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JONATHAN WEHMER Jonathan Wehmer is a gamer and doesn’t shy away from lacrosse’s more physical aspects. The Kings High School senior has played lacrosse since the eighth grade and hopes to keep playing while attending college. “My friends told me I’d be good a lacrosse because it can be physical and it looked like a lot of fun,” says the 17-year-old, who plans on applying to the University of Tennessee, Ohio University or the University of Cincinnati. how did you achieve your athletic success? I achieved my sports success by never giving up. No matter what happens, I never quit. I think that the dedication I have toward sports also really helped my success. I take the extra time to try and make my self a better player. I think my dad helped me a lot, also he was always there to support and push me as I played. what has been the most exciting moment so far in your athletic career? My most exciting moment playing lacrosse was when I was a freshman and my coach asked me to play up on varsity. Knowing that half the kids are twice my size and twice as good as me I still said yes and played varsity as a freshman. And there were games when I thought I might die but I just went out and played the game and had fun.

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what is your favorite part about your sport? The thing I love most about lacrosse is the energy and physicality. In lacrosse there is so much energy on the field you have people getting drilled people making sweet moves and checks, it gets crazy. I like this sport so much that I’m looking to play it in college.

MATT LARCOMB Mason High School senior Matt Larcomb loves to run. It’s why he’s chosen both track and cross country to participate in. He does both year-round. When he’s not running, Matt helps out in his family’s business, Main Street Sweets, begun when he started high school. Following graduation Matt would like to continue running in college where he’d like to major in business. how did you get involved in track/cross country? My brother Alex ran track and cross country for Mason and in middle school I thought I might try it out to get in shape for soccer but then it turned out that I was better at running than I was a playing soccer so I stuck with running. I just finished my fifth season of track and cross country. I’ve been a two time state qualifier in track and cross country. what’s been your most exciting moment in track or cross country? In my junior year of cross country my team—Zach Wills, Ed Carlin, Matt Kahl, Matt Kincaid, Tate Honaker and Eric Hauser—and I won our first Division 1 State Title. how has playing sports played a role in your life? I have met a lot of really cool people and now most of my close friends are people that I run with or who I have run with in the past. These two sports put together are really time-consuming. I only get two weeks off in between each season or a total of four weeks off every year.

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