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Girls on the Run

Boys Running Club

Mason Municipal Center 2nd Floor Conference Room 2031

Gazebo at Corwin M. Nixon Park

Girls on the Run (GOTR) is a national running/walking program that helps pre-teen girls have fun with fitness while boosting their self-esteem. Each hour-long lesson combines fun games and activities that reinforce life skills such as leadership, cooperation, listening, and goal setting as they train to compete in a 5K race. All girls will receive 24 uplifting lessons, New Balance running shoes, a GOTR T-shirt, healthy snacks after every lesson, a water bottle, an inspiration journal, registration for the 5K race, a finisher’s medal, and much more! Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, September 15 through November 19. The final 5K race will be on Saturday, November 21. Day Date Time Grade Deadline Fee (VIP/MR/NR) Activity Tu,Th 9/15-11/21 4:15-5:15P 3-5 9/8 $128 /$150 /$175 436522-01 Tu,Th 9/15-11/21 5:15-6:30P 6-8 9/8 $128 /$150 /$175 436522-02

NFL Punt, Pass & Kick Mason Sports Park

The NFL Punt, Pass & Kick event is a free national skills competition for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 15. It provides youth with an opportunity to compete against their peers in punting, passing, and place kicking. Girls and boys compete in four age divisions (8-9, 10-11, 12-13, and 14-15). Youth who score high enough will move on to a sectional competition, with the national winner from each group being recognized during an NFL Playoff Game. Football shoes, cleats, turf shoes, and bare feet are prohibited. Only gym shoes will be permitted. All equipment, other than shoes, will be provided by the Mason Parks & Recreation Department. Participants may not use their own equipment. A valid birth certificate must be presented for age verification and pre-registration by September 5, 2009. Age classifications are based upon your child’s age as of December 31, 2008.

Boys Division Day Sa Sa Sa Sa

Date 9/12 9/12 9/12 9/12

Time 10:00A-1:00P 10:00A-1:00P 10:00A-1:00P 10:00A-1:00P

Age 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15

Deadline 9/5 9/5 9/5 9/5

Activity 432410-01 432410-02 432410-03 432410-04

Age 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15

Deadline 9/5 9/5 9/5 9/5

Activity 432410-05 432410-06 432410-07 432410-08

Girls Division Day Sa Sa Sa Sa

Date 9/12 9/12 9/12 9/12

Time 10:00A-1:00P 10:00A-1:00P 10:00A-1:00P 10:00A-1:00P

This introductory running program will teach boys the basic techniques for a lifetime hobby. This program develops teamwork, self-discipline, and goal achievement through running. All participants will train to complete a 10K or 15K run. Beginning runners are encouraged. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (VIP/MR/NR) Activity M,W 9/21-10/28 4:15-5:30P 10-14 9/14 $68 /$80 /$105 436523-01


Yoga Tots Mason Municipal Center 2nd Floor Classroom 2029 Capture your tot’s curiosity as he or she learns yoga through social interaction and play. Our Yoga Tots class combines yoga poses with songs and games to promote parent-child connection and overall well-being. Tots also improve motor skills while increasing attention span. No yoga experience is required. For parent and child 1 to 3 years of age. Day Date Time Age Deadline Fee (VIP/CR/NR) Activity F 8/28-9/25 11:15A-noon 1-3 8/21 $33 /$38 /$57 361103-01 F 10/2-10/30 11:15A-noon 1-3 9/25 $33 /$38 /$57 361103-02

Preschooler Yoga Adventure Mason Municipal Center 2nd Floor Classroom 2029 Enroll your preschooler in a fun-filled class blending yoga, play, dance, music, and drama! This class includes variations on traditional yoga postures to help children develop physical strength, flexibility, emotional calm, and self-expression. The games played in this class will help increase your child’s concentration and self-esteem, and stimulate him or her to express more creativity, imagination, and better social skills. Day Date Time Age F 8/28-9/25 12:15-1:00P 3-5 F 10/2-10/30 12:15-1:00P 3-5

Deadline Fee (VIP/CR/NR) Activity 8/21 $33 /$38 /$57 361104-01 9/25 $33 /$38 /$57 361104-02

“Wait, where is it?” Please note that the activities listed as taking place in the Mason Municipal Center are in a different building than the Recreation Center. To register, see page 16.


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