks some. She OLE FISHERMAN made a pie and took it to the auction 360 for the Grange bake sale, and Bill bought it. He said that was the best pie, and I think he would



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maybe like another one. Now Chester has a plan. Each morning he starts meowing so we let him outside, for a while, he doesn’t come in when we call him. If I get the lawnmower out, he will make a bee line to the house. That is his protection, so when the neighbor lady starts to mow, here he comes. Ruth Ann likes to crochet on an afghan, so the spool of yarn is laying on the couch or floor. Well, Chester likes to grab the yarn and run with it. The other evening he ran into the next room. Ruth Ann said, to me, “Go get it,” so while I was laughing I caught Chester, and he looked at me like ‘What Is Wrong!” The other morning we weighed him and he weighs eight pounds, he will be a big cat, when we are away and we come home, he is so excited, he runs through the house. We like to sleep a little later sometimes, but each morning Chester wants his breakfast, early, then starts begging to go outside. It is amazing how they train us. We had a meeting at the Owensville Historical Society last week, then went to the nursing home to see my brother, Herb. He has been in the home since our sister in law, Inez, had a stroke and then passed away. We sure miss the company and fine meals she prepared. We loved her dearly. Now today, we go to the Senior Citizens, over at the Lodge, at the Senior Center, on James Sauls Drive, and talk for a while to the folks. We enjoy the time we spend with them and the stories they tell me about their animals. Some have parrots that talk, that is interesting. There are some that don’t want Ruth Ann and me to leave, I always talk to most of them and always go around and shake each hand. This day we go they seem to really enjoy the stories, I tell and try to ask questions of them, on how it was when they were young, and what they did for play. Some of the stories are so interesting, it makes you realize how a person can drum up activites to entertain themselves, back in the early years, of their lives. We were working in the garden the other day,

and when we were coming in to eat the noon meal, I said for Ruth Ann to come out on the porch, to see a big black snake that was almost three feet long. It was sure pretty and clean, so I encouraged it to go on over to the tree and get away from the porch. It got close to a patch of flowers and went into hide. They are God’s Creatures, so we don’t harm them, we noticed last fall, we had a snake in our carpenter shop, we have had one in a few years ago, too. The garden is doing good, we have tomato plants, cucumbers, squash, lettuce, (three kinds), potatoes, carrots, peppers, spinach, broccoli, peas and cabbage. The asparagus is starting to do good. The strawberries are blooming good, we hope we can keep the wild turkeys from flying in and eating the berries, like they did last year. Now on Wednesday, May 21, the Clermont Chapter of the PERI will meet at 11:30 a.m. with a brown bag lunch and a guest speaker from the Clermont County Board of Elections. The meeting will be at the Batavia Township Hall on Clough Pike. Don’t forget on Memorial Day, at the Old Bethel Methodist Church, here in East Fork Park, will be a service before the Legion comes to the cemetery at 11 a.m. The program at the church will begin at 10 a.m., so come and enjoy. We need more members to help us keep this old church going. It is on the National Registry of Historical Buildings, so we need to keep it in good repair, and the memories of our ancestors who attended there, and are buried in that cemetery. The maternal grandparents of President U.S. Grant, are buried there. There will be services at different cemeteries, so go and honor the service people that have given their lives for our protection. Start your week by going to the House of worship of your choice and praise the Good Lord. God bless all. More later. George Rooks is a retired park ranger. Rooks served for 28 years with the last five as manager of East Fork State Park.

Walkers sought for 11th annual Cincinnati Walk For Wishes Make-A-Wish is seeking individuals to participate in its11th Annual Cincinnati Walk For Wishes Saturday, June 14, at Sawyer Point; registration starts 9 a.m. Spend the day with family and friends for a one- or three-mile scenic walk through Sawyer Point, while helping to grant wishes for children battling life-threatening medical conditions. A Finish Line Celebration filled with music, food and fun will be held at the conclusion of the walk. Honorary wish kid Brodie and his family will help kickoff Walk For Wishes. Seven-year-old

Brodie is battling ALL, a form of leukemia. Brodie had his wish granted to go to Yellowstone National Park to experience the great outdoors. To register as an individual or partner up with co-workers, friends and family to enter as a Team visit Every participant who raises $100 or more will receive an official Walk For Wishes T-shirt. For more information about Walk For Wishes, contact Rebecca Dykstra at ext. 4374 or For more information on Make-A-Wish and ways to help, visit or call 1-877-206-9474.

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