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July Is Family Golf Month And National Parks & Recreation Month LOOK INSIDE FOR:

Expanded Summer Swim Lessons Great Mason Chase Ladies Golf League

Premier Registration Begins May 17 See page 2 for registration details!

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June / July 2013

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contents ON THE COVER Expanded Summer Swim Lessons ..... 3 Great Mason Chase .......................... 13 Ladies Golf League .......................... 16

INFANTS & TODDLERS SWIM ACADEMY Lessons.............................................. 3 ENRICHMENT Tummy Time.................................... 11 SPORTS Gymnastics ...................................... 17

PRESCHOOL (3-4 years) SWIM ACADEMY Lesson ............................................... 3 CAMPS Parents’ Night Out ............................. 8 Camp Lunch Packages ....................... 8 ENRICHMENT Drawing ............................................ 9 SPORTS Gymnastics ...................................... 17 Tennis .............................................. 18

YOUTH (5-12 years) SWIM ACADEMY Lessons.............................................. 3

Holiday Hours Independence Day 6 a.m. - 12 p.m. Limited facility access. The fitness center, gymnasium, track, and locker rooms will be open. All other areas of the facility will be closed and regularly scheduled drop-in group exercise programs are cancelled.

SPECIAL EVENTS Movie Night at the Edge .................... 7 CAMPS Parents’ Night Out ............................. 8 Camp Lunch Packages ....................... 8 Sewing Camp .................................... 9 Science Camps................................... 9 ENRICHMENT Puppetry Workshop........................... 9 Drawing ............................................ 9 Sewing ............................................ 10 FITNESS/HEALTH Breakdancing .................................. 14 SPORTS Gymnastics ...................................... 17 Martial Arts ..................................... 17 Youth Running Club ........................ 18 Tennis .............................................. 18

TEEN (13-17 years) SWIM ACADEMY Lessons.............................................. 3 CAMPS Sewing .............................................. 9 ENRICHMENT Sewing ............................................ 10 Self Defense .................................... 11 FITNESS/HEALTH Assessments & Screenings .............. 13 Nutrition ......................................... 13 Fitness Programs ............................. 14 SPORTS Gymnastics ...................................... 17 Martial Arts ..................................... 17 Running .......................................... 18 Tennis .............................................. 18

registration ALL PROGRAMS Premier Registration:

ADULT (18+ years) SWIM ACADEMY Lessons.............................................. 4 Masters Swimming ........................... 6 ENRICHMENT Sewing ............................................ 10 Personal Development .................... 11 Language ........................................ 11 Technology ...................................... 12 FITNESS/HEALTH Assessments & Screenings .............. 13 Nutrition ......................................... 13 Great Mason Chase .......................... 13 Fitness Programs ............................. 14 Personal Training ............................. 15 SPORTS Basketball ....................................... 16 Golf ....................................... 10,15,16 Martial Arts ..................................... 17 Running .......................................... 18 Tennis .............................................. 18

FAMILY SPECIAL EVENTS Moonlight Fishing ............................. 7 Summer Solstice Search .................... 7 Sunshine Concert Series .................... 7 Night at the Reds............................... 7 Family Sunday Fun Days .................... 7 FITNESS/HEALTH Live Well in Mason........................... 13 SPORTS Martial Arts ..................................... 17 Running .......................................... 18

The programs and events in CenterPoint are brought to you by the City of Mason, which operates the Mason Community Center. Mason Community Center 6050 Mason-Montgomery Road Mason, Ohio 45040 p 513.229.8555 f 513.229.8556

Open Registration: May 20, 8 a.m.

Recreation programs and facilities presented by the City of Mason are open to all citizens regardless of race, gender, color, religion, nationality, or disability, including those who live outside of Mason and those who do not have a community center membership. City of Mason is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please contact us if you require special accommodations.

Walk-in, online, or by phone Location: Mason Community Center • 513.229.8555


(Community Center Premier members only) begins May 17, 8 a.m. Walk-in, online, or by phone.

Swim Lesson Registration See page 5 for dates.

New to Community Center programs? Please obtain your username and password from the front desk before registering online. ON THE COVER: The Golf Center at Kings Island is open to the public seven days a week. Call 513.398.7700 or visit for tee times on the championship 18-hole Grizzly course. It’s first come, first play on the 9-hole Bruin and the 4-hole Academy courses.

Program fees are set by membership and residency: PRE: Premier pass holder BAS: Basic pass holder MR: Mason resident (if you reside within the boundaries of the City of Mason) NR: Non-resident

Not Sure What Level? powered by

Infant Water Safety The goal of this private, one-on-one lesson is to promote a positive response to the water environment and teach your 6- to 24-month old baby float on his or her back and get a breath of air. The emphasis is on water adaptation and training the child to react in a constructive manner should they find themselves in water accidently. Class is conducted with child and coach. PLEASE NOTE: Completion of this class does not mean your child is water-safe. Adult supervision is still required whenever you child is around water. Completing this class may, however, provide you with some extra moments should an accident occur. Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $90 /$106 /$131 /$156 Please call 513.229.8555, extension 5510 to schedule your class.

Swim Tots In this parent-assisted class, your 6- to 23-month old child will become acclimated to the aquatic environment. Children in diapers must wear swim diapers or securely fitted pants. Please come prepared to accompany your child in the water. Once-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $38 /$45 /$57 /$68. Session 1 Th classes only: $31 /$37 /$47 /$56 (No class 7/4) Twice-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $31 /$37 /$47 /$56. Session 2 Th classes only: $24 /$29 /$37 /$44 (No class 7/4)

Swim Toddlers In this parent-assisted class, your 24- to 36-month old toddler will become acclimated to the aquatic environment. Children in diapers must wear swim diapers or securely fitted pants. Please come prepared to accompany your child in the water. Once-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $38 /$45 /$57 /$68. Session 1 Th classes only: $31 /$37 /$47 /$56 (No class 7/4) Twice-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $31 /$37 /$47 /$56. Session 2 Th classes only: $24 /$29 /$37 /$44

Level 1 w/Parent Prerequisite: Three years old. Some children need a little extra reassurance when first introduced to swim lessons. This parent/child class will do just that. Working with the coach, you will assist your child in learning the Swim Academy Level 1 skills. With your help, your child will learn to put his or her face in the water, blow bubbles, and float on front and back. Class is geared toward slowly acclimating your child to the aquatic environment without parental assistance. Please come prepared to accompany your child in the water.

New swimmers: Please call 513.229.8555, extension 5510 to make an appointment for a free evaluation and placement session before registering. All new swimmers must participate in a free evaluation and placement session before registering above Level 1.

Level 1 Leisure Pool

Prerequisite: Three years old and comfortable in the group class setting without a parent. Working with the coach, your child will learn to put his or her face in the water, submerge, and blow bubbles consistently out the mouth and nose. Students will advance to the next level when they can do ten relaxed bobs. To participate in this class, your child must be comfortable in the group class setting without a parent. If you register and the first class is difficult, we will transfer your enrollment to a Mason Swim Academy Level 1 w/Parent class. Once-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $43 /$51 /$64 /$77. Session 1 Th classes only: $34 /$40 /$50 /$60 (No class 7/4) Twice-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $34 /$40 /$50 /$60. Session 2 Th classes only: $26 /$31 /$39 /$47 (No class 7/4)

Level 2 Leisure Pool

Prerequisite: Have a Mason Swim Academy Level 1 certificate or have the ability to do ten relaxed bobs while blowing bubbles with the mouth and nose. Your child will learn to glide on front and back in a streamline position. Students will advance when they can push off the wall and glide on their front and back for five seconds in a streamline position. Once-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $43 /$51 /$64 /$77. Session 1 Th classes only: $34 /$40 /$50 /$60 (No class 7/4) Twice-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $34 /$40 /$50 /$60. Session 2 Th classes only: $26 /$31 /$39 /$47 (No class 7/4)

Level 3 Leisure Pool

Prerequisite: Have a Mason Swim Academy Level 2 certificate or have the ability to do 10 relaxed bobs and push o the wall and glide on front and back for five seconds in a streamline position. Your child will learn to float on front and back in a streamline position. Students will advance when they can streamline kick on their front and back for 15 feet. Once-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $43 /$51 /$64 /$77. Session 1 Th classes only: $34 /$40 /$50 /$60 (No class 7/4) Twice-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $34 /$40 /$50 /$60. Session 2 Th classes only: $26 /$31 /$39 /$47 (No class 7/4)

Once-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $43 /$51 /$64 /$77. Session 1 Th classes only: $34 /$40 /$50 /$60 (No class 7/4) Twice-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $34 /$40 /$50 /$60. Session 2 Th classes only: $26 /$31 /$39 /$47 (No class 7/4)

To register, see page 2.

June / July 2013


Level 4

Adult Group Swim Lessons

Leisure Pool

Leisure Pool

Prerequisite: Have a Mason Swim Academy Level 3 certificate or have the ability to do 10 relaxed bobs, push off the wall and glide on front and back for 5 seconds, and streamline kick on front and back for 15 feet. Your child will begin side gliding and the front crawl stroke. Students will advance when they can side glide for 20 feet and front crawl with no breathing for 20 feet.

Beginner adults with little or no experience in the water will work on various skills and techniques to achieve the goal of water acclimation.

Once-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $43 /$51 /$64 /$77. Session 1 Th classes only: $34 /$40 /$50 /$60 (No class 7/4)

Day Date M 6/10-7/8 Th 6/13-7/11 M 7/15-8/12 Th 7/18-8/15 *No Class 07/04

Time 6:30-7:00P 7:00-7:30P 6:30-7:00P 7:00-7:30P

Age 18 & up 18 & up 18 & up 18 & up

Deadline 5/31 5/31 7/5 7/5

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $43 /$51 /$64 /$77 $34 /$40 /$50 /$60 $43 /$51 /$64 /$77 $43 /$51 /$64 /$77

Activity 452335-01 452335-02* 452436-01 452436-02

Twice-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $34 /$40 /$50 /$60. Session 2 Th classes only: $26 /$31 /$39 /$47 (No class 7/4)

Beginner Senior Swim Clinic Leisure Pool

Level 5/6 Leisure Pool

Prerequisite: Have a Mason Swim Academy Level 4 certificate or be able to do 10 relaxed bobs, push off the wall and glide on front and back for five seconds, streamline kick on front and back for 15 feet, side glide for 20 feet, and front crawl with side breathing for 20 feet. Your child will learn the freestyle stroke with rotary breathing and the back stroke. Students may advance to the Mason Swim Academy Stroke School when they can swim 25 yards of proper freestyle with rotary breathing and 25 yards of backstroke with ease. Once-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $43 /$51 /$64 /$77. Session 1 Th classes only: $34 /$40 /$50 /$60 (No class 7/4) Twice-a-week lessons activity number Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR): $34 /$40 /$50 /$60. Session 2 Th classes only: $26 /$31 /$39 /$47 (No class 7/4)

Stroke School

Improve your comfort in the water by learning to submerge, float, glide on front and back, and move through the water while kicking. Clinics are offered during Adult Swim and allow time for practice afterwards. A different topic will be covered weekly, so you can drop in as needed. The schedule of topics repeats each month. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity Submerging W 6/5 11:15-11:30A 55 & up 6/5 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5* 452336-01 W 7/10 11:15-11:30A 55 & up 7/10 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5* 452337-01 Floating W 6/12 11:15-11:30A 55 & up 6/12 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5* 452336-02 W 7/17 11:15-11:30A 55 & up 7/17 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5* 452337-02 Gliding W 6/19 11:15-11:30A 55 & up 6/19 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5* 452336-03 W 7/24 11:15-11:30A 55 & up 7/24 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5* 452337-03 Kicking W 6/26 11:15-11:30A 55 & up 6/26 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5* 452336-04 W 7/31 11:15-11:30A 55 & up 7/31 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5* 452337-04 *Fee is for the clinic only. A current membership or day pass is required to stay after the clinic to practice.

Competition Pool Prerequisite: Have a Mason Swim Academy Level 5/6 certificate or be able to complete 25 yards each of freestyle with rotary breathing and backstroke. Stroke school is for swimmers who intend to learn advanced elements and stroke efficiency in all four stroke types. Stroke School includes the skills taught in Levels 7 and 8 of the Mason Swim Academy. Day M,W M,W

Date Time 6/10-7/10 6:30-7:15P 7/15-8/14 6:30-7:15P

Age Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 3-17 5/31 $80 /$95 /$119 /$143 3-17 7/5 $80 /$95 /$119 /$143

Activity 452326-01 452426-01

SwimFit Competition Pool Prerequisite: Able to complete 25 yards each of freestyle with rotary breathing, backstroke, breast stroke, and butterfly. After completing Stroke School, swimmers can move up to Swim Fit, where the focus is on building the swimmer's strength and endurance in every stroke through drills, multiple laps, and on-deck coaching. Swim Fit allows swimmers to get the feeling of being on a swim team without the competition. If a swimmer desires to be on a swim team like the Manta Rays Swim Team at Mason Community Center, Swim Fit will provide a smooth transition. Day Date Time Tu,Th 6/11-7/11 4:45-5:30P Tu,Th 7/16-8/15 4:45-5:30P *No Class 07/04


June / July 2013

Age Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 3-17 5/31 $72 /$85 /$107 /$128 3-17 7/5 $80 /$95 /$119 /$143

Activity 452327-01* 452427-01

Experienced Senior Swim Clinic Leisure Pool Become more knowledgeable and effective at freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, side stroke, and breaststroke. A different stroke will be covered each week. You are welcome to come to one or all of the stroke clinics. The schedule of topics repeats each month. Day Date Time Age Freestyle W 6/5 11:30-11:45A 55 & up W 7/10 11:30-11:45A 55 & up Backstroke/Elementary Backstroke W 6/12 11:30-11:45A 55 & up W 7/17 11:30-11:45A 55 & up Sidestroke W 6/19 11:30-11:45A 55 & up W 7/24 11:30-11:45A 55 & up Breaststroke W 6/26 11:30-11:45A 55 & up W 7/31 11:30-11:45A 55 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR)


6/5 7/10

$2 /$3 /$4 /$5 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5

452437-01 452438-01

6/12 7/17

$2 /$3 /$4 /$5 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5

452437-02 452438-02

6/19 7/24

$2 /$3 /$4 /$5 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5

452437-03 452438-03

6/26 7/31

$2 /$3 /$4 /$5 $2 /$3 /$4 /$5

452437-04 452438-04

Registration Deadline Please register you or your child(ren) by the noted session deadlines on page 5. We regret we may not be able to adjust schedules to accommodate late registrations.

PRE: Premier pass holder

BAS: Basic pass holder

MR: Mason resident

NR: Non-resident

To register, you will need an activity number and section number. Activity numbers are assigned by the class level and are found in the class descriptions and in the activity tables below. Section numbers are associated with the day and time of the class and are in the section tables below. To register for Level 3 at 10 a.m. on Saturdays, for example, you would register for 452323 and section number 15. If signing your child up for multiple sessions, we recommend you choose classes on different days. ONCE-A-WEEK SWIM LESSONS – Leisure Pool Session 1 Session 2 Dates 6/10-7/13 7/15-8/17 Premier Registration 5/17 6/21 Open Registration 5/20 6/24 Registration Deadline 5/31 7/5

TWICE-A-WEEK SWIM LESSONS – Leisure Pool Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Dates 6/10-6/20 6/24-7/3 7/15-7/25 Premier Registration 5/17 5/17 6/21 Open Registration 5/20 5/20 6/24 Registration Deadline 5/31 5/31 7/5

Session 4 7/29-8/8 6/21 6/24 7/5

Program Swim Tots Swim Toddlers Level 1 w/Parent 452420 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5/6

Program Swim Tots Swim Toddlers Level 1 w/Parent Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5/6

452811 452812 452820 452821 452822 452823 452824 452825

Abbreviation Tots Todd L1+ L1 L2 L3 L4 L5/6

Activity Number 452311 452411 452312 452412 452320 452420 452321 452421 452322 452422 452323 452423 452324 452424 452325 452425

Abbreviation Tots Todd L1+ L1 L2 L3 L4 L5/6

452511 452512 452520 452521 452522 452523 452524 452525

Once-A-Week Swim Lessons Day M M M Tu Tu Tu W W W Th Th Th Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa

Time 5:00-5:30P 5:30-6:00P 6:00-6:30P 5:30-6:00P 6:00-6:30P 6:30-7:00P 5:00-5:30P 5:30-6:00P 6:00-6:30P 5:30-6:00P 6:00-6:30P 6:30-7:00P 9:00-9:30A 9:30-10:00A 10:00-10:30A 10:30-11:00A 11:00-11:30A



L1+ 01


01 02

03 02*

02* 04*

05 03

L1 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10* 11* 12* 13 14 15 16

L2 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10* 11* 12* 13 14 15 16

L3 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10* 11* 12* 13 14 15 16

L4 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10* 11* 12* 13 14 15 16

L5/6 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10* 11* 12* 13 14 15 16

L1 01 02 03 04* 05* 06*

L2 01 02 03 04* 05* 06*

L3 01 02 03 04* 05* 06*

L4 01 02 03 04* 05* 06*

L5/6 01 02 03 04* 05* 06*


Twice-A-Week Swim Lessons Day Time M,W 9:30-10:00A M,W 10:00-10:30A M,W 10:30-11:00A Tu,Th 12:45-1:15P Tu,Th 1:15-1:45P Tu,Th 1:45-2:15P *No class 7/4.

To register, see page 2.








02 02

Activity Number 452611 452711 452612 452712 452620 452720 452621 452721 452622 452722 452623 452723 452624 452724 452625 452725

Group Swim Lessons Group swim lessons are for children 3 to 17 years old. Adults interested in swim lessons are invited to register for adult group, private, and semi-private lessons. All lessons are held in the Leisure Pool unless otherwise noted. Please note that you may choose either once-a-week or twice-a-week lessons. To help you plan around summer activities, several sessions are offered. If you choose twice-a-week lessons and you would like to register for both sessions available during the registration period, please register your child for the same level in both sessions. If your child advances during the first session, we will adjust his or her registration for the second session. Please register your children by the noted deadlines. We regret that we may be unable to adjust schedules to accommodate late registrations.

June / July 2013


Flexible Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons


Private Swim Lessons Leisure Pool We offer lessons for all ages and levels, from preschool to adult. Work one-on-one with a Mason Swim Academy Coach who will customize the lesson to suit your goals, whether you are looking for comfort in the water, improved stroke technique and endurance, or a supplement to the Mason Swim Academy group lessons.

Sunday Lesson Block The Sunday Private Lesson Block includes four scheduled lessons with no make-ups or rescheduling. While we cannot guarantee the same coach for every lesson, there will always be a certified Swim America Coach available for your lesson. Date 6/2-6/23 6/2-6/23 6/2-6/23 6/2-6/23 6/2-6/23 6/2-6/23 7/7-7/28 7/7-7/28 7/7-7/28 7/7-7/28 7/7-7/28 7/7-7/28

Time 10:00-10:30A 10:30-11:00A 11:00-11:30A 12:00-12:30P 12:30-1:00P 1:00-1:30P 10:00-10:30A 10:30-11:00A 11:00-11:30A 12:00-12:30P 12:30-1:00P 1:00-1:30P

Age 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up 3 & up

Deadline 5/26 5/26 5/26 5/26 5/26 5/26 6/23 6/23 6/23 6/23 6/23 6/23

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150 $85 /$100 /$125 /$150

Activity 452333-01 452333-02 452333-03 452333-04 452333-05 452333-06 452433-01 452433-02 452433-03 452433-04 452433-05 452433-06

Schedule some private lessons with the flexibility you need. Participants will have six dates to choose from to take five lessons. You will be allowed to miss one lesson with no penalty, no call-ahead needed, and no rescheduling. There will be no make-up lessons or rescheduling for any absences beyond one lesson. While we cannot guarantee the same coach for every lesson, there will always be a certified Swim America Coach available for your lesson.


Date 6/10-7/8 6/10-7/8 6/10-7/8 6/10-7/8 6/10-7/8 6/10-7/8 6/11-7/9 6/11-7/9 6/11-7/9 6/11-7/9 6/12-7/10 6/12-7/10 6/12-7/10 6/12-7/10 6/12-7/10 6/12-7/10 6/13-7/11 6/13-7/11 6/13-7/11 6/13-7/11 6/15-7/13 6/15-7/13 6/15-7/13 6/15-7/13 6/15-7/13 6/15-7/13

Time 6:30-7:00P 6:30-7:00P 7:00-7:30P 7:00-7:30P 7:30-8:00P 7:30-8:00P 7:00-7:30P 7:00-7:30P 7:30-8:00P 7:30-8:00P 6:30-7:00P 6:30-7:00P 7:00-7:30P 7:00-7:30P 7:30-8:00P 7:30-8:00P 7:00-7:30P 7:00-7:30P 7:30-8:00P 7:30-8:00P 11:00-11:30A 11:00-11:30A 11:30-12:00P 11:30-12:00P 12:00-12:30P 12:00-12:30P

June / July 2013

Age 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up 4 & up

Deadline 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31 5/31

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $75 /$89 /$112 /$134 $125 /$148 /$173 /$198

Adaptive Swim Lessons are a Learn-to-Swim program designed for children and adults requiring special assistance. Qualified staff will help participants enhance their swimming ability and comfort level. These lessons will be held in a private lesson format. Please call a Swim Program Supervisor at 513.229.8555, extension 5510, to register. Age: 3 & up Private (4 session package)

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $125 /$148 /$173 /$198


Manta Ray Masters Lou Eves Municipal Pool Improve your overall fitness, develop better technique, train for a triathlon, swim competitively, or just enjoy the water. Competitions are optional. Swimmers ages 19 and older of all abilities are welcome. Coaches are available during scheduled practice times to help you attain your personal goals. Additional practices may be added, though you are not required to attend all practices. A Mason Community Center pass is NOT needed to participate in this program.

Standard Private Lessons

Day M M M M M M Tu Tu Tu Tu W W W W W W Th Th Th Th Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa

Age: 3 & up Semi-private (4 session package) Private (4 session package)

Adaptive Swim Lessons

Leisure Pool

Day Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su

If the private lesson options above do not meet your needs, please call a Swim Program Supervisor at 513.229.8555, extension 5510, to discuss other options.

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $80 /$95 /$119 /$143 $80 /$95 /$119 /$143 $80 /$95 /$119 /$143 $80 /$95 /$119 /$143 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168

Activity 452334-01 452334-02 452334-03 452334-04 452334-05 452334-06 452334-07 452334-08 452334-09 452334-10 452334-11 452334-12 452334-13 452334-14 452334-15 452334-16 452334-17* 452334-18* 452334-19* 452334-20* 452334-21 452334-22 452334-23 452334-24 452334-25 452334-26

Day M,W,F M,W,F

Date 6/3-6/28 7/1-7/31

Time 6:00-7:30A 6:00-7:30A

Age 19 & up 19 & up

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity $10 /$25 /$38 /$45 452370-01 $10 /$25 /$38 /$45 452380-01


Family Pool Safety Meeting Room This is a class for families with backyard pools or neighborhood pools who want to learn safety tips as a family. Age-appropriate learning will be provided for the children while parents learn tips on water safety awareness. This class will take place in a classroom setting; no need to bring a swimsuit. Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Kids Korner will be available for children under 5 years old. Regular Kids Korner rates will apply. Day Th

Date 6/6

PRE: Premier pass holder

Time 6:30-7:30P

Age 5 & up

BAS: Basic pass holder

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 5/30 $7 /$9 /$12 /$14 452470-01

MR: Mason resident

NR: Non-resident


Become a V.I.P.

Moonlight Fishing Pine Hill Lakes Park Enjoy fishing at the park after dark! Fishing will begin at 6 p.m. and will continue until 7:30 a.m. All participants 10 years and older must have a current 2013 City of Mason fishing pass. Season and daily passes are available for purchase at Mason Community Center. Day F-Sa F-Sa F-Sa Sa-Su

Date 5/31-6/1 7/12-7/13 8/2-8/3 9/14-9/15

Time 6:00P-7:30A 6:00P-7:30A 6:00P-7:30A 6:00P-7:30A

Age All All All All

Fee Valid fishing pass Valid fishing pass Valid fishing pass Valid fishing pass

Movie Night at the Edge Exergaming Area Parents—need a break? Just want to go out to eat or run some errands? Bring your kids to our Movie Night at the Edge! The two hours will consist of an age-appropriate movie shown on our projector, a bag of popcorn, and time on the climbing wall and a game. The movie will start at 6 p.m. Day Th Th

Date 6/13 7/11

Time 6:00-8:00P 6:00-8:00P

Age 6-12 6-12

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 6/6 $0 /$7 /$10 /$10 413100-01 7/4 $0 /$7 /$10 /$10 413100-02

Volunteer in Mason’s Pine Hill Lakes Park! • All Volunteers in the Park receive an annual fishing pass. • Make your own hours. • Training will be provided.

Summer Solstice Search Pine Hill Lakes Park Enjoy some family outdoor fun with a free evening scavenger hunt in Mason's beautiful Pine Hill Lakes Park. You'll receive a list of twelve items that can be found throughout the park and at the adjacent Pine Hill Lodge. See if you can find them all! Park in the large lot for the park and walk over to Pine Hill Lodge to check in and get your list. Rain or shine. Day W

Date 6/19

Time 6:00-8:00P

Age All

Fee Free

Activity 486000-01

2013 Sunshine Concert Series Mason Municipal Center Front Lawn & Golf Center It’s back! The annual Sunshine Concert Series is back in action this summer with an amazing lineup. Enjoy a free musical performance under the evening sun. Each concert will begin at 6 p.m. Bring a lawn chair or blanket, and bring the family to enjoy the sounds and activities on these special evenings. Day Su

Time 6:00-8:00P

Age All

Fee Free

June 23 Parrots of the Caribbean (Jimmy Buffett Tribute) The Golf Center at Kings Island June 30 Phatty and the Mojo (Country Rock) Mason Municipal Center Front Lawn July 7 School of Rock (Local Tallent) Mason Municipal Center Front Lawn July 14 AJA (Steely Dan Tribute) Mason Municipal Center Front Lawn July 21 Slowhand (Eric Clapton Tribute) The Golf Center at Kings Island July 28 The Motown Sound of Touch Mason Municipal Center Front Lawn August 4 Aftermath (A 60’s Experience) Mason Municipal Center Front Lawn August 11 JAB Mason Municipal Center Front Lawn

Learn more on page � of Mason Ma�ers.

A Night at the Reds Symbiosis In honor of Father's Day, Mason Community Center presents a "Night at the Reds." Purchase your tickets during the month of June for the mezzanine level at the Wednesday, June 19, 7:10 p.m. game against the Pittsburg Pirates. Present your Mason Community Center membership card in the Symbiosis store to purchase up to 4 discounted tickets per household. (Ticketmaster Price: $30.15) Honor the father in your life with a Night at the Reds! Day Date Time Age Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) W 6/19 7:10P All $17 /$20 /$25 /$30 Sale starts May 17 for Premier Members, May 20 for Basic Members. Tickets will be available regardless of membership beginning June 3. Only 100 tickets will be available for purchase.

Family Sunday Fun Days Varies according to Sunshine Concert schedule Families that play together stay together! Can you win it in a minute or be the fastest through our obstacle course? What about winning a 3-legged race or scavenger hunt? Come out every Sunday in July for Family Sunday Fun Day to celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month. Drop in anytime between 5:30 and 7 p.m. for fun-filled family activities that promote teamwork, being active, and good old-fashioned fun. Then stay for the concert that follows (see Sunshine Concert Series at left). Locations will change with the location of each concert. Check our Facebook page each week for the following Sunday's location and activity. Day Su

Date 7/7-7/28

Time 5:30-7:00P

Age All

To register, see page 2.

Fee Free

June / July 2013



Summer Library Series Varies The City of Mason has partnered with Mason Public Library for summer library programs. During the construction of the library’s new wing, many of the library’s popular summer programs will be held at city locations. Enjoy a summer of fun from Mason Public Library and the City of Mason! June 10 - July Weekly Schedule* Monday Tuesday



Junior Reading & Activity Club† Toddler Time Bouncy Time Family Story Time

1:00-2:00P and 2:30-3:30P 10:10-10:30A and 10:40-11:00A 11:10-11:30A 7:00-7:30P

Toddler Time


Bouncy Time


Story Time for All Ages Movie Day** Movie Day** Story Time for All Ages

1:30-2:00P 2:00-3:30P 7:00-8:30P 10:15-10:45A

Mason Public Library Story Room Mason Municipal Center Mason Municipal Center Mason Municipal Center. June 18 and July 16 only: Mason Community Center Mason Municipal Center. June 19 and July 10 only: Gazebo at Pine Hill Lakes Park (cancelled in event of rain) Mason Municipal Center. June 19 and July 10 only: Gazebo at Pine Hill Lakes Park (cancelled in event of rain) Mason Municipal Center Mason Municipal Center (no movie July 4) Mason Public Library (no movie July 4) Mason Municipal Center (no story time August 2)

Friday *All activities are free †Requires registration. Open to students completing grades 4 through 6. Limited to two groups of 25. Visit for information and registration. **Please see the Summer Reading Club for movie titles. Both showings are for the same movie.

Special Events - Varies M, 6/10 Summer Series Opening 1:00P and 7:00P Free Mason Early Childhood Center (MECC) Cafeteria Open the summer reading season with this show featuring the fantastic juggler, Matt Jergens! T, 7/16 Open House at Hogwarts School 7:00- 8:00P Free Mason Community Center, Outdoor Fitness Studio Come sample activities from Potions and Magic Classes, as well as popular treats. Try your hand at throwing a Quidditch Quaffle and catching a Snitch! F, 8/2 Series Closing: Renaissance Festival 10:00A-12:00P Free Pine Hill Lakes Park near main parking lot Try your hand at medieval crafts, jousting, archery, and more. Meet Queen Elizabeth, who will be on hand to dub Knights and Princesses of the realm.


Camp Lunch Packages Meet Me on Main Café

Parents' Night Out

(Premier Member Perk!) Kids Korner Parents, enjoy a night out on the town while your children engage in a night full of fun at Mason Community Center. We ask that you please pack a sack dinner and drink for each event. (Please avoid foods with peanuts if possible.) The program welcomes children 3 to 12 years of age. On the first Parents' Night Out of the month, children ages 6 and up will enjoy swim time while children under 6 will participate in preschool-themed activities. Please pack a swim suit and towel if your child will be swimming. Parents' Night Out is available to Premier Members only. Please stop at the Membership Services Desk to upgrade your membership if you would like to take part in this program and the many other benefits of premier membership. We ask that each family sign up for only one Parents' Night Out per month. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (PRE) Activity Red's Night: Come wearing your favorite Cincinnati Red's jersey or t-shirt. Participants 6 and older will enjoy swim time. F 6/7 6:00-9:30P 3-12 5/31 Free 433809-01 Circus Night: Come dressed as your favorite circus character or animal by wearing your favorite animal T-shirt or circus-themed costume. F 6/21 6:00-9:30P 3-12 6/14 Free 433809-02 Dinosaur Night: Come wearing your favorite dinosaur T-shirt or bring your favorite dinosaurthemed toy. Participants 6 and older will enjoy swim time. F 7/12 6:00-9:30P 3-12 7/5 Free 433809-03 Country Western Night: Wear your favorite country western outfit and be ready for a night of square dancing fun. F 7/19 6:00-9:30P 3-12 7/12 Free 433809-04


June / July 2013

Short on time? Each day at camp your child can enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by Mason Community Center's Meet Me on Main café. Each meal will be ready for your child at sign-in and will contain the day’s featured entrée, as well as a snack, a juice box, and a cookie. Lunches on Fridays are specially made to stay fresh during field trips for campers attending Summer Fun camp. Weekly Menu Monday: ham and cheese sandwich Tuesday: café style lunchable Wednesday: turkey and cheese sandwich Thursday: café style lunchable Friday: chicken wrap Registration note: Please register by 8 a.m. the day of camp at the latest. Day Date M-F 6/10-6/14 M-F 6/17-6/21 M-F 6/24-6/28 M-W,F 7/1-7/5 M-F 7/8-7/12 M-F 7/15-7/19 M-F 7/22-7/26 M-F 7/29-8/2 M-F 8/5-8/9 M-F 8/12-8/16 *No Camp 7/4

PRE: Premier pass holder

Deadline 6/14 6/21 6/28 7/5 7/12 7/19 7/26 8/2 8/9 8/16

BAS: Basic pass holder

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $4/lunch $4/lunch $4/lunch $4/lunch $4/lunch $4/lunch $4/lunch $4/lunch $4/lunch $4/lunch

MR: Mason resident

Activity 436539-01 436539-02 436539-03 436539-04 436539-05 436539-06 436539-07 436539-08 436539-09 436539-10

NR: Non-resident


Puppetry Theatre Workshop Meeting Room

Summer Camp Registration Going on Now! For the majority of our camp offerings, please see the April/May issue of CenterPoint, available online at

Meeting Room Learn the basics of sewing, including how a sewing machine works, sewing safety, threading a machine, and winding bobbins. Camp includes all fabric, patterns, materials, and equipment. At the end of camp, you will receive a certificate of completion of Sewing 101. For a list of projects, see below. Please pack a snack and drink each day. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR)** Activity Pillow, MP3 or phone holder, scrap fabric puppet, and a drawstring back pack M-F 6/17-6/21 9:00A-12:00P 10-16 6/10 $275 /$324 /$335 /$350 436604-01 M-F 8/12-8/16 1:00-4:00P 10-16 8/5 $275 /$324 /$335 /$350 436606-01 Stuffed owl, skirt, tote bag, and a bed caddy M-F 7/15-7/19 9:00A-12:00P 10-16 7/8 $275 /$324 /$335 /$350 436605-01

Science Matters: Way Out Water Meeting Room Plunge into this camp to learn all about the world's most important molecule—H2O, better known as water. Use your engineering skills to put water to work with a water wheel, see sticky water, make paperclips that float, and figure out “Does it Float?" You'll travel to the ocean floor and back to discover spectacular sea creatures, shells, and more. Time 1:00-4:00P

Age 6-12

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR)** Activity 7/8 $176 /$208 /$220 /$235 436503-01

Meeting Room Fill your toy box with your very own wooden creations. Many of Leonardo DaVinci's inventions were scientific marvels and make wonderful toys. The morning session will be filled with clockwork cars, attacking a castle with your own catapult, creating a camera obscura, and showing your artistic side while making a revolving stage. The afternoon will be filled with other inventions, including the improvised car, creating a pinball machine, designing a robot drum, and racing a paddlewheel boat. There will be a lunch break from 12-12:30 p.m. for campers who stay the full day. Please pack a lunch for your camper or see our camp lunch packages on page 8. Time 9:00A-12:00P 12:30-3:30P

To register, see page 2.

Age 6-12 6-12

Time 9:00A-12:00P

Age 5-9

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR)** 5/25 $30 /$36 /$45 /$54

Activity 433810-01

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR)** 7/29 $155 /$183 /$208 /$220 7/29 $155 /$183 /$208 /$220

Activity Room B (unless otherwise noted) Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts and can give children an academic advantage in the classroom. Young Rembrandts focuses on teaching children to draw using demonstration and a structured stepby-step process. This method of directed drawing gives young students instruction on how to draw increasingly complex images at a crucial time in their development. Through the process of weekly instruction, students are exposed to a wide variety of subject matter, artistic concepts, art history, and mastery of their materials.

Pre-School Drawing Young Rembrandts® pre-school program is designed with the youngest learners in mind. During the summer months, young imaginations will take a trip to the rainforest, create some common desert characters, and explore the visual wonders of the sea. Reveal an imaginative world of drawing to your budding artist. Enroll your child today! Lessons never repeat! Day Date M 6/10-7/15 W 6/12-7/17 M 7/22-8/19 W 7/24-8/21 *No Class 7/1, 7/3

Time 5:00-5:45P 6:00-6:45P 5:00-5:45P 6:00-6:45P

Age 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6

Deadline 6/3 6/5 7/15 7/17

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $60 /$70 /$88 /$105 $60 /$70 /$88 /$105 $60 /$70 /$88 /$105 $60 /$70 /$88 /$105

Activity 431200-01* 431200-02* 431200-03 431200-04

Elementary Drawing The summer excitement has just begun: Young Rembrandts® has all new lessons coming up! Get up close and personal with everyone's favorite family member, the household pet. Students will also create creatures from the big blue sea and travel back in time to the land of dinosaurs, all while strengthening their drawing skills.

Science Matters: Leonardo's Toy Chest

Day Date M-F 8/5-8/9 M-F 8/5-8/9

Day Date Sa 6/1

Young Rembrandts® Drawing Classes

Sewing Camp

Day Date M-F 7/15-7/19

Anyone can learn the artistry of making and performing with puppets! Instructor Rachel Kavanaugh will help each participant create their own hand puppet using art supplies and found objects. The class will finish with a performance. This program is presented by The Children's Theatre of Mason.

Activity 436504-01 436504-02

Day Date W 6/12-7/17 W 7/24-8/21 *No Class 7/3

Time 4:45-5:45P 4:45-5:45P

Age 6-12 6-12

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 6/5 $60 /$70 /$88 /$105 7/17 $60 /$70 /$88 /$105

Activity 431202-01* 431202-02

Cartooning Does your child have a great sense of humor to compliment his or her artistic skills? If so, your child will LOVE a Young Rembrandts® Cartooning class. Students will create cartoon illustrations inspired by household pets and creatures under the sea. They’ll then create funny jokes containing dinosaurs—what would happen if they lived today? Day Date M 6/10-7/15 M 7/22-8/19 *No Class 7/1

Time 6:00-7:00P 6:00-7:00P

Age 7-13 7-13

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 6/3 $60 /$70 /$88 /$105 7/15 $60 /$70 /$88 /$105

Activity 431201-01* 431201-02

June / July 2013


Rock Out! Art Workshop Meeting Room For every child who dreams of partying like a rock star, Young Rembrandts® offers its Rock Out! Workshop. It's three days of artistic rock and roll imagery. During the opening acts, students will draw stylized instruments, rock star portraits, and rock-inspired cartoons. During the finale, it's time to hit the stage as students draw an awesome concert scene to close out the last day of class. Long live rock and roll! Day Date W-F 7/17-7/19

Time 10:30A-12:00P

Age All

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 7/10 $51 /$60 /$75/$90 431103-01

Handmade by Carmen Craft Classes Meeting Room

Hula Hoop Rug Workshop Transform T-shirts into spectacular works of art. Kids will learn a basic hoop weaving technique by crafting a colorful accent rug to brighten up their room. Each student will need to bring in about a dozen old T-shirts. Be creative and choose the best colors for your rug.

Household Pets Art Workshop

Day W

Students will be elated as they celebrate our cuddly friends in the new Household Pets Art Workshop. Class will feature stylized graphic cartoon images and more realistic renderings of various household pets. And on the last day of class, students will create a wonderful pet-inspired pastel illustration.

Friendship Bracelets

Day W-F

Date 6/26-6/28

Time 1:00-2:30P

Age All

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 6/19 $51 /$60 /$75 /$90 431106-01

Young Rembrandts® presents a chalk pastel drawing class that explores multicultural art in the Worldly Travels Pastel workshop. Students will begin a world tour by drawing several welcoming, colorful, and intricately-designed crafts from around the globe. The artistic enlightenment includes a design study embraced by many cultures. Travels ends with an illustration of a mainstay of architecture. These classes will be messy fun, so please dress appropriately. Day W-F

Date 7/31-8/2

Time 1:00-2:30P

Age All

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 7/24 $51 /$60 /$75 /$90 431107-01

Time 6:00-8:00P

Age 8-17

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 6/12 $25 /$30 /$38 /$45 431230-01

Make colorful friendship bracelets to give to your friends or keep for yourself. Class will include all materials. You will learn different techniques and patterns and also get instructions to take with you so you can continue to practice and create at home. Day W

Worldly Travels Pastel Workshop

Date 6/19

Date 7/10

Time 6:30-7:30P

Age 8-17

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 7/3 $32 /$38 /$48 /$57 431231-01

Handmade Baby Shoes Prerequisite: Basic sewing machine knowledge required. Learn how to make a pair of adorable handmade cloth baby shoes. All fabric, patterns, and materials are provided, including your pattern to take home to make more shoes. Bring your own sewing machine or reserve one of the 10 class machines by calling 513.229.8555. Day W

Date 6/26

Time 6:00-8:00P

Age 18 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 6/19 $40 /$48 /$60 /$72 421130-01

T-Shirt Redesign Studio Prerequisite: Basic sewing machine knowledge required. Old T-shirts from home can be repurposed to create exciting new designs. Bring 3 to 4 T-shirts to class and leave with a brand new design all your own. Bring your own sewing machine or reserve one of the 10 class machines by calling 513.229.8555. Day W

Date 7/24

Time 6:00-7:30P

Age 18 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 7/17 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 421132-01

T-Shirt Yarn Workshop Soft and stretchy T-shirt material can make wonderful yarn. In this class, bring 3 to 4 old T-shirts to learn how to make yarn for your crochet or knitting projects. T-shirts without seams on the sides work best. You will make a fast and trendy summer scarf with your own homemade T-shirt yarn.

Let us be a part of your special day:

The CourseView Pavilion at The Golf Center at Kings Island

Day M

• ���-guest facility

Date 6/24

Time 6:30-7:30P

Age 55 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 6/17 $25 /$30 /$38 /$45 421131-01

• private patio space • dozens of menu items

No-Sew T-Shirt Redesign Studio

• bridal luncheons, weddings, reunions

Make totes and bags out of T-shirts brought from home and create a fun and easy project that does not require sewing. Keep your new designs for yourself or give them away as gifts!

• rehearsal dinners • golf outings

Day W

• Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs • call us to discuss your event

Date 7/31

Time 6:00-7:00P

Age 55 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 7/24 $25 /$30 /$38 /$45 421133-01

The Golf Center at Kings Island | 6042 Fairway Drive | Mason, Ohio 45040

513.573.3302 |


June / July 2013

PRE: Premier pass holder

BAS: Basic pass holder

MR: Mason resident

NR: Non-resident

Build Your Own Rain Water Harvesting Barrel

PROTECT: Self Defense Warren County

Soil & Water Conservation District

Pine Hill Lakes Park Help the environment and your pocketbook at the same time by building your own rain water collection barrel. Rain barrels collect rainfall that you can use to water your garden, wash your car, and even top off your swimming pool. Presented by the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District, you will receive information, instruction, and the materials you need to build your own rain water collection barrel, including a blue food-grade barrel that can be painted and a DIY rain barrel installation kit. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity W 6/19 6:00-8:00P 18 & up 6/12 $45 /$53 /$60 /$67* 432117-01 *Program pricing includes a family day pass to Mason Community Center. Regular fee is $20 per adult, $10 per child.

Mason Community Center The ability to defend oneself is not a mysterious secret that takes years to learn and apply. The skills to do so are acquired through a progressive training program that, when properly followed, develops awareness, as well as strength and self-confidence. PROTECT class provides information on home, vehicle, and personal safety, and provides techniques on how to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. Sponsored by the Mason Police Department, an officer in a Redman protection suit will encourage you to try out some low level self-defense techniques in simulated situations. Sign up today. Day Date Time Studio B Tu 7/23 6:00-8:00P Meeting Room Su 7/28 2:00-4:00P


Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR)


12 & up


$9 /$11 /$14 /$17


12 & up


$9 /$11 /$14 /$17




Ready Aim Organize Demo

Tummy Time Class Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Tummy Time is a trademarked tummy time class where parents and/ or caregivers can bond with their babies and learn the skills needed to creatively help their babies love and benefit from tummy time. This class is taught by a certified Tummy Time teacher and combines infant massage, baby yoga, acupressure, reflexology and craniosacral techniques with tummy time activities in a fun and pleasurable atmosphere.

Meet Theresa Finnigin, professional organizer and instructor of our newest classes designed to teach you the skills to save time and live in a more organized fashion. In this 30-minute session, you’ll learn tips to organize your car before going on your summer vacation. Bring your organizing questions!

•  This program is for pre-crawlers. The age recommendation is typically birth to five months. However, babies older than 5 months who are not crawling are welcome to participate. •  Expecting mothers are welcome to register for the most appropriate session based on their due date. •  Fees are per baby. Caregivers bringing more than one baby to the session will receive a discount rate of $40 for each additional child. •  Please bring a blanket to each class. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Th 5/30-6/20 10:30-11:15A 0-5mo 5/23 $50 /$59 /$70 /$80 Th 6/27-7/25 10:30-11:15A 0-5mo 6/20 $50 /$59 /$70 /$80 No Class 7/4

Activity 421605-03 421605-04*

CPR/AED Classes

Day M

Date 6/3

Time 6:00-6:30P

Age 18 & up

Deadline Fee 5/27 Free

Activity 421631-01

Get Organized Now and Save Time Meeting Room Get more done in less time! Learn the basics for living an organized and more productive life. You will learn tips to help you organize each room of your home, including the kitchen, bedrooms, and home office. You don't have to spend money or throw everything away to get organized. Instead, learn how to use the time you have more efficiently so your day is more productive and you can achieve your goals. Get inspired, motivated, and ready to start organizing your own home! Day Sa

Date 7/27

Time 9:00-11:00A

Age 18 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 7/20 $20 /$24 /$30 /$36

Activity 421630-01

Fire Station 51 Community Room Someday, someone’s life may depend on you. Increase your confidence so you’ll know what to do by learning adult and child CPR as well as the proper operation of an automated external defibrillator (AED). Mason firefighter/paramedics and/or Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members will lead this 4-hour course. You will receive a certification from the American Heart Association upon completion of the class. Classes will be held in the community room at Fire Station 51, 4420 Mason-Montgomery Road. Please register through Mason Community Center. CPR training is free for Premier members and Mason residents, and available for a small fee for non-residents (discounts available for non-residents who are Basic members of Mason Community Center). Day W

Date 6/5

Time 8:00A-12:00P

Age 18 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 5/29 $0 /$7 /$0 /$10 421620-01

Conversational English Activity Room A Conversational English is a new course for internationals who want to gain confidence and fluency in talking about various topics in English. During this four-week course, you will practice speaking without the fear of making mistakes. Learn how to start conversations, ask and answer questions, and make comments to keep conversations going. The course will also allow you to practice accent training, help you better understand Americans, and help you exchange cross-cultural experiences and understand differences. It’s perfect for anyone with advanced beginner to intermediate English speaking skills. A $30 book and audio CD kit is included in the price of the program. You will keep the book and kit after the program ends. Day Date M,Th 6/3-6/27 M,Th 7/8-8/1

Time 6:30-8:30P 6:30-8:30P

Age 18 & up 18 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 5/20 $225 /$265 /$285 /$295 536505-02 6/24 $225 /$265 /$285 /$295 536505-01

June / July 2013


Business English

Digital Photo 4

Activity Room B

Prerequisite: Digital Photo 3

Business English is a new program for business professionals who want to increase their comfort using English as a second language at work. The five-week course will focus on the following areas:

This course will cover digital image manipulations. You will learn color adjustments, cropping, layering, retouching, distortion, blurs, and brush filters. Get the answers to all the questions you have about digital image processing.

· cultural sensitivity (conversation starters, proper topics, politeness strategies, and apologizing) · telephoning (small talk; requesting and giving information; making, accepting and declining invitations; and scheduling meetings) · meetings (giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, interrupting, clarifying, and summarizing) · presentations (introducing topics, making key points, transitions, and answering questions) · writing (e-mails, reports, and meeting minutes) Participants should have a low intermediate to advanced proficiency in speaking English and will receive a progress report and a certificate for 20 hours of English training. A book and audio CD valued at $40 is included in the cost of the program. Participants will keep these materials after class ends. Day M,Th

Date Time 7/8-8/8 4:00-6:00P

Age 18 & up

Deadline 6/24

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity $300 /$353 /$373 /$383 536504-01

Day Date W 7/31

Time Age 10:00A-12:00P 18 & up

Deadline 7/24

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $17 /$20 /$25 /$30

Activity 441421-01

Beginning Internet Senior Lounge Navigate browsers, web sites, web pages, and search engines while learning how to use the toolbar and functions of a web site. E-mail will also be discussed in depth. Day Date Time Age Deadline Tu 7/9-7/30 10:00A-12:00P 18 & up 7/2

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $68 /$80 /$100 /$120

Activity 441401-01

Spyware and Anti-Viruses Senior Lounge


Learn simple tips and tricks that will help keep your computer from being exposed to the dangers of the Internet, including how to deal with pop-ups, avoiding viruses, and protecting your personal information.

Digital Photography

Day Date W 6/5

Senior Lounge

Digital Photo 1 Learn the many features of a digital camera while defining those strange terms such as megapixels, jpeg, tiff, resolution, optical versus digital zoom, compression, dpi, and compact flash versus secure digital memory. At the end of the course, you will be able to choose a digital camera that fits your needs. Day Date W 7/10

Time Age 10:00A-12:00P 18 & up

Deadline 7/3

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $17 /$20 /$25 /$30

Activity 441418-01

Time Age 10:00A-12:00P 18 & up

Deadline 5/29

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $17 /$20 /$25 /$30

Activity 441411-01

eBay Buying Senior Lounge Learn how to use your home computer to buy items on eBay. Electronics, cars, clothing, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, and everything else are available on eBay, the world's online marketplace. Have you been looking for that one-of-a-kind item? Don't miss this informative hands-on class. Day Date Tu 6/4

Time Age 10:00A-12:00P 18 & up

Deadline 5/28

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $17 /$20 /$25 /$30

Activity 441422-01

Digital Photo 2 This course will cover using the camera features and uploading, printing, and archiving the images. How many images will your memory card store? What does fully automatic mean? How do you control the resolution and depth of field aperture setting? Learn the answers in this class. Day Date W 7/17

Time Age 10:00A-12:00P 18 & up

Deadline 7/10

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $17 /$20 /$25 /$30

Activity 441419-01

eBay Selling Senior Lounge Learn how to use your home computer to sell items on eBay. Have fun selling everything quickly and easily. You must have an eBay account and know how to buy on eBay prior to this class. Day Date Tu 7/2

Time Age 10:00A-12:00P 18 & up

Deadline 6/25

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $17 /$20 /$25 /$30

Activity 441423-01

Digital Photo 3 Learn to adjust the color and contrast, crop and resize the photo, save it in a variety of formats, and manage your database of images. Day Date W 7/24


Time Age 10:00A-12:00P 18 & up

June / July 2013

Deadline 7/17

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $17 /$20 /$25 /$30

Activity 441420-01

Mark Your Calendars! The City of Mason welcomes world class tennis August 10 through 18, 2013.

PRE: Premier pass holder

BAS: Basic pass holder

MR: Mason resident

NR: Non-resident


Myth Busters: Hydration Mason Community Center

Live Well in Mason Live Well in Mason offers free programming to encourage healthy lifestyles. These programs are provided through a partnership between the City of Mason, Group Health, and TriHealth Physical Therapy. Look for the distinct 3-leaf logo throughout this brochure for more Live Well in Mason programs.

Your Health Matters: UV Protection Your Health Matters. With the hot summer months here, are you protected from the sun? Join us at Lou Eves Municipal Pool to learn about sun protection. We will have sunscreen samples and UV beads to help show you the effects of the sun's heat while you are outside. Learn to know when to re-apply your sunscreen. We’ll help you have a safe and happy summer. Date 6/12

Time 12:00-2:00P

Day Tu

Date 7/16

Age All

Fee Free


Lou Eves Municipal Pool

Day W

Feel like you drink more and more water after a workout or a run and just feel even more dehydrated? Join us as we debunk the most common myths when it comes to hydration. Information will be available all day in the Community Center lobby. Staff will be on hand to answer your questions from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Age All

Fee Free

Diabetes Academy Various Live Well in Mason is proud to present a free class given by a Novo Nordisk diabetes educator to help you learn about managing diabetes. The curriculum includes: •  Diabetes 101: Basic diabetes information and terminology •  Staying Healthy: Tips for eating healthy and staying active Join us and learn how to manage your diabetes the best you can! The same program will be presented both days. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee Mason Municipal Center Community Room 1029 F 6/28 10:00-11:30A All 6/21 Free Mason Community Center Meeting Room F 7/26 1:00-2:30P All 7/19 Free

Know Your Numbers: Blood Pressure & Body Composition Checks Member Lounge As part of our Know Your Number Series, Team Live Well in Mason offers free blood pressure and body composition testing the first Wednesday of each month. Tests are conducted by a personal trainer or registered nurse. Stop by to keep a regular check on your numbers. Day W W

Date 6/5 7/3

Time 9:00-11:00A 9:00-11:00A

Age 12 & up 12 & up

Fee Free Free


National Frozen Yogurt Day Mason Community Center


Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day! Come join us to celebrate this creamy, delicious dessert that has its own day to celebrate. Healthy and tasty, it deserves all the attention! Join Menchies for a treat and a coupon for a discount on your next "FroYo" to observe this unofficial holiday.


Day Tu


Date 6/4

Time Varies

Age All

Fee Free

greatmasonchase SUNDAY, AUGUST �� � a.m. - � p.m. FEES (per �-person team): Premier member Basic member Mason resident Non-resident


Women’s Team Men’s Team Co-ed Team ��+ Team

$�� $�� $�� $��

������-�� ������-�� ������-�� ������-��

Register at or call ���.���.���� by August �.

To register, see page 2.

Are you ready... • for a �-hour physical and mental challenge? • to compete against the strongest and smartest people in Mason? • for the Great Mason Chase? Test your speed, skills, and smarts as you and your partner bike from clue to clue in the quest to earn the title of “Top Chasers.” Each challenge you complete will earn a clue that will lead you to local businesses and city parks. There are two ways to win. Be the first team to complete ten challenges and race to the finish or be the team to complete the most challenges in four hours. Then join cover rock band JAB at � p.m. at Mason Municipal Center for an outdoor Sunshine Concert and an award ceremony for the “Top Chasers.” MASON COMMUNITY CENTER • ���� Mason-Montgomery Rd • Mason, Ohio • ���.���.����

June / July 2013


Cooking Demo with Straits of Malacca Mason Community Center Join a Chef from the new restaurant in downtown Mason the Straits of Malacca. He will be demonstrating how to cook their Chicken Salad with Lime Lemongrass dressing. Space is limited and a taste of the food that is prepared will be offered. Day M

Date 6/3

Time 12:00-1:00P

Age All

Deadline 5/27

Fee Free

Activity 486003-01

GRIT Fitness Center


Hula by the “Pool-a” Lou Eves Municipal Pool Come hula hoop poolside at the outdoor Lou Eves Municipal Pool! Increase energy, and develop balance, coordination, and flexibility as you sweat away calories in a fun way. Please wear swim attire for pool fun after hooping. Program fees include access to the outdoor Lou Eves Municipal Pool after class times only. Families are welcome in this energetic class.

Join in the hottest fitness trend on the planet! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is scientifically proven to provide better results than any other type of training. Three 30-minute high intensity interval training programs will send your energy levels through the roof. The short, sharp, demanding workouts combine weightlifting, running, and plyometrics for a full body workout that increases aerobic capacity, strength, muscular endurance, metabolism, and power. Don't be fooled—this 30-minute small group/team training workout is intense, but with inspirational trainers and the power of the team, you will shatter your boundaries and get super-fit, super-fast.

Learn the basics of the Breaking/B-Boying/ B-Girling style of dance, also known as “breakdancing.” This is one of the original styles of Hip-Hop Dance. Explore freestyling, starting with the fundamentals of the dance, and progressing through Toprocks, Drops, Footwork, Power Moves, and Freezes. Students will also explore how to dance with individual character and creativity. These are not choreography centered classes.

Day Date M,Th 6/3-6/27 M,Th 6/3-6/27 Tu,F 6/4-6/28 Tu,F 6/4-6/28 M,Th 7/1-7/29 M,Th 7/1-7/29 Tu,F 7/2-7/30 Saturday Sa 6/1-6/29 Sa 7/6-8/3 Drop-In 6/1-8/3 *No Class 7/4

Please wear comfortable workout clothes and gym shoes with rubber soles, and bring a bottle of water and a small towel. Optional: thin knee pads.

Outdoor Yoga & Meditation

Day W

Date 7/31

Time 6:00-6:45P

Age 6 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 7/24 $6 /$8 /$10 /$12

Activity 421321-01

Breakdancing with Brent Studio B

Day W W W W W W

Date 6/5-6/26 6/5-6/26 6/5-6/26 7/3-7/24 7/3-7/24 7/3-7/24

Time 2:00-3:00P 3:00-4:00P 7:15-8:15P 2:00-3:00P 3:00-4:00P 7:15-8:15P

Age 6-12 12-17 18 & up 6-12 12-17 18 & up

Deadline 5/28 5/28 5/28 6/26 6/26 6/26

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168 $100 /$118 /$143 /$168

Activity 421323-01 421323-02 421323-03 421323-04 421323-05 421323-06

Time 11:00-11:30A 5:30-6:00P 6:15-6:45A 12:30-1:00P 11:00-11:30A 5:30-6:00P 6:15-6:45A

Age 12 & up 12 & up 12 & up 12 & up 12 & up 12 & up 12 & up

9:30-10:00A 9:30-10:00A 9:30-10:00A

Deadline 5/27 5/27 5/28 5/28 6/24 6/24 6/25

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $81 /$96 /$120 /$144 $81 /$96 /$120 /$144 $81 /$96 /$120 /$144 $81 /$96 /$120 /$144 $81 /$96 /$120 /$144 $81 /$96 /$120 /$144 $81 /$96 /$120 /$144

Activity 461706-01 461706-02 461706-05 461706-07 461706-03* 461706-04* 461706-06

12 & up 5/25 12 & up 6/29

$40 /$48 /$60 /$72 $40 /$48 /$60 /$72

461707-01 461707-02

12 & up

$10 /$12 /$15 /$18

Pine Hill Lakes Park (meet at Mason Community Center) Explore different meditations with a focus on mindfulness. This outdoor experience will begin with centering, breathing techniques, and gentle yoga postures to ease and encourage the mind-body connection. Each class will be a unique combination of quiet and guided meditation that will improve relaxation, create greater awareness and enhance inner harmony. Please dress appropriately for an outdoor practice and bring your own yoga mat. All levels welcome. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity W 6/19 9:30-11:00A 10 & up 6/12 $8 /$10 /$13 /$15 421320-01* W 7/17 9:30-11:00A 10 & up 7/10 $8 /$10 /$13 /$15 421320-02* *Each week will have one rain out date in case of inclement weather: 6/26, 7/24, 8/21, 9/25. Please check the city hotline at 513.229.8502, option 5, for weather updates.

Summer Parent & Youth Workout Time Fitness Center NEW SUMMER HOURS! 10 to 14-year-olds: Spend some quality time with Mom or Dad by working out in the Fitness Center every day of the week during your summer vacation. This is your chance to use the Precor cardiovascular equipment, Icarian selectorized weight equipment, exercise balls, and medicine balls in the Fitness Center during the hours listed. The Hammer Strength equipment will also be open for use by 12 to14-year-olds during the listed hours. Please note the following policies: •  A parent or legal guardian must accompany youth(s) at all times. •  Parent & Youth Workout Time is restricted to the Fitness Center only. •  Mason Community Center staff reserves the right to ask for proof of age at any time.

Strength-Building Boot Camp Fitness Center Meet with a personal trainer for your initial strength test, including push-ups, pull-ups, planks, sprints, long jumps, and squats. Then join us for an intense 8-week small group boot camp to get measurable results. Day Date M,W 6/3-6/27 M,W 7/8-7/31 Full Class Series M,W 6/3-7/31

Time Age 9:00-10:00A 15 & up 9:00-10:00A 15 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 5/27 $64 /$76 /$95 /$114 7/1 $64 /$76 /$95 /$114

9:00-10:00A 15 & up


Activity 421322-01 421322-02

$102 /$120 /$145 /$170 421322-03

•  All Mason Community Center and Fitness Center policies apply. Day Any


June / July 2013

Time 1:00-5:00P

Age 10-14

Fee Free to members

PRE: Premier pass holder

BAS: Basic pass holder

MR: Mason resident

NR: Non-resident


Personal Training Activity Room Take the guesswork out of your workout and maximize your effort with the help of a Certified Personal Trainer. Our certified personal trainers will assess your current fitness level and coach you through an effective exercise program tailored to fit your needs. Mason Community Center offers a variety of training packages to cater to individual needs, no matter what the goal. Stop by the Customer Service desk for more information or call 513.229.8555 to get started!

Bodies in Balance Leisure Pool This medically-inclined approach to your water fitness program is ideal for those with arthritis, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, discharged or Stage 3 Pulmonary Rehab, or any other joint issue that may benefit from exercise. By using the high resistance and low impact properties of water on your body, you can increase overall muscle strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. This is a basic class for those starting an aquatic exercise program. Led by a certified athletic trainer, Bodies in Balance: Water is more rehab-based exercises compared to a traditional Water Fit class. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) M,W 5/28-6/19** 9:00-10:00A 18 & up 5/21 $48 /$57 /$72 /$86 M,W 7/1-7/24 9:00-10:00A 18 & up 6/24 $48 /$57 /$72 /$86 F 7/5-7/26 11:00-11:45A 18 & up 6/28 $24 /$29 /$37 /$44 Full Class Series M,W 5/28-7/24 9:00-10:00A 18 & up 5/21 $90 /$106 /$131 /$156 *No Class 5/27, 6/24, 6/26, 7/4 **Class begins Tuesday, May 28, in observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 27.

Activity 461604-01* 461604-02* 461604-04 461604-03*


CourseView Restaurant at The Golf Center at Kings Island

Featuring a selection of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and burgers…


best outdoor dining with great food and entertainment

entertainment every Friday and Saturday night Mason residents receive a 15% discount

30-Minute Personal Training Packages Individual One 30-Minute Session: Six 30-Minute Sessions: Twelve 30-Minute Sessions:

Premier $30 $162 $316

Basic $35 $190 $371

Non-Member $53

Partner One 30-Minute Session: Six 30-Minute Sessions: Twelve 30-Minute Sessions:

Premier $45 $243 $475

Basic $52 $285 $558

Non-Member $78

1-Hour Personal Training Packages Individual One 1-Hour Session: Six 1-Hour Sessions: Twelve 1-Hour Sessions:

Premier $50 $270 $528

Basic $58 $317 $621

Non-Member $87

Partner One 1-Hour Session: Six 1-Hour Sessions: Twelve 1-Hour Sessions:

Premier $75 $405 $792

Basic $88 $476 $931

Non-Member $132

Small Group Training 30 Minutes 3 Participants 4 Participants

Premier $17 $13

Basic $20 $15

Non-Member $30 $23

1 Hour 3 Participants 4 Participants

Premier $34 $25

Basic $39 $29

Non-Member $59 $44

Ask about our large group training or private group exercise classes.


(Dine-in only. Excludes alcohol and tobacco.)

Clinical Exercise Program Fitness Center The program is designed for those who are looking for a more medically based exercise program. Using the various services the community center offers—the fitness floor, track, and the warm water therapy pool—a certified athletic trainer will design a personalized exercise prescription to ensure your safe return to exercise and activity. •  Fall Special: Buy your first sessions in our warm water therapy pool and receive the Basic price on your clinical exercise package if you are a non-member. Please stop in to talk with the Fitness Supervisor for more information or call 513.229.8555. Please note that a note or referral from your physician is required before beginning this program.

513.573.3321 6042 Fairway Drive · Mason, Ohio 45040

To register, see page 2.

Session Package 1 Session 4 Sessions 8 Sessions

Fee (Premier/ Basic/ Non-Member) $51 $60 $90 $125 $146 $219 $238 $280 $420

June / July 2013




Bruin Ladies League


Adult Men’s Summer Basketball League

Golf Center at Kings Island

Gymnasium Enjoy indoor summer basketball at Mason Community Center! The season opener is mid–June and your team will play a minimum of 9 games and finish the season with a single-elimination tournament. Registration is per team. All league play is under OHSSA rules in conjunction with Mason Community Center league rules. Games will be played on Sundays between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 10. Additional referee fees are $30 per team per game, paid to the referee on the court. Team Captains: Register on behalf of your team by downloading your league roster form at programs/sports/adult-sports.cfm and mailing or delivering the completed form to Mason Community Center, or scan and email it to All team captains are required to attend a meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 5. If you have any questions, please contact the League Coordinator at Mason Community Center by calling 513.229.8555. Day Date Su 6/9-8/11

Time 2:00-6:00P

Age 18 & up

Deadline Fee 6/2 $300/ team

Activity See above

Bad weather? Call the weather hotline to check the status of your activity Programs: option 5 Field rainouts: option 6 513.229.8502 Swim team: option 7

Meet the Pro One in a series of introductions to the golf professionals at The Golf Center at Kings Island

Andy Horn

Head Golf Professional

Andy Horn, a Middletown native, leads the pro staff at The Golf Center at Kings Island. Andy has been playing golf since he was five. He enjoyed a successful junior, high school, and college golf career. He is a 17-year Class A member of the PGA of America, certifying that he meets the required qualifications of golf playability and business skills to be a head golf pro. For the past 20 years, Andy has held the position of Southwest Chapter Publicity Chair of the PGA of Ohio. For many years, Andy was an Assistant Pro for Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club in Orlando, FL, during the winter, returning to Ohio to work at The Golf Center at Kings Island in the summer


June / July 2013

Improve your golf game in a relaxed environment on the Bruin course at the Golf Center at Kings Island. This eight-week program is for beginners and intermediate players. You’ll be introduced to golf course etiquette and rules to increase your comfort level around the golf course. Our pros will show you proper technique in all aspects of the game, including putting, chipping, sand play, and driving. The fee includes 9 holes with cart on the Bruin course and one hour of group instruction prior to play. Day Date W 6/12-8/7 *No Class 7/3

Time Age 8:00-11:00A 16 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 6/5 $152 /$179 /$204 /$229

Activity 466900-01*

Father's Day of Golf

(Premier Member Perk!) Golf Center at Kings Island Say “Happy Father's Day” to a special man in your life and play a round together at The Golf Center at Kings Island. Call The Golf Center at 513.398.7700 to reserve a tee time between 12 and 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 16. Community Center members can then pick up a coupon at the Symbiosis store at Mason Community Center to use on Father’s Day. Present the coupon in the pro shop for special pricing for 18 holes on the Grizzly course. With the coupon, Premier members play for only $10 per round and Basic members play for $29 per round. (Cart included. Subject to availability of tee times. Regular price is $39.) Day Su

Date 6/16

Time 12:00-2:00P

Age All

Deadline 6/15

Fee (PRE/BAS) $10/$29

Activity 486001-01

season. He returned to Ohio full-time in 1997 and became Head Pro at The Golf Center in 2002. “Golf is not a simple game, but I strongly believe it should be ‘taught simple,’” says Andy. He points out that the swing takes less than two seconds to make and you should never have too many swing thoughts on the course. He likes to see a good, tall setup, a one-piece takeaway, and good tempo. Andy is always expanding his knowledge of the game of golf and enjoys promoting the sport to the junior golfer of the future. If you’d like him to help you improve your game, call the pro shop at 513.398.7700 and schedule a 40-minute lesson with Andy for $55.

PRE: Premier pass holder

BAS: Basic pass holder

MR: Mason resident

NR: Non-resident


Sassy Sixes and Sevens


Students will work on gymnastics drills, conditioning, and routines similar to those introduced in the Beginners and Advanced Beginners classes and continue to improve on basic gymnastic skills, flexibility, and strength.

Multipurpose Room The City of Mason is pleased to offer state-of-the-art facilities for gymnastics programs. This 8,200 square foot gymnastics area is complete with tumbling tracks, a table vault, and a Resi-Pit-lined gymnastics pit. Students are able to participate recreationally or move on to the competition level with Mason Community Center’s own Mason Twisters. Make-up classes will be scheduled only if the facility is closed for weather or maintenance, or if class is cancelled due to instructor illness. The make-up class will be the corresponding day of the week after the last scheduled class.

Day Date Tu 6/18-7/9 W 6/19-7/10 Th 6/20-7/18 Sa 6/22-7/13 *No Class 7/4

Mom and Me


This parent and child class will help develop your child's basic motor skills through jumping, skipping, hopping, running, and rolling. You will use beams, wedges, and mats to engage your child through structured play.t

Introduce your child to the world of gymnastics. Students will learn basic gymnastics skills on the floor, uneven bars, balance beam, and vault. Your child will then learn to put the skills together to form a routine. Conditioning and flexibility are also introduced at this level.

Day M Tu W F Sa

Day Date M 6/17-7/8 Tu 6/18-7/9 Th 6/20-7/18 *No Class 7/4

Date 6/17-7/8 6/18-7/9 6/19-7/10 6/21-7/12 6/22-7/13

Time 10:00-10:30A 10:30-11:00A 10:00-10:30A 9:45-10:15A 10:00-10:30A

Age 18mo-3yr 18mo-3yr 18mo-3yr 18mo-3yr 18mo-3yr

Deadline 6/10 6/11 6/12 6/14 6/15

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $28 /$33 /$42 /$50 $28 /$33 /$42 /$50 $28 /$33 /$42 /$50 $28 /$33 /$42 /$50 $28 /$33 /$42 /$50

Activity 432360-01 432360-02 432360-03 432360-04 432360-05

Time 5:00-6:00P 6:30-7:30P 5:00-6:00P 12:15-1:15P

Age 6-7 6-7 6-7 6-7

Time 5:00-6:00P 6:00-7:00P 5:00-6:00P

Age 8-17 8-17 8-17

Deadline 6/11 6/12 6/13 6/15

Deadline 6/10 6/11 6/13

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65

Activity 432371-01 432371-02 432371-03* 432371-04

Activity 432384-01 432384-02 432384-03*

Advanced Beginners Tiny Tumblers Designed just for 3-year olds, your child will learn to follow directions without the assistance of a parent and focus on basic gymnastics skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, headstands, and backbends. He or she will also work on circuit training and be introduced to the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. Day M Tu F Sa

Date 6/17-7/8 6/18-7/9 6/21-7/12 6/22-7/13

Time 10:30-11:15A 11:00-11:45A 11:15A-12:00P 10:30-11:15A

Age 3 3 3 3

Deadline 6/10 6/11 6/14 6/15

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $28 /$33 /$42 /$50 $28 /$33 /$42 /$50 $28 /$33 /$42 /$50 $28 /$33 /$42 /$50

Activity 432369-01 432369-02 432369-03 432369-04

Students in this class have some gymnastics experience and have mastered the basic Beginner skills. They should be able to perform all Beginner routines. This class will provide a greater challenge to students on the floor, uneven bars, balance beam, and vault. Day Date M 6/17-7/8

Time 6:00-7:15P

Age 8-17

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) Activity 6/10 $44 /$52 /$65 /$78 432381-01


Tae Kwon Do Beginner Meeting Room

Jumping Jacks Your child will improve gross motor skills, flexibility, and coordination through circuit training and will have the opportunity to put the skills together to form a small routine. He or she will also be introduced to the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. Day Date M 6/17-7/8 W 6/19-7/10 W 6/19-7/10 Th 6/20-7/18 Th 6/20-7/18 F 6/21-7/12 Sa 6/22-7/13 *No Class 7/4

Time 11:15A-12:15P 10:30-11:30A 5:30-6:30P 11:00-12:00P 6:00-7:00P 10:15-11:15A 11:15A-12:15P

To register, see page 2.

Age 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5

Deadline 6/10 6/12 6/12 6/13 6/13 6/14 6/15

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65 $36 /$43 /$54 /$65

Activity 432372-01 432372-02 432372-03 432372-04* 432372-05* 432372-06 432372-07

Tae Kwon Do is a well-balanced Korean martial art that specializes in kicking skills. No previous experience is necessary for this class. Adults, teens, and children will train together in a family-oriented program. Parents of all participants under the age of 13 are asked to remain on site during class. Please note: A Tae Kwon Do uniform is not required for participation in this class. A uniform may be required for any participants who would like to enjoy this program long-term. Day Date Tu,Th 6/4-6/27 Tu,Th 7/2-7/30 *No Class 07/04

Time 6:30-7:30P 6:30-7:30P

Age 5 & up 5 & up

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 5/28 $39 /$46 /$56 /$62 6/25 $39 /$46 /$56 /$62

Activity 411100-01 411100-02*

June / July 2013



Buckeye Running Training Group

Youth Running Club Corwin M. Nixon Park This successful outdoor running program will teach your child the basic techniques for a fulfilling lifetime hobby. The City of Mason is hosting this coed program designed to develop teamwork, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and goal achievement through running. All participants will train to complete a 5K run and are invited to participate in the Powder Keg 5K Trail Run in August with their family and friends to showcase their accomplishment. Beginners to advanced runners are encouraged to participate. Sessions will be outdoors except in the case of severe weather. Day M,W

Date Time Age Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 6/24-8/14 10:30-11:30A 10-14 6/17 $67 /$79 /$99 /$119

Activity 436523-01

Mason Community Center Lobby Buckeye Running Company training group meets and runs twice a week from Mason Community Center’s main lobby. Enjoy group runs with the benefit of great coaches who will help you improve every step of the way. Check the informational TVs at Mason Community Center for detailed training schedules. Day Need for Speed Tu Training Run Sa











Instructional Tennis Heritage Oak Park Tennis programs are provided for juniors and adults. Junior classes will follow the "games" approach to learning tennis. Classes will be half traditional stroke work and half focused on rallying skills. To teach rallying, the class will use bigger balls, fewer court lines, and multiple ball bounces to help kids play "real tennis" before they acquire all the racquet skills needed to play sets. Players will learn ball striking skills, scoring, rallying skills, and basic strategy—all in a fun, stimulating environment. The Mason Parks & Recreation Department is pleased to provide a tennis program for Mason. Returning for his 8th season will be Tennis Director

Rainout and make-up classes will be scheduled as needed. There is no make-up for missed classes by the participant. In case of inclement weather conditions, arrangements will be made. Please call the City of Mason hotline at 513.229.8502 and select option 5 to hear program cancellations or delays due to weather.

Pee Wees Tennis

Junior Champs Tennis

This class is for beginners. Most enrollees will have little to no tennis experience.

These children are beginners or graduates from Future Stars. They are comfortable serving and playing from the baseline and beginning to rally.

Day M Tu Sa M Tu Sa

Day Th Sa W Sa

Date 6/10-7/1 6/4-6/25 6/8-6/29 7/8-7/29 7/2-7/23 7/6-7/27

Time 10:00-11:00A 6:00-7:00P 10:00-11:00A 10:00-11:00A 6:00-7:00P 10:00-11:00A

Age 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5

Deadline 6/3 5/28 6/1 7/1 6/25 6/29

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69

Activity 432112-01 432112-02 432112-03 432112-04 432112-05 432112-06

Future Stars are just beginning to play from the baseline. This program will follow the "games" approach to learning tennis. Day M Tu Th Sa M Tu W Sa

Date 6/10-7/1 6/4-6/25 6/6-6/27 6/8-6/29 7/8-7/29 7/2-7/23 7/3-7/24 7/6-7/27

Time 9:00-10:00A 7:00-8:00P 6:00-7:00P 11:00-12:00P 9:00-10:00A 7:00-8:00P 6:00-7:00P 11:00-12:00P

June / July 2013

Age 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8

Date 6/6-6/27 6/8-6/29 7/3-7/24 7/6-7/27

Time 7:00-8:00P 12:00-1:00P 7:00-8:00P 12:00-1:00P

Age 7-13 7-13 7-13 7-13

Deadline 5/30 6/1 6/26 6/29

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69

Activity 432114-01 432114-02 432114-03 432114-04

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate This class is for students who are beginning to play sets. They can hit six of ten serves in from the baseline and can rally five balls in a row with a partner from the baseline.

Future Stars Tennis


Phil Norton. Phil has over 25 years of teaching tennis and has been USPTA and PTR certified pro, PTR national tester, and Ohio Pro of the Year. Currently, Phil is the Operations Manager at the Cincinnati Sports Club.

Deadline 6/3 5/28 5/30 6/1 7/1 6/25 6/26 6/29

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69

Activity 432113-01 432113-02 432113-03 432113-04 432113-05 432113-06 432113-07 432113-08

Day Th Sa W Sa

Date 6/6-6/27 6/8-6/29 7/3-7/24 7/6-7/27

Time 8:00-9:00P 12:00-1:00P 8:00-9:00P 12:00-1:00P

Age 10-18 10-18 10-18 10-18

Deadline 6/5 6/7 7/2 7/5

Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69

Activity 432115-01 432115-02 432115-03 432115-04

Adult Beginners This class will focus on basic stroke work, rallying skills and learning how to play sets. Day Date Tu 6/4-6/25 Tu 7/2-7/23

PRE: Premier pass holder

Time 8:00-9:00P 8:00-9:00P

Age 18 & up 18 & up

BAS: Basic pass holder

Deadline Fee (PRE/BAS/MR/NR) 6/3 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69 7/1 $44 /$50 /$59 /$69

MR: Mason resident

Activity 432116-01 432116-02

NR: Non-resident

Mason Matters June / July 2013

Inside This Issue: 2 3 4 5 6 2,7,8 8






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City Manager on Volunteering Road Maintenance Rain Barrels Sidewalk Replacement Summer Safety Team Recognition Around Mason

: rated

Ohio ason,


Sunshine Concert Series Provides A Variety P BEST IVE e 2011 L O T agazin Of Summer Entertainment ey m o M y n

b pend your warm summer Sunday evenings outdoors with some free entertainment brought to you by the City of Mason. The long-running Sunshine Concert Series brings a different local band to Mason each week, along with some extra family activities. Your 7-week musical journey begins Sunday, June 23. The concerts are from 6 to 8 p.m. and will be at Mason Municipal Center or at The Golf Center at Kings Island.


June 23: The season opens with an invitation to close your eyes and dream of the tropics with Parrots of the Caribbean, a Jimmy Buffet tribute band at The Golf Center at Kings Island. Plan on bringing the family for a picnic from The Golf Center’s CourseView Restaurant. From 4 to 7 p.m., pick up a boxed fried chicken dinner to enjoy out on the lawn for just $6.99 a person. You’ll get two pieces of chicken, French fries, coleslaw, and a non-alcoholic drink. Or enjoy the hot dogs, hamburgers, soft drinks, bottled water, wine, and beer that will be sold at the concert site until 8 p.m. June 30: Find a place on the front lawn of Mason Municipal Center to enjoy the sounds of Phatty and the Mojo. This group of four related musicians can do southern rock, blues, classic rock, and country. Graeter’s will be on hand to sell you a cool treat. July 7: Enjoy the sounds of local talent as students at the School of Rock in Mason bring their show to Mason Municipal Center. Someday you may be able to say, “I heard those musicians when they were just getting their start way back when…” Family Sunday Fun Day activities will be featured from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in honor of National Parks and Recreation month. Plan to buy a treat from Culver’s to cool down the evening.

July 21: It’s back to The Golf Center at Kings Island for Slowhand’s Eric Clapton tribute. The group has been playing together since 1994 and their vocal and guitar sounds will make you think you’re listening to Eric himself. Enjoy this remarkable group while devouring a boxed

July 28: Celebrate 50 years of Motown Records with The Motown Sound of Touch on the front lawn of Mason Municipal Center. For 15 years, this group has been entertaining audiences with energetic dance steps, colorful outfits, comedy, choreography, and great music! Family Sunday Fun Day begins at 5:30 p.m., so come out to enjoy the music while you celebrate National Parks and Recreation month with some lively games and treats purchased from the Culver's stand. August 4: Go back in time and across the pond with Aftermath. This 60s tribute band focuses on the British Invasion. You’ll hear the sounds of The Beatles, The Byrds, The Monkees, and more. Bring your kids to Mason Municipal Center to experience the sights and sounds of the 60s. Graeter’s will bring the ice cream stand. August 11: The season closes with JAB, a cover rock band, at Mason Municipal Center. Pick up some Culver’s ice cream to enjoy while you talk to local service providers at the Community Business Expo. Try some tennis-themed activities to get ready for the Western & Southern Open coming to Mason on August 10-18. And be ready to congratulate the winners of the Great Mason Chase as they are announced at the concert. For information about the Great Mason Chase, please visit An interactive intermission at each concert promises to provide even more fun and entertainment. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and dancing shoes to this popular free concert series.

Mason Matters

July 14: Pay a tribute to the music of Steely Dan with Aja, deemed one of the finest Steely Dan tribute bands by legendary Steely Dan drummer Bernard Purdie. Come out to Mason Municipal Center at 5:30 p.m. to get a jump on Family Sunday Fun Day, which runs till 7 p.m. in celebration of National Parks and Recreation month. The whole family will enjoy some good old-fashioned fun! Graeter's returns with some cold treats for purchase.

fried chicken dinner of two pieces of chicken, French fries, coleslaw, and a non-alcoholic drink. The boxed dinner is available from 4 to 7 p.m. for $6.99 from the Courseview Restaurant. Or enjoy the hot dogs, hamburgers, soft drinks, bottled water, wine, and beer that will be sold at the concert site until 8 p.m. Celebrate National Parks and Recreation month with Family Sunday Fun Day games from 5:30 to 7 p.m.


From the City Manager

Eric Hansen, City Manager

We appreciate your calls, visits and e-mails to Mason Municipal Center to discuss what is going on in the city. I encourage you to call 513.229.8500 or stop in any time during business hours if you need information or assistance.

Dear Mason Resident, The City of Mason welcomes volunteers who would like to help the city in various capacities. Currently, we are especially looking for individuals who like to be outdoors and would enjoy becoming a VIP – a Volunteer In the Parks. VIPS spend most of their time at Pine Hill Lakes Park, where they check fishing passes, sell daily fishing passes, and help educate park visitors about park rules and policies. VIPs also let our staff know when they see trash that needs to be picked up or equipment that needs to be repaired. We appreciate having these extra eyes and ears at the park to help our visitors. They are a valuable resource in helping the staff keep our parks clean, safe, and friendly. VIPs may also have opportunities to assist with scheduled events in the park, such as the Great Mason Chase coming up in August. Other volunteer opportunities within the city exist as well, including clerical work, nature activities, assisting with special events, and serving on city boards and commissions. City volunteers receive formal recognition for their work. Assignments are flexible and allow you to form new friendships while using your experience and skills to help others. Volunteering can also help you establish job references. If you would like to learn more about how you can enjoy the rewards of volunteering, please visit our website at or call 513.229.8555 and ask to speak to our volunteer coordinator.

Mason Matters is published by the City of Mason. For information about this publication, or if you are a Mason resident and do not receive this newsletter, either through OurTown magazine or mailed separately with the CenterPoint program guide, please contact the City of Mason at 513.229.8510.

City Of Mason Contact Information 6000 Mason-Montgomery Road Mason, Ohio 45040 Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday

513.229.8500 Main Number 513.229.8500

Tax Office 513.229.8535

City Hotlines 513.229.8502

Utility Customer Service 513.229.8533

Administration 513.229.8510 Community Center 513.229.8555 Emergency 9.1.1 Engineering & Building 513.229.8520 Finance 513.229.8530 Fire Department Administration 513.229.8540 Parks & Recreation 513.229.8555 Police Department Administration 513.229.8560 Public Utilities 513.229.8570

Mason Matters

Public Works 513.229.8580


Mason Twisters Excel

Mayor David F. Nichols, Vice Mayor Victor Kidd, and members of City Council recognized Mason Community Center’s Twisters gymnastics team for their accomplishments since the team was formed with just nine members in 2010. Head Coach Yonce Daniels, a former professional gymnast, has helped grow the team to 30 girls this year. The team is now recognized in every competition it attends because it always has gymnasts who place in the top three. Standing with the team are (from left): Chrissy Avery, Community Center Program Manager; Dana Maidenberg, Community Center Membership Services Supervisor; Mayor Nichols; Coach Daniels, and Vice Mayor Kidd (far right). June / July 2013


Utility Billing Questions Greater Cincinnati Water Works 513.591.7700 Utility Service Questions: Sewer Service and Emergencies 513.229.8570 (nights, holidays & weekends, emergencies only)

513.925.2525 Stormwater 513.229.8570 Waste Collection and Recycling 513.229.8533 Water Service and Emergencies Greater Cincinnati Water Works 513.591.7700

SSO Report

nder the City’s NPDES Permit for the Water Reclamation Plant, there is a requirement for preparation of an annual report on Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs). The report for each year must be prepared by March 31st of the following year. The 2012 report is available for inspection by the general public at the City of Mason Water Reclamation Plant, 3200 Mason-Morrow-Millgrove Road. The plant is open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each weekday except for holidays. The telephone number at the plant is 513.229.8570.


Keeping Mason Green

simple change has brought the city significant savings. Several years ago, the city began using local companies to do landscaping, irrigation, and mowing work around the city. This freed the Public Works staff to handle tasks that were more efficiently or effectively done by city workers. The city was fortunate to obtain bids at competitive prices from reputable landscaping companies, helping to lower overall costs by reducing the need for seasonal help and overtime. However, as the list of items to be contracted grew over the years, fewer companies had the resources to handle the increased work, leading to fewer bids. This year, a single change has again allowed the city to achieve significant savings. For the 2013 season, the mowing was divided into two parts. One part included only right-of-way mowing and litter pickup on Bethany Road, portions of U.S. 42 and S.R. 741, on downtown parcels on MasonMontgomery Road, and the I-71 ramps at S.R. 741. The larger, second part included maintaining the Tylersville Road and MasonMontgomery Road corridors, Kings Island

Drive, Snider Road, and Western Row Road as well as the grounds at Fire Station 51, Fire Station 52, Mason Municipal Center, and Quinn Park. Much of this second contract focused on landscaping and irrigation maintenance, mowing, and weed control. It also included summer planting bed design, installation, and maintenance; spring, summer and fall grounds cleanup; watering, fertilizing, and pruning over 1,500 street trees; replacing dead street trees and saltdamaged vegetation; and mulching around trees and in planting beds. Contractors could bid on either or both parts. Dividing the work opened the bidding to both small and large landscaping firms in an effort to make the contract more competitive and to keep prices low. The strategy worked and City Council awarded the two parts of the contract to separate companies. The bid prices were very competitive and, combined with the bid organization, represent only a modest increase over last year’s prices. However, because additional work was added to this year’s contract, the result is a significant savings over last year.

As you drive around the city through the growing season, please slow down and use extra caution when you see the crews from Pierce’s Lawncare and Landscaping, Inc., or Fredericks Landscaping at work in the city’s right-of-way.

Streets Selected As Annual Paving Program Begins


ach year beginning in January, the city’s engineering staff inspects Mason’s public streets, alleys, and municipal pavement areas to determine where repairs are needed. Several characteristics are considered during this review, including pavement cracking, weathering, curbs, rideability, and drainage. Streets are ranked by the total of points awarded to each of the street characteristics. The sum of the total points awarded becomes the “PCI” or pavement condition index. Streets with “poor” to “failing” PCI’s are placed in the year’s street resurfacing program. Streets that are considered to be in “fair” condition are scheduled for crack sealing and full depth pavement repairs to extend the life of the pavement. This pavement management system provides a consistent mechanism for determining the streets eligible for the city’s street resurfacing program. Streets scheduled for resurfacing in 2013 are Snider Road (from Tylersville Road to

Expect To Owe 2013 Taxes?

f you expect to owe Mason city income taxes for 2013 and city taxes are not deducted from your paycheck, the Tax Office would like to remind you that it’s time to make a quarterly payment. Please remember that ninety per cent of your 2013 tax liability is due by January 31, 2014. Please make your quarterly payment by July 31. To assist you in making your payment, quarterly estimated

payment vouchers are available online. You may also choose to pay your quarterly estimate via the online tax tool. Please visit to find these forms and tools. If you need assistance in determining whether you need to make estimated payments or if you need to adjust your declaration, the Tax Office is glad to help. Please call 513.229.8535 for assistance.

Mason Matters


Thornberry Court), Cedar Village Drive (inside the city limits), Manor Lake Drive, Fairway Drive (from Eagleview Drive to Kings Mills Road), and Cloverwood Drive from Walnut Lane to the dead end. A black slurry seal will be placed on Industrial Row Road, Fairway Drive (from Tylersville Road to Eagleview Drive), and on Snider Road (from Thornberry Court to Mason Road). Paving is expected to last through the end of October. In an ongoing effort to contain costs, the City of Mason is partnering with West Chester Township to pave ButlerWarren Road from St. Lawrence Drive to Grand Oaks Court. This partnership allows one contractor to be used, providing an organized construction schedule that will reduce the inconvenience to the traveling public and allow for reductions in cost per unit due to the increased quantity.


Save Money and the Environment Install a Rain Barrel! Warren County

Soil & Water Conservation District


lean water is the country’s most valuable and non-replaceable resource. That is why it is important to conserve it to preserve our fresh water supply. One way to conserve water is to use rain barrels to store rainwater from rooftops for lawn and garden use. Rain barrels not only conserve water, they help reduce your water bill and reduce pollution by reducing stormwater runoff.

Why use a Rain Barrel?

Mason Matters

Typically, rain water runoff is collected in storm sewer systems and released directly into streams. This direct runoff contributes to flooding in developed areas that have a lot of impervious surfaces (roofs, sidewalks, parking lots, and other surfaces that don’t absorb rain water.) This runoff can pick up and carry pollutants that contribute to poor water quality, which can affect the health of our local waterways and even our drinking water. The flooding and addition of pollutants become even more problematic in highly developed areas as more impervious surfaces cause more runoff during a rain or snow event. When you collect rain water that would otherwise enter the storm sewers, you are helping to minimize the amount of storm water that directly drains into the streams. A rain barrel won’t solve the flooding issue by holding back all the stormwater, but it’s a good start and it gets homeowners thinking about water conservation. Not only do rain barrels conserve water and control runoff, they can give you a good idea about the large amounts of stormwater that run off of impervious surfaces. A general formula is that 1 inch of rain on a 1,000 square foot roof produces 623 gallons of water. You can calculate the amount of water your roof generates by multiplying the square footage of your roof by 623 and then


June / July 2013

dividing by 1,000. Depending on the area of your roof, a rain barrel can be filled with as little as one tenth of an inch of rain. The water in a rain barrel can be used to water lawns and gardens during dry periods. Plants thrive on it because rainwater does not have the chlorine, ammonia, fluoride, or other chemicals found in drinking water, which is what you are using when you attach your hose to your outdoor faucet. Rain barrels can also be arranged to slowly release the collected rainfall to areas that can soak up the water. This reduces stormwater runoff and increases groundwater recharge. Rain barrels are inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to operate and maintain. To learn how to make one, see the sidebar for a Rain Barrel Workshop.

Tips for using a rain barrel:

• Do not use collected water for drinking, cooking, or bathing. • Keep the lid secure so children and animals cannot fall into the barrel. • If a moss killer has been used on the roof, let a few rainfalls occur before collecting the roof runoff. • The screen will prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your barrel. • Consider joining multiple barrels for additional capacity! • To get the downspout water into the rain barrel, you will have to cut or remove a portion of your downspout and install a downspout adapter. • Disconnect the barrel during the winter to avoid freezing and breaking of the barrel and its valves. • Drain the system and connecting hoses by leaving the drain of the barrel open or turn the barrel over to drain it. Store the barrel and hoses in a protected area. Visit the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District at warrenswcd to learn about other ways to protect our water supply.

12 Reasons to Install a Rain Barrel

1. According to the EPA, most homeowners can save about 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months. 2. Plants grow better in rainwater than chlorinated water. 3. You can use it to wash your dog. 4. Preliminary results from an EPA rain barrel study in a Cincinnati neighborhood are showing a 5 to 20% reduction in stormwater runoff. 5. Rainwater is especially good for exotic plants inside your home. 6. Save energy by decreasing the demand for treated tap water. 7. No water spots when you wash your car because rainwater is soft and untreated. 8. It’s wonderful for washing off muddy boots outdoors. 9. It’s handy for cleaning off garden tools. 10. It’s wonderful for washing windows. 11. It is still legal in Ohio to collect rain water. Collecting rain water is illegal in some states due to water shortages. 12. It’ll blend in with your house and landscaping if you paint your barrel to match.

Outdoor Water Saving Tips

• Repair or replace leaking hoses and sprinklers. • Always use an automatic shut-off nozzle. • Use a broom rather than a hose to clean decks, sidewalks, and other paved areas. Five minutes of running the hose uses 25 gallons of water. • Collect rainwater for reuse in the garden whenever possible. • Cover pools to prevent evaporation. An average uncovered pool loses about an inch of water a week because of evaporation.

Rain Barrel Workshop

Learn about and build your own rain barrel! Wednesday, June 19 • 6 to 8 p.m. Pine Hill Lakes Park Cost of instruction and materials (including a blue food-grade paintable barrel) is $45 to $67, depending on residency and Community Center membership. Participants will also receive a free 1-day family pass to Mason Community Center. Register for activity 432117 from May 17 to June 12 at or by calling 513.229.8555. Presented by the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District.


2013 Sidewalk Replacement Program

ince 2007, Mason City Council has budgeted for an annual sidewalk replacement program. Each winter, staff members from the Engineering & Building Department evaluate city sidewalks and determine the streets that will be on the annual replacement program. Although sidewalks within the City of Mason are the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain per city ordinance, this assistance program is meant to preserve the safety and appearance of city sidewalks. Sidewalks on city streets that have the highest percentage of failing sidewalks are replaced at no cost to the property owner. In previous years, sidewalks have been replaced on Church Street, N. East Street, S. East Street, Short Street, Hanover Drive, Mason Hills Court, Overlook Drive, Kings Mills Road, and East Main Street. In 2013, the remaining sidewalk replacements will be completed on East Main Street and sidewalks within the Wood Creek subdivision will be replaced. The work is performed by the city’s Public Works Department. Construction will continue into the fall. For updates on this and all other road construction projects within the City of Mason, please visit the city’s website at, call the city’s hotline at 513.229.8502, or follow City of Mason Engineering on Facebook or Twitter.


Uneven pavement due to settling is a trip hazard and raises safety concerns. The city’s Engineering & Building Department and Public Works Department are managing the sidewalk program.

Mason Economic Development and Assurex Health Host Bio Career Fair “The City of Mason has gone above and beyond in partnering with BioOhio for this event to deliver a world class venue and demonstrates a clear commitment to the bioscience industry,” noted Jen Goldsberry, Membership & Events Coordinator for BioOhio. The event included 12 top bioscience and biohealth company exhibitors and about 200 job seekers. Companies that were present included Advanced Testing Laboratory, Aerotek Scientific, Alliance Scientific, Amylin Ohio, Aptalis Pharmatech, Assurex Health, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Forest Pharmaceuticals, Lab Support, Medpace, and Patheon Pharmaceuticals. Mason’s Economic Development Office used the opportunity to promote the bio and entrepreneurial activity happening in Mason and within Mason companies. Mason Community Center also had a presence at the event to promote the health and wellness assets of the city and provide tours of the community center. Assurex Health offered tours of the genomics lab in their offices in Mason Municipal Center.

Mason Matters

io health has been identified as a targeted sector for business growth in the City of Mason. This sector is heavily reliant on a highly skilled workforce and Mason has a reputation for being able to provide this talent pool. It was a logical extension, then, for the City of Mason’s Economic Development Office to partner with Assurex Health to co-host the Ohio Biomedical & Pharma Career Fair for the CincinnatiUSA region at Mason Municipal Center this spring. BioOhio is a statewide organization in the bio health sector and serves as a connector to over 1,350 bio-science related organizations in Ohio. These organizations represent a broad spectrum of company stages, ranging from start-ups and emerging stars to established research institutions and Fortune 500 companies. BioOhio is also a key strategic partner for the City of Mason as the city works to increase its presence and exposure to biohealth and health-related companies across the state. Mason and Assurex Health worked closely with the BioOhio team through a competitive location selection process to secure this unique event and set the stage to showcase the Mason Community Campus as a hub of innovation within the region.



Be on the Safe Side

here’s nothing like outdoor grilling. It is one of the most popular ways to cook food. However, a grill placed too close to anything that can burn is a fire hazard. Grills can be very hot and can cause burn injuries. According to the National Fire Protection Association, July is the peak month for grill fires and roughly half of the injuries involving grills are thermal burns. The City of Mason Fire Department encourages you to follow these simple tips and be on the safe side of grilling. • Use propane and charcoal BBQ grills outdoors—never indoors. • Place the grill well away from your home and deck railings, and out from under eaves and overhanging branches. • Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill area. • Keep your grill clean by removing grease or fat buildup from the trays below the grill. • Never leave your grill unattended. • Always make sure your gas grill lid is open before lighting it.

Charcoal Grills

• There are several ways to get the charcoal ready to use: o Charcoal chimney starters allow you to start the charcoal using newspaper as fuel. Place the starter on the charcoal grate inside the grill to start it. Use a hot pad mitt when dumping the hot coals out of the starter. o Starter fluid is popular, but be sure to use only charcoal starter fluid. Never add charcoal fluid or any other flammable liquids to the fire. Keep charcoal fluid out of the reach of children and keep liquids away from the fire. o Electric charcoal starters, which do not use fire, are also available. If an extension cord is needed, be sure to use one rated for outdoor use. • When you are finished grilling, let the coals cool completely before disposing of them in a metal container.

Propane Grills

• Check the gas tank hose for leaks before using it for the first time each year. To do so, apply a light soap and water solution to the hose. You will see bubbles wherever there is a propane leak. • If your grill has a gas leak, by smell or the soapy bubble test, and there is no flame, turn off the gas tank and grill. If the leak stops, get the grill serviced by a professional before using it again. If the leak does not stop, call the fire department. • If you smell gas while cooking, immediately get away from the grill and call the fire department. • Do not move the grill once it is lit. • If the flame goes out, turn the grill and gas off and wait at least 15 minutes before re-lighting it. • If your grill ignites and is out of control, do not attempt to extinguish it. Call 9-1-1 immediately.

Stay Safe This Summer


Mason Matters

here are many pools and ponds in Mason and the surrounding area. The City of Mason Fire Department encourages you to practice safe habits in and around these bodies of water. The best thing anyone—both adults and children—can do to stay safe in and around the water is to learn to swim. Group and private swim lessons are available at Mason Community Center for people of all ages and abilities. For a safe summer, follow these water safety tips: • Never leave a child unobserved around water. Your eyes must be on the child at all times. Adult supervision is recommended. • It is a good idea to install a phone by the pool or to keep a cordless phone nearby so you can call 9-1-1 in an emergency. • Learn CPR and insist that babysitters, grandparents, and others who care for your children know CPR. CPR classes are available through the Mason Fire Department and Mason Community Center. • Enclose your pool completely with a self-locking, self-closing fence with vertical bars. Openings in the fence should be no more than 4 inches wide.


June / July 2013

For complete safety requirements for pool barriers, electrical wiring around pools, and installation, please view www. or contact the Mason Engineering & Building Department at 513.229.8520. • Always keep basic lifesaving equipment by the pool and know how to use it. This could include a pole, rope, and U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices (PFDs). • Keep toys away from the pool when they are not in use. Toys can attract children into the pool. • Completely remove pool covers prior to using the pool. • If a child is missing, check the pool first. Go to the edge of the pool and scan the entire pool, bottom, and surface, as well as the surrounding pool area. Visit or look through the pages of CenterPoint for information about swim lessons and CPR classes. Registration can be done online, at Mason Community Center, or by calling 513.229.8555.


Mayor Congratulates Debate Team

ayor David F. Nichols presented a proclamation to the Mason High School Speech and Debate Team in recognition of its outstanding accomplishments. Team members discuss foreign affairs, public policy, and legislative procedure and perform persuasive, interpretive, original, impromptu, and dramatic oratory in regional, state, and national competitions. This year, twenty-six students received a qualifying bid to the state competition, a new team record. At the state level, six students qualified for nationals, a tie for the team record, and eight team sweepstakes awards were achieved. Of those, three were for Champion and three were for Runner-Up.


SAFER Grant Enhances Mason Fire Department’s Emergency Response

s a result of a $1.15 million federal grant awarded in October 2012, the City of Mason Fire Department expects to reduce training costs attributed to parttime employee turnover and improve the department’s consistency of service. The grant will help offset the costs of hiring nine fulltime firefighter positions for up to two years. These nine fulltime positions have traditionally been filled by part-time employees. Several years ago, consultants recommended that the department increase the percentage of fulltime firefighters to enhance the department’s consistency of service and to provide more supervision on emergency scenes. Traditionally, Mason Fire Department has operated with a daily staff of about half fulltime employees and half parttime employees. Like many area departments that depend on part-time employees, Mason was experiencing a turnover of about a quarter of its part-time firefighters per year.


As a result, the department found itself constantly training employees in basic orientation while also trying to keep up with industry changes. The consultant’s recommendation was to increase fulltime staffing to 85% in order to help maintain consistency in the department’s daily operation, to help reach national standards on staffing recommendations, and to enhance the department’s response. Internally, the department has set a goal of increasing the fulltime staffing level to 66 to 75% to judge the success of that model. The goal is not to increase the department’s daily staffing level but to continue to operate at current levels with more fulltime firefighters on duty and fewer part-time firefighters. The SAFER grant allows the Mason Fire Department to transition to this new model and also save the citizens of Mason tax dollars during the two-year period. Most of the salaries of these nine positions will be covered

by the grant. Further savings are expected because of the reduced need to continuously hire large numbers of part-time firefighters. In one year, Mason Fire Department spends an estimated $50,000 (not counting the parttime employees’ salaries) trying to maintain the 50% part-time employee staffing model. The grant has allowed the department to complete the changes recommended by the consultants that were approved by Council many years ago. Hiring of the nine SAFER grant-funded positions was completed in March. The city looks forward to continuing to provide the best service it can for the citizens and visitors in Mason. You are invited to stop by either of the Mason fire stations during business hours to inquire about the department’s public education programs, take a tour of the station, or talk with the firefighters. You can also find information about the department at

Junk Vehicles Regulated by City Ordinance The ordinance also says that if a motor vehicle does meet two of these three requirements, it cannot be left outside of a garage or other suitable structure for more than 72 hours (3 days) unless it is completely covered with a cover that is not torn or deteriorated. If you have an issue with what you think is a junk vehicle in your Mason neighborhood, you can ask a Mason police officer to investigate. Please call the Warren County Communication Center’s non-emergency number at 513.925.2525 and ask to speak to a Mason officer. The officer will come out to assess the situation and to talk with the owner of the vehicle. Most of the time, this personal contact

gets the matter resolved. If the situation continues, the owner is sent a written notice requesting that the junk motor vehicle be removed, housed in storage or a garage, or covered with a tarp within 72 hours. If the owner refuses to comply, he or she can be issued a minor misdemeanor citation. Additional citations are misdemeanors after a previous conviction. If you’d like to know more, please reference the city’s Abandoned, Junk, or Unlicensed Motor Vehicles ordinance at services/police/faqs-local-ordinances. cfm.

Mason Matters

s it legal to leave an old car that no longer runs in the driveway? Is there something that can be done about the broken-down truck parked down the street? Who addresses these types of problems? The City of Mason has an ordinance concerning junk motor vehicles. For a vehicle to be considered a “junk vehicle,” the ordinance states that it must meet at least two of these three conditions: • The vehicle is three years old or older. • It is extensively damaged and the damage includes, but is not limited to, missing wheels, missing tires, or a missing engine or transmission. • It cannot be started and moved under its own power for a minimum of 100 feet.




Mason Historical Society

Memorial Day Parade


The annual Memorial Day Parade will begin at 10 a.m. on Monday, May 27. It will start at the American Legion Post 194 Hall at 401 Reading Road, travel north on Reading Road to east on West Main Street, then turn right at Mason-Montgomery Road to Rose Hill Cemetery. A memorial service begins at Rose Hill Cemetery following the parade (about 11 a.m.). The parade and program are organized by the American Legion. New groups or individuals interested in participating in the parade are invited to call the American Legion Hall at 513.398.9962 after 3 p.m. for information. Registration is not necessary for parade participants. All parade participants should meet at 9 a.m. at the American Legion Hall on the day of the parade to check in.

On Saturday, June 1, 2013, the Lebanon, Mason, and Monroe Railroad and local Mason businesses will sponsor the Rods & Rails Car Show to benefit the Mason Historical Society and its Alverta Green Museum. Registration for the show is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Brazenhead Pub, 5650 Tylersville Road in Mason. The show begins at 1 p.m. Trophies will be awarded at 4 p.m. at the close of the show. The entry fee is $15 and includes unlimited train rides for the driver and a guest, dash plaques, music, gifts, and fun. For additional information, please contact Rich Cox at 513.398.7921. Bring your family and friends to the annual Ice Cream Social at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18, 2013, at the Alverta Green Museum grounds, 207 W. Church Street. Everyone will enjoy unlimited Culver’s frozen custard, homemade desserts, and refreshments. Bid on your favorite cake or pie. There will be live music and our favorite auctioneer, Gene Steiner, who always makes the Cake and Pie Auction memorable! Mason will be celebrating its 200th birthday in 2015. We are making plans and are looking for volunteers. Please visit our website at You can also “like” us on Facebook to keep current on Mason’s past.


Mason Middle School Science Olympiad Team Recognized


ayor David F. Nichols, center back, recognized Mason Middle School’s Science Olympiad Team with a proclamation. The 15-member team was formed in January, 2013. In just under two months, the team assembled science projects that earned the overall team third place in the regional tournament, qualifying for the state tournament. Collectively, the individual teams earned 19 medals in first through sixth place. Council Member Barbara Berry-Spaeth, far right, attended the competition and also congratulated the team.

Mayor Honors High School Science Olympiad Team

T Mason Matters

he Mason High School Science Olympiad Team was recognized with a proclamation from Mayor David F. Nichols in recognition of the team’s accomplishments over its 10-year history. The team placed first in the region eight of the ten times it participated and consistently places in the top 15 out of 60 of the state’s and nation’s best teams. Mayor Nichols, far left, and Council Member Barbara Berry-Spaeth, far right, congratulated the team.


June / July 2013

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J U N E / J U L Y

Deerfield Township and Arts Alliance present The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra! Lawn chairs and blankets will adorn the green grass of Cottell Park on July 6, 2013 at 7:30 pm, as the Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance and Deerfield Township present the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra! The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, under the direction of Conductor John Morris Russell, will delight the crowd with selected patriotic tunes and much, much more. Guests may enjoy a pre-concert performance by the Northern Cincinnati Youth Orchestra beginning at 6:30 pm. Guests are welcome to pack their own picnic dinners and drinks. There will be food vendors on site as well. There is no admission fee for this event, and ample, free parking is available. A special thank you to our arts partners Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices and the Ohio Arts Council for their contributions in helping make this wonderful event possible.

Regional Storm Water District Projects Underway this Summer The Deerfield Regional Storm Water District (DRSWD) currently has six active storm sewer improvement projects scheduled for the 2013 construction season. The need for these Columbia Rd. Kingsley Ct.

improvements were brought to the attention of the DRSWD, after residents experienced various levels of flooding. The active projects are located on or near the following:

Dogwood Ct. Livingston Ct.

Whippoorwill Ln. Homefront Ct.

For questions or concerns, please visit or call 513-701-6958, and ask for Eric Reiners or Billy Highfill.

Deerfield Township Receives Grant can help grow plants for the garden through the Foster-ASeed Program. We appreciate all of the support and guidance from the Division of Wildlife that helped make these programs possible. More information may be found in our 2013 Summer Camp Guide.

DEERFIELD BY DIGITS 20,928 calls for service were handled in 2012 by WCSO Deerfield Post 990 cubic yards of brush was chipped in 2012 by the Public Works Department 3,800 traffic control signs were inspected and maintained in 2012 by the Public Works Department


Deerfield Township Parks and Recreation was awarded a $500 WILD School Site grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife. This grant enables the Township to establish a Learning Garden at Carter Park, which will provide youth ongoing opportunities to engage in hands-on environmental activities and nature-related programming. The garden will be created by youth in 6th through 8th grade during the Taking Action Summer Camp in June. Younger children registered for the Nature's Partners Summer Camp


Deerfield Township is Off to the Races! Join in the Fun! Piggy Went to Market 5K and 10K Saturday, June 8, 2013 Kingswood Park 4188 Irwin-Simpson Road, Mason, OH 45040 7:30am Registration:

8th Annual Deerfield Honors Veterans 5K walk/run Saturday, June 15, 2013 Cottell Park 5847 Irwin-Simpson Road, Mason, OH 45040 8:00am Registration:

Flat and fast with a finish through beautiful Kingswood Park in Deerfield Township. After the race, browse through the fresh and healthy produce offered at the Deerfield Farmers' Market.

Come out and join us at Cottell Park for a 5K run and fitness walk. It will be a fun, festive, family event. Proceeds from the race will help fund the Veterans Memorial and Cottell Park.

MuckFest MS Saturday, July 27, 2013 Kingswood Park 4188 Irwin-Simpson Road, Mason, OH 45040 Registration: When you arrive at MuckFest MS and you hear the pumping music, and get your first glimpse of those incredible steel obstacles, you know you’re in for a one-ofa-kind experience! MuckFest MS delivers more thrills, spills, and laughs per square foot than any other obstacle run out there!

Wahle Presented Auditor’s Award with Distinction Deerfield Township Fiscal Officer John Wahle was recently recognized by the Auditor of State©s office with the presentation of the Auditor of State Award with Distinction. The award is bestowed on just a few local governments and school districts annually upon review of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) that are found to be without material faults or significant findings. Of the 2,900 local governments and school districts that are eligible for the award, less than 11% of those organizations receive an Auditor of State award of any kind, and only one percent (29) earn the Auditor of State award with Distinction. In addition to the Auditor©s of State award, Wahle has received audit report awards from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for the past three consecutive years.


Cottell Park is the Hub of Deerfield Township


Just under 50 acres, Cottell Park is located at the intersection of Snider Rd. and Irwin-Simpson Rd. (5847 Irwin-Simpson Rd. The hub of the Township for play and fun, Cottell Park boasts features that include soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, and a walking path. With additional amenities that include a fishing pond, picnic shelters, playgrounds, and restrooms, Cottell Park is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon at the park.

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP A great place to live , work, shop!

During the summer months, the community can enjoy programming like Movies in the Park, Safety Town, and Summer Camps. The beautiful white house located on the park grounds is called The Snyder House. Purchased by the Township in 1999, the home is used for Township programs and is rented to the public for events and private functions. In 2009, Cottell Park became the home to the Deerfield Honors Veterans Memorial. This park-within-a-park was designed to honor the service of all past and present members of the Armed Forces. In 2011, the Snyder House became headquarters for the Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance. Since then, the MDAA has brought arts programming to the space, including summer art camps, and this year will feature the FallFair Arts Festival at the park on Saturday, September 21st. Presently, the Snyder House is undergoing renovations that include opening up the first floor, adding another handicap accessible restroom and updated windows.

A Great Time to Compost Composting is one of the healthiest things you can do for your yard and it’s easy to do. Starting is simple and anyone can do it. Where do I start my compost? You can purchase a bin or just start a pile in your own backyard. What do I put in it? Yard trimmings and many food scraps can go into your compost. Vegetable and fruit scraps, grass clippings, coffee grounds, egg shells and newspapers all add to creating rich soil. Serious composters will try to balance out the nitrogen and carbon levels of their compost. Casual composters toss in a good combination of scraps and compost will just happen. What should I avoid putting in my compost? Avoid meats, dairy, bones, plastics, inorganic items, colored papers and weeds. What else should I know? Moist compost (but not soaking) is ideal. If it starts to dry out, spray it down. Turning the compost occasionally with a shovel will aerate it, keeping it healthy. Worms are compost’s best friends. If you are using a bin, you may want to add earth or red worms. In a short time, you will have created rich soil to use in your garden and yard. Why not start composting today?

DEERFIELD BY DIGITS 0.69 deputies per 1,000 residents are staffed at the WCSO Deerfield Post 169 car seat installations were inspected in 2012 by the Fire Department 106 felony arrests in 2012 by WCSO Deerfield Post

Deerfield Township Parks and Recreation SUMMER PROGRAMS Join us at camp this year for some summer fun! For more information and a complete listing of our summer camps, please visit the Recreation Department on our website, Resident Fee Camp: $35 per week (Monday – Thursday) Outdoor Club for 6th – 8th grade: $5 per day

Non-Resident Fee Camp: $40 per week (Monday – Thursday) Outdoor Club for 6th – 8th grade: $5 per day

Register in-person at the Township office or over the phone by contacting Stephanie at 513.701.6977. AT-A-GLANCE Summer Camp Schedule

(grades are based on the upcoming 2013-2014 school year)




1st - 5th Grade

6th - 8th Grade

Kings Mills Elementary / Carter Park

Nature Wonders 9:30am - 11:30am

June 10-13

Kings Mills Elementary / Carter Park

Nature Rocks! 9:00am - 12:00noon

Taking Action (Week 1 of 2) 9:00am - 12:00noon

June 17-20

Kings Mills Elementary / Carter Park

Nature's Partners 9:00am - 12:00noon

Taking Action (Week 2 of 2) 9:00am - 12:00noon

June 24-27

Kings Mills Elementary / Carter Park

Digging Up The Past 9:00am - 12:00noon

Gameapalooza 9:00am - 12:00noon

July 1-4

Cottell Park

Sports of all Sorts 9:00am - 12:00noon

Make Your Mark Art Camp 9:00am - 12:00noon

July 8-12

Cottell Park

Kitchen Concoctions LL FU 9:00am - 12:00noon

Outdoor Club July 12th Carter Park 9:30am - 11:30am

July 15-18

Cottell Park

July 22-26

Cottell Park

Wet and Wild 9:00am - 12:00noon

July 29Aug 1

Cottell Park

Arts and Crafts LL 9:00am - 12:00noon FU

Splish Splash 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Wet and Wild 9:00am - 12:00noon Outdoor Club July 26th Carter Park 9:30am - 11:30am

Visit us at w w w.C ho o s eD e e r f i e l d .c om .


June 3-6


Deerfield Township Parks and Recreation For more information, please visit the Recreation Department on our website, Register in-person at the township office or over the phone by contacting Stephanie at 513.701.6977. COMMUNITY EVENTS Movies in the Park Join us from May through September on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month for a FREE movie under the stars! Check our website at for movie titles and park locations.





June 14, 2013

Cottell Park

The Lorax


June 28, 2013

Landen-Deerfield Park

Hotel Transylvania


July 12, 2013

Carter Park

Madagascar 3


Community Book Swap Date: Saturday, June 22, 2013 (Rescheduled from April) Time: 9:00am – 11:00am Location: Cottell Park Snyder House (5847 Irwin Simpson Road, Mason, OH 45040) Fee: This event is free and only requires book donations to participate. There will be a 1-to-1 swap on all donated books. Participants will receive 1 ticket for each gently used book that they donate to the swap. All books at the swap will "cost" 1 ticket. (Tickets are distributed at the event.) Donate your gently used books and pick out "new-to-you" ones for free at Deerfield Township's Community Book Swap! Family friendly books for all ages are accepted - children, teens, and even adults! No magazines, please. Books should be donated prior to the swap so that they may be sorted. Please visit our website for convenient donation locations, including after-hours locations.

Cincinnati POPS Outdoor Concert Date: Saturday, July 6, 2013 Time: 7:30pm Location: Cottell Park (5847 Irwin Simpson Road, Mason, OH 45040) Enjoy the sounds of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra! There is no admission charge and plenty of convenient, free parking is always available.






Board of Trustees regular meeting; 5:30pm Suite 180


Board of Trustees regular meeting; 5:30pm Suite 180


Zoning Commission; 7:00pm

Suite 180


Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, 7:30pm


Deerfield Regional Storm Water District; 7:00pm Suite 180


Zoning Commission; 7:00pm


Board of Zoning Appeals; 6:00pm


Deerfield Regional Storm Water District; 7:00pm Suite 180


Movies in the Park, The Lorax, PG, Begins at dark


Board of Zoning Appeals; 6:00pm


Board of Trustees Work Session; 5:30pm Suite 180


Movies in the Park, Madagascar 3, PG, Begins at dark Carter Park


Community Book Swap, 9:00am-11:00am, Snyder House at Cottell Park


Board of Trustees Work Session; 5:30pm Suite 180


Movies in the Park, Hotel Transylvania, PG, Begins at dark Landen-Deerfield Park

Suite 180

Cottell Park

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP A great place to live , work, shop!

Cottell Park Suite 180

Suite 180

tees ano • Pete Patt erso n • Board of Trus Dan iel J. Corey • Chr istop her Rom inist rato r Adm er Beck Bill cer Offi al John Wah le - Fisc

... Bill Becker A Word From Township Administrator Deerfield

ice with the Warren nship chooses to contract police serv Some may wonder why Deerfield Tow is we receive excellent own police department. The simple fact our form than er rath riff She nty Cou inistrative staff. out the added overhead of a full adm with s utie dep our ugh thro ice serv ce poli lieutenant, five s to the township. This includes: one The Sheriff assigns 25 full time deputie 24-hour police deputies. With this structure, we have road 17 and es, ctiv dete two s, eant serg t investigations of duty at all times. The detectives conduc on or, rvis supe a g udin incl on, ecti prot the Kings Local Schools township. One deputy is assigned to the in r occu that es crim ous seri any to avoid involvement in give our children the skills they need to ram prog E DAR the ate rdin coo to drugs, gangs, and violence. ive all of the services gned to the Deerfield Post, we rece assi s utie dep the by ided prov ices T, K-9, drug In addition to the serv including specialty units such as SWA nty, cou the of rest the to e labl avai the Sheriff ’s office makes e road miles than any enforcement, etc. diction in Warren County and has mor juris any of ion ulat pop est larg the s received by the Sheriff ’s Deerfield Township has accounts for more than 30% of all call Post p nshi Tow eld rfi Dee The nty. to bank robberies. other township in the cou 2, ranging from parking complaints 201 in ice serv for s call 00 21,0 ly nature of the crimes office, responding to near in total numbers, as well as the serious both d ease incr have s call the n, As the township has grow our community long into reported. greater and will continue to grow with been r neve has ice serv ce poli nt e, and we are confident The need for compete protection at the greatest possible valu best the g idin prov to ed mitt com is the future. The Township Sheriff ’s Office. collaboration with the Warren County we are achieving that goal through our 0 n, Ohio 4504 4900 Parkw ay Dr., Suite 150 • Maso • www. choo sedee rfield .com 513.7 01.69 58 •Fax 513.7 01.69 96

DEERFIELD BY DIGITS 57 calls for service per day on average were handled in 2012 by the WCSO Deerfield Post 1,800 children hunted for Easter eggs at Cottell Park on Saturday, March 30th 800 DARE graduates in 2012 directed by WCSO Deerfield Post

Contact Us

Deerfield Township 513-701-6958 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Administrator Assistant Administrator Administrative Services Director Public Works Director Parks and Recreation Director Fiscal Officer Trustee Trustee Trustee

513-701-6973 513-701-6964 513-701-6968 513-701-6974 513-701-6975 513-701-6971 513-616-4153 513-678-0112 513-739-2436

Want to be more involved in your Township? Attend a Trustee Board Meeting. Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be held on the first (regular session) and third (work session) Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.

Like us on Facebook: Visit us at w w w.C ho o s eD e e r f i e l d .c om .


Bill Becker Lois McKnight Matt Clark Eric Reiners Joel Smiddy John Wahle Dan Corey Chris Romano Pete Patterson


Book your nex next outing with

The Golf Center at Kings Island Outing packages include include:  ��-hole ��-hole championship course Ample  A l carts t ffor everyone Locker facilities at no extra charge Your choice of day of the week Convenient location one mile off I-�� PGA professionals to arrange contests and scoring Over three dozen menu choices for your banquet Course signs installed and removed for you Free rounds of future golf awarded to your outing

Outings of All Types Tee times for �� to ��� golfers Shotgun starts on �� holes �-hole AM tee time outings ��-hole AM and PM tee times or shotgun starts

Worry-Free Planning Host a golf outing at The Golf Center at Kings Island and enjoy the rewards. While we can't control the weather, we will manage the condition of the course, the degree of difficulty, and the pace of play. Enjoy the day. Leave the rules, contests, prizes, and menus to us.

Outing Reservations Dates may be reserved �� months in advance by contacting the Group Sales Department

The Golf Center at Kings Island | 6042 Fairway Drive | Mason, Ohio 45040 Group Sales/Administration: 513.398.5200

Mason Our Town June/July 2013  
Mason Our Town June/July 2013  

Mason Our Town June/July 2013