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Tennis in the Parks Youth Tennis Lessons Heritage Oak Park

Pee Wees


This class is for beginners. Most enrollees will have little to no tennis experience. Day Date Time Age Th 9/3-10/1 5:30-6:30P 4-5 Sa 9/5-10/3 10:00-11:00A 4-5

Deadline Fee (VIP/MR/NR) Activity 8/27 $56 /$65 /$90 432100-01 8/29 $56 /$65 /$90 432100-02

Future Stars

Future Stars are just beginning to play from the baseline. This program will follow the “games” approach to learning tennis. Day W Th Sa

Date 9/2-9/30 9/3-10/1 9/5-10/3

Time 6:00-7:00P 6:30-7:30P 11:00A-noon

Age 6-8 6-8 6-8

Deadline 8/26 8/27 8/29

Fee (VIP/MR/NR) $56 /$65 /$90 $56 /$65 /$90 $56 /$65 /$90

Activity 432101-01 432101-02 432101-03

Junior Champs

These children are beginners or graduates from Future Stars. They are comfortable serving and playing from the baseline and are beginning to rally. Day Date Time Th 9/3-10/1 7:30-8:30P Sa 9/5-10/3 noon-1:00P

Age 7-13 7-13

Deadline Fee (VIP/MR/NR) Activity 8/27 $56 /$65 /$90 432102-01 8/29 $56 /$65 /$90 432102-02

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

This class is for students who are beginning to play sets. They can hit six of ten serves in from the baseline and can rally five balls in a row with a partner from the baseline. Day Date Time Sa 9/5-10/3 9:00-10:00P

Age Deadline Fee (VIP/MR/NR) Activity 10-18 8/29 $56 /$65 /$90 432103-01

Teens & Tweens All Access: Strength Training Mason Community Center

This program allows 13- and 14-year-olds an opportunity to access the fitness center before turning 15. Participants will learn etiquette, correct form and technique, how to use all of the weight and cardio equipment, and much more! Attendance will be taken. Participants who attend every session of the program will be permitted to use the fitness center without direct adult supervision. (Daily admission or Community Center membership required for fitness center use after completion of the class.) Day Date M 8/31-9/21 W 9/2-9/16 M 9/28-10/12 W 9/30-10/14 *No Class 9/7

Time 2:30-3:30P 4:30-5:30P 2:30-3:30P 4:30-5:30P

Age 13-14 13-14 13-14 13-14

Deadline 8/24 8/26 9/21 9/23

Fee (VIP/CR/NR) $64 /$75 /$100 $64 /$75 /$100 $64 /$75 /$100 $64 /$75 /$100

Activity 361100-03* 361100-04 361100-05 361100-06

Teens & Tweens Boot Camp Activity Room

Boot Camp is based upon simple yet effective fundamental movement patterns executed at high intensity. This cardiovascular workout will include speed, endurance, and partner resistance, as well as strength training with dumbbells, barbells, bands, and fitball. You will have fun with fitness games, kickboxing, medicine ball drills, plyometrics, box drills, and obstacle courses. Join us for the fun right after school. A water bottle and towel are required. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (VIP/CR/NR) Activity W 8/26-9/23 3:30-4:15P 10-15 8/19 $18 /$21 /$32 361101-01 W 10/7-11/4 3:30-4:15P 10-15 9/30 $18 /$21 /$32 361101-02

Adult Tennis Lessons Heritage Oak Park


Classes will be half traditional stroke work and half focused on rallying skills. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (VIP/MR/NR) Activity Sa 9/5-10/3 9:00-10:00A 16 & up 8/29 $56 /$65 /$90 422100-01

Advanced Beginner

Players will learn ball-striking skills, scoring, rallying, and basic strategy. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (VIP/MR/NR) Activity W 9/2-9/30 7:00-8:00P 16 & up 8/26 $56 /$65 /$90 422101-01

Weather Hotline: 513-229-8502

Parent & Youth Workout Time Fitness Center

Daily admissions apply per person Free to Community Center Members

Spend time working out with your teen or tween in the fitness center. Youths 10 to 14 will be allowed to use the Precor™ cardiovascular equipment, Icarian™ selectorized weight equipment, exercise balls, and medicine balls in the fitness center on weekends with parental supervision. Please note the following policies will be strictly enforced for the enjoyment and safety of all:

• A parent or legal guardian must accompany teen(s) at all times. • Parent & Youth Workout Time is restricted to the fitness center only. • Mason Community Center staff reserves the right to ask for proof of age at any time. • All Mason Community Center and fitness center policies apply. Day Sa,Su

VIP: Community Center VIP Pass Holder

MR: Mason Resident

Time 2:00-6:00P

CR: Community Resident

Age 10-14

NR: Non-Resident

Fee Daily admission or pass required

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